Passive Income Part II: Men And Passive Income

Passive Income Part II: Men And Passive Income
March 23, 2016 Admin

Passive Income Series

Part I- What Is Passive Income And Why Is It Important?
Part II – Men And Passive Income (below)

In the first part of our series we introduced the general concept of “Passive Income”, and defined it as money that comes to you every month reliably and automatically, independent from any job or vocation. We discussed examples such as rental properties, ATM’s, and intellectual property. We discussed the differences in behavior that lead to individuals and families becoming or staying poor or middle-class versus wealthy. The relationship between assets and liabilities was explored. We also discussed the relevance of this concept for European men across the globe, as well as the war currently building in Europe.

In this second part of the series we are going to focus on the subject of men and passive income, which is a crucial part of the discussion. Passive income is of particular relevance to men because its creation and possession are of congruence with the type of life men must lead to feel fulfilled in their masculine instincts and imperatives.

To elucidate on this we are going to build on two resources of particular resonance. These are 1) a series on The Art Of Manliness by Brett McKay entitled “The Three P’s Of Manliness”, and 2) the esteemed Jack Donovan’s book The Way Of Men A distinct code of manhood has not only been part of nearly every society on earth — whether agricultural or urban, premodern or advanced, patriarchal or relatively egalitarian — these codes invariably contain the same three imperatives; a male who aspires to be a man must protect, procreate, and provide.

In The Way Of Men Jack Donovan similarly lays out four “tactical virtues” that he believes define manliness across all cultures. They are strength, courage, honor, and mastery.

There is great overlap between these two works, and for an amazing discussion on this topic, listen to the Jack Donovan/Brett McKay podcast linked to at the bottom of this article.

The ideas in these two works lead directly into a discussion on the importance of passive income vis a vis men and masculinity.

Donovan’s tactical virtue of mastery relates both to self-mastery, as well as mastery of systems and tools. For a man to thrive economically it will take both of these forms of mastery as well. He must have mastery of himself so that he can control his appetites, muster the high level of motivation needed in order to take control of one’s financial destiny, and avoid temptations to act in wasteful or weak ways with money once he has accumulated it. Further, to build wealth requires a man to cultivate mastery over systems and tools such as business, finance, sales, management, analysis, and countless others. Not to mention the individual skills he must embody, such as willpower, persuasion, speech, strategic thinking, and wisdom.

Furthermore, a man may succeed in a “job” or “vocation” and thus be able to at least temporarily provide and protect his loved ones, and have the chance to procreate and build a legacy upon this earth; but as long as he relies on an employer and a job to be able to do these things, he will never truly be free. Just as debt enslaves a man, so that his choices are no longer his own, and the sweat of his brow goes to the service of another master, so too does a lack of passive income mean a man will forever be beholden to the whims of bosses, corporations, governments, and customers. Only by cultivating the possession of income-producing assets, and having a reliable stream of money coming automatically to him monthly, can a man squarely look at his family and know that they are safe from economic want.

The reason passive income is of greater relevance to men and masculinity than to women and femininity, is because life is, historically, and organically, far different for men than women. Women are, as defined biologically, destined to be beholden to others for protection. With few exceptions, they are physically smaller than men, and far less strong. They have nine month long pregnancies in which they are particularly vulnerable to predation. Such is the way it has always been, and while the artificiality of modern society, and the protection of governments has allowed women be able to act self-sufficiently and “independently”, a return to the law of the jungle will always render them vulnerable and susceptible to harm from physically stronger (male) opponents. To speak quite plainly, in 99% percent of places and times throughout humanity’s history, women needed men for protection.

As stated above, while this can temporarily be changed as a result of strong governments and the security they provide, but as these governments break down the aforementioned “law of the jungle” rapidly returns. This is shown to be horrifically true every day in Europe, as women who are used to walking confidently around cities as free and independent citizens, needing no greater identity than that of “individual”, are now violently raped and accosted. We saw the tears of the African rapist’s victims in the courtroom, and the horrors of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. But passive income and the building of wealth will also allow us greater leverage to protect against such evils, and protect our tribe from the genocide being unleashed against it.

Passive income allows European men the freedom to fight for Europe, as they do not have to worry about politically correct bosses and corporations firing them for their advocacy and beliefs. Similarly it offers the financial foundation and available free time needed to serve the resistance and act to avert the coming onslaught. It allows us to use our strength, and our courage, as we fight against our opponents, and in doing so allows us to retain our honor as men. It also allows our mastery to benefit our cause, and in cultivating that mastery over money that is required, we build parallel skills in other key areas as well. All of this is vital and integral to fulfilling the prior masculine imperatives noted, as well as the drive of procreation (or better yet, legacy). For what form of protection, and honor, and legacy could be more important, than preserving our lands and existence, and a future for our children?

Jack Donovan on the Art Of Manliness Podcast –

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    There are plenty of reasons to travel to Europe and slay collaborators and Afro-Arab migrant scum that have nothing to do with women.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago
  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    New York Times Jew Says Europe is in a Civil War (But Doesn’t Say “Civil War”)

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yeah I thought his analysis was really good. I just posted my own as well.

  4. Dashui 1 year ago

    The local Chinese typically buy new houses, rent them out, then sell them 5 years later before everything starts to break.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Have you seen that stuff in Sweden about 105/140 year mortgages? I only just noticed it today. Might write a post about it. Totally crazy. If anything seems suggestive of a bubble that has to be it. We could see Western Europe’s economy collapsing at the same time as everything else hits the fan I think.

  5. Dashui 1 year ago

    I love this guy’s analysis:

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That is definitely one smart dude. I will be reading his website in earnest. Thanks for the link Dashui-

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