Poland Immigration Opponents, Hungary, And Swedicide [Europe Islam 2017!]

Poland Immigration Opponents, Hungary, And Swedicide [Europe Islam 2017!]
October 9, 2017 Admin
Poland immigration opponents pray to stop spread of Islam

Greetings men-

God I love the Poles…

I can’t even put into words they are so wonderful.

No matter how bad things get they are always here to deliver massive red-pills.

The following story demonstrates this bigly (and big thanks to Steve and VivatEuropa for linking to it!).

Also, on a related note, please check out VivatEuropa’s excellent twitter feed at @villagewatchman  (!!!)


Poland Immigration Opponents Pray To Prevent Europe’s Islamization

From the Carlos Slim blog (aka the New York Times):

WARSAW, Poland — Polish Catholics clutching rosary beads gathered at locations along the country’s 2,000-mile border on Saturday for a mass demonstration during which they prayed for salvation for Poland and the world.

Many participants described it as demonstration against what they see as the secularization of the country and the spread of Islam’s influence in Europe.

The event, “Rosary at the Borders,” was sponsored in part by several state-owned companies and was timed to coincide with the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. It also commemorated the 1571 naval Battle of Lepanto between Christian fighters, under orders from the Pope, and the Ottoman Empire.

Organizers noted that in the battle, “the Catholic fleet defeated the much larger Muslim fleet, saving Europe from Islam.”

“Rosary at the Borders” took place in 320 churches near Poland’s border and 4,000 so-called prayer zones, including the biggest international airport in Poland, a nation moving increasingly to the right.

Marek Jedraszewski, the archbishop of Krakow in southern Poland, said during his sermon on Saturday morning that people should pray for “Europe to remain Europe.”

“Let’s pray for other nations of Europe and the world to understand that we need to return to the Christian roots of European culture if we want Europe to remain Europe,” Archbishop Jedraszewski said.

In the northern city of Gdansk, Krzysztof Januszewski told The A.P. that he worried Europe was being threatened by Islamic extremists.

“In the past, there were raids by sultans and Turks and people of other faiths against us Christians,” said Mr. Januszewski. “Today, Islam is flooding us, and we are afraid of this, too. We are afraid of terrorist threats and we are afraid of people departing from the faith.”

Poland immigration opponents pray for Europe's survival.



My Thoughts

After we make America great again we need to make Germany Poland.

Now… not to over-stimulate you with positivity, but let’s look down the road just a little ways to Hungary.

Trump Praises Orban- Preservationist Hero

From Breitbart:

U.S. President Donald Trump has praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and said that meeting the populist leader is on his to-do list, Hungary’s ambassador has revealed.

In an interview with business weekly Figyelő, László Szabó recalled that he left the White House feeling very positive about relations between the two nations after a meeting with Trump at the Oval Office in September.

Out of 12 mission leaders, Szabó was the second whom Trump met that day — which the ambassador said was a sign of respect towards Hungary — and the pair agreed it was in the best interest of both countries to further enhance Hungarian-U.S. bilateral relations.

At the ceremony in the Oval Office, Trump described the Hungarian prime minister as “a strong and brave person”, and said he was aware that Orbán supported him during the U.S. presidential campaign, when he became the first European leader to endorse the Republican, at an annual speech in Romania last summer.


My Thoughts

Very good stuff, very good. I hope Orban can wear off on Trump and prevent any more backsliding.

Finally, to show why all of this is so important, we have… Sweden.


Peter Sweden. Still frame from Alex Jones interview.

Swedicide Update

In Sweden this last week, the Nordic Resistance Movement– which is one of the only groups opposing Sweden’s suicide- put on massive march in heavily-Muslim Gothenburg.

The Bonnier-controlled newspapers claimed that the NRM engaged in lots of ‘hate’ and ‘violence’, but columnist Peter Sweden explains the reality in the following article.

From Fria Tider through google translate:

As expected, old media does not report truthfully from the demonstrations in Gothenburg.

I have reported from many protests before, but nobody has liked yesterday’s unrest in Gothenburg. Most striking is how mainstream media completely ignores the violence from the left.

