• What Is Really Going On In America?

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    Greetings men- As everyone knows, despite writing about Europe almost exclusively, I actually live in the United States. And here in the U.S. we have had quite an eventful few days. In talking with lots of folks, reading a variety of websites on all sorts of topics, checking out comment sections, etc, it seems quite a few people are suspicious

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  • Oh My God, Trump Actually Knows – Shocking POTUS-Approved Memo Lays Out Exact Reality Of Threats To West

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    I was going to title this post “The Biggest Story That No One Is Talking About”, however that would not have been entirely true, as it is getting talked about, just not at a widespread level. I think this story is huge however, although only a small portion of the country (basically us- those centered around this site and others

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  • Victoriana, By Michael Gladius

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    Greetings men- The following is by a European-Preservationist named Michael Gladius, writing for Europeancivilwar.com. The bolded and underlined sections are my additions, marking spots that particularly stood out to me.   Legalism vs. Natural Law, or Why We are still living in the Victorian Era by Michael Gladius   We rightly look upon the Victorian era with disdain. Their attitudes

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  • Blonde Beasts In Rivendell

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    Greetings Men- As I mentioned to Dashui in the comments section the other day, I had a young Preservationist I met at Amren email me a couple days ago and compare his experience at the conference to the Council of Elrond in Rivendell in The Fellowship Of The Ring. I have been thinking on that comparison a lot the last

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  • Amren Speech

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    Greetings men- Here is my speech from the 2017 American Renaissance Conference.     I have further thoughts on the Amren Conference as a whole that can be read here, and I am glad that members of our community who weren’t at Amren can now check out the speeches! Deus Vult brothers. -JL     Editor’s Note: This post originally

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  • Millenial Preservationist Martyred Fighting ISIS In Syria, Yet His Story Is Getting No Media Attention (Also Please Donate To His Infant Daughter)

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    Greetings men- Julian here. Many of us recently heard about a young American who was killed fighting ISIS in Syria named Robert Grodt. That young American is NOT the above gentleman. Mr. Grodt, who we heard about extensively on CNN and the other mainstream news outlets, was a former Occupy Wallstreet protestor, and because of his (seemingly left-wing) politics I

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  • Anarchists In Italy Arrested For Attempted Bombing Of Identitarian Bookstore

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    A common topic of discussion of late has been whether the left-wing ‘Anti-fascist’ (Antifa) would begin using greater violence. We profiled the fact that the Antifa are now proven to be funded in part by George Soros, as well as by certain European governments (such as Angela Merkel’s). As Identitarianism and Traditionalism continue to see massive gains in popularity and

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  • Interview With Author C.B. Robertson

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    Greetings men- The following is a short but incisive interview with author C.B. Robertson. Mr. Robertson writes for Counter-Currents and is the author of In Defense Of Hatred. I became familiar with his work in the last month or two and wanted to interview him, as he is yet another example of this great rising wave of young Identitarian authors.

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