Not A Contradiction

Not A Contradiction
May 20, 2016 Admin


One of the chief hypocrisies often pointed out when observing the insanity of modern Europeans revolves around the contradiction of propping up Islamism while simultaneously embracing homosexual rights, womens’ rights, transgender rights, etc. The Muslims believe in none of these ideas. Indeed, most Muslims in Europe hate homosexuality and radical feminism far more than any right-wing Evangelical in Iowa might.

How then is it that the Europeans so unreservedly embrace Islam? How is it that they invite unfettered millions of Muslims into their countries? Indeed, we can find countless examples of this contradiction. We have radical feminists arguing that women should not be dressing provocatively, because it is insensitive to Muslims. We have homosexuals who denounce other homosexuals for having gay rights parades in Muslim areas and labelling them “insensitive”, “Islamophobic”, and “racist” as a result. The contradiction seems readily apparent.

I myself have inveighed this accusation at the European left on occasion. However, as time goes on, it begins to make more sense. This is because things like homosexual rights, transgender rights, radical feminism, and everything else, are not celebrated and embraced by the left because of anything intrinsic about them. They do not adopt and fight for these lifestyles because they believe them to be “good”, but rather purely because they are in opposition to the established order of things and our inherited traditions and morals.


In this regard leftism is not so much about a coherent ideology, but rather about pure “Negationism”. This is why many people call it Cultural Marxism. Just as Marxism tried to upend things from an economic perspective, and allow the proletariat (the economically “oppressed”) to take back power from the bourgeoisie (the economically “powerful”), Cultural Marxism is the concept of those who have been socially or culturally “oppressed” taking back societal power from their oppressors. Therefore in this veritable religion of Cultural-Marxism or “Negationism”, the primary driver of “progress” is to negate all established power dynamics. If men have historically oppressed women, in this narrative, women must take back power over men. If straight people have historically oppressed gays, then gays must take back power from straights. And while the historic accuracy of the idea is rather dubious, in this left-wing narrative, colonialist Europeans have historically oppressed Muslims, and therefore Muslims taking back power over Europeans is considered “progress”, and thus something “progressives” support.

Indeed, there is no greater conceivable form of negation than all of Europe, the historical “power” in the world for the last 1000+ years, having that power taken back by the poor, “downtrodden” Muslims. And this is why, for progressives, Islam supercedes all other celebrated victim groups. If an African-American and a Muslim get into an altercation in New York City and exchange invectives, it is the “Islamophobic” black person we hear about, not the “racist” Arab. And this is why left-wing gays, left-wing feminists, and all the nasally-voiced “Diversity Studies” professors who support them, always defer to the Muslims.

The end result of this is a Europe where young native Europeans are raised to be meek, submissive, and guilt-ridden, and where the vast hordes of Muslim immigrants are buoyed, confident, and aggressive (and well-fed on the state dime). With such being the case, with our culture in Europe being so terminally ill, and our young people schooled in this religion of negation, is it any wonder we see videos like this?


Note: This article originally contained a video here of several Turkish teens beating up a young German teen who refuses to fight back and, to put it politely, doesn’t acquit himself very well from a perspective of ‘toughness’. The primary Turkish antagonist seems irritated by this unwillingness to fight back, and as he seems to loses more and more respect for the German teen he is crueler and crueler.

Also: Big thanks to Robert for sending me the above video so that we can use it as an object lesson of these unhappy facts.




Indeed, there is no other explanation beyond the religion of progressivism that emerged in the 1960’s. The following quote elucidates this:

“The major break in the understanding of manliness is not between, say, the nineteenth century and any particular preceding era but between my generation of Baby Boomers and the entire proceeding complex of teachings. In some ways, TR and Churchill have more in common with Homer and Shakespeare than they do with us.” –Waller Newell

The Turkish immigrant in the video beating up the young German similarly has more in common with Homer or Teddy Roosevelt than he does with the young German. To him, the German is an affront to masculinity, and beyond that, an affront to nature. Of course, he would not articulate it in those words, but his disgust as the pathetic reaction of the young German shows it. The German, on the other hand, having been raised since the advent of 1960’s Negationism, has no other response but meekness and submission, for that is how he has been raised.

