Preparation For Reconquest

Preparation For Reconquest
May 22, 2017 Admin

The Irish Savant recently put down some words that I believe are on the mark regarding the age old question on action vs things other than action.

This is obviously quite relevant to us, as Europe and similarly deteriorating places slide farther away from survival every day, making the drive to do something overwhelming.

The Savant states the following:

Don’t know whether you picked up on a mini thread in the previous post on the issue of keyboard warriors. The thesis was to the effect that they had failed to prove their worth and should now join the street fighters. Now cracking enemy skulls is a worthy and noble exercise but in itself will not suffice. If we are to get our countries back we must first awaken Whites as to what’s being done to them, by whom and why. In the absence of this we can whack libtards to our hearts’ content but to little avail.

A reaction by an unenlightened minority can be easily controlled, misdirected and ultimately nullified. The media and police will come down like a ton of bricks. Maybe a few short-term scraps will be thrown but normal nation-wrecking business will soon resume. In any event such street action will be directed against the symptom (immigrants) while ignoring the real culprits. You don’t succeed that way.As Samuel Adams observed “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”. And that’s where the keyboard warriors come in. Remember most revolutions of the 20th century are said to have started in coffee shops. The Internet today is the equivalent of these coffee shops. Blogs, comments on social media and MSM outlets (where permitted) if voluminous enough and on message can generate this critical mass. Remember the system survives only because White men permit it to stand. They permit it to stand only because they fail to appreciate the nature and scale of the war being waged on them.

That’s where the keyboard warriors come in. And once we do reach that critical mass skull-cracking can begin in earnest.

Critical Mass

Irish Savant‘s piece echoes a previous article I wrote called “Asymmetric Opportunities” that argued that the best case scenario for Occcidental countries well on their way to destruction (France, Sweden, etc) is for Nationalists to build up power, organizations, networks, wealth, and capabilities so that once anarchy DOES break out- and asymmetric opportunities present themselves- we Nationalists can take advantage of them (as opposed to recklessly trying to do something too early, when the majority of the native population still supports the Suicidalist governments).

Highly relevant to that mission is this extremely cool video Steve linked to for us from Generation Identitaire in France. I believe it takes place in Lyon, and is a perfect representation of what I am talking about (at least on the physical level):

I find the video HIGHLY inspiring. And I absolutely believe that such asymmetric opportunities WILL come. They may be big or small, and could at worst merely involve keeping a few small corners of Western Europe free, but no matter what size they are, they then become building blocks for additional opportunities in the future (same applies with other Occidental countries outside of Europe if they follow course).


Update On Personal Preparation

Since preparation is the topic of this post I will also take this as an opportunity to update readers on my own preparation. I have had a number of people ask about it, and I am very glad to share some updates.

This follows from previous posts I have done, so for background information check those out, but basically entails trying to be as prepared and capable as possible for any form of contest over our countries’ futures- be it metapolitical or physical- and to ensure I am contributing exactly 100% of what I am capable of in our struggle to preserve European/Occidental civilization and heritage.



On the physical front I am still running but have not yet got my one mile time to the Army Ranger minimum of 7:30 (actually the Ranger minimum is two miles in 15:00, to be precise). Getting closer though and for the first time in my life have really developed a love of running.

I can now do over 70 pushups in two minutes, which is better than my previous pr and above the Ranger minimum threshold.

The partisan giI have not been doing situps because I just don’t have a setup that really allows it (something to hook my feet into), so that is the one aspect of the Ranger minimums I can’t measure myself against.

I lift weights every day, usually 6-7 sets 2 times a day at least and then pushups/air squats/a four minute drop-set weightlifting marathon before as many meals each day as possible, so that carbs flow to muscle as much as possible rather than get turned into fat.

My measurements are:

Neck 19″ (although I’m measuring more conservatively so its probably .5″ bigger than last time when I said it was 19″- necks are hard to measure)
Left Arm- 17.7″ (small improvement)
Right Arm- 17.3 (small improvement)
Shoulders 54″
Chest 46.3″
Torso 36.15″
Waist 38.75″
Hips 39.50″
Left Forearm 14″
Right Forearm 14″

I don’t try to max out on any lifts for the most part but I doubt my bench is over 300, probably close though. Overhead press I’ll crank out 15 reps at 129 lbs so not sure what that converts to for 1 rep max. My strength is not commensurate with my hypertrophy I am sad to say but I am limited to lifting in the space I live rather than a gym so I don’t get the chance to do as much powerlifting as I would like.


