• New York Times Discusses Civil War In Europe, Gets It Right- And Wrong

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    The New York Times published a very important article today. I am pasting it below, and my detailed thoughts appear after it. From The New York Times: LONDON — When the United States declared war on Al Qaeda after the Sept. 11 attacks, American leaders took the fight to the militant group’s hide-outs in Afghanistan, a faraway and failing state,

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  • Thoughts On Attacks In Belgium

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    We were all greeted this morning by news of another terrorist attack in a European capital. I didn’t bother to read more than one brief story on it however (in the Telegraph), because, like most people, I could write the reports myself at this point. Multiple Muslim men, ages 18-30, born both in Europe and the Middle-East. Middle-class. Intelligent. Normal

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  • Powerful Video: African Rapes 15 French White Women At Knifepoint, States It Was Because He ‘Hates White People’

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  • Secret “Plessis Group” Report Outlines Just What Level Of Threat Immigration Crisis Represents

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    Today in France Le Figaro published an anonymous report from “a group of senior officials”, with the nom de guerre of “The Plessis Group”, outlining their thoughts on the level of threat the migration crisis and continued immigration represents. Other than a very short translation on Diversity Macht Frei of one paragraph, there is no English version yet on the

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  • This Is What The Death Of France Looks Like

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    These two videos are both somewhat eye-opening examples of just how far gone France is as a country. The first is a video from Japan (no subtitles provided), that shows a more honest take on Le Grande Replacement than most Western videos would. The second is a video one that Lynda provided (thank you Lynda!), of a Hungarian truck driver

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  • “Meet The Chechens”

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    The following essay was taken (with permission) from ClubOrlov.blogspot.com. Many thanks to Dashui, for bringing it to our attention, as it is very instructive in terms of the war in Europe. To learn more about our thoughts on the situation in Europe in general, check out Julian Langness’s book, Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, or

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  • Neat Self-Improvement Trick

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    This is a quick post detailing one of the neatest self-improvement tricks I have stumbled upon in the last year. It sounds ridiculously simple and I think most people are inclined to feel dismissive about it at first, but it is to simply take a minute at various times of the day and silently name five things you are grateful

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  • How To Write And Self-Publish A Book

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    As we note in action #7 on our list of Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe, creating writing and other art is of crucial importance in our struggle. Every piece of art or writing that awakens people to the situation in Europe, and that instills the values and concepts within them that are needed

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