PragerU Alt Right Video Hypocrisy?

PragerU Alt Right Video Hypocrisy?
November 3, 2017 Admin
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Greetings men-

There is a large Youtube channel called “PragerU” that is currently making waves.

Although I disagree with it on a number of issues, the channel is actually quite good usually in my opinion. They combine political videos (done through a mix of first person narration and animation) with topics like sociology, parenting, personal finance, and other things that most people don’t connect but which (in my opinion) very naturally go together.

As a result they have built up a massive following of over one million subscribers and usually get at least half a million views per video.


However, earlier this week they published a video titled ‘PragerU – What Is The Alt Right?’ that earned them more collective enmity than I think they ever expected possible.


The video focused on four supposed ‘Alt Right’ figures, including Jared Taylor and Vox Day.

Now, I do not self-identify with the term ‘Alt-Right’ for a number of reasons, including the fact that its a nebulous term that anyone can adopt that no one has legal ownership of, which, in my opinion, makes it a horrible term for self-branding even if one did wish to self-identify with it.

However, I did speak at Jared Taylor’s Amren conference, and I do read Vox Day’s website every day, so I certainly feel qualified to attest to the videos’ accuracy to a decent regard.


In that vein, here is why the video was an unfortunate piece of idiocy that sullied the otherwise pretty successful PragerU brand.




Mischaracterization: Whether from ignorance or dishonesty, they claim these individuals are united by a belief that ‘A person’s worth is determined by their skin color’.

Now, I have read literally hundreds of pages by Vox Day and Jared Taylor, and this is a TOTAL fabrication. Furthermore, I have never met a SINGLE PERSON at Amren, the Northwest Forum, or anywhere else who believes this.

On the other hand, I have met a lot of people who merely wish for Europe to not be destroyed, and who wish for European women and children not to be the victims of horrific gang-rapes and murders, and for the lands their ancestors fought to protect not become 100% Islamic. Yet the crisis in Europe was not even mentioned in the video.


Poor Research: Despite the narrator guy bragging about how he ‘immersed himself’ in the ‘Alt Right’, there were numerous total innacuracies, mistatements of website names, mistatements of basic facts, and gross mischaracterizations or misunderstandings of ideology regarding the individuals mentioned in the video.


They relied on rote boogeyman tactics and lies and scaremongering that completely eliminated any intellectual legitimacy the video might have had. They normally make reasonably intelligent videos (even the ones I disagree with), and if they had really tried to take down these four individuals’ positions through substance and reasoned argument, that would have been something at least worthy of respect. Instead they came off like clueless old fogey’s trying to sound ‘hip’ talking to young people.


They continually argued that the ‘Alt Right’ are just like leftists other than their ‘evil racism/etc’, yet most of their points attesting to this were to total mis-characterizations or reaches. Furthermore, by engaging in this rote villainization of any Occidental who doesn’t hate himself, and boogeyman virtue-signalling in general, THEY THEMSELVES came off like leftists, and totally defeated their argument.


Finally, PragerU is currently involved in a high-profile lawsuit against Youtube claiming that Youtube is censoring them by placing some of their videos in ‘Restricted Mode’ merely because they are conservative. Whatever one thinks of that, the fact that they are demonizing individuals like Vox Day and Jared Taylor and essentially implying their views are undeserving of a platform, seems a little hypocritical in the context of their own lawsuit against Youtube.



The comment section of the video was strikingly negative towards it. There were numerous commenters who stated they had donated to PragerU in the past but were withdrawing all support because of the video.

Like me, these were not individuals who glowingly embrace the term ‘Alt-Right’, but merely folks who were offended by the stifling simplification of the video and hypocritical demonization of the individuals mentioned in it.

Furthermore, it bears pointing out that PragerU has videos up on Youtube arguging in favor of Israel’s right to all the same things individuals like Day and Taylor were advocating for for European countries.

And honestly, I’m not at all surprised by the video, but its still important to call a spade a spade and push back against the demonization of people that merely want Europe to not be destroyed.



Editor’s Note: Here is the video in question.

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  1. Ernst 2 months ago

    The guy in the video is obviously a jew, that is why he supports Israel and works against white people.

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