On The Ground Update From Estonia

On The Ground Update From Estonia
October 27, 2016 Admin

One of the aspects of running this website I most enjoy is getting to coordinate with European-Preservationists from all over the globe. It is also very helpful because I/we are able to get on the ground reports from folks in various countries describing what things are like, how events are progressing, etc.

As a result I am going to start featuring ‘Updates’ from various European countries by people in those countries willing to submit such reports.

Today, a gentleman in Estonia who goes by the nom de guerre Piimavaras shares information on how things are progressing there. While many of us- including me- tend to think of Estonia as a utopian Nordic country still unharmed by mass immigration, Piimavaras shows this is not quite the case.

Editor’s Note: Piimavaras provided this info in one big email, but I am separating it into a few different sections with a short introduction to each labeling what that specific section is on.


The situation on the ground in terms of immigration and the ‘refugee crisis’:

We don’t even know the exact numbers, the refugees from the EU refugee quota number up to 96, but we are taking in refugees outside that quota as well AND we also have these “foreign university students” from deep Sahara – no idea how they got here since they weren’t here before 2010 or so.

The media is silent about how much exactly we are taking in, the masses only know [the official number] “96”, yet even before we started taking the quota refugees in there were TWO 7 year old Arabs in my school (was in high school back then, same building for grades 1-12), and there was an entire refugee center in my home county right here even before the refugee crisis: https://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vao_(V%C3%A4ike-Maarja).

This same refugee center caught fire a year ago and the government immediately pointed their fingers to MUH XENOPHOBIC NAZIS (the police haven’t found the perpetrators a year later). At least Tallinn is becoming more and more brown, and we don’t even have the numbers, it looks like a media blackout. The Security Police (KaPo) also considers right wingers a national security threat because “muh Kremlin agents”, but they can’t outright ban the conservatives because 15% of the population would revolt.


On the political landscape:

Here is the latest poll on party ratings: http://www.emor.ee/erakondade-toetus/. RE is the liberal party who treats this country like a money cow, KE is the socialist Russian party (80% of the voter base is Russian), SDE are the Social Democrats, EKRE are our guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4CCqfz3s0k, EVA are libertarians and IRL are the cuckservatives. SDE and IRL are the lapdogs of RE, and they will do everything RE tells them. The libertarians are cuckolds and do whatever IRL does as well. RE has a lot of votes because many Estonians want to stop the Russian threat from winning the elections, if the Russian party wouldn’t exist Estonians would vote for other parties as well, I’m certain EKRE would gain 5-8% if the Russians weren’t a threat anymore. And the Russian party is having a civil war at the moment, so there’s a chance that the party will indeed separate into two, which is good. Also the elections may be rigged, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS, Estonia is Zimbabwe tier: https://youtu.be/JY_pHvhE4os?t=39m40s


On culture, and whether Estonia is more like Sweden (insane, suicidal, Progressive) or Poland and Hungary (rational, proud, wishing to stay free and have a future):

The US and other Western European governments also fund programs that teach about “tolerance”, Wikileaks leaked a document of the US embassy trying to subvert us BACK IN 2006 WHEN THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN POWER, imagine how bad it is now. You can also find Dutch and British embassies funneling money to “diversity programs” if you skim the PDFs on nonprofit tolerance/multiculturalism/refugee organisation websites hard enough (nobody actually cares about those organisations so the plebs have no idea), you can find all sorts of nuggets.

We are not as cucked as Germany/Sweden but not like Poland either. Estonia, just like Sweden has been Lutheran historically and this could explain why a lot of people tend to favour more “tolerant policies”. There are still a lot of conservative people, most people (normies) under the age of 30 tend to vote for the liberals and the university students tend to vote for the social democrats, but most people older than 30 are pretty anti-immigrant and the under 30s who are anti-immigrant tend to have a very strong opinion and don’t let others influence them. The rest of the Baltics, I’m afraid they’ve been already pretty much lost – Latvia is a Russianised Soviet shithole, even worse than Estonia, and Lithuania’s population is 70% apolitical, the Lithuanians seem to only care about drinking and partying. We certainly have our crazies, the crazies tend to be cosmopolitan “im so educated” narcissists, and the small town tough guys/chavs with black shades tend to be anti-immigrant.



