Native Swedish 4GW Violence Part II

Native Swedish 4GW Violence Part II
January 31, 2016 Admin
Reported flyer

The story from the Expressen we referenced yesterday has since been picked up in numerous papers and news sources around Europe and the U.S.

Apparently it was indeed 200 Swedish men who decided “enough was enough” and rampaged through Central Station attacking criminal immigrant gang members who had been sexually assaulting women and robbing people for weeks on end.

Native Swedish 4GW Part II Muslims Immigrants Gangs Criminals Civil War

The image of their pamphlet below has been translated, and even many mainstream news sources are acknowledging that the feelings and concerns it articulates are shared by a wide swath of native-Swedes.

Here is the pamphlet:

Reported flyer

And translation:

Enough is enough

That Sweden is not as it once was, no one can have missed by now, and basically every day, we wake up to new murders, robberies, rapes, and other abuses. We have been forced to endure countless crimes of this type where perpetrators often escape punishment by claiming that they are under 15.

Around the country, reports are flooding in about how the police no longer have the stamina to prevent and investigate the crimes that affect the Swedish people. In some cases, such as the recent murder of a woman, an employee of a home [refugee center] for so-called “unaccompanied refugee children” in Mölndal, it goes so far that our National Chief of Police chooses to show greater sympathy for the perpetrator than for the victim.

This type of disrespectful behavior is now so deeply ingrained in our spineless politicians, our weak judicial system, and our lying media that nothing surprises us anymore. But we refuse to accept the repeated attacks on and harassment of Swedish women. We refuse to accept the destruction of our once safe society.

When our political leaders and police show greater sympathy for murderers than their victims, there is no longer any excuse to let that happen without protest. When Swedish streets are no longer safe to frequent for ordinary Swedes, it is our DUTY to fix the problems.

Therefore, today 200 Swedish gathered to stand against the North African “street children” that ravage the capital’s central train station. The police have clearly shown that they lack the means to prevent their rampage, and we now see no other alternative than dealing out ourselves the punishments they deserve.

The judicial system has given a walkover [i.e., a win by forfeit] and the social contract is thus broken – therefore, it is now every Swedish man’s duty to defend our public areas against the imported criminality.

We who gathered here today are not your politicians, or your journalists, or your police. We are your father, your brother, your husband, your colleague, your friend, and your neighbor. Swedish men and women deserve security in their everyday lives, and we therefore call on all others who see the problems to follow in our footsteps, both in Stockholm and in other places around the country. For a better future together.

Few mainstream news sources have posted this translation. I think the reasons are obvious.

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