Migrants War Over Ruins Of Paris

Migrants War Over Ruins Of Paris
April 16, 2016 Admin

Strange news from Paris today. It seems 1,000 ‘refugees’ were involved in some sort of violence. The ‘refugees’ in question were recently relocated there from Calais.

So far reports are contradictory. The Telegraph reports that they got into a brawl with ‘vigilante groups’. I think from the video however this looks highly doubtful (to say nothing more).

Another version goes that it resulted from the police arresting one for public intoxication. In this telling the migrants then effectively rioted, and used planks of wood and metal poles to destroy the Stalingrad Train Station.

In the third version it was a massive migrant on migrant brawl, in which perhaps Sunni’s warred with Shia, or African Christians warred with Arabs, or Turks and Kurds, or some combination of demographic groups that are still having children (unlike the French).

To me it looks pretty clear from the video what it is: a bunch of 18-30 year old men with no jobs, no responsibilities, full bellies, and nothing to do rioting in a fit of undirected testosterone as a result of boredom and general dislike of the idiotic French people who pay them for being ‘oppressed refugees’. It reminds me of being in a fraternity, except far, far, far more tragic, as these men aren’t tearing apart some cheap Motel 6, but are instead destroying one of the proudest nations in our world’s history.

As always we have three potential scenarios to hope for:

-Marine Le Pen becomes president of France and sends these nice gentleman back where they came from.

-Things keep getting worse, mass 4GW breaks out.

-France becomes Zimbabwe.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    What will it take to get the elites to stop importing the scum?

    Frankly I don’t think a political solution is possible at this point.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Heck no I agree completely Laguna Beach. Even if Le Pen were to try to deport them it turns things into a civil war type confrontation immediately anyway. In such a scenario the French ‘military’, such as it is, falls apart immediately. They have more trouble keeping extremists out of the military at this point than anything else.

      I think the majority of awakened folks our age now fully anticipate civil war. Now it is a question of preparation, decision-making, etc as everything coagulates together. I am writing another article about it that is why I have been tardy from posting the last couple days. Our people have had not to face an existential crisis in so long that it is bound to take years (far more time than we have unfortunately) for things to really congeal. It is no different than with the Islamists. It took 15-25 years from when Qutb first started writing about revolution and resistance for any semblance of it to organize. Our people first started writing about resistance and revolution in Europe within the last 0-5 years, so the genesis of it actually taking concrete form will take awhile. That is both terrifying (in what it means for Europe) and reassuring (as it means folks like you and I won’t miss our opportunity to be a part of it!). Appreciate the comment! Would love to hear your thoughts.

      • LBF 2 years ago

        Agreed. I remember making the same point regarding deportations, that any attempt to remove alien population groups would provoke violent resistance, and then war. I think war is inevitable. It’s just a matter of when.

  2. LBF 2 years ago

    Daniel Friberg’s Right On website recently published the Introduction from one of Guillaume Faye’s books, ‘The Colonisation of Europe’ (which has just been translated into English), first published in 2000. In it he predicts civil war and tells Europeans to prepare for a ‘war of liberation,’ which is precisely what I’ve been arguing for the last 10-15 years.


    I think the prospect of civil war–or race war, which is what any such conflict will turn into–pretty much shocks most people, even those in our circles. They would rather not think about it. Plus, the risk of being perceived as a paranoid kook probably dissuades most people from bringing it up. I will note, however, that I am seeing more references to ‘civil war’ in the media in regards to the invasion and occupation of Europe. Some people are starting to get it.

    Incidentally, do you remember Tom Chittum’s book ‘Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America’? It was published in 1997 and first got me thinking seriously about the impending security situation.

  3. LBF 2 years ago

    Not sure if you ever saw this, but this is a good piece from 2007 on ethnic civil war in Denmark. Some interesting speculations.


    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the links! I knew about Faye’s book and had been hoping to get a copy of some translation of it!

      I loved reading the Gates of Vienna scenario about Denmark. I had never read it before but it wasn’t that far from the one I did on Sweden.

      One quote from the analysis after the scenario absolutely nails it:
      “The third handicap, more serious still, is the psychological handicap, whereby the vast majority of the population of an entire country has been stripped of the very notion that citizens might have an obligation to bear arms to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their ways of life. Though some will undoubtedly reacquire this mentality quickly, most people will find themselves adrift in a world bearing no resemblance to that which they thought they lived in.”

      I think this is the key. Obviously we find it shocking there haven’t been more vigilante groups formed, I suppose it makes sense that it will take a lot before most folks can wrap their mind around such things. And whether the war comes in one year or five, there are large swaths of Europe that are already lost anyway. Either way I am hopeful and optimistic. ‘Life finds a way’, to quote Jurassic Park.

  4. DaShui 2 years ago

    I think if the Europeans would shut off the “give me’s ” the majority of recent immigrants would self deport. Sweden is even better, 20 below in winter, just turn off the gas and electricity to those ghettos.
    Someone needs to organize amoung the utility workers, farmers and truck drivers who could go on strike or do a slow down at the right time, starving the cities. Even the elites would feel that.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I agree completely Dashui. Of course, many of those positions are had by Poles and Romanians, but there are certainly enough working class whites still in Europe to start fighting back, whether economically or with violence.

  5. Lynda 2 years ago

    Things have come full circle.

    Since Spain declared victory in the Reconquista (15th century) there have been annual fiestas and celebrations throughout Spain celebrating the Spanish, Portguese victories over the Moorish conquest and the liberation of the Iberian Peninsula.

    Reconquista was a 700 year war.

    These ceremonies remember a lot of history that has been suppressed by the new masters of Europe [the Jews] for decades in the gummint edjewmacation skoolz.

    Moros y Cristianos Orihuela

    One of the features of these festivals are the crowning of beautiful young women for Spain. These represent what was formerly the tribute of the Spanish and Portuguese populations subjected to Moorish / Sharia Law. The people had to surrender a requisitioned number of beautiful young European women every year and send them into sex slavery in Andalus where European women were trafficked throughout the Muslim world.

    Naturally the Muslims are offended by the Christian victory of the European populations who defeated them. And with the Jew governments are demanding the suppression of these fiestas.

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