Dispatches from the front lines

  • War in Sweden?

    What’s With This ‘War Preparation’ Stuff In Sweden?

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    Greetings men- Several of ya’ll let me know about this interesting development in Sweden (thank you for doing so by the way!). I have had my nose stuck in Camtasia editing my first few Youtube videos the last few days, but wanted to share my thoughts on this interesting news. For anyone who missed it, here’s Zero Hedge: For the

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  • In Search Of Middle-Earth: Numbers And The Dunedain

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    Greetings men! The following is part four of ECW contributor Michael Gladius‘s series ‘In Search Of Middle-Earth’. It describes his vision of what an idealized future Occident might look like, once the West’s current troubles are- God-willing(!)- overcome. Check it out men! -JL       In Search if Middle-Earth: What a counter-revolutionary world Would Look Like Dunedain Rangers: The

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  • Oprah Rips Sky Open And Trump Brings The Thunder!

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    Greetings men! First 3.5 youtube videos in the pipeline, once I get to 16 I am making the first ones go live! Not easy stuff this Youtube but I am steadily improving with each video 🙂   Anyway gentlemen… as you might have heard, Oprah Winfrey made a big ol’ splash at the Golden Globes 🙂   I haven’t actually

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  • Update: Swedish Bonnier Press Suggests Dead Syrian Conservative Was ‘Hateful’ ‘White Supremacist’

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    Greetings men- I am back in action and have an update on the cold land of Sweden for you! Will have more updates on book/Youtube channel/other good stuff soon too! First though, to Sweden….           Bechir Rabani’s Death Last week we discussed a story out of Sweden concerning a young Syrian immigrant who (strangely) was also

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  • Soros opponent found dead in Sweden

    Opponent Of Swedish-Media/Soros-Industrial Complex Found Dead In Suspicious Circumstances

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    Greetings men- Interesting story out of Sweden. Details are still sketchy but I wanted to post about it. I was alerted to it by Steve via the esteemed Anon-Con’s website Anonymous-Conservative.com.     Soros Opponent Who Turned Tables On Bonnier Press Found Dead In Sweden The deceased gentleman in question is one Bechir Rabani. I had never heard of him

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  • Slobodon Praljak hero or war criminal?

    Croat General Martyrs Himself As War Returns To Europe

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    Greetings men- As a Millenial born in 1985, I was a little too young to really remember the Balkan Wars  in the 1990’s. Or at least to have really focused on them at the time. I have read about them in depth though, and encourage anyone reading this to do the same. They seem to be having renewed historical significance,

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  • Angela Merkel Germany Muslim Mosque Radicalization

    Abu Dhabi Says German Mosques Too Radical

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    Greetings men- As ECW Mannerbunder VivatEuropa succinctly sums up, this comes from the “Bizarre Headlines We Never Could Have Imagined We’d Ever See” file. Sheikh Nahjan Mubarak al Nahjan, the minister for tolerance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has said that inadequate surveillance of mosques has led to Islamist terrorism in Germany. “You can’t just leave a mosque open

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  • Swedish Rape Statistics Catalyze Debate, Disagreement, And ‘Swedist’ Responses

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    Greetings men- As we all know, Sweden now has the second highest per capita rape rate on earth behind Johannesburg, South Africa. After willfully ignoring this for several decades, it seems the Swedish government is finally starting to ‘debate’ the issue, and even consider (gasp) tracking statistics on its causes(!). From Fria Tider : The vulnerability to sexual

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