• ‘Have Faith, Have Courage, The Lord Of The Hosts Is With Us’

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    Greetings men- The following is another excellent essay by Preservationist and ECW-contributor Michael Gladius. Please leave any thoughts or feedback below in the comments section. They are much appreciated!     Have Faith, Have Courage, The Lord Of The Hosts Is With Us by Michael Gladius   Europe will return to the Faith, or she will perish. The Faith is

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  • The Psycho-Sexual Dimensions Of MAGA Hats

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    Greetings men- Having grown up in the modern, liberalized West, we have been trained to see sexuality everywhere. We have read biographies of historical figures who we are told were secretly gay, we have been taught the Kinsey reports as if they were gospel tracts, and we’ve heard incessantly about the ‘subsconsious sexual power dynamics’ implicit in darn near everything.

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  • Ruby Ridge, 25 Years On

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    Greetings men- This article originally appeared on Counter-Currents a couple weeks ago. As mentioned before, if you are able to do so please consider donating to them. I think the topic of Ruby Ridge is one ripe for discussion today, and the question of just how it has impacted things since is important to figure out. I would imagine most

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  • Important Times

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    Editor’s Note: This is a transcript of the email sent to all Europeancivilwar.com newsletter subscribers last night. Normally I don’t repost those emails because I want to keep them private for those who have put trust in us by subscribing, but in this case I believe it is an important message and want to get it to as wide a

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  • What Is Really Going On In America?

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    Greetings men- As everyone knows, despite writing about Europe almost exclusively, I actually live in the United States. And here in the U.S. we have had quite an eventful few days. In talking with lots of folks, reading a variety of websites on all sorts of topics, checking out comment sections, etc, it seems quite a few people are suspicious

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  • Oh My God, Trump Actually Knows – Shocking POTUS-Approved Memo Lays Out Exact Reality Of Threats To West

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    I was going to title this post “The Biggest Story That No One Is Talking About”, however that would not have been entirely true, as it is getting talked about, just not at a widespread level. I think this story is huge however, although only a small portion of the country (basically us- those centered around this site and others

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  • Victoriana, By Michael Gladius

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    Greetings men- The following is by a European-Preservationist named Michael Gladius, writing for Europeancivilwar.com. The bolded and underlined sections are my additions, marking spots that particularly stood out to me.   Legalism vs. Natural Law, or Why We are still living in the Victorian Era by Michael Gladius   We rightly look upon the Victorian era with disdain. Their attitudes

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  • Blonde Beasts In Rivendell

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    Greetings Men- As I mentioned to Dashui in the comments section the other day, I had a young Preservationist I met at Amren email me a couple days ago and compare his experience at the conference to the Council of Elrond in Rivendell in The Fellowship Of The Ring. I have been thinking on that comparison a lot the last

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