Nick Griffin Predicts Civil War In “Next Few Years’, Makes Other Interesting Statements

Nick Griffin Predicts Civil War In “Next Few Years’, Makes Other Interesting Statements
May 13, 2016 Admin

Editors Note: Much thanks to Robert for alerting me to this story!

Nick Griffin, the former head of the British National Party (BNP) recently made several very interesting statements about Western Europe and its future.

The statements came during a radio interview with Iain Dale, on LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) Radio 97.3. Dale, a political commentator/journalist, has some notoriety as (when previously a member of the Conservative Party) being the first openly gay Tory Candidate to contest a parliamentary election.

Dale, despite interviewing Griffin, obviously does not sympathize with his views, and the interview (linked to here), includes the expected pieces of push-back or liberal paternalism one might expect.

In the interview there are several very interesting topics discussed. They are all later on in the conversation, and the first parts all involve the demise of the BNP and the various political machinations Griffin blames this on and discusses in relation to it. After that however the conversation segues into more interesting territory. Griffin declares that Western Europe is “past the voting stage”, and that within “a few years” ISIS and al-Qaeda will “launch a civil war in Western Europe” and that (though this is muffled in the interview) “because of demographic reasons, there isn’t much that we can do about it.”

He then continues, declaring that the question is whether one should move to Poland, Hungary, or Russia, because “that is where Christian civilization is [going to survive]”. He states that he is preparing the way for “very large numbers of refugees from Western Europe, to go and keep our way of life and our civilization alive in Eastern Europe”. He states that this is necessary because the liberal elites and liberal intelligentsia have “destroyed the West”.

I am not in 100% agreement with Mr. Griffin but I certainly find his comments fascinating, and they are obviously quite similar to many of the things we are discussing here.

His ideas about “ISIS and al-Qaeda” starting a civil war in Europe are similar but somewhat different to the ones often discussed on this site. We also understand that a civil war is coming, but I am reluctant to attribute too much agency to terrorists or even Islamism itself when discussing its root causes. I think it is completely inevitable without the assistance of such forces. To use a hypothetical, even if you took every member of ISIS and al-Qaeda alive in Europe and the Middle-East today, and magically transformed their thinking or made them vanish from the earth, even if you took the most hardcore 10% of Islamist-leaning European Muslims and did the same, civil war would still come just as quickly. The foundations of its inevitability are that strong, being based in the most basic of truths about how humans interact, and the differences between Islam and the West.

So I agree with Griffin on the impending civil war, I would just describe its root causes somewhat differently. I also agree with him that Eastern Europe is the future home of (as he said) “Christian Civilization”, although I would probably describe it as something else. I disagree with his conclusions however that Western Europe should just be given up upon, or (what seems like) his suggestion that such a war is not winnable. While I have no problem with focusing on bringing Western European refugees to the East, and in fact applaud such an idea or action, I feel strongly that we must fight to preserve as much of Western Europe as possible. Obviously, as Griffin acknowledges, Western Europe is “past the voting stage”, but I believe its survival is still possible through 4th Generation Means (destabilizing the Suicidalist governments, precipitating civil war sooner rather than later, preparing for that civil war logistically, etc). There are few scenarios one can imagine where broad swaths of Western Europe don’t end up under full Muslim control, even after such a civil war, and Britain could very well be one of these. Such wars would, however, leave it quite possible for even broader swaths to end up as either 1) failed states, but ones in which native Europeans still live and raise families, or 2) fully native-European controlled countries in which Muslims and other non-Europeans are excluded. Of course Griffin may very well be sympathetic to all of these ideas as well, and we can hardly expect him to articulate such things in a venue such as this interview.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Very interesting. The idea is spreading, people are talking about it in public. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s extremely important for us to create lists of names and contact details of those who have actively contributed to this situation. Justice demands that we act against the traitors and collaborators.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I agree Laguna Beach. Do you if Vox Day is indeed doing that- have you checked that out at all?

      Any ideas for how to do it?

    • Clive Jones 2 years ago

      Spot on. This is the first time anyone is seeing as it is and how we should act.

  2. Dashui 2 years ago

    Better establish large scale reeducation camps in the east. Because those western euros will bring their problems with them, like Californians flee California and bring their problems to Oregon and Colorado.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yes, growing up in the Pacific Northwest I saw that pattern up close and personal. They wreck their own states horribly by creating sanctuary cities and inviting in ‘refugees’ from all over the third world, then they retire and move to all white towns in Vermont and Idaho… Hopefully the Poles and the Hungarians will be take a forceful approach with those traitors from the West who seek to flee there.

