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  • Swedish Youth Liberal Party

    Swedistan: ‘Only 8 Out Of 100 Reported Rapes End In Conviction’

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      The nightmare that is modern Sweden just keeps on getting crazier. We reported recently on the closing of a police station in one of Sweden’s infamous ‘No-Go Zones’. These ‘No-Go Zones’ (like those in Germany) are now for all intents and purposes completely out of Swedish jurisdiction. The Swedish police forces have been turned into some sick experiment at

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  • Shocking Report On Germany/Failed-State Level 4GW Crime

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    There are some highly interesting pieces of information coming out of Germany right now. They refer to the growing problem of Middle-Eastern gangs, crime families, and ‘No-Go Zone’ communities essentially ceasing to acknowledge the authority of the police and even actively effecting power over them. I have written about the situation in Germany with immigrant crime before, even comparing it

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  • Native Brit Attacks Famous Jihadi Mosque In Britain In Vehicle Attack!

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    Well, it looks as though we have another rare manifestation of native European 4GW violence. The only other examples I can think of are Breivik, the guy who killed Jo Cox last year, and a few unsuccessful attempts by individuals like Gregoire Mouttaux to engage in Breivik-style attacks. At this point this incident seems pretty clearly to have been in

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  • The Valenzetti- Er, Sweden- Equation

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    One of my all time favorite television shows was Lost. For those who have not heard of it, it was an ongoing fictional television series about a group of individuals whose plane crashes on a mysterious island with no way to contact the outside world. Unbelievably entertaining show and very literary, adventure-ish, and esoteric in nature. It ran from 2004

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  • Interview With ‘The Savvy Kafir’

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    Greetings men- I am continually thankful for all the excellent links readers of this site post. Through them I have found all kinds of great websites, talented writers, and fellow Preservationists who want to dedicate their lives to saving Europe and the West from Islamization. Within the vast range of people concerned about the Occident’s future, and the threats arrayed

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  • What Sadiq Khan Really Thinks

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    In the post from a couple nights ago discussing the most recent insurgency attacks in London, I specifically mentioned London mayor Sadiq Khan, stating: “Also of note, in the piece from the BBC above I can’t help but notice the statement from Sadiq Khan that it was a ‘deliberate and cowardly attack’. Its very ambiguous because he’s not coming out

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  • Roundup From Sweden! Memorial Day Edition

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    Happy Memorial Day gentlemen- This holiday weekend we remember the brave sacrifices of our ancestors. Those noble souls who died to preserve our freedom. Who gave their lives so that their legacy could live on through the actions, culture, language, and blood of their descendants. So that their time on earth would not be in vein, and so that their

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  • “6.6 Million Migrant’s Poised To Cross Mediterranean And Enter Europe”

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    Die Welt has a new article claiming that a confidential German government report states that 6.6 million ‘migrants’ are in North Africa and the Balkans getting ready to travel to Europe. The Google translate version is below: The number of refugees striving for Europe has grown significantly in the countries south and east of the Mediterranean since the beginning of

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