New Regular Post: Update On Activism And Resistance – February

New Regular Post: Update On Activism And Resistance – February
March 7, 2017 Admin

Editor’s Note: This post is the first in a new series we will be publishing monthly titled ‘Update On Activism And Resistance’. It is a collaboration between this site and YesPasaran, a website dedicated to profiling Preservationist activism across the West.

YesPasaran and I have each commented on the other’s website on and off over this last year, and knowing that he was already doing a very thorough job of cataloging such stories, I thought it better to reach out to him about working together than to try to re-invent the wheel myself.

As a result, each month we will publish a collection of stories from his site highlighting activism and resistance in Europe. The ones below are still only a portion of what he has published in February, so I would highly encourage anyone reading this to also go check his site out directly. The URL is

The collection of stories for February appears below, and I am excited to keep publishing more as 2017- what we are hoping will be Year One of the Reconquista– rolls on.

Note: Anything not italicized in blockquotes is my own commentary.


Lyon, France: Nationalists Protest Against Anti-French Play

Activism Feb France 1

About fifty nationalists organized by Lyon avec Jeanne (Lyon with Joan), including members of GUD Lyon, held a protest outside of a performance of “Jeanne au pûcher”, an anti-French play mocking Joan of Arc.

After assembling in front of the theater, local police attacked the protesters with batons, tear gas & mace. There were appeared to be no injuries or reports of arrests, & the demonstration continued despite the attempts of the police.

Activism Feb France 3


Activism Feb France 4



Tartu, Estonia: Hundreds Of Nationalists Gather To Celebrate Independence Day

Activism Feb 2

On February 2, the 97th anniversary of the nation’s independence from the Soviet Union, the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (Eesti Konservatiivse Rahvaerakonna) with the Estonian Freedom Party – Farmers’ Assembly (Eesti Vabaduspartei – Põllumeeste Kogu) called on Estonians to join the torchlight parade and mark the nation’s victory in the War of Independence.

Activism Feb 4



Salem, Sweden: Nordic Resistance Repulses Attack By Non-Whites

In this incident, Nordic Resistance Movement activists who were handling out leaflets in Salen, Sweden were attacked by foreign migrants. YesPasaran’s account suggests the scuffle got pretty intense and the resistance members were pepper-sprayed by their attackers.

You can see the whole article and an interview with one of the NRM members here.

Activism Feb sweden1



Asotthalom, Hungary: A Refuge For Whites In The Heart Of Europe

A village in Hungary has banned the wearing of Muslim dress and the call to prayer. By leading what it calls “the war against Muslim culture”, it hopes to attract other Christian Europeans who object to multiculturalism in their own countries.

“We primarily welcome people from western Europe – people who wouldn’t like to live in a multicultural society,” Laszlo Toroczkai tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme. “We wouldn’t like to attract Muslims to the village.”

Mr. Toroczkai is mayor of Asotthalom, a remote village in the southern Hungarian plains, situated around two hours from the capital Budapest.

“It’s very important for the village to preserve its traditions. If large numbers of Muslims arrived here, they would not be able to integrate into the Christian community.”

“We can see large Muslim communities in western Europe that haven’t been able to integrate – and we don’t want to have the same experience here,” he says. “I’d like Europe to belong to Europeans, Asia to belong to Asians and Africa to belong to Africans. Simple as that.”

The article continues, on coordination with Preservationist leaders to attract patriots from across Europe to the area:

“I have been contacted by Jim Dowson,” Mr Toroczkai explains. “He came to Asotthalom a few times as a private individual, just to have a look. Nick Griffin also came with him.”

Mr Griffin has previously described Hungary as “a place to get away from the hell that is about to break loose in western Europe”.

“When it all goes terribly wrong in the West, more will move to Hungary and Hungary needs those people.”

Mr Toroczkai says he would be happy to welcome people from England.

Assothalom Border Patrol Advertisement

Assothalom Border Patrol Advertisement


Cologne, Germany: NPD Marches Against Merkel & Foreign Invaders

Scores of nationalists marched through the streets of Cologne on Saturday, January 14th, to denounce the German government’s refugee and asylum policies.

The protest was organised by the local branch of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

Counter-protesters attempted to disrupt the rally shouting “Nazis out!.” A large police presence was deployed to prevent possible clashes. Several protesters were detained during the rally; no injures were reported.

The NPD is still polling at extremely low levels, as the AfD seems to be using most of the anti-National Suicide oxygen politically, but it is very heartening to see them out on the streets protesting. The more native Europeans who see that the survival of their country is something worth protesting for and sacrificing for, the more likely they are to awaken in my opinion.

