Powerful Video: African Rapes 15 French White Women At Knifepoint, States It Was Because He ‘Hates White People’

Powerful Video: African Rapes 15 French White Women At Knifepoint, States It Was Because He ‘Hates White People’
March 22, 2016 Admin

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    This item made me feel sick. The African played on the White Guilt thing to justify his actions against these innocent women. To believe you can come to another nation and treat their citizens in this way makes it beyond belief. Only the death penalty would suffice if true justice was served. How dare he use White hate as an excuse.

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      Admin 2 years ago

      I agree. It is the stories like this, and Rotherham, that cause the most visceral reaction in me. I do believe we will seen reactionary violence soon however. I know we are all still amazed that it hasn’t taken place (outside of Breivik obviously), but I think it will.

  2. Lynda 2 years ago

    Maybe Le Pen’s National Front did not manage to win any regions in the final round of recent elections, but the type of stuff on that video has the potential to turn the tables around across of all sectors of the European Civil War in France

    Just after the elections, Marine Le Pen and the NF was talking about invader/migrant rapes in terms of womens’ rights.
    http://galliawatch.blogspot.com.au/2016/01/marine-le-pen-on-cologne-and-womens.html#!/2016/01/marine-le-pen-on-cologne-and-womens.html. This is the wrong way to frame the debate. For what follows the insane attempt to weigh up the human rights of migrants vs womens’ rights. And the rights of multicultural respect for Sharia laws in relation to the criminal justice system.

    To the rescue sanity comes the African rapist. His testimony is a gift to the NF and busts the political correctoid delusions which still holds in thrall toomany in France – delusions to which the NF must cater at least to some extent.

    For the public record, the rapist himself takes his rape spree out of the usual race hustling/entitlement motivation, his unhappy childhood, his ‘muh dick’ tale of woe and the white guilt/priviledge made me do it whine. And he puts it squarely in the category of race hate: qed acts of aggression committed by an alien hostile force. He himself puts his acts squarely into the category of vae victis. This is the honest truth of what is going on here. I am surprised his lawyer just let him just rabbit on with these frank statments.

    The National Front (now surging in the informal polls) will lose no time to press this advantage. Now they are comparing the Muslim population tansfer to Europe / Islamification to the Nazi occupation.

    This important step is crucial in linking invader rapes to acts of war conducted by hostiles on French soil and against French women.

    In one key step is undone the boiling frog strategy of the French traitor political elite. Entre the en brochette strategy of Le Pen and the National Front.

    What Geert Wilders calls “this global political movement” does not want raped French women period. But above all it does not want raped French women carrying on in court about their feminist entitlements and arguing with ‘the humanitarian crisis’ and White Priviledge trauma cases for their place in the victim hierarchy as good cultural Marxists. It does not want some African and his dick using the court appearance and public record to race hustle the Gatekeepers about his hurt feelings and those horrible, evil, Whites who administered his unhappy childhood. We do not want to read about any of this in the douchey libtard press.

    What we do want is the blood of the last Frenchmen standing to boil at the mere thought of the alien ethnics in occupation of large sections of France who are raping French women as some kind of moral imperative – hostile non-French nationalities massively imported and enabled by the French political elite/traitor government officials. We want these traitors to France to just shit their panties realising that nationalist France is taking the Red Pill and coming for them. We want: avant ils sont les notres!

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      Admin 2 years ago

      Great comment Lynda. I agree completely. I hope and pray for the day when these animals tremble in fear at the sound of the coming native Europeans. The time is nigh for the violence to begin.

  3. Lynda 2 years ago
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      Admin 2 years ago


  4. Matt Edge 2 years ago

    Multiculturalism and feminism make cuckolds of all us White men. And beneath the offensively dishonest veneer of these puerile narratives one can perceive that cuckolding us was precisely the intention all along.

    The first step towards a White state must be to absolutely strip ALL women of any authority and influence. We can take a page from the Taliban on that one.

    Women are the monkey wrenches which sabotage the mechanism of male solidarity so necessary to a functioning patriarchy. And patriarchy isn’t someone’s opinion, or some option among many. It is a necessity, if we neglect necessities then we will die.

    Until we bring our whores under control, nothing else matters because the fickle and irresponsible tendencies of female influence will negate any progress we make.

    White Knights must be exposed and tore down with iciest brutality and without hesitation.

    We control our women and then, and only then, will we control the destiny of our people.

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