This I am ashamed to say is the area that has gotten ZERO focus. I have not begun any MMA classes or firearms training or anything else.

This drives me crazy and it is a huge prerogative of mine to get going with either or both as soon as possible. (It is the issue of time that is the complicating factor, its not like I’m playing video games instead or something)


I have been practicing weekly with a group of other folks with the purpose of improving my public speaking skills, and feel like I have made big strides in this area. I am totally addicted to it and can feel myself improving. Its really quite amazing just what a detailed subject public speaking is and how much goes into it.

Also continuing to write daily, and focusing on publishing more books.


I continue to work hard raising a proud, strong Viking son.

I continue to work on every day building wealth and increasing my logistical ability to aid our cause.

My wife and I continue to donate small sums of money (not as much as we would like) to appropriate Ceuta 2entities/individuals.

I continue trying to build relationships with like-minded individuals and continue to work to increase our collective logistical reach. To this effect I have attended another Northwest Forum, have connected IRL with Preservationist groups regionally, and am getting ready to speak at Amren in July.

I am working towards the goal of going back to Europe as soon as possible, and spending as much time there in the coming years as possible.


Question For Readers

The above are those things that I myself have been focused on, but I suppose the logical question that would grow out of it is that of just what skills are most important for a motivated young Preservationist who seeks to aid the cause of Europe/his people?

Or in other words, for a man to feel good about his efforts and capabilities vis a vis the future of the West/the future of the Occident, what skills and capabilities should be possess? What activities must he undertake?

I’m not talking about turning oneself into a contemporary Charles Martel or trying to LARP either, but I think all would agree that modern European men should do everything possible self-improvement-wise in these regards, just to be the strongest, most tactically capable man they can be independently of any potential need for such skills, but irregardless, the question of what those skills, capabilities, and activities should be is a crucially important one.

If anyone has thoughts I would welcome them!

Editor’s Note: Big thanks to Robert for introducing me to the Irish Savant post!

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  1. Dashui 8 months ago

    here’s a good article on running middle distance:

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Excellent article!

      Puts my measley 7:30 goal in perspective lol. Even more so since I’m still not there.

      Then again, when I started I could barely run for 100 straight yards (I was in excellent shape then weightlifting wise, just had no lung endurance).

      It feels good making more and more progress though.

      I take it you are a runner yourself Dash?

      • dashui 8 months ago

        For myself, I like to jog 5 minutes, drop down do some pushups, jog another 5 minutes do some leg lifts, burpees, etc…for an hour.

        • Author
          Admin 8 months ago

          That is good. You probably got much better lung power than me still. Ten minutes is about the extent of what I am doing.

          I get a decent workout from the weightlifting too in that capacity I guess though. I’ll often be pretty sweaty by the end even though I take 3-3:30 minutes between sets.

          I just find weightlifting so much more addicting because you can see the results. Running feels good and is cool…. but if it made my arms bigger man I would be doing it like crazy lol.

  2. shadowman 8 months ago

    As far as “steps to take” goes, a good dose of ridicule of the other side can go a long way IMO.
    One of the best examples of this is the video done by SyeTen here in which he mocks the denial of Western Europeans –

    That’s a really good, sharp and cutting video. A few denialists will see that and think “you know – this guy really does have a point.”

    Antifa have had a **mountain** of scorn and derision poured on them – justifiably so. Every bit of that helps to *dis*courage the leftists and maybe even encourage a few to start thinking (for a change).

    Oh – I must say a few words about today’s terrorist attack in Manchester. I’m sure it’ll be the “religion” of “peace” again. Anyway – it is my guess that it will take maybe another *50* or so attacks like this before the Brits start waking up. Apart from the situation greatly worsening, I don’t see much of a fightback in the UK in the next five years or so.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      I think 50 sounds about right unfortunately :/

      But then again the UK and Austria were the two countries where opinions on Islam/immigration were most incongruent with policy. However I still don’t think that will change the 50 number unfortunatley lol.

      I agree completely on the video though.

      As that recent meme states ‘Normies are the cancer, irony is the answer!’


  3. Mac Tírè 8 months ago

    I think everyone who has the space should grow something, vegetable garden, fruit trees, etc .

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Very good point Mac Tire.

