Dispatches from the front lines

  • Wasserman-Schulz Scandal! (continuing updates)

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    There are a lot of people in Western governments whom it is easy to dislike. Theresa May, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Paul Ryan… Democrats, etc. But I really think Debbie Wasserman-Schulz takes the cake. Schulz doesn’t seem naive like May or Cameron, nor completely brainwashed like Merkel, nor timid and cowardly like Ryan. Instead, she seems to know full-well that

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  • Moroccans Get Their Own Taste Of Vibrancy!

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      We in the US and Europe (especially Europe) have long had to put up with the spectacle of crazy immigrants from the south going nuts, taking their clothes off, and running around causing disorder. I’ve seen such things myself here in America with various third world immigrants. And just recently came a story out of Sweden of a European

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  • Marine Le Pen Graphic Novel! (More Liberal Dystopianism)

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    Recently we profiled a certain left-wing writer’s eerie dystopian vision concerning Europe’s “Populist”… “Right-wing” future. Reading about such a future was fascinating in terms of the glimpses it gave into the Progressive-Suicidalist psyche, and the article produced a lot of discussion in the comment section. Today we are graced with ANOTHER dark leftist dystopian vision of Europe’s future, which an

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  • What We Can Extrapolate From ‘The Atlas Of European Values’

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    Recently I was exposed to something called the ‘Atlas of European Values’. I can’t remember where I heard about it (could have been one of the readers of this site), but I had the chance to explore it today and it is an extremely cool resource. It is basically an interactive website based primarily on lots of statistics about Europe

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  • France, France, France – Is Macron The Past Or The Future?

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    Well the first round of the French Presidential Election has commenced and the result was pretty much exactly what everyone thought it would be. Macron, the globalist progressive, and Le Pen, our preservationist nationalist, have advanced to the second round. One could argue the Macron side is a surprise, since he was until recently a virtual unknown, and only got

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  • ‘Asymmetric Opportunities’

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    We here the term ‘asymmetric warfare’ quite a bit. It is similar to the term ‘4th Generation Warfare’, and refers to conflicts between sides that are vastly different in power. The battle between Al-Qaeda and the United States was ‘asymmetric warfare’ (although a little less so now that we know the Saudi’s were backing them to such a degree), as

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  • Four Reasons To Donate To The Le Pen Campaign Amidst These Historic Times

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    We are living in historic times men. Numerous stories of note combine to mark the seriousness of the issues bearing down on us. Orban, Defender Of Europe This Easter Weekend, in Hungary, we saw Victor Orban give a great speech, calling out George Soros as the chief enemy of the Hungarian people, and all native Europeans. From Kormany.hu, quoting and

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  • Ten Thoughts On Trump And Syria

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    There is all sorts of chatter going on about Trump and the fact that the U.S. dropped some Tomahawk missiles on Syria. I was pretty focused on Sweden and other stuff this week, and am only now fully up to date. However, the whole question is a fascinating one and I wanted to offer my thoughts. I am also curious

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