Native Swedish Vigilantes Attack Asylum Center In Retaliation For Ongoing Muslim Rape Epidemic

Native Swedish Vigilantes Attack Asylum Center In Retaliation For Ongoing Muslim Rape Epidemic
August 1, 2016 Admin

Swedish vigilantes in Mariestad attacked an asylum center last Tuesday, apparently in an act of retaliation for the ongoing Muslim rape epidemic that has been afflicting the community.

According to Tia Frider it happened “half past twelve o’clock on Tuesday night”, at a local accommodation center for what are supposed to be underage refugees.

Apparently three “bearded men” committed the attack, in which “eleven windows were broken”. A witness was quoted in the article as saying that the attackers yelled something involving the words “…raping Swedish girls…”, suggesting that such rapes were the impetus for their attack.

This is likely, as the Fria Tider article goes on to document the ongoing rape crisis the community is witnessing.

In one such incident, a 13 year old native Swedish girl was raped by a “20 year old ‘refugee’ from Yemen who came to Sweden in 2013”, according to the article. It also notes that “The rapist was sentenced last month to probation for the assault.”

In another one, which happened just this last weekend, a “20 year old woman” was raped “by two men who did not speak Swedish”, and who she described as “dark”.

As the article notates, “Both rapes occurred near the asylum accommodation that was attacked on Tuesday night.”

The menu on the Fria Tider webpage for this article includes additional links to numerous other rape cases from the area. This comes as no surprise, since, as we know, Sweden now has the second highest per capita rape rates on earth after Johannesburg, South Africa. The deluge of cases in which foreign “refugees” who have raped Swedish children have been let off with probation and no jail time is very likely leading native Swedes, such as the attackers in this article, to conclude that the government is both incapable and unwilling to protect native Swedish women and children against such attacks. With such being the case, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that some are beginning to take the law into their own hands.

Furthermore, as the traitorous Swedish government continues to import massive numbers of Muslim ‘refugees’ who they know will commit such atrocities, the country comes closer and closer to full-scale anarchy and civil war. We as true patriots thus seek to journey there, so that we may have the honor of fighting and perhaps dying to avenge horrors such as these, and create a safe future for Western Europe and its peoples.

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  1. Ste-G 12 months ago

    Smashing skulls rather than windows, is the only message the shitstains would understand

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      One thing at a time right Ste-G 🙂 Although I agree escalation can never come fast enough.

  2. Michael 12 months ago

    One day, soon, a father or husband will shoot one those “refugee” fucks who raped his wife or daughter, and it could ignite complete chaos that would spread across Europe pretty fast.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      I agree completely Michael. Honestly shocked it has not happened yet. Quite sad that it hasn’t, in terms of what it says about those men.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 12 months ago


    More, please.

  4. Mike 12 months ago
    Nordfront is highly organized

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      I definitely find them inspirational.

  5. Jeffrey Johnson 12 months ago

    Hey Julian,

    I’m publishing your interview tomorrow and I’m going to do a book review of your book next week

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Jeffrey! My apologies on the delayed response!

      I just looked at the article that is awesome!

      I would also still to publish your interview on ECW if you are down! Let me know what you think 🙂

      Just realized you may not see this so I will also email you 🙂


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