      That gets into the ‘prepping’ side too to some degree, which is another avenue I want to pursue and become more educated and tactically prepared for.

      My parents gardened like crazy and when I was a teenager we sometimes went several days without having to eat store bought food. It was very cool. Very healthy too.

      I would absolutely love to have some house with a garden and eat real, actual food every day. Maybe animals to butcher and eat too. I am always so preoccupied with other endeavors though I would have to let someone else use the space in exchange for giving me a cut of the harvest lol.

      Appreciate your thoughts is that your first comment on the site? How did you stumble on it?

  4. shadowman 8 months ago

    Hi again all –

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this page before but anyway, it’s very good.

    This guy who calls himself the “savvy kafir” has written an e-book called “The Savvy Kafir’s Intro to Islam – A Primer for Puzzled Progressives”. This guy (and others like him) is very useful because as a “progressive” (although a somewhat red-pilled one) he may be able to reach people that others can’t.
    Anyway, here is his website –

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Very good Shadowman thank you. I am gonna reach out and see if he wants to do an interview for the site.

      A good paragraph I thought:

      My initial research into the ideology that motivates my story’s antagonists alerted me to the fact that things were much worse than I had imagined. So I dug deeper. And it seemed the deeper I dug, the scarier it got. This religion appeared to be a bottomless pit of depravity, savagery, & civilization-imperiling ideas. At the same time, I became painfully aware that many of my fellow progressives are compounding the problem — significantly — by aiding & abetting Islamists in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Israel, & elsewhere. Somehow, politically-correct, mainstream liberals have not only failed to see that Islam is actively opposed to every ideal & agenda we’re supposed to stand for, they’ve actually become determined champions of Islam — continually making excuses for this barbaric ideology, denying its culpability in terrorism, misogyny, and other direct results of Islamic theology, and viciously attacking anyone who dares to criticize this religion or its adherents. “Surreal” is the word that keeps coming to mind, whenever I contemplate this collusion between Islam and the political left. If I didn’t have the scars to prove it (thanks, Daily Kos!), I wouldn’t believe that a situation so unlikely, and so profoundly fucked up, could possibly exist.

  5. Christian 8 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Indeed 🙂 Would love to see what a few shiploads of those dudes would do if we could magically import them to the modern EU!

  6. dbreen 8 months ago

    You asked for suggestions, I think voluntary work, particularly teaching/coaching.
    European countries where speech crimes could be prosecuted, a goy who teaches computer skills to the elderly or programming to youngsters would look good if one ever was taken to court.
    A lot of people in these spheres is introverted. Explaining things and teaching, it would build interpersonal skills, useful in work, activism or personal relationships. Less structured than toastmasters but it still counts.
    I have a comrade who offers free irish tutorials to the children of the nationalist party members. Such actions build a shared community. I’ve taught youngsters maths myself to some family friends. I need to volunteer again myself . There are altruistic reasons of course as well.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      That is an extremely good point breen.

      I think those who argue community is the most important form of leverage we have are absolutely right. And there is probably no better way than doing what you are saying. Especially in terms of bringing youngsters over to our side.

      This is an area I could definitely do better in, as other than those 2-3 big forums/conferences I have not done much getting involved locally.

      Others certainly are though. Those guys in Cascadia and IE seem to be doing great stuff with in person organization.

      Seems like the same is happening in Europe with Generation Identitaire, Sons of Odin, etc.

      I have worked as a teacher (for a year) and in social work (for a number of years), and you are right it is immensely rewarding.

      Remind me again what part of the Occident you are from? (you can be vague if you want, was just curious)

  7. SteveRogers42 8 months ago

    Well done, lad! Keep training — acta non verba! You can never be too strong or too rich!

    Quick ‘n dirty firearms tip: If you have a handgun, you can improve your skills a lot by dry-firing. Trigger press, sight picture can be drilled with an empty weapon, using — oh, I don’t know — CNN, say, as an aiming point. Reloading, malfunction drills…these can all be done without leaving the couch, so that they are ingrained motor skills that you can access in a crisis. Don’t forget to do everything with your off-hand as well. Drill “point shooting” as well as aimed fire, because that is inevitably what you will end up doing at close quarters, and it’s surprisingly accurate out to 10 yards or so.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      There are some shooting ranges where I live that I might start practicing at too. Would like to become proficient in hunting as well so I could train my son in it someday.

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