UK Chooses Freedom!

UK Chooses Freedom!
June 24, 2016 Admin

Its official!

After initial exuberance on the part of Remain, when early polls suggested they had won the vote, Leave has ended up triumphing in the UK Brexit decision.

United Kingdom voters have officially chosen to leave the EU. Despite the entire political establishment coming out on the side of Remain, and engaging in every pathetic sort of fear-mongering and bullying and lying possible, UK voters made the correct decision, and rejected the path of globalization, Islamization, and cultural suicide.

David Cameron and the rest of the traitorous elites have been rejected by the country’s citizens. For me to describe the level of defeat that has been handed to them, I must borrow words from Homer, the first and greatest of European bards:

At close range Odysseus wounded Damastor’s son
with his long spear, and Telemachus injured
Leocritus, son of Evenor—he struck him
with his spear right in the groin and drove the bronze
straight through—so Leocritus fell on his face,
his whole forehead smashing down onto the ground.
Then Athena held up her man-destroying aegis
from high up in the roof. The suitors’ minds panicked,
and they fled through the hall, like a herd of cattle
when a stinging gadfly goads them to stampede,
in spring season, when the long days come. Just as
the falcons with hooked talons and curved beaks
fly down from mountains, chasing birds and driving them
well below the clouds, as they swoop along the plain,
and then pounce and kill them, for there’s no defence,
no flying away, while men get pleasure from the chase,
that’s how Odysseus and his men pursued the suitors
and struck them down, one by one, throughout the hall.
As they smashed their heads in, dreadful groans arose,
and the whole floor was awash in blood.

Yes, just as Odysseus and Telemachus routed those traitorous men who had stolen their possessions, raped their women, and pursued Odysseus’ wife, UK voters have in turn routed the traitorous scum who have betrayed the UK and allowed its own women and children to be raped. David Cameron has resigned in disgrace, and EU elites across the continent now look on in horror as populist parties call for referendums in their own countries.

It is a sweet, hard won day. Yet let us remember that this is merely the first battle in what will be a long war. The United Kingdom is overrun by Muslim invaders- allowed in by the same traitors who were just defeated in this Brexit vote. True freedom will not come for the UK until the Muslim hordes have been ejected. It is a tragedy of monumental proportions for both sides that they were brought in, but it is abundantly clear that nothing but civil war awaits the UK.

We shall win that war just as we won this Brexit vote. And when the UK has finally been liberated we shall deal with those- like David Cameron- who allowed its lands to be pillaged, its vulnerable to be abused, and at least 100,000 young girls to be used as sex slaves by gangs of Muslim men.

Hail Victory.

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    What truly great day a double victory to exit the dictatorship of the EU and to eject the worst British Prime Minister in living memory. This is the start of a long process but what a fabulous start it is. We start with the hope that the majority of the people and it’s new leaders with be true Nationalists that can turn the country round. Great.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yes let’s hope that good ol’ Boris and Michael Gove will entertain a will to power of a less cuckolded variety! Nothing would make me happier than Boris Johnson as a Putin-on-the-Thames!

  2. Ste-G 2 years ago

    Fantastic! We’ve started the ball rolling, and await the domino affect around Europe. Older folk concerned for their children’s future and safety. The enlightened awakening has begun. Young people still need to be truly aware, as too many voted “in”. Hail Victory. Screw the EU, and Merkel’s army of rapist cockroaches. Now for Trump, and more “exiters” around beautiful Europe!

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Beautiful! Couldn’t agree more Ste-G. We definitely need to awaken the young. I think SJW-ism is beginning to lose its ‘cool’ among them though and am optimistic. And yes let’s root for all the ‘exiters’ of Europe and pray they tear the EU to shreds!

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Well done, England. As a former Conservative Party press officer, Tory activist, and English Nationalist, I would like to extend congratulations to my English friends on this historic vote. I love you all!

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I didn’t know you had done all that Laguna Beach… that is extremely cool. If you ever want to publish some anecdotes from your time doing that on the site please hit me up!

  4. eksothen 2 years ago

    First time here.

    Very good web site and the articles are straight to the point and worth while…

    I agree. EU, is nothing more than a gulag for the European Nations and their people..

    It is interesting to see the similarities as far as destructive results go, that austerity programs and mass bureaucracy has towards the European Nations. As did the implementation of the communist programs in the Maoist and the Stalinist regimes.

    I think this is a tell tell sign, of what the EU stands for.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Agreed Eksothen. Appreciate the comment!

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