‘My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?’

‘My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?’
April 7, 2016 Admin

Two interesting articles came out recently analyzing the social and behavioral origins of the situation in Europe.

The first, title ‘The Age Of The European Eloi’, was published by “Morgoth’s Review”.

The second is titled ‘

Dialogues On The Death Of Europe: In Defense Of Prejudice

’, and was published by Diversity Macht Frei. It is a transcript of a discussion between three individuals (I am not sure who).

The fist article (the Eloi one) begins:

The first time I came across the comparison of modern European liberals with HG Well’s “Eloi” was in Mark Steyn’s book ”After America” and though I’ve grown to despise Steyn’s Neo Conservative, philo-Semitic, Constitution obsessed Americana, his analogy stands up very well. Well’s ”The Time Traveler” depicts humanity in a distant future which evolution has caused to split, one half becoming the docile, effeminate Eloi, plenty and comfort having molded them into a servile race of cattle lacking any will to survive whatsoever.

The Eloi, though normal-looking, indeed, very attractive European-looking humans, have become more like bonobos in their sociology. As the original book proclaims:

To adorn themselves with flowers, to dance, to sing in the sunlight; so much was left of the artistic spirit, and no more. Even that would fade in the end into a contented inactivity. We are kept keen on the grindstone of pain and necessity, and, it seemed to me, that here was that hateful grindstone broken at last!

"Your women are getting gang-raped by Muslims, don't you care?!?!"

The author proceeds to bring modern-day Europeans into the discussion.

From Article One:

Modern Europe is a place where a young White couple can head off for a weekend away and, while standing at the airport or train station, the young man can increasingly expect to look into his girlfriend’s eyes as an Islamic nail bomb rips her face off. If they manage to arrive at their romantic location there’s an even greater chance that he will be smacked around as Iraqis, Turks, Algerians, Moroccans and Somalians gang rape his girl.

The media probably won’t even bother reporting the rape, they will report the bombings but it hardly matters, the dominant response by the European public will be one of apathy. There will be no attempt to drag the political class or liberal media out on the streets and hang them, instead there will be digital ribbons on digital flags, hashtags on Twitter, sometime soon Samsung or Apple will begin offering a whole range of apps tailored toward mourning the victims of a terror attack.

THe TIme Machine Eloi 2

But, as the article is showing, we have seen this before:

The most shocking characteristic of the Eloi is that they are completely indifferent to the suffering of their own kind. In Well’s novel a young woman falls into a fast flowing river and not one of the men attempts to save her, it’s just something which happens, when a Morlock batters an Eloi over the head and runs off with it the idea that they should put up a fight, defend themselves, is a non starter, it’s just the natural order of things. The allotted role of the Eloi is to sit with flowers in their hair, eat berries, have sex, and die violently.

This ties in directly with the second article, on Expecations Formation and Prejudice. Why do the Eloi react (or not react?) this way? Clearly it is dysgenic. But what is at the root of it? Enter the second article, mid-debate:

Owen: So you’re now arguing that prejudice has practical value, utility, rather than merely what we might call aesthetic value as a component of a people’s identity?
Isabel: Yes. And the dismantling of prejudice, as you describe it, really just means the totalitarian repression of its overt expression. It means sending people to prison for saying the wrong things, hounding them from their jobs and so on. It involves a loss of freedom, subjecting people to harm and fear. It is not cost-free. It injures human well-being.
Owen: I acknowledge that. But the benefits outweigh the costs, in my view.
Isabel: The benefits of prejudice outweigh its costs in my view.

They then segue into a discussion of the origins of this belief-system:

Gregor: Looking at the 20th century, we can see the intellectuals got it wrong, time after time. They were entranced by Communism, multiculturalism, state interventionism in the economy, the European Union. Each time the clever people made catastrophic misjudgements, the instincts of ordinary, unintellectual people acted as a restraining influence upon them.

So you have this bunch of intellectuals who alight on the idea that “People are all the same”. I mean really they’re just concerned about the social and economic unfairness within a specific society. Some people have to pay taxes. Some people are exempt. But rather than just focus on these specific grievances, they feel impelled to express their discontent in grandiose, universalistic terms. So “People are all the same” becomes this religious dogma that governs the society they help bring into being. And this dogma forms the basis of the multicultural experiment in Europe. “Even if the brown people coming in will have a few rough edges, after the first generation, they’ll be just like us, except for the colour of their skin”, said the multicultists. Because “People are all the same”, right? But we now know that isn’t true.