Activism Feb NPD 1



Kiev, Ukraine: Nationalists Factions Unite To Demonstrate Against Government</>

Activism Feb Ukraine 1

A group of nationalist organizations marched in the Ukraine before delivering an ultimatum to the current government. I am not well versed enough on the situation there to really ascertain where they lay within the political framework, but the ultimatum suggests they oppose both Russian incursions as well as Soros-backed EU ‘liberalization’.

The ultimatum says:

“We speak on behalf of working and belligerent Ukraine. The former you destroy, the latter betray.

Today a handful of millionaires and billionaires usurped all power in the country. The president, the government and the vast majority of Parliament belong to the same clique. On the international arena, you claim to represent people who did not entitle you to exercise anything.

You are accountable for:

– The privatization and sale of the country;

– Extermination of Ukrainians by hunger, unemployment rates and tariffs;

– Humiliation, submission and surrender of the lands to the Kremlin.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, unite our efforts to counter giving up the country to the armed invaders from the East and the financial extortionists from the West, and most importantly – to destroy the thieves’ clique called today “the authorities.”

Activism Feb Ukraine 2



Würzburg, Germany: Der Dritte Weg Holds Memorial For The Victims Of Dresden

Activism Feb Germany 1

This story only achieves full significance when you understand that left-wing parties in Germany commonly use praise of the bombing of Dresden as a political slogan/meme in their own marches and demonstrations.

In such examples you often see signs reading “Do it again Bomber Harris!”, referencing a generic American ‘GI’ name one would have heard in WWII, (specifically among the Air Force members who firebombed the city).

Activism Feb Germany 3

The reason for such a (horrific) slogan is in part basic German ethnic self-hatred and Cultural-Marxism, but also because Dresden is a city (and area) in Eastern Germany known for its very right-wing, traditionalist, anti-immigration politics. In that regard, a left-winger in Germany lauding the historical destruction of Dresden would almost be like an American leftist from Boston or Seattle doing the same for some hypothetical bombing of Lynchburg, Virginia a long time ago.

Feb. 18, 2017.

In the city of Würzburg, about 200 members & supporters of “Der Dritte Weg” (The Third Way) held a memorial march for the bombing victims of Dresden in the Second World War.

In addition to the march, the were several speeches given at the event, including one by the Nordic Resistance leader Simon Lindberg.

The event continued into the night, with more speeches being held & even a bit of performance art.

Despite a small anti-German protest, the event concluded without violence or arrests.

Activism Feb Germany 2

Activism Feb Germany 4



Sofia, Bulgaria: Lukov March 2017

February 18th, 2017.

The fourteenth annual Lukov march went ahead despite being banned by the mayor of Sofia & public opposition from the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the Russian foreign ministry, & the Shalom Organization of Jews in Bulgaria.

The event is held yearly to honor wartime leader General Hristo Lukov, who was murdered by communist forces in 1943.

Over 2,000 Bulgarian nationalists were in attendance, organized by the Bulgarian National Alliance.

Guests from other European nations were present for the event, including delegations from the Nordic Resistance (Sweden & Norway), Die Recht (Germany), & Der Dritte Weg (Germany). Also present were nationalists from Poland, France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary & Spain.

The March in Bulgaria as seen from above.

The March in Bulgaria as seen from above.



Editor’s Note: I am always heartened seeing stories such as the above. I thank YesPasaran tremendously for his excellent work finding and cataloging this and his generosity in sharing them with our community.


Brothers- What think you? Which of the above stories is most hopeful? Which of the above organizations do you place the most hope in? Which of the above tactics seems most effective?


Also- what other kinds of semi-regular posts would be helpful? I highly welcome your ideas and feedback.

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Comments (20)

  1. SteveRogers42 5 months ago

    Not to be pedantic, but “Bomber” Harris was an Englishman. The RAF policy focused on night raids using incendiaries, while American doctrine, making use of the Norden bombsight, involved daylight operations, usually with high explosives.

    Shocking, but not surprising, that the leftists would cheer the killing of their fellow Germans. It underlines the fact that they do not identify as actual “Germans” in any sense other than the happenstance of geographical location…and this syndrome is not confined to Germany. Yes, Seattle $#!tlibs WOULD cheer the bombing of Lynchburg (which, as shown at Waco, would have been a possibility under a new Clinton Administration). If RealAmericans can no longer be counted upon to simply produce taxable goods and services while meekly acquiescing in the destruction of our culture and our civilization, then Anitfa wants us DEAD.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Interesting, I didn’t know that about the RAF thing.

