• Apples And Oranges

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    Apples From Fria Tider (through Google Translate): Asylent contractor Bert Karlsson, 71, makes record gains on his asylum homes. The company Jokarjo doubles its profit for 2016 to 120 million, or approximately 328,000 a day, writes Expressen. Bert Karlsson himself is very satisfied, and does not see any problems with taxpayers being allowed to pay the bill. Jokarjo AB is

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  • Book Of Essays To Be Released Soon

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    I have mentioned my coming book of essays several times on the site, and wanted to formally announce that it will soon be getting released. The cover is completed and can be seen below:                       I still need to format the actual manuscript aspect of the book from word into

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  • Paris Hosts Eiffel Tower Mural Explicitly Celebrating The Genocide Of White People

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    This has been written about in a couple other places (here and here), but it only just came to my attention (thank you to Steve), and I think its worthy of posting about. Indeed I would appreciate if folks can share this far and wide.   Recently a mural was commissioned and painted underneath the Eiffel Tower. Picture one:  

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  • BBC Scum Sink To New Low

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    The BBC has made a three part dramatic mini-series about three young girls who were groomed and then gang-raped/trafficked in Rochedale. First Breitbart‘s take on it:   The BBC has made a drama about girls affected by Muslim rape gangs – with no mention of Islam in press releases or the trailer, the writer claiming “there was no religious basis

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  • Best Websites And Resources For Identitarian Patriots

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    Greetings Brothers- In commenting back and forth with Steve I had the idea to add more posts to the ‘Favorite Posts’ bar on the right side of the home page, to showcase some more of the pages on this site folks seem to derive value from. In addition to that I just got an email from a smart young Preservationist

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  • Bring It On! – Conclusions From Le Pen’s Loss

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    Well, as many expected, Marine le Pen was not able to pull out a win in the final round of the French Election today. From what I have seen it looks like she lost about 65-35. It seems as though she got a few more voters than she did in the first round, but that the vast majority of folks

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  • Marine Le Pen Graphic Novel! (More Liberal Dystopianism)

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    Recently we profiled a certain left-wing writer’s eerie dystopian vision concerning Europe’s “Populist”… “Right-wing” future. Reading about such a future was fascinating in terms of the glimpses it gave into the Progressive-Suicidalist psyche, and the article produced a lot of discussion in the comment section. Today we are graced with ANOTHER dark leftist dystopian vision of Europe’s future, which an

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  • WPW: ‘Relativity’ And Red Pilling

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    Editor’s Note: This is actually a duplicate from an email I sent out to the ECW Newsletter/email list titled White Pill Wednesday: ‘Relativity’ And Red-Pilling. Normally I won’t duplicate emails/posts in this manner, but I think the specific content I reference and discuss in it is super important and I want as many folks to see it as possible. Here

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