On Estonia’s youth and how they compare with those in Western Europe:

The youth generally is f***ed. 30somethings and under are just like the young people in Sweden or France – POZZED. A lot of young people are degenerate, they’re normies and don’t care about politics at all, or care about tolerance/egalitarianism/feelings like your every day basic bitch normies in the west, but there is a minority of conservatives/semi-traditionalists who feel like something is wrong. This ~20% nationalist/conservative/right-wing minority is indeed a minority, but they have more morale, are willing to put up more of a fight, are more energised and are willing to try and convert their friends. The Conservative Party, compared to other parties, is getting hundreds of young members while the other parties aren’t even close. The ~70% is indeed engaging in a lot of deviancy, but they’re less likely to vote as well. The drug use seems to be limited to weed and snus (which is illegally smuggled here from Swedish cruise ships where it’s legal, it’s just tobacco after all.) Some teenagers have found a Marxist antifa hero – Kaur Kender, who runs nihilist.fm and who also seems to be f***ed in the head – I won’t talk about his massive degeneracy much, just know that he was forced to get a psychological evaluation after writing erotica about young children being raped.


On His Own Journey Of Awakening:

A year ago I considered myself to be a fascist, thought religion was dumb and that an authoritarian system would be the only way, but my views have slowly evolved into a form of traditionalist minarchism where the ethnostate is ruled by a traditionally minded monarch who maintains a small government and who rules over a majority traditionally minded people, and personally I’ve started thinking that although there is no God or gods, belief in something more than mortal is necessary to keep a healthy society running. The relatively free market economic system coupled with low government involvement would force the degenerates and other hedonists to voluntarily assimilate into traditional society or at least hide their moral corruption from the public eye – there’s no government to force people to “bake the f***ing cake”, everyone is free to discriminate. This means that business owners simply won’t accept clients who fuel the decadence and destruction of society, and nobody forces them to serve the hedonists either. It’s essentially Julius “Tradition” Evola + Hans “Physically remove the communists, democrats and homosexuals” Hermann Hoppe. But reaching this society may require a more authoritarian system, temporarily.



Editor’s Note: Much thanks to Piimavaras for the information. Seems relatively similar to how I expected but with more immigrants than I was aware of. Hopefully Estonian youth will see what is going on in Western Europe and become increasingly awakened. Piimavaras’s description of them does seem to confirm just how widespread the entertainment industry-spread degeneracy of the modern West is. One more reason the television/film industry must be destroyed (or at least flattened like the publishing industry). Overall still sounds like a country to cherish, and one to defend at all costs from Islamization and Progressive-lead destruction. Hopefully it and the other Baltics will begin to orient themselves more to the Visegrad countries as time goes on and less to Brussells and Washington, D.C.

Oh and I also wanted to make a point to direct everyone to Piimavaras’s Twitter feed, which is: https://twitter.com/piimavaras Please check him out on there and follow him for further info on Estonia.

Also: If you are reading this and would interested in giving us an update from your home country (or, somewhere you have recently traveled) that would be highly welcome. If so, please hit me up on the contact page or at valhalla1@europeancivilwar.com (the contact page goes to that same email). Thanks!

'True conservatism means conserving' - William S. Lind

‘True conservatism means conserving’

Estonian youth enjoying a traditional European childhood.

Estonian youth enjoying a traditional European childhood.

Comments (24)

  1. rick 1 year ago

    The enemy is both pervasive and relentless. They seem determined to extinguish even the smallest group of ethnic europeans.
    Now that the information is flowing from the alt media, how quickly can under 30’s be red pilled?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      ‘Alt Media’ – I love the sound of that! Don’t know if I can think of a more powerful shift that would change the course of events for our people. Certainly seems like we might be on our way too…. Thinking a lot on this topic lately actually. Appreciate you bringing it up Rick. Agree our enemies are focused even on our smallest remaining enclaves…

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Perhaps a Russian incursion would help to liberate the Estonians from Western Occupation?

    • Helix adastra 1 year ago

      I think that would be good for Estonia and maybe Finland – but you know the (((neocons))) would drag us into war over that.

    • Reemus 1 year ago

      @Laguna Beach Fogey
      A Russian incursion is much worse for Estonians than western degeneracy. People will accept western degeneracy way before they accept Russian neo-USSR. And rightly so. Russia has been bullying Estonia since 1991 and people find Russia more of an existencial risk than refugees.

      • ProLepanto 1 year ago

        This is absolutely true. There is a rusophilia springing up these days due to a hunger for Conservatism and it is largely misplaced; Russia has barely shed its Marxist nomenclature, but ole Vlad has a semi sane view on sexual degeneracy, so the imprudent and intemperate are lining up to be first inline for the neo-Warsaw pact. And of course the new Iron curtain would be embroidered with red crescents as the moselm population climbs over 15% within the land which was once Rus.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey Prolepanto- Hey Reemus-

          Reemus I must apologize I think I approved your comment but then forgot about it.

