• What Can We Learn From The Finns? [Counter-Revolutionary Case Study]

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    Greetings men- Below is another article by Michael Gladius analyzing a historical conflict (in this case the conflicts in Finland from the first half of the twentieth century). I think its implicit, but the series of articles in question isn’t supposed to suggest that real actual 1900’s-style civil war is imminent in Europe. Obviously I do think Europe is going

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  • Ten Thoughts From Audacious Epigone [Interview On Preservation And Reconquest]

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    Greetings men- The following is a written interview with a gentleman named The Audacious Epigone. Mr. Epigone is a highly successful author and blogger who has been inhabiting and fighting in these corners of the culture wars for a number of years now. He seems to be mentioned all over the place these days. Here’s an article Steve Sailer wrote

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  • Ukrainian Expat Preservationist Graham Seibert On ‘Fistfights’, Europe, And Masculinity

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    Greetings men- The following is a really interesting post. It is a review of my book- Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity– by a gentleman named Graham Seibert, but more than that its an essay in its own right on the subjects in the book, and a compendium of of additional sources who have written on

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  • Counter-Revolutionary Case Study Number One [The Second Anglo-Boer War]

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    Greetings men- The following is an excellent article by Michael Gladius. It is a case study with the purpose of presenting valuable information and insights gleaned from the conflict in question. The purpose of this, as you know, is to better understand geopolitics and military theory (as a result of the direction things are going in Europe). Obviously a future

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  • What’s The #1 Most Likely Violence An Average Western Man Will Encounter In Life? [Common In Europe]

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    Greetings men- Ever since I started this website, I have had very intelligent and capable men linking in the comment section to the website of James Lafond, a Baltimore-based writer and self-defense expert. With the situation in Europe and across the Occident what it is, and with violence escalating in both places as a result of globalist-instigated mass-immigration, the subject

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  • European Anarchy Or American Anarchy?

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    Greetings men- This article, by me- Julian Langness- was originally published by Traditional Right last week. They have courteously allowed me to reprint it here. Traditional Right is the home of William S. Lind himself, whose wisdom is referenced often on this site. You can read many excellent articles by Lind and others on Traditional Right‘s site by clicking here.

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  • What Is More Progressive Than White-Children Being Hung On Stage?

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    Greetings men- According to the mainstream media and the globalist left, the following people- many beloved historical figures, other popular current thinkers- are or were *quote* “evil” “hateful” “white supremacists”: President George Washington President Thomas Jefferson J.R.R. Tolkien Pat Buchanan President Donald Trump Donald Trump’s sons Mike Cernovich Greg Johnson Jared Taylor Peter Brimelow ‘Millenial Woes’ Marine le Pen Enoch

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  • What Is ‘The Coming War In Europe’?

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    The Coming War In Europe: Essays On Europe’s Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With Islam is a newly released book of essays by Julian Langness. It is a collection of articles published from 2015-2017 in Counter-Currents, TraditionalRight, Western Spring, and Europeancivilwar.com. The book is currently FREE on Amazon, as its primary purpose is to educate those just starting to become

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