Dispatches from the front lines

  • Know Your Enemy: Angmar

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    Greetings men-   It is I, Julian, Steward of ECW.   I have been hard at work forging that which the God’s in Valhalla have ordained for me to prepare for.   I come to you today bearing another epistle from that most energetic of young Crusaders, Mr. Michael Gladius.   More pieces from mine own pen shall follow soon

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  • prageru video titled what is the alt right? screenshot

    PragerU Alt Right Video Hypocrisy?

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    Greetings men- There is a large Youtube channel called “PragerU” that is currently making waves. Although I disagree with it on a number of issues, the channel is actually quite good usually in my opinion. They combine political videos (done through a mix of first person narration and animation) with topics like sociology, parenting, personal finance, and other things that

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  • Poland immigration opponents pray to stop spread of Islam

    Poland Immigration Opponents, Hungary, And Swedicide [Europe Islam 2017!]

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    Greetings men- God I love the Poles… I can’t even put into words they are so wonderful. No matter how bad things get they are always here to deliver massive red-pills. The following story demonstrates this bigly (and big thanks to Steve and VivatEuropa for linking to it!). Also, on a related note, please check out VivatEuropa’s excellent twitter feed

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  • George Friedman predicts Europe's doom?

    George Friedman – Stratfor Geopoliticist – Admits Europe Doomed???

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    Greetings men- Did George Friedman admit that Europe is in major trouble?!? I am subscribed to the Mauldin Economics email newsletter, which often publishes updates by Mr. Friedman. The last one was very interesting, and included references germane to the focus of the continent’s future. Who Is George Friedman? Mr. Friedman is one of the world’s most successful and influential

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  • 3 Thoughts On The Catalonian Independence Referendum

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    Greetings men- These events in Spain regarding Catalonian independence have really been surprising. The modus operandi of the EU seems to be a long, uniform slog into suicide, where nothing much happens that hasn’t been put into the timeline by a bunch of bureaucrats ten years previously. The intensity of this situation in Spain though is definitely not something I

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  • Swedish Foreign Minister Says NRM Should Be Banned Because….

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    Greetings men- You will not believe what this Swedish Foreign Minister said 🙂 Nevermind, you definitely will. The below quotes come from our friends at Fria Tider in the beautiful country of Sweden. They reference the NRM, which is in the news because apparently they will be having a big demonstration today (Saturday September 30th), which tons of Antifa are

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  • What’s The #1 Most Likely Violence An Average Western Man Will Encounter In Life? [Common In Europe]

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    Greetings men- Ever since I started this website, I have had very intelligent and capable men linking in the comment section to the website of James Lafond, a Baltimore-based writer and self-defense expert. With the situation in Europe and across the Occident what it is, and with violence escalating in both places as a result of globalist-instigated mass-immigration, the subject

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  • European Anarchy Or American Anarchy?

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    Greetings men- This article, by me- Julian Langness- was originally published by Traditional Right last week. They have courteously allowed me to reprint it here. Traditional Right is the home of William S. Lind himself, whose wisdom is referenced often on this site. You can read many excellent articles by Lind and others on Traditional Right‘s site by clicking here.

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