• Powerful Video: “The Snake”

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  • Hungarian Economist Predicts Civil War, Compares Europe’s Future To WWI & WWII

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    The below video comes from Hungarian Public Television Echo TV, and is a discussion involving Lazslo Bogar (middle) and Zsolt Bayer (right). Bayer is the co-founder of the Fidesz party in Hungary, and Bogar is a well-known Hungarian economist. Bogar is a complex figure, alternately loved and loathed by various swaths of the Hungarian and European communities. His economic views

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  • Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe

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    This article by Julian Langness was originally published by Counter-Currents on February 19th, 2016. A couple days ago the Daily Mail presented the case of another young British girl, thirteen years old in this case, who was groomed, beaten, and forced into sex with a Muslim teenager, and then pimped out and virtually enslaved for months in a small room

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  • Swedish Police At “Point Of Collapse”, Must Be “Total Collapse” Before Things Will Change

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    The following story is a reprint of one in The New Observer, which itself is a partial translation of the original Swedish article in Dagbladet. Not a lot of commentary on this one but I thought it too timely and important not to reprint. The mass nonwhite invasion and ever-increasing Muslim radicalization among the invader population has pushed the Swedish

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  • Increasingly Frightened German Governmen Puts Pegida Co-Founder On Trial

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    The crazyness continues in Germany, as the looking glass recedes further and further into the rear-view mirror. Angela Merkel is deeply unpopular, yet is almost certain to continue as Chancellor. Rape and other crimes continue to be sky-high, yet 2016 looks to be another year of mass-migration. One might almost think the German government without worry, yet today we hear

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  • Sons Of Odin Spreads To Norway

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    The Sons Of Odin group, which has gained notoriety in recent weeks, apparently now has a chapter in Norway. (Jumping over Sweden entirely, I might add). It would be great to see additional chapters sprout up around the continent. From the Daily Mail: The extreme right-wing vigilante group Soldiers of Odin have spread across Scandinavia from Finland to Norway, according

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  • Frightened European Governments Cracking Down On Free Speech Online

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    From Breitbart (see below). I think this is another story illustrating the fact that 2016 will be a watershed year in the European immigration crisis. Whereas in the past I believe the constant stream of immigrants remained largely under the radar, happening too slowly to really provoke response, I believe more and more Europeans are starting to realize that it

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  • Spotlights In Heroism: Eric Zemmour On The Horror Of The Coming Civil War

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    Eric Zemmour is a French writer and thinker who is the author of numerous books on French politics and society. He was born in France to Algerian parents in 1958, but identifies as a “Berber Jew”. He is a long-term participant on the weekly talk-show Ca Se Dispute. He is the author of numerous books including Le Premier sexe, on

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