Piero San Giorgio Islam Interview With Julian Langness [Future Of Europe And America]

Piero San Giorgio Islam Interview With Julian Langness [Future Of Europe And America]
December 6, 2017 Admin
Who is Piero San Giorgio? Who is Julian Langness? interview on their thoughts on the future of the West.

Greetings men-

Had the pleasure today of being interviewed by Piero San Giorgio.

I have embedded the interview below.

I have only re-watched half of it so far but I realized I meant to make the point that…

…Yes the progressives are the main problem (along with certain of their ‘coincidental’ allies), and that ‘Islam’ is not specifically the problem because…..

….It wouldn’t matter whether it was Muslims OR Hindus OR Eskimos, Europe committing suicide via demographic replacement is an inherently evil and nihilistic thing to do, no matter what group is being imported in as the shock troops of that demographic replacement.

To wit….

…..What is happening in Germany/Sweden/Belgium/the UK is EVIL and WRONG, and any normal, rational person realizes that.

[And that’s the case no matter how many current year’s Justin Trudeau proclaims! 😉   ]



Big thanks again to Piero!

In the interview I mention this web site’s newsletter and getting advance copies and sample chapters of my upcoming book. I have embedded the sign up form for it below after the video.






Comments (10)

  1. Dashui 1 month ago

    Growing an Islamic beard? I hear “one becomes their enemy”,

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Lol you are too darn perceptive for your own good Dashui…

      I had not even thought of that myself, but yes, this is the first time in my 32 years of life I have ever grown a full beard. I have to say I like it 🙂

      Let’s hope your latter sentence only holds true with our Muslim enemies though… I would hate to end up embracing my inner Merkel/Trudeau/Lofven :/ !

      • Michael Gladius 1 month ago

        The clean-shaven look was not a thing until the Enlightenment at the earliest, WWI at the latest. For 1000 years, Europeans were proud of their beards, and it was the social revolutionaries who shaved in order to not look wild and ‘uncivilized.’ But even then, it wasn’t until WWI that men were expected to shave, due to the need to wear gas masks in the trenches.

        In Sweden, calling a man ‘beardless’ for most of history was an insult that would usually result in somebody getting stabbed…

        So no worries, you aren’t emulating the rag-fags. 😉

  2. Unknown 1 month ago

    Regarding what best to do, i increasingly tend to going to eastern Europe, because it will strengthen them when they get more inhabitants and taxpayers, at the same time it will weaken the west and speed up escalation, all of which is good for us.
    By the way, i would like to share the “AntiRacist Hitler” red pill video:

  3. Kadphises 1 month ago

    So, what was it? Water or vodka?

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Lol, liberal tears fermented in Norwegian mountain spring water 🙂

      • Kadphises 1 month ago

        Nothing tastes sweeter than liberal tears!

        • Michael Gladius 1 month ago

          Nah, too much soy and estrogen in them. Especially when they’re from liberal men. 😉

  4. Rick 1 month ago

    Nice Interview, Julian you are definitely a throwback

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Thanks Rick 🙂

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