• Interview With ‘The Savvy Kafir’

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    Greetings men- I am continually thankful for all the excellent links readers of this site post. Through them I have found all kinds of great websites, talented writers, and fellow Preservationists who want to dedicate their lives to saving Europe and the West from Islamization. Within the vast range of people concerned about the Occident’s future, and the threats arrayed

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  • What Sadiq Khan Really Thinks

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    In the post from a couple nights ago discussing the most recent insurgency attacks in London, I specifically mentioned London mayor Sadiq Khan, stating: “Also of note, in the piece from the BBC above I can’t help but notice the statement from Sadiq Khan that it was a ‘deliberate and cowardly attack’. Its very ambiguous because he’s not coming out

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  • What Would Enoch Powell Do?

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    The left-wing Progressive elites in Britain sacrificed another dozen or so citizens to their dark god ‘Diversity’ today. These specific sacrifices were killed through a combination of being run over by a vehicle, along with being decapitated by a machete. Here’s the establishment description from the UK government’s own mouthpiece, the BBC: Six people have been killed in an attack

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  • Vanguardist Attributes (inspired by Murdoch, Murdoch)

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      The following is the newest video from our friends Murdoch, Murdoch, who we previously profiled here.   I have watched the video probably 20 times in the last week, and every time I find it hard not to get teary-eyed during the second half. The video is about 80% serious and 20% ironic, and I think this split pretty

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  • Roundup From Sweden! Memorial Day Edition

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    Happy Memorial Day gentlemen- This holiday weekend we remember the brave sacrifices of our ancestors. Those noble souls who died to preserve our freedom. Who gave their lives so that their legacy could live on through the actions, culture, language, and blood of their descendants. So that their time on earth would not be in vein, and so that their

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  • “6.6 Million Migrant’s Poised To Cross Mediterranean And Enter Europe”

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    Die Welt has a new article claiming that a confidential German government report states that 6.6 million ‘migrants’ are in North Africa and the Balkans getting ready to travel to Europe. The Google translate version is below: The number of refugees striving for Europe has grown significantly in the countries south and east of the Mediterranean since the beginning of

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  • Evil Wasserman-Schulz Involved In Criminal Scandal!

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    There are a lot of people in Western governments whom it is easy to dislike. Theresa May, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Paul Ryan… Democrats, etc. But I really think Debbie Wasserman-Schulz takes the cake. Schulz doesn’t seem naive like May or Cameron, nor completely brainwashed like Merkel, nor timid and cucked like Ryan. Instead, she seems to know full-well that

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  • Preparation For Reconquest

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    The Irish Savant recently put down some words that I believe are on the mark regarding the age old question on action vs things other than action. This is obviously quite relevant to us, as Europe and similarly deteriorating places slide farther away from survival every day, making the drive to do something overwhelming. The Savant states the following: Don’t

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