• Mindset And Reconquest: A Review Of ‘MAGA Mindset: Making YOU And America Great Again’

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    Editor’s Note: The following article originally appeared on Counter-Currents. I have added some pictures and videos of relevance within it however. If any of our proud European brothers have recommendations of other books to review please hit me up with them in the comments! Similarly if any readers have additional thoughts on ways to harness mindset and persuasion towards our

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  • ‘Fistfights With Muslims In Europe’ Reviewed By The Occidental Observer, Trump’s EU Ambassador Says Euro Will Collapse

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    Okay so there is really no logical reason to combine these two things, but I am pleased with both of them so figured I would go for it. The Occidental Observer reviews Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity I was pleasantly surprised to see this today, as I did not know ahead of time they would

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  • Maasing And Maidaning

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    Donald Trump’s election has seemed to bring the political situation in the United States a little closer to the one in Europe. He has rightly pointed out the base madness of Angela Merkel’s decision to flood Germany with hordes of young Muslim men from the Middle-East (or, as Politico says in this article, ‘bullies her for her being courageous’). More

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  • Just How Bad Are Sweden’s Demographics?

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    We talk a lot about the exact numbers involved in modern Europe’s situation. Without numbers it is hard to establish understanding, and unfortunately such statistics are rarely available. In recent years Western European governments have tried to suppress information on exactly what the demographic breakdowns of their societies look like. Many do not keep track of such things because they

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  • The Complicated Case Of Anders Behring Breivik

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    In my last post discussing the young Swedish ‘humanitarian’ Erik, I briefly mentioned the case of Anders Behring Breivik. In doing so, I alluded to the article I wrote for Counter-Currents in 2015 discussing his actions. One of our regular commenters Robert Lee brought this up in the following comment: I find the condemnation of Breivik in this article a

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  • Humanitarianism, Swedism, And Reconquest

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    The following article is from the Swedish edition of The Local. It is by a young Swedish man and discusses his experiences as a “humanitarian” helping refugees. It is significant, to my mind, and I have inserted my thoughts within it, as well as underlined several lines within it.   From The Local: Opening or shutting doors. Defending or discrediting

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  • Interview With Richard From Western Spring

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    The following is an interview with Richard, who is an important member of Western Spring. Richard is a very knowledgeable, capable European patriot, and his contribution to our discussions and our community here at Europeancivilwar.com has been very fruitful over the last year as well. When I found out about his involvement in Western Spring, I asked to interview him

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  • A New ‘On The Ground Update’ From Germany (Wherefore Goes Germany?)

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    Last summer, we published a piece here on europeancivilwar.com called “An Exit Strategy For Traitors (views on the ground from Germany)“. It was a re-posting of an article that appeared on Club Orlov by the same name, written by one “Alex” (a pseudonym, as the author feared reprisal if he used his own name). The anonymous update was very interesting,

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