• While Europe Burned: Prince William Makes Brave Stand

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    With his country burning around him, a mass gang-rape epidemic in which tens of thousands of young British girls have been horrifyingly betrayed, and civil war reaching up to ensnare his country and others, Prince William has stood up to make an courageous and impassioned stand in favor of… trophy hunting. (What?!?!) From Breitbart London: Prince William has bravely come

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  • Aftonbladet Calls The Lion King A ‘Fascist’ Movie, Urges Swedish Children Be Shown Migrant Pictures As ‘Antidote’

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    Apparently suicidalist Swedish journalists have been reading Radix Journal lately. Andrev Waldon, from Aftonbladet, which is the chief mouthpiece of the Swedish government and left-wing Swedish insanity in general, just published a piece on The Lion King, and how it is a “fascist” movie diametrically opposed to ‘European values’. Here is a description of it on Breitbart (below), and here

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  • Internal Whistleblowers: Labor Party Politicians Complicit In Muslim Rape-Gangs’ Abuses Of Preteen White British Girls

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    Sometimes I wonder what normal folks who don’t follow news from Europe would think stumbling on to these pages. I am sure that articles like this seem the crazed ravings of conspiracy theorists. So overwhelming is the media’s silence on the crimes being perpetrated in Europe that your average citizen of a Western nation has no idea what is going

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  • Minor Increase Of Sanity In Germany!

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    There were signs today that at least a small percentage of Germans are regaining their sanity. In three of the country’s states the electorate is shifting to a small degree away from Angela Merkel’s party to the new, anti-immigration Alternatives fur Deutschland party. From The Telegraph: Angela Merkel was reeling from a series of election losses on Sunday that could

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  • Generation Identitaire Invades Calais

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    In a thrilling piece of agitprop and protest, Generation Identitaire invaded “The Jungle” in Calais. From RT: More than a hundred protesters have blocked several routes for migrants, preventing them from gaining access to Calais. The activists’ banners called to “stop the invasion of Europe” and “defend” their city. The protest was initiated by the Facebook community Génération Identitaire, a

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  • Suicidalist Governments Squabble As They Aim For Coup With Turkey

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    This week we saw a number of important developments in Europe. Presumably it is the “Ides of March”, and the increasingly long days are bringing back memories of last summer’s migrant insanity, forcing Europeans and their leaders to confront questions they have for too long put off. The developments shed a lot of light on the current state of Europe,

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  • Update On ‘Fistfights With Muslims In Europe’ Plus Offer: Write A Review And Get A Signed Copy And A Website Post On A Topic Of Your Choice

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    Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity continues to sell well (something I am extremely humbled by and grateful for). We want as many people to read it as possible so they can be awoken to the threats our lands and cultures face, and so that the tide can begin to turn in Europe! One important component

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  • How The War Could Begin

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    This article was originally published on Counter-Currents on March 10th, 2016, under the title “How Europe’s War Of Liberation Could Begin”. Introduction And Case Studies The purpose of this article is to attempt to define the characteristics of modern day 4GW (4th Generation Warfare) as they apply to the intersection of ethnic conflict and failed states, and then extrapolate from

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