          I am obviously a Putin/Russia ‘sympathizer’, but I do not disagree with either of you in regards to Estonia and their relationship with Russia.

          I think nation-states and people’s often have competing and contradictory interests. Russia and Estonia are two different nation states and I sympathize with them both, despite their strategic interests being partially in contradiction.

          Russia is a large nation but one which is a shell of its former self, it is also a target of Western (globalist) aggression to some extent, and for that and other reasons (including demographics and reliance on petrocarbons) in a ‘defensive’ position geopolitically. It has also been suffered great military defeats as a result of the openness of the north European plain that runs from Germany through Poland and the Baltics. It is in Russia’s strategic interest to own/control/influence as much territory between it and Western Europe as possible, so that territory can be a ‘buffer’ so to speak. Therefore it is common sense for Russians to wish for hegemony over the Baltics, to shore up that north European plain that has been a historic weakspot for it defensively, and move its Western border that much farther away from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

          For Estonia, Latvia, and Lithunia, on the other hand, it makes 100% sense to do everything possible to avoid such Russian hegemony/bullying/intrusion. Unless they consider themselves part of Russia culturally/ethnically/tribally (which most of their citizens don’t) then they should seek to build strength and build alliances to counterbalance that Russian threat. If I was an ethnic Estonian living in Estonia I believe I would most likely be completely opposed to Putin/Russia.

          However, as I said, nation-states like individuals often have competing needs and interests, and while Estonia and Russia may be in opposition for the reasons noted above, they both share a strategic interest in Western Europe not becoming Islamized.

          In terms of Estonia’s greatest threat, in the short term I think you are right, it could very well be Russian interference/intrusion/aggression. However, given the hypothetical choice (which is purely a thought experiment and has no basis in reality) of being a) absorbed back into Russia, or b) being put on track for an ever increasing % of its citizens to be Muslim until it is eventually fully Islamized (like France may well be, etc)… then I think possibility (b) would be worse. Again, hopefully neither will happen, and there is no reason the Baltics would ever have to choose between the two anyway.

          But yeah, in the best case scenario from here on out, Russia and the Baltics will somehow see increasingly less friction between them, and combine whatever weight they each have in opposition against Western European Suicidalism and mass immigration.

          Long-winded response but I wanted to clarify my position on the matter!

          • ProLepanto 1 year ago

            I have no innate antipathy for anyone/group/nation etc for merely doing what is in their interest. But either we believe in a societal hierarchy or we do not.
            If we don’t, then we might as well work on appreciating the “virtues” of eastern polygamy and pederasty, after all the tide is currently against us, and all things being equal, harems and a fine curry sound more pleasant than dhimmi status or dying via extreme trauma.
            But if we do acknowledge Grandeur, free of popularity and perspective but as living and palpable achievement, well then it isn’t dominance alone which qualifies worth, and the islamic tide can be understood as the blight on the world that it is.
            And so the Virtue of a nation is qualified via its ascendance to this, admittedly vague due to the brevity of this conversation, “success”. And thus not all governments, whether the will of their people or otherwise, are equal.

          • Author
            Admin 1 year ago

            Oh, no cultural (or ‘national’) relativism here. Obviously the societal hierarchy you mention is valid. I guess the difficulty in the case of Russia and Estonia is that I would have a hard time really separating them within that hierarchy. Whether judging them via their current incarnations as ‘nation states’ or as people’s or tribes with national character and distinctive variants of ‘thumos’, I have no ‘favorite’ between the two, and view them as pretty equally worthy of positive regard. While I would claim no expertise on either nation anyway, I guess i am inclined to view them- as proud occidental nations which have ‘beef’ with each other in some regards (despite their kinship)- the way I would two devoted brothers within my Mannerbunde, each of whom I like and respect and would fight beside, but who have unfortunately fallen into interpersonal friction.

            Contrast this with neighbors and countries such as Greece and Turkey, and the situation is much different. There, one is my brother, and far superior, and the other (especially if it is in conflict with me or any of my brothers) my enemy.

            Judging today based on a combination of both a distinctive people’s worthiness of regard and their current governments worthiness of respect, I would say Hungary has become ‘the best among us’ at the moment, while over the last few hundred years I would probably have reserved that position for the Norwegians/Austrians/Americans/British at different points historically.

