New Documentary On Sweden Just Published

New Documentary On Sweden Just Published
December 27, 2017 Admin
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Greetings men-

Just got a tip from a reader on this new documentary.

Its actually like a really long Youtube video, but it is done in documentary style and is quite good.

Some good analysis I hadn’t heard before and also a variety of interesting footage, including another undercover camera experiment on the unwillingness of Swede’s to stand up to violence.

But yeah good stuff and very well-made video.

I am very pleased to present it to you below!







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  1. Michael Gladius 3 weeks ago

    Sweden is not lost… yet.

    They are technically still the majority, and their military is nothing to be sneezed at. Right now, the main concern is making sure the aforementioned military turns its guns on the Islamists/socialists, rather than the indigenous natives. This is a political issue, and will require political maneuvering before going kinetic.

    Hopefully, Generation Identitaire will make some inroads before the end of 2018.

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago


      But yeah it really is fascinating just how different the psychology of the Swedes is. Like I can’t imagine more than 1/10 Americans being in an elevator with a guy beating up his girlfriend and not saying anything. It just strikes me as totally impossible.

      Not that I am glorifying Americans as perfect either though, but yeah, and certainly there are still many Swedish men who are NOT like that, but yeah, utterly fascinating.

    • Ernst 3 weeks ago

      The Swedish military has been a joke for decades, I did my militaryservice in the beginning of 2000 the last generation to do mandatory service, already then the defencebudget was almost non-existent.

      • Michael Gladius 3 weeks ago

        Sweden’s army may be led and managed by fools, but men with guns who know how to use them are not irrelevant. We’re not gearing up for a conventional war with a major power like Russia, either. The coming war will be mostly infantry vs infantry. If they pour out of the city in force (and outnumber us), then we’ll have plenty of targets who can’t shoot straight. Guerrillas use this as an opportunity to inflict lots of casualties on the larger army. Daily harassment, daily casualties. No respite. When they resort to smaller raiding parties, then it’ll be a war of raids, patrols, and harassment. Classic light infantry tactics. If we can make it too costly to leave the cities, they’ll stay there and we can starve them out and/or cut off their power supply. Plus, we can begin cultural revival in the countryside, where it’ll be easiest.

        • shadowman 3 weeks ago

          Very true, M.G.!

          Sweden is a very big country. Even if the cities were lost, there is *thousands* of square km of forest and mountains. Perfect terrain for patriot groups to have bases in and to strike from.
          Muslims tend to be very lazy and most of them tend to be cowards too. There is really no way in hell that they’ll be interested in pushing out from the cozy comfy cities into the mountains (and if they did, they’d be dead meat).
          They don’t like working. They love welfare. We can use their laziness to *our* advantage.

          On their laziness and cowardice – I’d say that at a very rough guess, maybe 10% of them would be prepared to grind it out in a war. Even if it’s actually 20%, that still leaves a *shitload* of people who would run away from battle and that’s a big help to us.

          They’re the complete opposite of (say) the Viet Cong (who hauled artillery pieces up the side of mountains to besiege Dien Bien Phu).

  2. Robert Marshall (VivatEuropa) 3 weeks ago

    A few months ago in Sweden, a Swedish girl riding a bus was the victim of REAL sexual harassment by a Muslim migrant. When the girl complained, the bus driver yelled at HER, told her to sit down and be quiet, and not a single passenger came to her aid.

    • Author
      Admin 1 week ago

      Jesus Christ… not suprised at all though. Bus driver knows who pays his bills..

  3. shadowman 3 weeks ago

    The Swedes are *exactly* like a possum caught in the headlights of a car. They are *frozen* with fear.

    I used to think that a massive Islamic attack (say, Beslan x 10) – might wake them up. Now, I’m not so sure.

    The problem is – Sweden has not fought a war in over *200 years*. They have become soft and complacent.
    They are HUGELY naive, thinking that the government will protect them and save them.
    Now that they see this isn’t true and that they are in massive danger, they have frozen and have no idea what to do.

    • Author
      Admin 1 week ago

      I agree. I think everyone for years expected the next terror attack to ‘change things’ but none of them ever had..

  4. Unknown 2 weeks ago

    The highest possible moral standards are those that never can be met in reality. It’s a downward spiral.

    • Author
      Admin 1 week ago

      Yes, its sadly and crazily ironic that the term was ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. I’m guessing youngsters now probably relate the term to Sweden’s politics and think that’s where it came from.

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