Peter Sweden: Is Civil War Imminent In Sweden?

Peter Sweden: Is Civil War Imminent In Sweden?
January 26, 2018 Admin

Greetings men-

New video by our friend Peter Sweden:

This Peter Sweden guy is a sharp chap. One of the most impressive people in this struggle in my opinion.

Consider donating to him.

I think the most interesting thing in Sweden is that sending the military into the no-go zones is just going to make things worse from a 4GW standpoint unless you also deport all the other immigrants.

If you send in the military into urban areas you are going to make the Muslim gangs more sympathetic to other Muslims in those areas as well as globally, and further ‘radicalize’ the Muslim youth (to use such language).

This is why you don’t import millions of people from totally separate cultures into your tiny country of ten million people.


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  1. Dashui 4 weeks ago

    Is it just me? I kind of like Swedish camo.

  2. ellone 4 weeks ago

    The more violence now, the better the future will be.

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Well they will certainly be screwed if the ‘status quo’ hasn’t changed within 5-10 years..

  3. SteveRogers42 4 weeks ago

    Still say that there are too many women in power in the Great White North, but maybe the Finns have found themselves a Thatcher:

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Lol yeah, I hear ya.

      I’m always torn because I agree we need more *testosterone* in leadership, but then again if its a choice between a gal like her and the smarmy liberal alternative, what are you gonna do?

      I had never heard of her though, very impressive.

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Ahhh man, I am so unprepared its just horrifying…

      I am kind of an interesting case thought I think, as I don’t really get *passionate* about the prepping thing, yet realize the importance.

      Most people seem different than that. I know lots of guys who are just wildly into prepping. They love it, talk about it constantly, even hope that it comes just because they know they would ascend up the dominance hierarchy so fast in it compared to regular life.

      Then I know other guys who are the opposite, who refuse to even remotely prepare and act like anyone who does is an idiot.

      I don’t really get that excited by survivalism stuff, but I know its important. I wish I really did get excited/passionate about it so it would kick me into better preparation.

      I think I am just going to force myself to make one decent sized purchase each month of ‘prepping’ items (like my recent long term food purchase I mentioned).

      And then the other half is developing relationships with groups of men, but like most people I am woefully behind on that too (although part of that is living in a somewhat new city, I am guessing one develops deeper networks once you get into your 40’s/50’s/etc.

      How would you rate your readiness?

      • dashui 4 weeks ago

        The problem with survivalism is that it is influenced too much by Hollywood, evangelism, and the cold war. Giving the unrealistic expectations that things are great one day, and they change overnight. Also it’s a type of consumerism.
        Famous survivalist Mel tappin moved out far away from the city and died of a heart attack in his 40’s because medical care was so far away.

        • Author
          Admin 4 weeks ago

          Good points Dashui.

          Its definitely a MASSIVE industry.

          I had no idea until I started scouring all these different affiliate platforms, but survival products are fricking gigantic.

          I mean, certainly better that people are spending money on survival than on all the other forms of degeneracy they could be lol, but yeah, its definitely been monetized and commodotized to a large extent.

          I think Dave Ramsey has a good point about it too that if you spend too much of your mental energy or time trying to master the hypothetical future ‘collapse’ environment, you forget to do the things that will make you prosper in the actual environment we are in.

          But yeah, with that all being said I’m definitely FAR from prepared as I should be.

          I think my ideal would be 5% of time/energy/resources put into it, where I’m mostly focused on the ‘real world’ but am at least trying to be proactive and prepared in case of such a circumstance.

      • SteveRogers42 4 weeks ago

        After generating a false alarm or two, I have lost credibility with the wifey, and she no longer buys into the preparedness paradigm, and I have used this as an excuse to slack off from my prior level of High DEFCON. Mea maxima culpa.

        However, I have a few bits of this-n-that lying around…

        I’m not sure that you need to budget for a big, one-time purchase. Next time you go to the store, just buy twice as much soap, or toothpaste, or toilet paper, etc. as you had planned. This adds up. This type of item doesn’t spoil, and will only get more expensive in the future, even if the worst doesn’t happen. (Extra multivitamins for each family member would be a good thing, IMHO. Subsistence diets lead to deficiency diseases, and a daily multivite would keep that problem at bay. They seem to have about a three-year shelf-life guarantee.)

        A major survival investment is physical fitness. The Bosnian veteran doesn’t mention this specifically, but I imagine that is because the general lifestyle in EE produces a hardier physical and psychological specimen, on average, than does the warm cocoon of middle-class American life. Lift. Run. Stretch. Train in some form of physical self-defense. And that brings me to my final point:

        Developing a mannerbund. In the 1990’s I trained at a martial arts school that attracted some like-minded fellows. For a few years, I had close ties with four likely lads whom I could trust with a lot of tasks relating to moving, fighting, and communicating. A death, a military transfer, and “life its own self” caused us to drift apart, but my point is that a serious self-defense program is one place where you can judge other men, they can judge you, and perhaps some sort of alliance can be constructed.

