Dispatches from the front lines

  • Preservationism Spreads- Big News In Central Europe!

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    We who fight for the preservation of the West place a large reserve of hope in the nations of Eastern Europe. They alone at this point have pushed back against the destruction of our people and lands, and publicly rejected the suicidal religion that has overtaken the Western half of the continent. Within Eastern Europe itself Hungary reigns supreme in

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  • Corsica Shows How Its Done!

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    Well apparently big doings have been going on in Corsica without any of our notice. From RT: Hundreds of people took to the streets on the French island of Corsica on Sunday, in violation of the ban on demonstrations imposed in the regional capital of Ajaccio after two days of anti-Muslim protests. The protesters attempted to make their way to

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  • What Would A Trump Presidency Mean For The War In Europe?

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    Editors Note: This article was originally published on Counter-Currents.   What Would A Trump Presidency Mean For The War In Europe? After winning primary contests in five more states, Donald Trump looks like he will most likely become the Republican Nominee. Indeed, Trump didn’t just win narrow victories, he won every single county and every single Congressional District in all

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  • Range Of Responses Against European-Suicide Growing – Reader Feedback Desired

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    We have seen a variety of news reports today and in recent weeks suggesting that resistance to state-sponsored cultural suicide is increasing in Europe. This makes sense, as we also see every day that things are getting worse on the ground. Most visibly, the sickening example of mass ethnically-driven rape continues. We published a story last week about the 11

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  • Swiss Might Say ‘No’ To Suicide, Visit Hungary For Answers

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    Switzerland is in an interesting position in modern Europe. It is bordered on the West by France and on the Northeast by Germany. France and Germany, as we know, are hurtling towards civil war and potential Islamic subjugation as quickly as any nations in Europe. Switzerland is moving pretty steadily in that direction as well, but it still seems to

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  • First hand view of Native Swede’s Confronting National Suicide

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    Huge thanks to Laguna Beach Fogey for sharing this video! No fireworks but I think it is very helpful in how it sheds light on the situation in Sweden. These are normal, everyday Swedes confronting a government-backed invasion of Muslims that seems automatic, un-democratic, and conspicuously pre-ordained. You can hear them on the video expressing their shock, stating “Sweden is

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  • Migrants War Over Ruins Of Paris

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    Strange news from Paris today. It seems 1,000 ‘refugees’ were involved in some sort of violence. The ‘refugees’ in question were recently relocated there from Calais. So far reports are contradictory. The Telegraph reports that they got into a brawl with ‘vigilante groups’. I think from the video however this looks highly doubtful (to say nothing more). Another version goes

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  • Britain First Brawls With Muslims As Famous SJW Admits “Muslims Won’t Assimilate’

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    A demonstration by Britain First outside a London Mosque turned violent yesterday, as a melee between police, Muslims, and Britain First members resulted in several arrests. Here is a video from Britain First’s website: This comes at the same time a prominent Uk Social Justice Warrior- the one who did the most to coin the term ‘Islamophobia’, in actual fact-

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