It all began with a demonstration organized by the Nordic Resistance Movement. We arrived early in the morning at a parking lot a couple of kilometers outside of Gothenburg to check out the location where the protesters had gathered to prepare their march. The atmosphere was calm, but a bit no-walled.

It was a fairly large gathering with about 700 people there to demonstrate…

[Fighting begins when Antifa arrive]

…It was now it really broke loose. For now, the extremist got to know that the NMR was stopped and was looking to get there. The police quickly saw the left and the NMR. I came in among the opponents to experience the “tolerant” left …

BANG – High-pitched kicks, smoke flakes and bottles were thrown at the police. Bringing a helmet and goggles turned out to be a smart move. Masked guys ran around and hit people hello wild. One of them went to my camera, others threw eggs and destroyed trash cans. Now I start to suspect that criminal immigrant prisoners from Gothenburg’s no-go zones had joined the counter demonstrators (see video ). Many of the most violent actors were immigrants who spoke broken Swedish. Everyone was masked and dressed as a typical immigrant gang. But most speaking, perhaps, some of them shouted “Allah Akbar” (see video ).

Yep. Extreme Friends worked with immigrant prisoners in Gothenburg.

The police managed to push back the opponents after doing several rushes with the batons in the top trunk. The extreme friend did not go without a fight. In addition to bombships and smoke flares, they had now armed with a slurry that was used diligently to throw stones against the police. One of the stones met a police in the leg. It was now something unbelievable occurred.

An older lady got enough of the left and walked to the stones and barked them out, commanding them to stop throwing stones on the police and destroying. The left called her “damn pussy” and said that the police “protected nazis”, after which the lady replied, “You are just like Nazis, there is no difference between you and them, they are two sides of the same coin.” The extreme friend died in the lady and kept slamming stones against the police, but then a number of Gothenburgers got enough!

Common Gothenburg who stood by was cursed that the extremist destroyed their city and went to attack (see video ). They rushed out against the ligies and there was full fights in the middle of the street. I have never seen anything like that. Ordinary citizens who eventually got enough of the extremist’s violence and took the case in their own hands (see video ).

This also came out in mainstream media, but of course the news was a misleading angle. Media called the Gothenburgs for “opponents”, unlike ordinary people who did not participate in any demonstrations and simply had enough. Media also calls the extremist for “opponents”. What happened to the word “left-wing extremist”?

“High-extremists” is a good deal according to the media. But there are no left-wing extremists, even though they were extremely violent during the demonstrations in Gothenburg. I was there on the spot. I saw the “journalists” from all the known news channels and later took part in their angled reports. They were there with expensive equipment and unlimited resources. Still, the alternative media journalists got the best pictures.


My Thoughts

Very interesting that Peter Sweden says that the immigrant youth were fighting alongside the Antifa. In my experience such immigrant have absolutely zero respect for Antifa and those similar to them. I imagine it is likely they were fighting ‘parallel’ to the Antifa more than anything. Also could have just been a translation error.

Here’s one of the videos of the event by Mr. Sweden:




Appropriately (to cite another Fria Tider article from this week), this may be why “twice as many Swedes now have sleeping problems”…. Here is the article about this phenomenon, which seems to represent a massive rise in insomnia:


Indeed, I imagine its hard to sleep when hordes of invaders are raping your daughters and murdering your sons and the only group standing up against it is getting attacked by Soros/Swedish government-funded ‘Antifascists’.

The question is whether this rising insomnia will actually turn into a real ‘awakening’ in Sweden, and the Swedes will come to their senses in time to survive?






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Comments (19)

  1. Michael Gladius 3 months ago

    Yep, good news all around.

