• Potential For Hope In Italy As Lega Nord Races Up Through The Polls

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    Italy commands a strange place in the framework of modern multicultural Europe. It seems to have a national populace that has for the most part ignored or laughed off a lot of the multicultural, ethno-suicidal, gender-neutral insanity that has gripped Sweden and Germany, yet at the same time it has had to take in a very large number of Middle-Eastern

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  • Introducing the “1/5th Rule” (Another day, another Muslim gang-rape)

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    Introduction/Disclaimer One of the things I have thought over the most in the early days of this new website is the question of rape reporting. With the constant new rape cases coming out across all of Europe, on a daily basis, one could legitimately have an entire website dedicated to nothing else. I have written about the monumental nature of

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  • Jack Donovan video

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    One of the foremost influences of this website, and of Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, is a writer based in Portland named Jack Donovan. Jack Donovan has written several books, including Androphilia, Blood Brotherhood, and most notably, The Way of Men. He also has a book that is a collection of his published and unpublished

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  • African migrants integrating in Sweden- embracing rap music

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    See below: Notice the mention of Antifa lol. 0savesSave If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.

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  • Real Life Hobbit Holes And The Quest For Sacrality

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    An important theme of this website is the idea that Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is more than just a famous and entertaining story. On the contrary, Tolkien’s writings appeal to European and American audiences in a way that is far deeper than that of other books and films that some might label as similar. This significance is not

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  • Reported flyer

    Native Swedish 4GW Violence Part II

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    The story from the Expressen we referenced yesterday has since been picked up in numerous papers and news sources around Europe and the U.S. Apparently it was indeed 200 Swedish men who decided “enough was enough” and rampaged through Central Station attacking criminal immigrant gang members who had been sexually assaulting women and robbing people for weeks on end. The

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  • Photo by Meli Petersson Ellafi

    Swedish Media Reporting Native Swedish 4GW Violence

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    From The Expressen in Sweden comes the following headline: “Masked Men Would Hurt Refugee Children” These “children” the title references are the gangs of migrants in central Stockholm who have been assaulting police officers, sexually assaulting women, and pickpocketing commuters every day. The article continues: It was on Friday evening that the police were alerted to the center of Stockholm

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  • Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) & White Preservationism

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    Note: The following article was originally published on Counter-Currents on September 17th 2015. So far in 2015 the issue of racialized political violence has been front and center. The White Preservation movement specifically has been thrust into the headlines in the aftermath of the Charleston massacre committed by Dylann Roof. In Europe, the publication of One Of Us, a non-fiction

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