The Time Machine - Morlock


Owen: I honestly can’t believe this. In my view, the triumph over prejudice that we have seen in Europe over the last few decades is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. I find it incredible that obviously intelligent people such as you can see it as a bad thing.
Gregor: Owen, the jihad attacks we’re now seeing routinely, the “new normal” as they put it; the tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of British children who have been enslaved, raped and tortured by the new brown-skinned “Britons”; these are the practical results of your “triumph over prejudice”. Prejudice was the guard at the frontier. Prejudice was the sentinel on the wall. You took it away. With catastrophic consequences. This is what happens when your fine, philosophical abstractions collide with reality. And yet you cling to them even after the collision has taken place.

Article One:

The issue of Islamic terrorism and how it is widely perceived is telling, according to the narrative Muslims are not an invading force which is slaughtering us, the Islamic terrorist is something amorphous and nondescript, it is a geopolitical issue which the Eloi don’t really understand, and anyway, if they dig too deep there’ll probably be some academic or writer telling them it’s the Eloi’s own fault. At any rate, when the bombs go off there’s no actual enemy to point at apart from ”terrorists” and so being blown up becomes a force of nature, like the girl falling into the river and drowning, the victims of Islamic terror are simply ”unlucky”. The Eloi take it for granted that this week the Eiffel Tower will be lit up in the colours of the Belgian flag, next week perhaps the German flag, or Swedish. It just depends on whose turn it is.

The Eloi worshipped a giant stature of ‘Morlock’ (origin of word is Moloch), and delivered sacrifices to it:

Mass Third World immigration is the Moloch of the European political class, they worship it, they obsess over it and they feed their own people to it.

Article Two:

Gregor: Anyone who had switched off this process of expectations formation would have been wiped out by evolution long ago.

Article One:

The word ”Morlock” is derived from the Phoenician god associated with child sacrifice in the Bible ”Moloch” the word ”Eloi” is also found in the Bible, in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus yells out from the cross “Eloi Eloi lema sabachthani?”: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”.

Article Two:

Isabel: We’ve just had a few minor scrapes so far. The real collision is yet to come.

Article One:

Will it ever dawn on the Eloi what their liberalism really is? will they ever get that jolt of lightning as the horror of reality hits them, will they ask:

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”.

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  1. Dashui 2 years ago

    What do u mean there “there’ll probably be a Jewish academic or writer telling them it’s the Eloi’s own fault.’?



  2. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    As Angela Merkel would say…

    Einwanderung ist ein Gott des Friedens, und die Morlocks sind seine Boten

    (Immigration is a God of Peace, and the Morlocks are its Messengers)

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago


  4. Lynda 2 years ago

    Liberalism is an ideology and doctrine of the Revolution inaugurated in France 1789 A.D. The Revolution was created, organised, financed and executed upon the population of France by the Judaic Supremacy of The Crown [hq The City] and its Grand Orient Freemasonry as a first blow against the HRE and its Christendoms recognising the social kingship of Christ.

    The ‘all men are created equal’ idea is of the same ilk. This is anything but self-evident. If anything is self-evident it is that men are not equal in their individual capacities, abilities – nor are the socieities of men equal in their abilities to serve and develop their members.

    The liberal doctrines of the rights of man and the equality of all men were substituted for the Christian doctrines regarding the Divine commandments to men and the teaching that since Adam and Eve, the entire race of men is born into a world (aion) subject to the decay of time and marred by the sin of our first parents. From this it follows that men are not in need of the freedom to do and think whatever they want; but in need of redemption and regeneration and to be built up in their nature by the sacramental life of faith and moral instruction. It goes without saying that there is no equality among the unregenerate because even in this some are lot further gone than others in terms of their social, ethnic life. Some have laws and customs in which they honour the best (humanly speaking) that is in man – like fidelity to parents, others have laws and customs in which the most destructive appetites are given social approval and even the imperatives of demons. There do exist unregenerate human socieities which like an orc troop depicted in the saga of J.R.R. Tolkien are ruined by the dark powers and become terrible forms of life.

    On the other hand, among the regenerate, while differring in capacities and abilities, they enter into an order where these differences are chrismated and Divinely enabled to endow the living body of the Church in time and eternity.

    The Revolution was made against the foundation of the Christian ethnostate and its government upon the social order of the Church, against the right of the Christian state to legislate on the basis of the faith and morals of the Church, against the right of the baptised population to have an ethno-state, against the customary / common laws and traditions of the nation/s making up the ethnostate, against the laws of the Christian ethnostate based upon the faith and morals of the Church and specifically against the rights of the Church.