  3. Dashui 2 years ago

    Two people living in Euro discussing inevitable civil war- towards the end.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Dashui- Very cool! I did not know those two guys lived in Europe, very interesting. I might have had an inkling Vox Day did actually but yeah, that’s very cool.

      I watched a number of sections of it, including the last five minutes. Was that the section you were talking about? I would like to watch the whole thing once I have enough time sometime. I have not read/listened to either of them in depth before, maybe an hour of one and a half hour of the other, but they are both obviously smart as all heck.

      I especially liked what Vox Day mentioned about a pamphlet. He was talking about some pamphlet he has apparently written about free trade, but I think the same mechanism good be useful for the resistance in Europe. I find so many of those American Revolutionary War things so romantic where they were publishing pamphlets and all that stuff, and I think it is very powerful, especially within our White/European culture, given the history. Gives me some ideas….

      And then thank you as always for the link my friend!

      • DaShui 2 years ago

        It’s about the last 30 or 45 minutes they discuss Europes “time of troubles”. Vox actually said young Europeans are more racist than us southerners. Personally I was insulted that he considers me second best.

  4. Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t take anything Griffin says with any degree of seriousness. He is of a mediocre intellect, if he possess one at all. Also, apparently he doesn’t understand the concept of ‘civil war’. Any ‘war’ in the future that is directly related to the invasion of these foreign races will be a war between the natives and the foreign races, with Jewish arms dealers and supplying both sides, as they always do. Though, it may be a ‘civil’ war to some extent if those ‘antifa’ types decide they will fight on the side of the invaders. However, I suspect – as anyone who has met them will too – that the ‘antifa’ types will simply find a rock to hide under when hell is unleashed and stay there until the carnage is over and then simply pledge allegiance to whichever side reveals itself to be the victor once the dust has settled. One thing for certain: the green shoots of ‘the war to come’ will be racially-motivated acts of vigilantism culminating in locally-dispensed capital punishment about which the national/regional police forces will do nothing, since by that time they will have neither the resources nor the motivation to prevent it or punish it’s actors. Then, we truly WILL ‘live in interesting times’. Excellent website J.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Troy-

      Thanks for the excellent and insightful comment! And the kind words! Yes, the term ‘civil war’ is not quite correct, but I have appropriated it myself and can’t find a better term that is easy to understand and communicate to people. My tiny bit of research on google search statistics suggests its the most common phrase people google to try to start understanding what is going on at least.

      I agree with your take on what the ‘green shoots’ will be. Heck, we are already seeing that from the Muslims’ side, we are just still only seeing it sporadically from our own. I have been laboring at another article on strategic tactics for our side, and will be addressing such questions in it to some extent. I think that ‘offensive actions’ to use a purposefully ambiguous term, should for our side actually be directed at the traitorous groups on our own side, especially those who are representations of government, rather than on our (martial) opponents, by which I mean the invaders.

      Thanks for reading the site and for commenting! Would love to learn anything else about you, where your at, thoughts on things, etc!

    • Melinda Carter 4 weeks ago

      You people don’t know the true meaning of war. You all have your heads in the sand.

  5. DaShui 2 years ago
    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Dashui – thanks for the link I just read it. He absolutely nails it. I agree completely Cologne New Years was an act by the Muslims not so directed at German women but at German men. I have actually read lots of statements from individuals Muslims in Europe mirroring this. I would write an article about it but it depresses/enrages me so much I can’t bring myself to do so lol. The rape stuff just makes my blood boil more than anything else, which is normal of course and comes from the same part of our psyche that leads the Muslims to do it.

    • Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

      This was a terrible article. The author is hugely biased, in favour of the Al-Nusra, and various ISIS-affiliated rebels. He’s clearly coming from a pro-USA, pro-Israel, anti-Assad stance. Furthermore, the author stated towards the end of the article that “his teacher” was Frankfurt School Marxist Jew Max Horkheimer!

      The author did not mention one simple, glaring fact: the behaviour of these Near-East/Middle-East and North-African invaders is a product of their RACE. Just as Islam is the product of the Semitic Arabic mind [with a huge injection of Jewish psychology], so all their outward behaviours are instinctively driven, by their biological identity. And, the author’s ludicrous idea that the invaders committing these crimes are simply doing so because they were duped by Capitalist marketing campaigns sounds to me like a manner of excusing his co-racialist’s bestial behaviour.