We, of course, are disgusted by the video, and disgusted and enraged at the entire turn of events. For whatever various reasons, each of us has not ended up being victim to this ideological cancer. As a result, our struggle, our own cultural “jihad”, to borrow a good term from the Islamists, is two-fold: first, to awaken the sleeping masses around us, the millions upon millions of young men like that in the video above, and in so doing topple the governments who are plunging Europe off a suicidal cliff of “Negationism”, and secondly to expel the Muslim hordes who have moved into this power vacuum. Indeed, our greatest hope is that this sudden influx of Muslims, replaying scenes like the above video in towns all across Western Europe, will be the wake-up call, the catalyst, that our people need. With that being the case, we can stand up, re-embrace the glory, honor, and strength our ancestors have bequeathed us, reclaim their honor, and fight.


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  1. Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

    Regarding the first half of this piece, the ‘SJWs’ are taught by their sociology lecturers that the enemy is the traditional patriarchic white man, since their war is against European traditionalism.

    Regarding the second half of this piece, it is a matter of virility. The crude decadence of Capitalism consumerism has softened, weakened and feminised European/Aryan men. The Middle Easterners and Africans have not suffered this. Add the guilt and inferiority complexes that most of our menfolk now suffer from, and it’s actually a wonder that we are managing to survive at all today.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I agree Troy. I think that as that softening continues however, we will see a rebound effect, in that as things continue, men (and especially young men) will be hit harder and harder by the contrast they see when they watch movies and read books with representations of men from previous eras, and that they will seek to reclaim those qualities. I think is a great example. I think masculinity is based to a moderate to large degree in instinct, and that try as they might to suppress it, it will always “find a way”. Let’s hope so at the least.

  2. Dashui 2 years ago

    The Turk has the fashionable fashy haircut.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yeah, I think the youtube link called him a Turk, but I am not sure. He looks pretty white himself so I was thinking maybe a Chechnyan.

  3. Back Stabbeth 2 years ago

    The Turk has the backup of his extended family. He knows he outnumbers the German. He knows should the German resist and start winning he will have his cousins to help him out. The German has no brother or cousin. Thats how these things play out. Europeans need to start acting in packs the same otherwise they will pick us off one by one. Maybe its because I am in my 40s I remember how they operated but i see younger people adopting this coward way of fighting in packs and king hitting. So there might be hope.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Back Stabbath!

      Yes I hear ya. I think the only logical outcome is for the Germans to start moving in packs as well. And so it goes, on the road to open civil strife between organized ethnic groups.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    In Britain, only 2% of young men feel completely masculine (compared to 56% of over 65s)

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    The Reckoning:

    The longer we wait to fight back, the more horrific the outcome will be.

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    European Civil War…we’re getting closer.

    “Demand For Small Arms ‘Protection’ In Germany Explodes As Immigrant Fear Rises”

    These small arms are blank-firing weapons, but they can be deadly and their increasing popularity among Germans reflects growing resistance.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Absolutely. Appreciate the link. That is a very good sign Laguna Beach!

  7. the woodsman 2 years ago

    That video breaks my heart. The conditioning that young White man has endured led to this. Also, never forget that if he did defend himself, the authorities would have gone after and prosecuted him!!! And no doubt the “authorities” were White too! Those responsible for this deserve a TERRIBLE fate. The Jews and anti-White Whites need to PAY DEARLY!

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Agreed. The educational system is nothing but not full on pacifistic in its programming.

  8. REzzz 2 years ago

    I try to work with positives with White Males, and I’ve always been a good to very good mentor. I was a National level pro chess player in my 20’s and i was excellent at math up through Trig and Analytic Geometry. I had a genius level IQ while in college, yet I was heavy into strength sports and was decent at martial arts, so extremely flexible (MMA trainers used to force flexibility back in the day, but not recommended by me). I also ran about 12 miles a week to build some endurance. None of this is meant to be bragging as the guys I would hang out with were all smarter and stronger and better than me at all of these things. I was a chess Expert, but constantly played Masters ( and won two or three, drew some more, but got my head handed to me constantly).

    I moved during my 9th grade or Freshman year in High School, with no new friends at the new school, I was isolated, and did not have my old grade school buddies to back me. I was cannon fodder and knew it immediately. I was also still a little guy and about 5 1/2 inches from my full height growth. The new school had great teachers, but the usual barbaric thugs in all schools at that time. There were the usual individual brutes, the football linemen (total thugs, and early steroid users, with really big muscles for those days), then there were then “jackal packs” or several groups of 5 or 6 packs of thugs looking for easy targets to destroy in pack form.

    That’s just the way it was growing up in the early to mid-1960’s in large parts of the USA. I should have been a wimp as I learned read at age 3 and loved it, and had an extreme intellectual side, but my grade school buddies on the other side of town were getting into weight training right then, and my best friend said “eat beef” … that it would make me stronger. He ate beef every meal of every day, simply because that’s all he liked as food, but I started eating beef 5-6 times a week, and 3-4 of us signed up some MMA training by a new guy offering it cheap at the YMCA we lifted weights at.

