• African migrants integrating in Sweden- embracing rap music

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    See below: Notice the mention of Antifa lol.

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  • Real Life Hobbit Holes And The Quest For Sacrality

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    An important theme of this website is the idea that Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is more than just a famous and entertaining story. On the contrary, Tolkien’s writings appeal to European and American audiences in a way that is far deeper than that of other books and films that some might label as similar. This significance is not

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  • Reported flyer

    Native Swedish 4GW Violence Part II

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    Editor’s Note: The story from the Expressen was later debunked by a number of websites and shown to be false. I have left it up here for posterity though because I still wonder where the flyer came from, and how it ended up that the words on it (presuming the translation is correct) perfectly matched the events as described the

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  • Photo by Meli Petersson Ellafi

    Swedish Media Reporting Native Swedish 4GW Violence

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    Editor’s Note: This story was later proved to be untrue by The New Observer and a number of other sites. I have left it up for posterity sake.   From The Expressen in Sweden comes the following headline: “Masked Men Would Hurt Refugee Children” These “children” the title references are the gangs of migrants in central Stockholm who have been

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  • Must See Video From Viking Fire Ceremony In Shetland

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    Powerful Video of Up Helly Aa, the Viking Fire Festival in Shetland which just took place to mark the end of the Yule season. In modern Europe, where eyes are seldom turned to the continent’s proud history, and denigration of one’s ancestors is an accepted part of the ethno-suicidal framework, this event is an immensely powerful testament to the pride

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  • Spotlights In Heroism: Iben Thranholm

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    Iben Thranholm is a Danish Investigative Journalist who writes about religion, society, and modern Europe. She has bravely squared off against other journalists, and apologists for Islam and contemporary European multicultural-corporatism. Thranholm stood out in the aftermath of the recent Paris attacks by insightfully arguing a point which the mainstream media roundly ignored or didn’t understand, which was the motives

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  • While Europe Burned: Dutch Men Don Skirts To Protest Cologne Assaults

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    Dutch men in Amsterdam have donned skirts to protest the mass-sexual assaults of New Years Eve perpetrated against women in Cologne. This obviously further exemplifies the utter feminization of Western European society, and it should be noted that these demonstrations were sponsored by an assortment of left-wing parties such as the Socialists (PvdA) and GroenLinks (The Green Party). Beyond this

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  • Angela Merkel publicly endorses report praising the extinction of ethnic Germans

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    Editor’s Note: Originally there were two videos accompanying this post but they have both been deleted off of Youtube since then and therefore cannot be embedded on the page.   Angela Merkel recently referred approvingly to a book entitled “Visions 2050 – Future Dialogues”. It is a report from a company called “Triad” produced for the “Council for Sustainable Government”.

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