New Millenial Chancellor Of Austria! Is Kurz Islam Opponent Or Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing?

New Millenial Chancellor Of Austria! Is Kurz Islam Opponent Or Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing?
October 16, 2017 Admin
Sebastian Kurz Islam opponent? Or will he allow Austria to become Muslim?

Greetings men-

Today our beloved Austrians rejected the ruling Socialist government, obliterated the presidency-wielding Green Party, and handed rule of the central European nation to a 31 year old Millenial by the name of Sebastian Kurz.


According to our friends at Fria Tider, the breakdown went as follows:

  • Kurz’s ÖVP- also known as the Austrian People’s Party- won the election with 30.5%o of the vote.
  • Our first choice- the Preservationist ‘Freedom Party’ or FPÖ- came in second, with 26.8 percent of the vote.
  • And the current Social Democratic government party SPÖ looks to have earned 26.2%.


First Post started their article on the results thus:

Vienna: Austrians were voting in a snap election tipped to see conservative Sebastian Kurz, 31, become the EU’s youngest leader and form an alliance with the far-Right, in the bloc’s latest populist test.

A rightward shift in the wealthy European Union member of 8.75 million people would be a fresh headache for Brussels, as it already struggles with Britain’s decision to leave and the rise of nationalists in Germany, Hungary, Poland and elsewhere.


Rejection Of Liblabbery

No matter what, I do think this election must be seen as a defeat for Suicidalist liberalism.

Perhaps the Austrians were emboldened by the news from America that a collection of powerful progressives centered around Harvey Weinstein were finally getting their vast program of rape and sexual assault brought to light.

Its also possible they were so enraged at the victory of Green Party candidate Alexander Bellen in the rerun of the presidential election earlier this year (the first vote was overturned due to fraud) that they shifted rightward, punishing both the Greens and the Socialists.

As we all know, Austria for the last two decades has followed Germany and Sweden down the Soros-sponsored path to cultural suicide, importing infinity Muslims in exchange for glowing praise from Vice and the Daily Forward and Carlos Slim’s copyrighting team.

Its also quite possible the vote went the way it did because of the Austrians sheer existential fear over what continued mass-Muslim immigration would mean.

Unfortunately the Freedom Party only got second, or they would have the chancellorship.

It looks likely that they will form a coalition government with Kurz’s People’s Party, but that means the main question that must be answered is….


Who Is Sebastian Kurz?

I have been trying to research this question ever since it became clear Kurz would be the new chancellor.

There is a decent amount of discussion about it online of course.

Zero Hedge discussed Kruz’s balancing act between being the ‘anti-Freedom Party choice’ and embracing the FPO’s policies:

To his supporters, Kurz is Austria’s Macron: a one-man political phenomenon who is the only thing standing between the country’s resurgent nationalists and power. But to his detractors he is the Austrian Trump, who has hijacked one of the country’s two main parties and refashioned it in his own image. His critics say he is only holding the populists back by adopting their anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.

By taking a hard line on immigration that commingled his campaign with that of the Freedom Party (FPO), 31-year old Foreign Minister Kurz managed to propel his People’s Party to first place and draw some support away from an FPO buoyed by Europe’s migration crisis.

It also shares positives:

The young leader has pledged to cut benefits for all foreigners in Austria and has vowed to stop the European Union meddling in the country’s politics.


Other sources indicate that Kurz sponsored a law that would ban the foreign funding of mosques in Austria, although the Freedom Party stated the bill was a “placebo”.

An Anon on 4plebs/pol who seems to hail from Austria described Kurz (back when he was first appointed as head of the People’s Party) as not really being an ideologue and being more of an “opportunist” who spoke of a “European Islam” early in his career but tightened his rhetoric once the migrant crisis began.

Aother Anon on states that:

He is a fake. Our cuckservative party is divided. Kurz leads a centrist-right Wing with refreshing ideas, but the main parts are still traitors. I will never forget that he let 100k in our country. Vienna is lost now.

On the other hand, Haaretz‘s article on the election results is headlined:

“Sebastian Kurz, an Anti-immigration Millennial, Elected Austria’s Next Chancellor”

It also states:

Kurz used the 24 hours before polls open to repeat, from every possible platform, his campaign’s main message: “Stop illegal immigration.” In an exclusive interview with the right-wing Wochenblick, published Thursday, Kurz outlined the direction he would take. “We’re now contending with the consequences of several mistakes we made 30 and 40 years ago, when uncontrolled immigration began.” If elected chancellor, he promised, he would combat the “parallel community,” his term for Muslims in Austria, as well as acting against “political Islam.”