    That was those days though. Being smart was no excuse for being a wimp or not taking risks.

    Currently, my nephew has not grown up with the athletic skills that seemed to come naturally or by necessity in my growing years, but I reached out to him in ways I could. When he was seven he was getting apathetic somewhat about school, except he was six monthes ahead of the average in math and that made him proud.

    Work toward peoples (especially children’s) strengths first, and the rest will follow. I bought a couple of books on Math Tricks that seem magical on Amazon….. How to do these really cool math solutions in your head as a kid, that make you look like a prodigy. The real magic trick is that in order to do these cool tricks, the kid has to get very fast and very sharp with simple math. Within a year, my nephew was three years ahead of the average forth grader. Now, at the end of his seventh grade year, he has tested in the upper one percent of eleventh grade math students, know geometry an basic algebra well. Also, due to his confidence he now runs two miles a day 5 days a week, and works regularly on his ab muscles and core. All his other studies have picked way up as well. He will not play me chess though.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Lol I don’t think I would want to play you in chess either REzzz (although I am a chess loved myself).

      I think it all comes down to self-overcoming. I identify with your story of moving to the new school. In my case it was similar but I was coming from home-schooling and joining a 7th grade class mid-year after a couple years of being isolated around my parents every day. I was IMMENSELY socially awkward and teased horribly. It took a tremendous amount of will, and desire, and even hatred, to overcome that, and force myself to get better/braver/more socially ‘normal’ until I was accepted. And I tried to remember where I had come from once I was, and not be a jerk to people because they were awkward, etc. (continuing on down below after your other comment)

  9. REzzz 2 years ago

    I need to add to this, that since I got my nephew started with the original catalyst books, almost all the work has been done by his dad (my brother) and my nephew himself. Kids get into something that makes them proud and it catches fire in them, so they need to be inspired first.

  10. REzzz 2 years ago

    So if you could reach out to this German kid how would you try to mentor him to get beyond this losing mindset?

    This is important, as what this whole website is about is motivating or mentoring or being a spiritual leader and dealing with a critical problem that may destroy Western Civilization. Do you constantly admire the thugs that are the opposition for how masculine they are? Hmm? Do you constantly find examples of wimpy European kids or even young adults getting humiliated or even mentally destroyed? Are these great MEMEs? Really consider these questions without acceptance or rejection at first or any emotionalism.

    Muslims are thugs, and they have been for 1400 years, but the average IQ of the Middle East Muslim is 83, and the average IQ of a Sub-Saharan Muslin is lucky to be 70. Do you think Europeans are going to win in open fist fights or perhaps, just perhaps, by using their brains?

    Most the highly masculine White thugs I had to deal with while young are now in jail or dead. I never admired their toughness, and never gave them a chance after I had the tools to defeat them.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      (continued from reply up above)…

      But the kids who teased me, the much bigger dudes who beat you up when were five foot one inches tall, and definitely the Muslim Orc-Scum in this video, are not ideal masculine models either. Masculinity is not about preying upon those weaker than you. In the book version of The Godfather, Puzo describes Sonny Corleone as unbelievably tough and gamey, yet utterly incapable of hurting ‘weak’ things, like women and children. This was what so enraged him about his brother in-law beating his sister. Pat Tillman, who I think of as quite possibly the greatest examplar of masculinity I have ever seen or read about, was the same. He was immensely sensitive, and considered himself the protector of all his non-athletic friends. Similarly Jack Donovan speaks about true masculinity being about “testing oneself” against better and better men. It is the classic story of Enkidu and Gilgamesh, repeated time and time throughout history. This brilliant primordial spectacle does not involve the torment of weaker entities, as is often within islam.

      So your question is a very fair one. What I would tell this German teen is that while I have immense empathy for his situation, and don’t think he did worse than many of his peers would have (or that I would have done at some points in my life), the ‘ideal’ we should all strive for is to hold our ground as far as we are able, and to defend our honor. The ‘ideal’ (the way I believe a Pat Tillman or a Teddy Roosevelt would have responded), would have been to either A) fight back as best he could, B) try to call out the guy slapping him for relying on all his friends backing him up, and challenge him to a one on one fight, or C) not directly fight back but tri to stand ground in a proud and honorable manner as best one possibly could, potentially even just arguing the points against the Muslim. Of course, as commented up above, the poor kid has been conditioned his whole life to NOT respond in these ways, so we cannot blame him for not doing so. And, as commented above, the Turk was surrounded by a bunch of his cronies, while the German teen appears to have been alone.