      • Author
        Admin 2 years ago

        Hey Troy- appreciate your analysis. Neither I (nor Dashui I am guessing) was lauding the article ‘in total’, we were just pointing out that a Muslim was acknowledging the reality that such rapes are not just about raping the women, but dishonoring the men. I think your analysis of the rest of it is pretty spot on. Honestly I didn’t even notice alot of that the first go around because I realized it was Gates of Vienna and it would probably be more from that perspective anyway. I certainly wouldn’t say I am opposed to the ‘Counterjihad’ movement, or whatever people refer to it as- as far as I am concerned all of us who wish to fight to preserve Europe are on the same side- but obviously they come from a philo-semitic pro-Israel model of thinking. Many of them have no problem with multiculturalism at all, and are only anti-Islam. I, and this site, and most of the regular readers here are on the contrary full on Identitarian/WN, and don’t want ANY immigration to Europe, and want to expel all non-native immigrants already there. Anyway just wanted to chime in for the record in case you had misconstrued our exhortations and thought we were in full agreement with the author.

  6. Tintin 2 years ago

    The war in West ( occidental ) is today, now ( day to day ). The word best is : pre- war.

    But, is hide for the zionist Mass Media ( around the world ) , of course.
    Events of the war will appear ( terrorists ), already foreseen by many military analysts and security, such as for example would be :

    – some two hundred terrorists ( armed soldiers ) in mission suicidida ( of Islam ) take all kind of facilities at several points of cities of a nation, causing chaos. At the same time in other European cities with all kinds of crimes, increasing chaos.

    – all coordinated from a point hidden, and with transport vehicles, train stations, bus stations, airports, etc.

    – will no longer be conventional terrorist attacks, and these conquests and collapse will cause many fans to join the invasion progressively, overthrowing governments and with cabinets of emergency. The military forces of the western nations are operational but little may make with the places taken with hostages, will be worth seeing as negotiated which did not had to have occurred ever.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Tintin- Appreciate your sharing your thoughts! Are you based in Europe or? If so would love to get your thoughts from ‘on the ground’ where you are located. I agree that ‘pre-war’ would be an appropriate designation.

      The question of terrorist attacks is an interesting one. For in reality I think the Muslims are succeeding despite the attacks, and that the potential Islamization of Europe is really not aided at all by them, since the native Europeans are committing suicide just as quickly anyway. With that said I am sure they will continue, and I think we will see more attacks similar to Paris 2015/Mumbai 2008/Beslan School attack in Russia, etc, which seems to be the kind you are alluding to.

      Thanks for the comment and please keep sharing your thoughts with us!

  7. Ste-G 2 years ago

    Westerners fleeing to the East, is not something we could all do, I would much rather we stood our ground, with potential assistance from the East. This is our land, and we mustn’t acknowledge a lebensraum by a foreign army hellbent on destroying our civilisation, upon our sacred soil.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Could not agree more. We must fight for every inch of Europe we can keep, and I think that will be the case, once enough people eventually wake up (get desperate).

  8. RichardJames 2 years ago

    The British Isles would make an excellent fortress from which to launch ‘manouvres’ onto the mainland. Western (France Germany Holland)and Southern Europe(Greece Spain Portugal Gibraltar) can be reached within hours from England, whilst Scandanavia can be reached in a similar time from Scotland.
    If Britain does exit from the EU, which would buy Britons a small amount of extra time to prepare, the unique geographical position of her would make her a key location for European survival.
    Of course, what is of use to us is also of use to the invaders and our corrupt leaders and their jellyfish underlings.
    Whilst leaders of Camerons calibre and other Westminster hobnobs will have jetted to their boltholes in the Caymen Isles, their supporters and lower tier staff will not have the means to escape. Yes lists must be drawn up. Local knowledge of who planned what for which area can be a reasonably realiable source of information concerning this, as locals know which Councillors supported the building of this mosque or refugee shelter for example in their particular location . There is also Redwatch in the UK which can be drawn from.
    Once the hostilities become open, by this I mean that it becomes obvious that the state has not the resources or the will to respond to reports of say for example, a White family in Luton have been burned out of their home by muslims, once the rest of our kinsmen come around to seeing the situation from the point of our survival is up to us because the state will not or cannot act, by this point, those of us who have seen this eventuality from the distance of time must work to put ourselves into key positions within the European salvation forces.

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