      Waco is an apt metaphor, that is for sure. Ruby Ridge too. I might have mentioned it but I grew up very close to their. If you haven’t read the book on Ruby Ridge by Jess Walter you should do so, its incredible.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Actually doubly funny you mention Waco, as I am using it in my new book as an example of the 90’s representing the ‘third turning’ of Howe/Strauss theory, and how the 90’s was defined as the advent of Baby Boomer Liberalism by its brand new far-left Baby Boomer democrat president- Bill Clinton- using the liberalized federal government to murder the ‘religious nuts’ at Waco. Ruby Ridge too.

  2. shadowman 5 months ago

    Great to hear of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden!

    Anyone who knows anything about World War II will know that the Resistance groups in that war were *outstanding* for their courage and commitment to the cause. In my opinion, the NRM are *equally* deserving of praise for the courage and commitment that they have shown. They would be an excellent group for any Preservationist-minded people to join.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Excellent point Shadowman. I don’t know enough about their exact beliefs or positions to compare my philosophical congruency with them vs other groups listed above, but I know for 100% sure that I see their name pop up in the news next to actions I agree with more than any of the others. They seem to run the gamut from traditional group-based politicking, to direct action, to online meme-warfare, to brawling with invaders and Antifa, etc.

  3. SteveRogers42 5 months ago

    Here’s how the OpFor is doing itin the USA. Wonder if anyone will infiltrate this hive of scum and villainy?

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      They certainly should 🙂 I was frankly AMAZED to by the O’Keefe videos from that other left-wing direct action group.

      If someone had suggested such videos would come out, and that they would 1) be focused on releasing some kind of nasty gas stuff at the Deploraball, and 2) would take place at COMET PIZZA(!), it would have seemed like something out an Alt Right pulp novel or something.

      • SteveRogers42 5 months ago

        I know what you mean. I bet a lot of thriller writers experience declining sales for the next few years, because each revelation of political skullduggery indicates that there is even more to come, and fiction just can’t keep up with reality. For instance, the Vault 7 Wikileaks bombshell vindicates every “paranoid” position that anyone could conceive of, and Wikileaks is just getting warmed up!

        In response to your questions above, I think that the examples from France and Sweden are the most hopeful. Western European Nationalists are hamstrung by their arcane political processes and their decades of exposure to the Frankfurt School manipulators. The uphill electoral climb is just too steep for the good guys and time is running out. They need to get BUSY.

        Thankfully, we in the USA now have a good chance of doing this thing the “easy” way, thanks to the election of 2016. Also, we are not as far down the sewer of mind control as are the Western Euros. For Americans, self-defense will always be important as we work through the process, but our European brothers need to go on OFFENSE.

        As far as semi-regular posts, what do you think about a series of thumbnail biographies of great European warriors? All nations, all eras. Everyone from William Marshal to Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Might provide inspiration.

        • Author
          Admin 4 months ago

          I think that is an excellent idea. I have to admit my knowledge on such history is probably limited compared to some. Welcome assistance of any kind from you or other readers. There are certainly no shortage of potential individuals to profile, at least up until the last 40-50 year.

          I agree that both Generation Identitaire and the NRM are highly hope-inspiring. Interesting too because their styles are quite different. Both are heavily youth-oriented and Millenial in make up though. Revolution is usually a youthful endeavor so that seems congruent with what is needed for such groups to actually change the zeitgeist.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      That is an EXCELLENT article! Good for them. Interesting how up to date they were on everything with Trump too. Also for a mainstream piece it seemed pretty non-condemnatory of them.

      Have archived that link for future use on site/book. Much appreciated Steve.

  4. SteveRogers42 4 months ago

    Some athletic activism from Greece:

    “A” for effort, “C-” for tactics. Tough farm boys, though…much stronger and more aggressive than welfare-suckin’ antifa pansies.

    I don’t know exactly where the battle lines are drawn in this particular dispute, but this kind of unrest can’t be good for the pro-EU Establishment.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Lol gotta love the Shephard’s Crooks…

      I and we have all been waiting for Greece to collapse for years now it seems like but apparently their German debt-masters are just letting them trickle along on life support… I can’t imagine Greece not imploding soon though.

      I am thinking the stock market will drop 30-60% in the US, commercial real estate will tank, retail will tank, and ALL of Europe will tank in the next year, and the anarchy Greece has been on the bring of for a decade now will finally come to fruition.


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