        • Author
          Admin 3 weeks ago

          Right on, that makes sense. That is what we are going for now, just an extra this or that each time we go shopping.

          Does bottled water keep long term? I have some fancy long-term storage water containers too but we accidentally wound up with a ton of bottled water and I’m not sure whether to keep it with the prepping stuff or try to drink it.

          But yeah, the Mannerbund element is key definitely, and the area I imagine we’re all lacking in the most. Certainly me! But again, hoping to remedy that in future.

          • SteveRogers42 3 weeks ago

            I don’t know what the shelf life is of bottled water, but I’m sure it’s pretty long-lasting…and you could always boil it a bit if you had concerns. Alternatively, since you already have a large quantity of H2O, why not drink it up and replace each case with a new case as you reduce the original inventory? A big stash of water is a good thing to keep on hand, IMHO, and if you can just keep renewing your stock “from the bottom”, you’re off to a good start.

    • Michael Gladius 4 weeks ago

      Very good points made here.

      Beans, Bullets, Band-aids. Then add batteries and bouillon, after those three have been satisfied.

      He’s right that sanitation/medical supplies are the most important to stock up on, after weapons. Baby wipes are also quite good for wiping hands/butts or substitute bathing. They’re designed for weaker immune systems, and some women I know already use them to prevent yeast infections. Bleach is excellent at decontaminating rainwater barrels’ contents, and a little goes a long way.

  4. Rick 4 weeks ago

    If Sweden tries to deploy the military into any of these areas they will just melt back into the crowd and then whine about the racial profiling and persecution.
    Contract security is the best way to deal with this now.

  5. AngloColonizer 4 weeks ago

    I generally like PeterSweden, although some things he does just makes me laugh in frustration. It appears that he is quite conscious of maintaining a brand of the “innocent normie”.

    For instance, a few years ago he use to actively engage in holoaxism on his twitter account. And now in a recent video “Norway Gondola Ride | New Years Eve!” he describes his experience of buying a car from an owner in Norway that had Confederate iconography in his garage and commented that the seller “was probably some sort of racist”. Ha!

    I believe he is ethnically Norwegian, not Swedish. I think its clear that he understands a lot about how the world works than his videos reveal and he use to touch on topics that wouldn’t be uncommon at an NPI event, but his strategy is to present as the one of the normies.

    PeterSweden appears to be a useful vehicle that is around the outer-most periphery of the Alt-Right, to bring people further in.

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      Interesting. I haven’t watched a ton of his stuff actually and only heard of him recently.

      He does seem to have or at least cultivate that winsom ‘I’m just a good-intentioned Swedish lad’ type of veneer.

      Its hard to put a finger on it.

      Kind of the opposite of some American guys with almost identical views.

      I find that sort of mindset/personality stuff fascinating.

      Its not universal though, like The Golden One has a way different personality in that regard. He reminds me more of a lot of American and Australian and British guys where there’s that sort of macho, knowing swagger.

      Its interesting how it overlaps with politics but not completely..

  6. Unknown 4 weeks ago

    Well, if it would happen that way, that military forces fight against criminal street gangs which happen to be Muslims, and the non-criminal Muslims support the criminals rather than the legal forces, it actually would strengthen the thesis that there cannot be a peaceful society that is mixing Muslims and non-Muslims. (Except if you were a leftist, in that case it would be just another example of white supremacy, racism, and oppression of the most poor and helpless of us.)

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      Hand grenade confiscation is white supremacy 🙂

      I can’t picture the Swedish government having the constitution to actually send in soldiers.

      And could you imagine being one of the soldiers? I don’t even know if they have ‘real’ soldiers or just ‘feminist squads’ at this point, but could you imagine a bunch of thugs in Malmo attacking you and knowing that if you even barely injure you’ll probably have your life ruined for ‘police brutality’ and ‘racism’?

      Utterly crazy situation man!

      • Unknown 3 weeks ago

        You are right, it could not happen that way. Either it becomes a show for media, with an implicit agreement between soldiers and gangs to not attack each other. Or the only people getting attacked by soldiers were Swedes who have shown “wrong” attitude. Or both.

  7. jrackell 3 weeks ago

    apologies if someone has posted this short video from Vertigo Politix. It seems like the targets of Swedish military in the event of disturbances is not who you’d expect:

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      Hey Jrackell thanks for linking to that! Very well made videos.

      I’ll embbed that later today on my next post.

  8. SteveRogers42 2 weeks ago

    Peter Sweden had this a few days ago:

    Just how many smuggling routes into Sweden ARE there? The HA had anti-tank rockets during the Great Nordic Biker War, too. It seems that law-abiding ethnic Swedes are the only ones without a light-infantry arsenal.

    • Author
      Admin 2 weeks ago

      Maybe the Swedish government’s sniper classes just got them hooked on shooting sports…

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