My 2017 Preservationist ‘Talent Stack’

My 2017 Preservationist ‘Talent Stack’
March 14, 2017 Admin

In real life I am about the most proactive, obsessively earnest, ambitious person I know. I wake up early every day and do an hour long morning routine, and then spend the next 12+ hours devoted to a) entrepreneurism, and b) writing and the situation in Europe.

Its always my worry that this site will fail to reflect that, and- as is so easy to happen in life- become reactive, merely complaining about each day’s newest horrors from Europe.

As a result I wanted to purposefully write today about what I am doing to be proactive specifically in regards to Europe this year, and specifically in building my own ability to fight back against the unholy Progressive death-cult working hard to destroy the continent.

Talent Stacks

One of the thinkers who I had the privilege of being exposed to this year was Scott Adams.

Adams and Trump.

Adams and Trump.

Adams is the creator of Dilbert, a serial entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed expert on Donald Trump’s use of ‘persuasion’.

I was introduced to his writings through the latter, and learned a great deal from his analysis of Trump (which influenced Mike Cernovich’s book about Trump: MAGA Mindset, my review of which you can read here.)

On Adams’ website and in his book ‘How To Fail At Everything And Still Succeed’, he often talks about the importance of one’s ‘Talent Stack. That is, the accumulated set of skills at which one is semi or fully proficient.

I love this philosophy as it jives with how I live my life. I jump from 6 month obsession to 6 month obsession as I get exposed to new things, and usually once I fully understand them or feel that I have semi-mastered them is when I find myself (often unconsciously) shifting to the next one.

Sometimes it is more deliberate though, and right now and over the last 6-12 months I have been focusing on a variety of things that relate to politics, activism/resistance, and the situation in Europe.

They are:

1) Public speaking.

I was honored to be invited to speak at the Northwest Forum in November, in Seattle, and this was my first real public political speech. It was an amazing experience and I think I did pretty decently given that, but it made me realize just how important public speaking ability is, and that like any other skill it is one you must study and practice to get better at.

As a result, I have read a number of articles and parts of a couple books on public speaking since then, and I just this week have started Toastmasters, which is sort of a fraternal organization/group based organization based around improving one’s public speaking. The weekly meetings are like a camaraderie based college speech class almost, and the organization even has worldwide speaking competitions and other things of that nature. It is my goal to go to Toastmasters every week for at least a year, and read at least 3-4 books on public speaking over the next few months, as well as to practice public speaking in every other way I can.

2) Internet analytics, marketing, and etc.

I am about as technologically-limited as anyone I know. In this regard I am a bit of a disgrace to the Millenial generation. Because of my unlimited compulsion to write and to involve myself in politics however I have had to gain at least a modicum of knowledge in this area.

I am trying to improve it though so I can better take advantage of the online platforms and ecosystems that exist to further my writing and this site and everything else. To that end I have read at least 5 books on this subject over the last 6 months, and plan on continuing to do so. It is also my immediate plan to hire someone to fix a few things on this website, add some donation buttons, etc. I will also be publishing my next book later this year and have a myriad of plans regarding how to best do that and maximize exposure/red-pill as many unsuspecting normies as possible through its pages.

3) Weightlifting

This is not a new area at all but one that I have been engaged in daily for about 2.5 years now. I also lifted in high school but then was out of it for about 10 years.

I have continued to educate myself and try new regimens however and am at this point more muscular than ever before in my life. My arms are 17.5 and 17 inches respectively, my neck is 19 inches, my chest is 47.5, my body fat is 16% (a little high but I am bulking) and while I started out doing bicep curls at 15 lbs when I got back into it two and a half years ago, I now rock 47.5 lb dumbbells for high-rep bicep curl/triceps extension ‘Arm Murdering’ sessions.

The application of this vis a vis politics and Europe needs not be elaborated..

4) Entrepreneurism

I have continued to dedicate myself to massive daily action in this realm doing everything I can to build non-j.o.b. job-related wealth for my family. It is one of my strongest beliefs that nothing holds traditionalists and Identitarians across the West back from our goals more than the left-wing establishment’s ability to bully employers into firing people for expressing right-wing opinions.

The more of us who can follow Donald Trump’s example and use entrepreneurism to inure ourselves from this threat, the more effective we will be overall and the more likely will be our success.

To that end I have not just remained active in the areas I was already focused in in this regard but have begun studying new areas to further build and diversify my knowledge and income streams vis a vis entrepreneurial wealth creation.