It also relates the following anecdote (which could very well be a lie, considering its Haaretz):

There is one chapter in his race to the top that Kurz would probably prefer to delete from his biography. In 2010, when running for municipal office, he led a campaign under the banner “black is cool/sexy” — black was his party’s color and cool/sexy is the translation of the loaded German word Geil.

Kurz rented a Hummer and traveled the streets of Vienna accompanied by shapely women. The video he distributed focused on their breasts. One of his stops was at the Moulin Rouge club, where he organized a cool/sexy party. He later distributed condoms on the street, relating how he lost his virginity at the age of 15. Now, seven years later, his rivals are using this to portray him as sexist, childish and politically incorrect.

Finally, the CNN article on the election is also mixed.

Their headline asks if Kurz is Austria’s “Answer to Macron or Trudeau?”, but inside the article it is claimed that Kurz’s opposition to mass-immigration is what “has made him a star”.

In this regard even some of the mainstream globalist publications themselves seem unsure what to make of the young Millenial Chancellor.

Sebastian Kurz and John Kerry. From google free to use or share search.

Kurz has been given the last chance Austria will ever have to turn things around and survive. Will he take it?


Overall Thoughts

It will probably be impossible to know what Kurz’s legacy will be for a little while. Being only 31 years old and obviously quite ambitious, I imagine his public statements and actions have in large measure been motivated by strategy and self-interest up to this point.

Now that he has become the youngest individual to rule a modern European state in God knows how long, it will be interesting to see what direction he goes in.

It is possible he may shift even more rightward, now that he is no longer ‘looking upward’ politically.

On the contrary, I am sure none of us have trouble imagining him doing the opposite, and caving to the massive pressure to continue Austria’s path toward national suicide.

I am hopeful that if Kurz forms a coalition with the Freedom Party, Austria may really shift rightward and realign itself with the Visegrad Nations to the east. That would be an absolute dream come true, and could really potentially save Austria from the fate awaiting France/the UK/Sweden/Germany.

No matter what though, it seems the Austrians did indeed shift in a more sober, K-Selected direction, and look a little less likely to follow the Michele Houellebecq path of Submission.

Many questions remain un-answered though.

Will he indeed govern with the FPO?

Will Austria be the first nation in Europe to turn their back on what Douglas Murray calls The Strange Death of Europe?

Is it too late for Austria to survive through merely electoral means anyway?

Will the FPO’s fortunes improve as a coalition member, or would they be more powerful as the main opposition force?

Will economic collapse hasten Europe’s trajectory?

Many, many questions men.




Editor’s Note: It now looks like the Socialists may have just barely beaten out the FPO for second place, but there is conflicting information depending on the website.

Also, for a couple excellent books that touch on the FPO and its history- as a side note- check out the following:

Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within

The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age (this is actually a liberal dystopian novel about a ‘far-right’ Europe in the near-term future, where FPO-type parties govern. It is unintentionally funny and is written by the infamous Jamie Kirchick)

Also, big thanks to Vivat Europa/@VillageWatchman for the helpful links. I am going to paste a video he sent me of a Lega Nord member in Italy discussing the insanity of Italian immigration policies below.







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Comments (16)

  1. Philip 3 months ago

    There is quite a bit of surgery to be done in Austria if it is to survive as a European entity. You realise this when you board a bus in a rural location and the majority of passengers (at least the young ones) are Third Worlders. I talk from experience as someone who has travelled the country from east to west in recent years. Of course the elites do not travel by bus or train and their view of the world outside is obscured by the darkened windows of their limousines.
    Trudeau, Macron, and now Kurz all young and photogenic but what is behind the smile? Very little of worth in the case of Trudeau, while Macron’s star is fading fast. Could Kurz prove to be the exception, a younger Viktor Orban perhaps? We wait to see but time is running out.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      I sure to god hope so 🙂

      Honestly if he’s not an idiot his ambitiousness might prove good for us- if he wants to be a lifetime political player in Austria he’s gonna need to keep it from going full-on Muslim. Not much opportunity for a 40-spomething white European former president in a majority Muslim theocracy.

  2. Philip 3 months ago

    The most interesting statistic of the Austrian election voter breakdown I believe is the following:
    Voters under 29 years of age
    FPO 30%
    OVP 28%
    SPO 17%
    That figure will be envied by most Nationalist Political Parties in Western Europe.

    • shadowman 3 months ago

      Interesting (and promising) stats there Philip!

      I know very little about Kurz. One thing I think I *can* say with some confidence – there is no way in the *world* that he could be worse than *Trudeau*.

      Whether the FPO comes 2nd or 3rd, it’s a good result for them. They are right up there, snapping at the heels of the top party.

