Powerful Video: War Is Peace, Up Is Down, And Diversity Is Strength

Powerful Video: War Is Peace, Up Is Down, And Diversity Is Strength
May 1, 2016 Admin

This is a new video from Black Pigeon Speaks on the subject of ‘Diversity’. Black Pigeon Speaks is a Youtube artist/thinker who has made a number of recent popular videos relevant to our cause. This specific video precipitated a number of thoughts in my mind and I wanted to post it here and share them. It is not solely focused on Europe but the issues and topics it discusses are all applicable to it.


1. I love the quote from the video that I used as the title of this article. Would make a great bumper sticker because its just ambiguous enough but not too much and really packs a punch.

2. Justin Trudeau was the perfect poster boy for it. Trudeau is actually very likeable, and the first time I heard about him all I learned was that he had a big beautiful family and that he had competed in some kind of celebrity boxing fundraiser. I thought ‘Wow, a White male politician who had the guts to box someone and who has a great big prolific multi-child White family. Sounds like my kind of guy!’ Of course every single thing I have found out since then has been a colossal let down lol. Indeed Trudeau’s policies are horrifying. Pretty much straight Swedism all the way.

He is also the most perfectly prototypical representation of this insipid, emasculated, fantastical, fully-removed-from-reality form of thinking that is so prevalent on college campuses and Arctic Ocean-abutting White nations right now. You can tell just from looking at Trudeau and hearing his high-pitched little voice that the guy has never spent five minutes in a situation in which he really felt threatened, or had to deal with danger, filth, ugliness, evil, etc (apart from this paradoxical boxing match). Indeed, anyone who has ever read Jack London’s The Sea Wolf will understand Trudeau as the modern incarnation of beginning-of-story Humphrey Van Weyden, the milquetoast little writer man terrified of his own shadow but needlessly self-important. If you haven’t read The Sea Wolf, you should go check it out. It is the greatest ‘man’s book’ I have ever read, in which the aforementioned Van Weyden is thrust into a Campbellian ‘Hero’s Journey’ aboard a seal-hunting ship with a masculine devil of a captain, and must learn to be a man himself if he is to survive and save his newfound love.

3. The film includes a thought-provoking focus on the evolutionary advantages of ethnocentrism. This is combined with a discussion of modernity that echoes the Charles Lindbergh essay from circa 1940 that we recently published on here. Each detail the extreme fluidity of modernity, where communications and information travel around the world in milliseconds, and people can hop on a plane and visit/emigrate to/invade different lands just as quickly.

The video outlines the negative impacts these forces are having on our people and our nations, which are indeed catastrophic. However, it occurs to me that it is possible for them to (potentially) allow for a positive impacts in some cases as well. For instance, they might conversely allow for greater fluidity in the formation of purposefully homogenous nations. For instance, if, as we predict, Eastern Europe becomes very deliberately ‘different’ from Western Europe over the next decade and going forward, it could very well become a ‘soft’ version of a White homeland, which begins drawing Whites from all over the world who wish to escape the multicultural hells that their nations have become.

In terms of more robust permutations of this same potential phenomenon, ponder the possibility of a future failed-state- perhaps in Sweden, or Austria- and our ability to ‘populate it’ quickly as a result of this same fluidity, and with the same advantages inherent in (our own) ethnocentrism.

4. The Thomas Sowell quote is particularly thought-provoking. As seen in the video it reads: “The entire Western history throughout the 20th century can be summed up with trying to replace what worked with what sounded nice.”

While we who are ‘conscious’ are all well aware of this, it does provoke thoughts on how our current era (in the West) might be seen from a very far remove, say 500 years. I (and we) are used to thinking about things from a historical perspective, and putting ourselves in the place of our children and grandchildren looking back on our present societal suicide from the remove of say, 20-50 years. But if we think about it from an even greater remove, it is very possible there are additional insights to be gleaned. This is something I will be focusing on.

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  1. Matt Edge 1 year ago

    The ending brings to mind Aesop’s Fable of the fasces bundle. How each brother could break a stick but when the dying father ties them into a bundle none of the brothers can break it. And so the father’s parting advice to his sons is unity in strength.

    Fascism is European man’s most natural and effective expression of ethnocentrism. It’s why liberals, feminists, and Jews equate anything to the right of their lunacy as fascism and nazism. It’s what they fear the most and it’s what we should focus on the most.

    Under this banner we had Rome and National Socialism, which will be long revered for their courage, martial prowess, and honour.

    It’s either that or Islam. And if it’s Islam then White European man will end up like the Chechens. Which I don’t think is a bad thing, it’s just we can do better than that.

    But either way I know the White man of Europe will survive. But I seriously doubt the liberal ones, the philo-Semitic traitors, or the plain degenerates have a fighting chance in the coming decades.

    We just need to get our ideological/religious foundations straight, and that means owning Hitler’s exemplary legacy and refusing to apologise to our hateful enemies about it.

  2. Trend prophet 1 year ago

    fascism? That has more in common with the east than Germanic tribal open hearings of which parliaments are an offshoot

    • Matt Edge 1 year ago

      That’s more an Anglo thing.

      For Germans Prussian-style militarism is perfectly fine.

      There is a certain Eastern characteristic to the German spirit which makes such a communal act as fascism more feasible than in the more individualistic Anglo world.

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