• Migrants/Government Forces Clash In Calais And Greece

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    Europe saw clashes between migrants and government forces yesterday in two separate regions, as the migrant crisis escalates early this calendar year. In France, the French government’s plan to tear down ‘The Jungle’ at Calais prompted the migrants occupying it to riot and burn down their tents and buildings. The French riot police and government forces are continuing demolition today.

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  • Update And Analysis Of Recent German 4GW Violence

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    Last week in Kiel there was another incident in which 30 Muslim men surrounded and sexually harassed a group of 15-17 year-old girls, and then reportedly attacked the police when they arrived. It is just one more addition to the daily stream of rapes, assaults, riots, gang-violence, and everything else that multiculturalism has caused in Germany. The native German populace

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  • Why Waking Up Early Will Help Save Europe And Make Your Life Extraordinary

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    I fully believe that we who are focused on the preservation of Europe are the best of the best of our communities. We are awakened, we are selfless, and we are determined to rise up and protect our people and our future. While the troubles in Europe are indeed monumental, I think we are possessed of an unrivaled amount of

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  • Muslims In Norway Don ISIS Garb, Start ‘Soldiers Of Allah’ Patrols

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    Muslims associated with Islamist circles in Norway have created a group called “Soldiers of Allah”, in response of the spread of the “Soldiers of Odin” group from Finland to Norway recently. From the local.no: People with known ties to the Oslo Islamist scene claim to have created the group ‘Soldiers of Allah’ (Jundullaah) to counter the controversial Soldiers of Odin

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  • Powerful Video: Jeppe Juhl

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    The following video is of Jeppe Juhl, a Danish journalist and television producer. Many thanks to Gates of Vienna, where I stumbled upon the video. Gates of Vienna has been providing information on the forces of jihadism for years, thus doing a huge part to educate on the situation in Europe. They have also been the target of countless attacks

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  • While Europe Burned: Swedish Teen Epidemic Of Getting Drunk On Hand Gel Forces Age Restriction

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    So the following article (like most) does not explain what kind of “Swedish teens” these are. As in, are they Swedish teens in the spirit of: “Swedish teens don traditional dress for summer festival”, or Swedish teens as in “Girl raped and doused in petrol by four Swedish teens”. As anyone reading this already knows, the latter Swedish teens are

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  • Social Experiments Show Swedes’ Reactions To Rape, Abuse Of Women

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    The following two videos (see below) were recent social experiments conducted in Sweden to measure Swedes’ reactions to, in one clip, a rape inside a van in a parking garage, and in the second, moderate intimidation/violence toward a woman on the subway. The first video is by far the more shocking of the two. The original article from The Local

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  • How To Buy A Gun In Sweden

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    Introduction As the news last week of the rapid deterioration of the Swedish police system demonstrates, the threat to Native Swedes from immigrant violence is getting more and more pronounced. As discussed, Swedish Police Inspector Lars Alvarsjö, writing in Dagbladet, stated that the Swedish legal system was “near collapse”, because of the overwhelming amount of immigrant violence and gang-activity now

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