• Angela Merkel publicly endorses report praising the extinction of ethnic Germans

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    Editor’s Note: Originally there were two videos accompanying this post but they have both been deleted off of Youtube since then and therefore cannot be embedded on the page.   Angela Merkel recently referred approvingly to a book entitled “Visions 2050 – Future Dialogues”. It is a report from a company called “Triad” produced for the “Council for Sustainable Government”.

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  • 16 year old German girl posts viral video about Muslim harassment and the state of modern Germany

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    (Full Transcript below) This video was recently uploaded to Facebook by a German teenager named Bibi Wilhailm and then subsequently removed. It has since gone viral after being reported on by Breitbart. There are claims Facebook censored it, especially after Mark Zuckerberg’s and Angela Merkel’s overheard conversation recently about the need for increased censorship of “hate speech”, but it seems

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  • Identitarian French Pop Music! – Les Brigandes

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    Les Brigandes is a French pop/rock group made of female Traditionalist Catholics. I was first made aware of them by Patrick Le Brun’s excellent article in Counter-Currents. Through the use of catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and irrepressible good humor, Les Brigandes elevates Identitiarian belief to the level of art, and provides an emotionally uplifting presence to make any depressed European

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  • CARE Norway, gender, and progressive atomization

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    From CARE Norway, a video about violence against women, along with companion response piece. The first video is from the Norwegian Chapter of CARE, an international organization dedicated to the prevention of violence against women. It is entitled: “Dear Daddy”, and received over 5 million views in Scandinavia following it release. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP7OXDWof30 The response is entitled

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  • Vigilante groups sprout up around Europe in aftermath of Cologne

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    In locations across Europe following the New Year’s Eve incidents that took place in Cologne and other Western European cities, and the emerging facts revolving around the German and Swedish governments’ attempts at covering up such incidents, increasing numbers of native Europeans have decided to take their communities’ protection into their own hands. According to Breitbart: “Founded last week and

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  • Mormons and Jihadis: Parallel Revolts Against The Modern World

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    Note: This article was originally published by traditionalright.com in June of 2015. We have all become familiar, at this point, with the doctrines of groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda. The theological underpinnings, the history of Salafism and Sayyid Qutb, the crucible of 1980’s Afghanistan, have taken on tremendous significance as our existential battle with Islamism grows. What we know

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