Popular Perceptions Of Sweden

Popular Perceptions Of Sweden
January 23, 2018 Admin

Greetings men-

We have all obviously labored long and hard in our quest to raise awareness of what is going on in Europe.

I remember when I first started this site, the idea that there was anything ‘wrong’ in Sweden was considered a harebrained thing, like you were some paranoiac or something.

It seems, however, as though things might be changing in that respect.

Consider the article from the Times.


It includes the following gems:

“In Malmo, where a fifth of the 340,000 inhabitants are under 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests. The average age of gang members is 22, the vast majority of them hailing from migrant families.”


“For a long time the Swedish establishment played down the decay of immigrant-dominated suburbs, but it can no longer ignore the explosion of violence.”


“’We have really reached the bottom: people use machineguns and hand grenades — they want to kill,’ said Zoran Markovic, the former chief of community policing in Rosengard.”


“The situation has drastically worsened in the past two years. Markovic said the police are overstretched. Rosengard’s main school, which had pupils from nearly 200 different ethnic backgrounds, was closed because of social tension.”


“Last August Eriksson was on duty at a pro-refugee rally in Stockholm when he was stabbed by an Afghan asylum seeker.”


“Stockholm’s mayor, Karin Wanngard, protested that Rinkeby was a ‘fine neighbourhood’ and ‘teeming with vitality’.”


Here is the link to the article in full.

European girl. Source: Pixabay, free to use or share without attribution.


There was also recently an interview with Peter Springare, the Swedish policeman who achieved notoriety last year, in which he articulates pessimism regarding the countries future:

Recently, Swedish journalist Katerina Janouch interviewed the Swedish policeman Peter Springare, who in 2017 made headlines in Sweden, when he posted on the current state of the kingdom on Facebook.

In a longer interview he now admits that he is even more worried, that mayhem in fact is coming, and that people in general have no idea what will hit them.

What do we see is happening in Sweden now?

– I am deeply concerned about the development. And I’m wondering how far it must go before people in decision-making positions and politicians wake up and see where we are heading. One continues to put the head in the sand. In Helsingborg, but also here in Örebro, one goes out and say we have full control. It’s the other way around, we’ve lost control. And in the next breath one says that this just spurts us, that we do not give in. That we’ll will work even harder. But that’s not the case either. Because I know how one is affected when exposed to threats. It certainly affects. It affects the police operations, both the business and individual police officers. And then the debate will be, is it worth it, should we expose ourselves … I know there are a number of police officers in Örebro who do not want to go to work for example in Vivalla. Because it is unpleasant. When we reach that point, we are in really, really bad shape. When the police end up in a situation where one is afraid to end up in an ambush, then it has gone very, very far and we are in trouble. To me, it’s a mystery how police chiefs to the public persists that we have full control. What do they want to gain?

Is it because one does not want to scare people?

– Yes, but it does not help to lie to fix the problem, because then one gets into a “Baghdad Bob” spirit. People do not understand how bad it is. And you can not ask them to understand, because they do not get the correct information. I dislike that. However, if you speak of exactly how it is, you can make an opinion. Then politicians will get more mandates and support among the population to make radical decisions to address the problems. To sugarcoat never helps. Being Baghdad Bob only makes it worse in the long run.

Many believe that Sweden is lost when it comes to crime.

Peter is silent for a while. He does not protest immediately, does not disagree with me as I had hoped when I pronounce one of those powerful and in many people’s ears provocative statement. Finally he says:

– Yes …


Another article indicates parallel concerns:

However, another report from BRÅ shows that every third Swedish woman, 31 percent, now feel quite or very unsafe when going outside in their own residential area in the evening

Mother Europe.

Can Europe be saved? Source: Pixabay free to use or share no attribution required.


Finally, an interview with Geert Wilders provides a similar picture:

Is the refusal to acknowledge the connection between Islam and terror part of the problem?

No doubt. The leading parties of Europe now say: Islam is not the problem, it’s the salafists. As if we can talk about 2 sorts of Islam. What about the salafi and wahabi states of the Middle East that fund and indoctrinate people with ideologies in Europe and America? Saudi Arabia, the state in which Trump was waving with swords, is one of the most problematic states together with the rest of the gulf monarchies.

How much time is left?

Many researches have shown the Islamic influence on society. Muslims do not need to be a majority in a particular state in order to provoke major changes in regard to freedom, to violence and to the rule of law. In reality, we are late. We need to rise again and change this reality. We don’t have a choice. Our existence is at stake. People in whole of Europe realise what the effects are of islamisation. People are afraid to send their kids to school or to the main cities. If we won’t fight, by the end of the century we will be part of the Arab world or of Africa. In Britain there are already sharia courts on Europe’s soil. This isn’t a tale, this is real, the situation is terrible.


All around, we see articles and tweets and discussion that acknowledges what is going on.

It doesn’t always seem like it, but the atmosphere in this regard is vastly different than only a couple years ago.

I attribute this to a great degree to Donald Trump, as well as folks like Nigel Farage, but I think the everyday non-stop metapolitical warfare carried out by millions of regular people is the biggest factor.

(beyond just the impossible to ignore severity of the situation of course)



I am not hopeful that this increase of discussion about Sweden’s situation will actually cause its leaders to act differently.

