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  • Rural Swedes Having To Make ‘Home-Made Police Cruisers’, Start Citizen Patrols

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      Interesting article from Sweden today. It comes courtesy of the good folks at Free Times. Here is the story: Sweden’s police are on their knees, and in Dalsland only money is available for a single police car – throughout the province, Expressen writes . A police inspector feels that politicians do not think people in rural areas are equally

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  • Sentiment And Action

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    The below video is about the Finsbury Park Mosque attack, where the 48 year old white guy drove over a bunch of Muslims outside a violent Islamist Mosque in an act of insurgency/terrorism/4GW violence. I stumbled upon the video by accident and had never heard of the host before. Judging from his looks alone I thought it would be a

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  • Did Three Nordfront Members Commit Bombings After Receiving Russian Training?

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    The events in this article apparently first came out a couple weeks ago, although at the time I did not hear of them. None of our regular readers linked to it either, so its possible it slipped under additional people’s radar. I eventually noticed it yesterday on the newobserveronline.com, where the story carried the following headline: Two Swedish Nationalists Charged

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  • The Zombie Apocalypse

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    Let’s engage in a thought exercise. Especially if you are only just becoming aware of or worried about the situation in Europe, play along. You are driving along at night with your wife and child. Your wife is tired, resting with her head against the seat belt. It has been a long day and you are eager to get home.

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  • FLA Marches In UK As Battle For Britain Heats Up!

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    In the last month or so the UK has seen four ‘terror attacks’ (acts of insurgency) in the country’s burgeoning civil conflict. Three of these were committed by Muslims, including one we talked about here where three Muslims blew up a bunch of children (the ‘new normal’ as per London’s Muslim mayor), as well as one committed by a native

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  • Swedistan: ‘Only 8 Out Of 100 Reported Rapes End In Conviction’

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      The nightmare that is modern Sweden just keeps on getting crazier. We reported recently on the closing of a police station in one of Sweden’s infamous ‘No-Go Zones’. These ‘No-Go Zones’ (like those in Germany) are now for all intents and purposes completely out of Swedish jurisdiction. The Swedish police forces have been turned into some sick experiment at

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  • Shocking Report On Germany/Failed-State Level 4GW Crime

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    There are some highly interesting pieces of information coming out of Germany right now. They refer to the growing problem of Middle-Eastern gangs, crime families, and ‘No-Go Zone’ communities essentially ceasing to acknowledge the authority of the police and even actively effecting power over them. I have written about the situation in Germany with immigrant crime before, even comparing it

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  • Native Brit Attacks Famous Jihadi Mosque In Britain In Vehicle Attack!

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    Well, it looks as though we have another rare manifestation of native European 4GW violence. The only other examples I can think of are Breivik, the guy who killed Jo Cox last year, and a few unsuccessful attempts by individuals like Gregoire Mouttaux to engage in Breivik-style attacks. At this point this incident seems pretty clearly to have been in

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