5) Economics

This is probably my current ‘obsession’, marked by the fact that it is what I look up on my phone when I am waiting for something or am wasting time. It obviously inter-relates to the above #4 item, but is also highly important in terms of the situation in Europe (and across the West) politically.

Economics was always totally Latin to me but over the last six months, from reading sites like Zero Hedge, Financial Samurai,, and exposing myself to writers like David Stockman, Richard Duncan, Bert Dohman, and others, I have finally begun to build an understanding of it.

I must say that it is unbelievably liberating and that I don’t think I ever would have realized the extent of that benefit. Whereas for many people all the twists and turns of the world and the economy seem arbitrary and random and intimidating, really figuring out how all these various forces and causes and effects are interweaving has numerous benefits.

It also gives me more hope for the situation in Europe. I’ll write more about this in the future, but now that I am understanding the underlying economic realities more clearly, the behavior of Europe’s elites looks even MORE suicidal than it ever did before.

When it all comes crashing down I am hopeful that these talents will come in handy, as we as a massive group begin to fight back and rebuild the West, and begin the new renaissance that awaits after the Reconquista.

As I said I have a tendency to jump from obsession to obsession so if any wise men have areas they think I need to up my game on I welcome the feedback 🙂

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Comments (5)

  1. gris bosque 4 months ago

    Pretty impressive list.
    I have been analyzing the entrepreneurial thing for some time, And think that the future belongs to cottage industry. With the advent of 3D printing, CNC milling, and affordable machine, shop and welding tools I think the smarter young guys will sense the trend and get into making things in their area of interest.

    This is how to beat the Chinese and the cheap migrant labor, thru changing the definition of job and factory to owner operated livelihood…..

    Every body has areas of interest, to work in, anything else is not fulfilling.

    the one thing the White race excells at is creativity and quality, in designing and making things.

    And aren’t we getting a little burnt out on too much cheap low quality stuff? own less, own better, live without so much materialism and baggage….

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      I agree completely Gris Bosque.

      I was listening to a podcast on Rich Dad Radio with some expert on robotics and he was talking about how it could potentially almost reverse or nullify globalization in some ways, because it would be cheaper to have robots make things in America than to hire Chinese workers in China. Same principle with the 3D Printers in this case, and it was reinforcing exactly what you say above. That it could also sort of return us to the days of the master craftsman who can make really high quality work from home.

      Couple that with the web and I think we will see amazing opportunities for self-employed craftsmen again (and self-employment/self-reliance generally). There’s already the access to vast numbers of customers online, there’s easy to set up websites, there’s ecommerce tools to take payments, and there’s fulfillment companies that will ship the product for you.. Its not like twenty years ago where ALL those things were out of reach of the normal person.

      This is VERY good, for there’s few things I think would be better and more welcome in a Post-Reconquest European homeland than the majority of men/people being their own master and not some corporation’s employee!

  2. Rick 4 months ago

    That’s very interesting, I would say that I have a similar personality, in that once I delve into a subject that interests me I exhaust all of the available information.
    My talent stacks are 1) Entrepreneurial – I create and build businesses (3 so far that have gone from 0 – $1,000,000+ in sales
    and 2) Athletic – Powerlifting (Ntl Champion)
    What I can say is that success in anything is down to a process and commitment, and there are certain procedures that we can apply to everything.
    For example let’s use an Ethno State as a goal, we can flesh it out with a few simple questions
    1) What level of public support do you need to initiate a preservationist government
    2) Which industries punch above their weight or are “force multipliers” in that they disproportionately affect public policy or opinion
    3) How can we identify and legally neutralize destructive forces
    4) How can we set up protected & supportive revenue streams

    Fairly basic when you look at it, but I think this approach creates purpose, and once there are objectives to work towards the results accumulate quickly

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Hey Rick-

      Its quite telling how much the entrepreneurism and health/weightlifting stuff go together. I can’t remember if it was Tim Ferriss’s podcast I was just listening to or Robert Kiyosaki’s but they were mentioning some stat regarding what a high percentage of entrepreneurs are health-fanatics and it was really staggering.

      Your businesses are far above mine in sale so far but mine have been primarily passive income based at this point. About to get going on my first kind of ‘capital gains’ or cash-profits based business here in the next month or two.

      I love the four aspects of the preservationist state question you outline at bottom.

      What would your answers be to the questions? You should flesh that out. Ideally as an article somewhere but in this comment stream would work too. I would very much like to get your thoughts on them.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 4 months ago

    Sounds promising!

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