      I would also tell him (as explained above) that the conduct of the Turk is not an ideal to strive for, not something he should seek to replicate if he eventually gains the strength to put others in such a position. I would attempt to persuade him to follow a path like those heroic men I lay out above. I would also recommend the young man choose to take the horrible incident as a gift, and use it as massive motivation to grow stronger in every way, become a man of strength, honor, courage, and self-mastery, and grow up to exact vengeance on the invaders who are attacking his countrymen, raping their sisters and daughters, and taking over their country.

      I would advise him of this example to strive after:

      I would also encourage him to learn to fight:

      And I would advise him to delve into everything he possibly can about masculinity: Jack Donovan’s The Way Of Men, James Bowman’s Honor, Jack London’s The Sea Wolf, everything on, etc.

      And finally, I would absolutely advise him to learn from our Muslim enemies when it comes to their willingness to fight over honor, their tribal modes of thinking, their “way of the jungle” mentality, their reverence for martiality, SO THAT he and his countrymen can expel the Muslims from their lands, for (as I detail in my book), those positive attributes of the Muslims are far eclipsed by the evils inherent within Islam (the stonings of women, beatings of children, acceptance of rape, acceptance of torture, and a million other things). The Muslims are a foreign tribe, and even were they “good” people, and “good” immigrants, they still would not be a welcome addition to Europe. I would characterize the site’s position the same way, which is that within our Muslim opponents we see the masculine tactical virtues that our ancestors (and most men around the world) used to possess. For whatever reason those qualities have not died out in many Middle-Eastern lands. They are using these traits for evil, and using them to despoil and rape and annihilate our people. We must reclaim these traits/skills our ancestors possessed (which are shared by the Muslims of today), along with the nobility that our ancestors possessed concomitantly (and which the Islamists lack), and use them to expel these foreign invaders. In that regard I have nothing but support, brotherly love, and the desire to help young men like those in the video, and nothing but hatred for those like the Turk who abused him. Hopefully that is always clear from the articles, but I welcome your honest and thought-provoking questions on both this piece and any others. For, as I said above, we cannot become the Pat Tillman’s, the Enkidu’s, the Gilgamesh’s, without that constant push/pull and challenging and testing from other men.

      • REzzz 2 years ago

        First things first, White Guilt has to be destroyed or there is no chance. Tell a boy like that German kid that first he must wipe away all White Guilt out of his system, and work to destroy it consciously in all other German boys. The alternative is to be driven mad by the humiliating abuse of the Orc-Turks or other Muslims. Also tell him that he has the right to despise those pigs, and to talk to his German boyhood friends with contempt about those barbarians. According to Vox Day this has already been happening in the part of Europe he is at, and he talks a lot about the total and open contempt and lack of White Guilt he observes in his areas. I believe him, times are already changing.

        Screw honor tell him to find other German boys (Donovan’s start a gang approach), and cheat in fighting whenever or wherever possibly. Yet mainly get rid of White Guilt, then get rid of Social Justice Wankers and their Narrative.

        Tell him to get a book on how to be a great sniper for future reference. If you have to have decent to excellent cardio adrenaline has little effect on your calmness. Meditation on top of cardio can get your heart rate way down in the 40’s while even under what for some would be bad stress. You release the trigger between heart beats, so a low, calm heart rate under tense situations is critical. Of course, one needs to practice and often, this is going to be war.

        Yet get rid of the White Guilt, and all the Narrative People, SJW, Cucks, Pathological Altruists, Marxists, and Globalists of all sorts, and the task at hand will only take decent training to finish these morons, and send them back to where they come from. The only question then will be, will they come back in a couple of centuries? What to do about that?

  11. Dashui 2 years ago

    Its gonna take tribe. The Turk was surrounded by his friends so the German could not have won a fistfight, no matter how good he was. I know Mexicans are a lot smaller than Blacks, but blacks fear Mexicans and will move out of Mexican neighborhoods as Mexicans are more unified and marginally smarter.

    • REzzz 2 years ago


      Blacks fear the Mexs due to the Mexicans being back shooters. A Black stumbles into into their Barrios or has failed to leave as it is taken over, and they simply cheat, and without honor, shoot the Blacks in the back, and often several times. This is still very Machismo to their culture. Ha!

      Someones going to tell me this isn’t true, well, not all the time, so it’s not dialects true. Yet it happens so often that it makes good Rhetorical Truth. Back Shooting Mexicans. Yep! True enough!

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