    This Revolution has now swept through the entire world and overthrown every Christian ethnostate, every throne and institution of government founded upon the Church. Now it is culminating in its global and totalitarian phase. Any form of the sovereignty of nation [ie the people as an ethnic population forming an ethnostate] is superseded by multiethnic/cultural geopolitical entities owned by the banks of the Elite, that is The Crown of the Judaic Supremacy. The social order of these entities is based upon masonry and the ideologies of the French Revolution – one of which is liberalism.

    Liberalism asserts that power comes from the people and the social order should be whatever the people want.

    First of all, power does not come from the people and it never has. Only he stagecraft/statecraft of the governing Elite can might make it appear that it does. What this deciet means in reality is that the social order [in this case Masonic order] will be imposed by the Elites [who finance and organise revolutions] . They will impose their Masonic order through charades and the power of the money to suborn. If the population is a baptised population they will be shifted by all social levers from their traditional foundation into the Revolutionary and masonic foundation.

    Liberalism asserts that man individually is his own god deciding, creating and disposing for himself what is right and wrong. And these decisions become the laws of the state through democratic process. According to liberalism, morality is neither objective law nor absolute (proceeding from Divine Source). What man is to have in place of morals (especially Christian morals) are mere values (by definition relative) which serve his interests in so far as he sees them or is conditioned to see them. In terms of the state and law, the doctrine of liberalism translates into: the strongest will prevails in deciding , creating and disposing good and evil, right and wrong through the Leviathan state.

    It is very much in the interest of the governing Elite to do away with morals and substitute whatever values will enable them to exercise control over the mob and exploit them as human resources.

    With regard to marriage, for example, it is in the interests of the Elite to do away with the Divine imperative and natural sacrament: “be fruitful and multiply” . It is even more in their interest to do away with the sacramental character of marriage as a covenant for the extension of family and the generation of a posterity – and all that proceeds from this. Such a covenant certainly envisions the preservation of ethnic heritage and traditions through the posterity and protected by the ethnostate

    Instead, the Elite substitute the liberal idea that the state will recognise whatever type of sexual relationship makes the partners happy. Rape / ficki fick ‘marriages’ that will result in both ethnic cleansing and integration of parties to ethnic conflict is of the same service to the governing Elite as the republican ‘marriages’ of the French Revolution. A man and a man – ‘who are we to judge?’, a woman and cat – think of the benefits for animal welfare; a man who wants others to pretend that he is a six year old girl and a six year old girl – no problem after we lower the age of consent. And so it will go.

    Liberalism and equality were condemned as doctrines of demons by the Church and all the popes right up until Vatican II Council 1963 which was famously heralded as an acknowledgement and accomodation of the French Revolution. The Chunrch is now an extremely liberal organisation and with its highest offices captured by the organised forces of antiChrist is in the same position as the ZOGs. The Church was in a similar position during the Arian Crisis which lasted about 300 years – but a determined few with the Divine Assistance changed what humanly speaking could not be changed. I confidently predict this will happen again.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      There is no way to argue that the Catholic Church under the current Pope has become a primary beacon of the Counter-Culture. What is fascinating is the number of baby-boomers, now in their 60/s and 70’s, who have expressed to me utter horror and what the 1960’s Generation has (at this point 50 years on) unleashed. I know left-wing Bernie Sanders supporters who voted for Ralph Nader that read this website and support violence against European governments. The scale of the horror is truly unimaginable.

      I am hesitant to say that the forces of progressive negation have burned themselves out, but I think we can at least see the first inklings of their doom, and I do believe the existential threat of Islam will wake up the West. It may be far too late to save much of it, but eventually I beleive things will change, and another great philosophical movement will shift the waves of history in another direction, past the “Last Man” of the West.

  5. Lynda 2 years ago

    The Catholic Church since the Vatican Council II (1963) has embraced all the Masonic errors of the French Revolution. – errors like liberalism previously condemned by the Church as false and demonic

    The current novus ordo Catholic Church prays in the synagogue, prays toward Mecca and with all the pagan religions at the ecufests and says things like ‘we all worship the same g_d’. The current pope (no 2) is all in favour the Arab and African population transfer to Europe and the native European replacement of Europe’s post Christian states.

    Europeans and the entire people of European heritage must not follow the error of liberalism.


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