Indeed, as I lay out in my new book, such developments may cause the corrupt, Postmodern Suicidalists that rule countries like Sweden and Germany to double down and become that much crazier…

Either way though, it is a welcome thing that the realities we have long pointed out are finally becoming accepted by wider swaths of the population.

Next, we just need our proposed solutions to be accepted in the same manner 🙂





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  1. Michael Gladius 1 month ago

    And if (when) a political solution fails, remember the lessons of the Boers, Finns, Israelis, Irish, and citizens of Athens, TN…

    Youths with AK-47s and bulletproof vests aren’t hard to hit with a hunting rifle. A rifle designed to kill an elk at 500+ yards will do wonders to curing Auto-immune diversity syndrome (AIDS).

    Matt Bracken’s essays are a personal favorite, too. He’s hella more qualified than I am on this subject. 😛


  2. Dashui 1 month ago

    More on refugee:

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Jesus Christ man… we are witnessing the murder of Europe that is for sure…

      Notice it was some old Boomer hag who was helping them up in the French alps too… Eck!

      • Michael Gladius 4 weeks ago

        She’s probably like the older women who go all-out cougar on these young men. Even if they’re in their 20s and 30s, they’re still 10+ years younger than these post-menopausal feminists.

        Gates of Vienna had a hilarious article about a migrant who was taken into one of these ladies’ homes and after being required to make love to her every day, he started having a mental breakdown and went to the police for help! O.o

        • Author
          Admin 4 weeks ago

          Lol yeah I’ve seen a couple stories like these too.

          Its not surprising man. When I was a teenager I can’t tell you how many older liberal women would grab my butt/get really touchy feely with me/etc.

          Usually it was at like all age parties/gatherings like fourth of july type stuff or big christmas parties, etc but man, I can only imagine.

          Horrific that they are willing to sacrifice their entire nation and their children’s futures for temporary sex with Muslim migrants who aren’t even attracted to them, but, oh well, ‘carpe diem’ it is…

          • Michael Gladius 3 weeks ago

            It’s worse then that. They not only want to live the sterile non-conformist 68ers lifestyle, they want also to rub it in the face of the ‘white patriarchy.’ They can’t have children, nor do they want them, so they can have consequence-free sexual licentiousness after menopause. The catch is, they are also doing it to publicly defy family culture and to slap white, western men in the face. They’re not in denial, they’re doing it out of spite.

            The men of their generation have a high rate of childlessness, because ultimately the woman decides who she reproduces with (barring the use of force). Women who forsake marriage and chase after rich alphas (filled with thugs and clinical psychopaths) can show how much power they have over civilization, especially when men do nothing to stop them.

            They also think of non-white men as innately superior, physically and culturally (with at least mental parity). It’s like the Latin American version of Fascism, which emphasized hybrid vigor, rather than ethnic purity:

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Thanks for linking to this Dashui this is excellent!

  3. ellone 1 month ago

    Time to set the machine guns to automatic and hold down the trigger.

  4. SteveRogers42 4 weeks ago

    As Stockholm’s mayor demonstrates, they have waaayyyy too many women in positions of power over there.

    Case in point — The enemy within:



    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Definitely worth murdering your nation over… that’s for sure.

      Tye-dye witches indeed.

  5. SteveRogers42 4 weeks ago

    Odin, take me home!


    This can’t possibly be true, can it? Any Swedish guys on here to confirm/deny?

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      I almost can’t believe that, and I wouldn’t, but I went to the site and it looks legit… that is absolutely insane man. I really, really am shocked by that… and I don’t get shocked about rabid Swedism very often… jeez louise man..

  6. SteveRogers42 4 weeks ago

    I continue to hope my forlorn hope that elements of organized crime will decide that Turd World immivaders are “bad for business” and that “they gotta go”. If these guys could lay their hands on anti-tank rockets again, and this time aim them at the Muslim hordes, we’d be off to a really good start:


    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      I’ve never understood the tendency of some Scandinavians to copy these weird US phenomenons like the Hells Angels. Why can’t they just be happy to live in Tolkieneseque wonderland and contain themselves to hunting/fishing/hiking/having happy little blonde children?

      But yes, I agree with your sentiments my friend!

  7. Unknown 4 weeks ago

    In Austria’s media, there is only few coverage of Sweden’s crisis. Some of the “bad” newspapers report on the most evil happenings, but the “good” ones deliberately avoid such disturbing kind of news. As if quality of media was determined by well-feeling of the consumers rather than by informing about the most relevant things. Only alternative media on the Internet bring in the missing parts of reality, to those who actively look out for them.

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      Yeah, surprising there’s even some though really.

      How do you think Austria’s new government is doing?

      • Unknown 3 weeks ago

        They are doing something in the right direction, but so far it is unclear if they can achieve much. Also, getting the EU to do the right thing is a heavy duty job. But Mr. Kurz seems really smart when it comes to finding allies. The FPÖ, while more trustful in purpose, is hindered by leftist media attacks. I guess that any change will come only at a slow pace, but hopefully with endurance.

        • Author
          Admin 3 weeks ago

          Right on. Interesting how getting a young person in there vastly changes things.

          Hard to be as ‘pro-migration’ when you are 32 and actually someone who will have to deal with it more than 10-15 years into the future!

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