    Europe must imitate Poland if it is to survive. National Socialism is not the answer. Global Socialism/communism is not the answer. Islam is the end result of both, just as it swallowed up so many other heresies (particularly the Nestorians). Hitler praised Islam and had SS battalions of Bosnian Muslims. The USSR backed Arab nationalists against Israel. Globalists today act as money launderers for jihad. The globalists don’t care if Europe is white or black, so long as it’s Muslim/communist: http://www.thisblogisdangerous.com/the-strange-relationship-between-islam-and-the-left/

    See also: http://gatesofvienna.net/2015/11/tet-take-two-islams-2016-european-offensive/

    What Europe needs is Christianity. Poland’s Catholicism destroyed the Soviet Union, and it will defeat Islam. Hopefully the USA will aid the Identitaires/counter-revolutionaries, and hopefully this will finally see the USA and Russia fighting together, rather than rattling swords at each other. In the end, we can rebuild Europe to resemble Lord of the Rings, rather than Game of Thrones. 😛

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Amen on that last sentence Mr. Gladius!

      • Michael Gladius 3 months ago

        Game of Thrones shows Oriental culture very well- they have absolutely no regard for individual lives and kill each other at their leisure. Not to mention the fire-worship and dualism of the red witch.

        • Author
          Admin 3 months ago

          Actually I must admit I have not watched the show(!). I have read a lot about it, enough to know it apparently has a lot of liberal/multicult tropes, but I have not actually, literally *watched* it. Which is weird too because I was a HUGE Deadwood/Sopranos/Big Love/Trueblood fan in my younger days.

  2. Shango 3 months ago

    The medicine is called Civil War.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Agreed. Actually, to move away from the Muslim vs European issue, I actually think Poland could smoke any of these larger countries like Germany in a nation vs nation war, just because of greater homogeneity and asabiya.

      • Michael Gladius 3 months ago

        Don’t underestimate the value of material superiority. The Boers and Finns were all better per capita than their opponents, but were vulnerable to being bulldozed over by their opponents’ conventional weight.

        Hence why Preservationists should all find the nearest armory and find out who has the keys. The last thing we need is for the Islamists to seize them, like how ISIS seized American equipment from the Iraqi Army. 🙁

  3. shadowman 3 months ago

    Great column! Agreed – I too love the Poles and the Hungarians!

    It is also great to see a number of native Swedes fighting back against the Antifa scumbags. It is quite a long time (if ever) since any Swedes did this!
    Ok, the number of them fighting back was still small, but at least its a good sign. Hopefully, a few more Swedes may have seen the right-wing coverage of this and they will think – “right – that does it! Next bit of scrapping in my town, I’m all in!”

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Much agreed Shadowman. I was pleasantly surprised by Peter Sweden’s coverage.

      Apparently Mr. Sweden used to be anonymous but then got doxxed and has only since started showing his face (if I am not mistaken). Seems like an impressive dude however. Between him and the NRM and Sons of Odin (if the latter is still active) Sweden definitely does have a decent number of impressive dude. Its just the other 99% of society that’s nuts :/

  4. Unknown 3 months ago

    Muslim immigrants fight with Antifa for the same reason that leftists force muslim immigration: they share the same goal, which is destruction of “the west” (i.e., self-worth), destruction of “capitalism” (by stealing the riches of others), destruction of “nation” (particularly Police), destruction of “colonialism” (as we know, Sweden’s colonies outnumbered that of all other countries), destruction … in short, they want do dominate by means of agression.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Very true…

      They are certainly succeeding in Sweden that is for sure. I still think it will be the first one to fall.

  5. VivatEuropa 3 months ago

    Swedish dental hygienist fired for reporting that 80% of “child” migrants are adults


    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Vivat thanks for linking to that! That is absolutely sick as hell… I mean, its not surprising for Sweden, but its definitely one of the more horrific stories I’ve read. Poor dude.

      I like Dr. Eowyn, that’s a good site she has.

  6. SteveRogers42 2 months ago

    Polish soccer fans:


    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Lol is that real? THat is absolutely awesome.

      Was the one on the left referencing homosexuality? I could make out the other three but not it.

      God bless the Poles 🙂

  7. SteveRogers42 2 months ago

    The one on the far left is Polish for “No Deliveries in the Rear”.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Well.. there goes Trudeau’s trip to Krakow this year…

      • SteveRogers42 2 months ago

        Oh no, you d’int!

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