Mysterious Doings In Pre-War Germany

Mysterious Doings In Pre-War Germany
August 25, 2016 Admin

We have all seen the strange tidings coming out of Germany this last week.

This site’s much appreciated readers have left links to the various pieces of news in the comments section.

On Monday, Laguna Beach Fogey linked to a Zero Hedge article about the German government discussing- in a leaked memo- the possibility of encouraging its citizens to stockpile food and water in case of national emergency.

On that same day Kadphises linked to two more articles on the subject- one by RT and one by the Frankfurter Allgemeine, that each approached it from slightly different angles.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.

This news followed two other newsworthy events:

-Frauke Petry and the AfD party calling on citizens to arm themselves for self-defense. (again helpfully linked to by Laguna Beach Fogey, and discussed by us here)

-The German government discussing- again, in a leaked report- the possibility of instituting conscription, and drafting citizens into the German military. It has since been reported that this is not going to happen, but the fact that it is being discussed in government planning documents still makes it just as relevant.

All in all, strange news.

The question therefore, brothers, is what do we make of all these developments?

One leaked report discusses the stockpiling of food by civilians.

One leaked report discusses the stockpiling of food by civilians.

The AfD stuff is not that mysterious, and we will come back to it below. The news about stockpiling food and re-starting conscription on the other hand, certainly deserves analysis.

First of all, it is worth noting, the leaked memos are both from the department of Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior. Maizière, while at least something of a normal German SJW, is not necessarily a Merkel clone, having spoken out in favor of limits on immigration in the past, as well as advocating returning refugees to the first safe country they entered, and helping trouble spots across the globe financially rather than through accepting massive numbers of immigrants. He has also supported a ban on face veils in some situations.

Therefore while these government discussions and plans belong to the Merkel government, they shouldn’t necessarily be taken as lockstock Merkel Suicidalism. The situation is more ambiguous than that.

The German government, ailing from mass-immigration but focused on Russia, has discussed re-starting conscription.

The German government, ailing from mass-immigration but focused on Russia, has discussed re-starting conscription.

Based on all these variables, there seem to be several possible explanations for these developments.

1. The government is discussing conscription and stockpiling food because they believe there will be a war with Russia.
2. The government is discussing these things because they want citizens to focus on the prospect of a war with Russia rather than the continued rape and enslavement of their country, at the hands of globalist elites and Muslim immigrants.
3. The government is discussing such things purely for the sake of scaring the population and making them easier to control, so that they will not question mass surveillance, the curtailment of free speech, etc.
4. The government, or at least some parts of it, are afraid of increasing anarchy and societal instability as a result of the massive numbers of Muslims in the country, the majority of whom are young men between the ages of 15-29, most of whom are unemployed and deeply antagonistic toward Germany and the West.

I have seen variations of these four arguments in various places. In the Zero Hedge article referenced above the author posits an explanation just like that of #3, arguing that it is Machiavellian in nature, stating it was “…scare-mongering since, ‘A nation in fear is even better influenced and controlled.'”

#1 is also distinctly possible, considering just how brainwashed many Germans in government are. It is quite likely some worry more about Putin than they do the very horrors going on in their own society.

#2 is plausible for the same Machiavellian reasons as #3.

#4 would be the most logical explanation for discussing such measures, but of course the German government is far from logical.

As a result, I will posit my own explanation, which is really just a mish-mash of all four of the others:

Everyone in Germany knows the status quo is unsustainable, and people are grasping at straws to find solutions.

This accounts for the AfD’s argument about citizens arming themselves. This accounts for de Maizière’s department making plans for implementing drafts, and forcing citizens to stockpile food. It is a country on a knife-edge, and as people have begun to wake up to their newfound proximity to that edge, they are trying to think of methods of survival. The people formulating such ideas may not even be clear themselves on why they are doing so, or what version of future chaos they are preparing for. They just know that chaos awaits, and extreme measures will need to be taken.

This may make the government’s actions less and less predictable, and potentially knock them off balance. That will give Identitarians in Germany opportunities, but it will do the same for Islamists.

All in all a fascinating and fluid (and horrific) situation.

Would love to get readers’ feedback on this, and people’s thoughts on the situation!

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Distract the population with a Russian war (which Germans don’t want).

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Estimated 6,000 Turkish spies operating in Germany and Austria


    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yeah it definitely does seem as though German is just becoming a second battleground for Turks vs Kurds. Can’t overlook how incredibly easy it must be for them to prosecute for continue Turkish immigration and usurpation of German governance and power structures though. Hopefully Putin has some of his own heavies in there doing some knuckle dragging and other* stuff.

  3. Ste-G 1 year ago

    Import a million+ dark disciples, give them exemption from war, conscript white men in their thousands, to fight alongside regular soldiers in their millions, send them to war to get their asses blown away, and hey presto, the male European replacement is complete. I bet those pretty maidens can hardly wait, huh? Ain’t rabid Marxism wonderful!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That’s very true. Get a massive war going between Western Europe and Russia and you could eliminate our entire fighting-age cohort just like that.

  4. MrD 1 year ago

    Isn’t it the case that they’ve been purposely letting the Muslim masses into Germany and elsewhere in Europe and letting them act barbarously in order to piss off the Germans and other Euros against them and provoke a bloody war with them? In the interest of You Know Who. The latter have frequently carried out wars that benefitted them by using others to do the fighting.

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