  3. Augustus 1 year ago

    Well isn’t that just great. I figured the Baltic countries would at least remain pure and uncorrupted.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Augustus- I hear ya. I have always pictured them as these beautiful little pure gems nestled on the eastern baltic- far away from the evil globalist miners seeking to pry them loose and turn them into molten multicultural death.

      I am still quite optimistic though.

  4. YesPasaran 1 year ago

    This is a great idea for a series. It might be a good idea to include a section about the nationalist groups/movements for each country, as well as what we can do to help.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey YesPasaran thanks for the comment-

      That is an extremely good idea.

      I will make sure to ask that on the next one.

      If you have any regular readers of your site who might be a good person to have do this please shoot me their contact info (or do the same on your own site or something and share it with us, etc).

      I am also going to reach out to you by email to see if you would be interested in being interviewed here on ECW. From our email correspondence it seems like you have a lot of interesting insights and knowledge to share.

      • YesPasaran 1 year ago

        Thank you, I sent you a reply via email. I would be more than happy to do an interview. I’ll ask around about the European updates.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey yes I got the email! Will send questions soon 🙂

  5. vvazz0 1 year ago

    The way I see it, is that people need to stop demonising Russia. Putin is keeping the communists at bay, and regardless of how he does it, it’s the right way.

    What the world needs to do in my opinion, is split between left and right. The leftist toss-bags will all be banished to the Middle East to be among their Satan-worshipping, shit-lords. We will continue to enjo the fruits of our forefather’s labour, and there will be no going back.

    Perhaps the Middle East is too close. Perhaps this is the perfect reason to spend money on space exploration so we can fire those traitorous, suicidal fuckers, and their families on a one way ticket to the Outer Rim.

    Perhaps then, Mankind can then move forward, without those useless c*nts holding us back.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey vvazz00-

      I hear ya man they would make the perfect colonists for Saturn. Let them turn it into their own little Progressive utopia 🙂

      I agree 100% about Russia, especially/at least in Western Europe and North America. I can sort of understand the Baltics and Eastern Europe I guess, in that Russia historically did take them over at different times over the centuries, and obviously has an at least kind of expansionist tone right now (although in a defensive way, you could say). So I can sort of see their paranoia re Russia, however, on the other hand Western Europe is hell bent on suicide through Islamization, and wants to force the same fate on Eastern Europe. So overall I think those Western European (and global/cosmopolitan) forces should be at least equal of a threat in the minds of the Eastern Europeans.

  6. Helix adastra 1 year ago

    It is infuriating how the blacks and browns seem to slip in. I attended a meeting run by some sort of govt funded group + very pozzed female uniting church pastor and basically it was to tell us that poor “refugees” need accomodation and jobs while their temporary visa were decided. A brave person asked how we could guarantee jobs when there are not enough for our local people and was treated to a lecture about moral duty etc. I also believe our local aged care providers who have recently built an ugly new centre will be funded by govt to hand over the older one with lovely mature gardens etc for “refugees”. The so called jobs these blacks get are pushing trolleys at the supermarket, no doubt subsidised by govt – and our teenagers have no after school work. The hope is that these blacks will decamp to an urban area and not stay in our small white rural area once they have permanent status. It is happening everywhere happy Whites are going about their peaceful lives. I used to think we are like the Eloi, toiling not nor spinning (to quote Bible). In The Time Machine the Morlock work (and eat the Eloi) but in reality, although we also behave like Lotus eaters, plenty of Whites work and support all this. The Globalists need to be strung up. PS, Albania would be an interesting “country” to look at.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Helix much appreciate the comments!

      I am only just now getting a chance to respond to them. How did you stumble upon the site if you don’t mind me asking? Always like to keep tabs on that sort of things.

      Indeed all the of characters seem to be the same in every locale. The preachy schoolmarmy left wing women, the cuckish men, and the rude, beligerrant, violent 20-something immigrant men, filled with confidence in the face of our self-hatred.

      But yeah, are you located in Estonia too or a different part of Europe? Much appreciated you sharing your perspective!


  7. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    JL, are you hearing anything about the rumours of a coup by police and armed forces in France? Stay tuned.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Laguna Beach no I haven’t, God that would be amazing. Will look it up right now. I was just surprised by the Hillary/FBI thing just a couple hours ago. I wake up and go work hard all day, get back, and find that the Gods have bestowed some good things on us 🙂 (just the Hillary thing but anything like what you said re France would be out of this world good too).


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