• Vigilante groups sprout up around Europe in aftermath of Cologne

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    In locations across Europe following the New Year’s Eve incidents that took place in Cologne and other Western European cities, and the emerging facts revolving around the German and Swedish governments’ attempts at covering up such incidents, increasing numbers of native Europeans have decided to take their communities’ protection into their own hands. According to Breitbart: “Founded last week and

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  • Mormons and Jihadis: Parallel Revolts Against The Modern World

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    Note: This article was originally published by traditionalright.com in June of 2015. We have all become familiar, at this point, with the doctrines of groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda. The theological underpinnings, the history of Salafism and Sayyid Qutb, the crucible of 1980’s Afghanistan, have taken on tremendous significance as our existential battle with Islamism grows. What we know

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  • The Man Who Wouldn’t Be President

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    Note: The following piece was published in TraditionalRight back on June 4th, 2015. In retrospect I was obviously quite wrong about Senator Paul’s chances within the Republican Primary field. This was before Donald Trump had entered the race and took on the “anti-establishment” mantle, and before Rand Paul decided to run the worst campaign in Republican Primary history. The general

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