      • Author
        Admin 3 months ago

        Lol it would indeed be hard to outdo Trudeau.

        I don’t even know what could garner such a ranking. You’d have to be inviting Tyrone to sleep in the first bed every night while you curled up in some kitchen cabinet. Or perhaps re-name the White House or equivalent after Kaitlyn Jenner or something.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Philip glad you posted those I had not seen them!

      That is VERY good news about the youth vote. ESPECIALLY when you consider that a far large proportion of them is Muslim vs the other age ranges. That would imply that a big majority of European young people voted FPO.

      • Philip 3 months ago

        Apparently Jorg Haider charismatic former leader of the FPO who led them to their previous best electoral performance and for a short time a share of government allegedly had a favourite ‘political’ song, namely ‘Tomorrow belongs to me.’ Most readers will be familiar with it and the scene from ‘Cabaret.’
        Jorge Heider died mysteriously in a car accident on an empty road in good driving conditions just like the above Gianluca Buonanno. Am I being cynical but it is suspicious that so many people of independent thought from General Patton onwards died inexpicable car accidents?

        • Author
          Admin 3 months ago

          I was always amazed Jaider was allowed to do as much as he did. He flouted Europrog norms about as flagrantly as anyone. Only comparable politician was maybe Pim Fortuyn… wait… hmm.

          But yeah I don’t know, in general I’m not much of a conspiracy guy HOWEVER when you look at just how much the European governments have now enacted 1984-style censorship and jailing of political dissidents (not to mention the complete destruction of their societies), targeted assasination does not seem so out of the picture.

  3. Unknown 3 months ago

    To be precise, there was not so much of a right-shift, but two small right-wing parties dissolved during last years and their voters now aggregated, making the right wing stronger. And conservative party leader Kurz killed the decades-old coalition with socialists to better focus on conservative values.
    The Weinstein affair, although it has been present in media, has not been conceived as a failure of left-liberals, as these details have not been presented in Austria. Instead, there have been big mistakes during election campaign by both green and red (socialist) parties.
    As of Kurz, i would not compare him to Trump as Kurz is very polite and well connected with political establishment. I would say, he is politically correct in the sense of diplomacy rather than censorship. Also, he is anti-immigration but not anti-Islam, which is correct behavior.
    Kurz is not a preservationist but what i would call a normal politician. If we have had him during the last decades, we would not be where we are now. But as we are where we are, i am not sure he will be able to resolve the big problems. Partnering up with FPÖ would help, but EU will work against that…
    Finally i want to share my special joy about the greens having lost their seats in parliament, which also means loss of a lot of money and media presence. Although i expect them to be back next period (many green voters just spent their vote for the socialists to better fight against evil right), at least they are out for a while.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Unknown could not agree more on the Green’s being defeated! That was VERY good news especially after having to swallow Bellen’s victory(s!) last year. It will be great having them out of the Austrian government. No bills sponsoring transexual kindergartner week and pedophile acceptance month now it would seem 🙂

      Re Weinstein I didn’t actually think it made any difference in the vote count, I just meant on a ‘psychic level’ or what have you. I do believe this Weinstein business has been an implicit metapolitical win bigly in addition to an explicit one. I think the full positive reverberations for our side will be impossible to measure.

      Kurz does have a very earnest, ‘young’ look to him for lack of a better word. Not deer in headlights neccesarrily but sort of boy-scout/starry-eyed, sensitive, kind of effeminate look. It will be interesting to see how he governs.

  4. Jeffrey Johnson 3 months ago

    Here’s some evidence that the Kurz guy, while he may not be /ourguy, he’s a good start:

    If you ban George Soros from your country, you can’t be all bad.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Jeffrey- Good to hear from you!

      I was about to become the biggest Kurz fan west of the Matterhorn after reading your comment, however it sounds like some degenerate Bernie Bro made the story just to f*ck with our feels:

      I don’t know what it is with degenerate Bernie-ites that they need to mess with my blood pressure like this. Disgusting cock goblins the lot.

      Who knows though maybe Kurz will end up doing it anyway and it will prove prophetic. If I was the new 31 year old chancellor of Austria I’d sure as hell ban Soros in an instant!

      • Jeffrey Johnson 3 months ago

        That just caps off a crappy weekend. Damn it!

        • Author
          Admin 3 months ago

          Lol I know it would have been wonderful. I’m still holding out hope Trump issues an arrest warrant for the evil old lightbulb-eyed lizard.

  5. SteveRogers42 3 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Did you smack them around until they lowered the paywall for you? They don’t seem as intimidated by me the bums! lol just joking but yeah I can’t get through to it my friend…

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