Preservationism Spreads- Big News In Central Europe!

Preservationism Spreads- Big News In Central Europe!
May 10, 2016 Admin

We who fight for the preservation of the West place a large reserve of hope in the nations of Eastern Europe. They alone at this point have pushed back against the destruction of our people and lands, and publicly rejected the suicidal religion that has overtaken the Western half of the continent.

Within Eastern Europe itself Hungary reigns supreme in this regard. Victor Orban and the Hungarian government have ceaselessly advocated against the mass immigration perpetrated upon native Europeans. They have refused to obey EU dictates, they have harangued and opposed the priests of European-suicide in the intelligentsia, and they have forcefully and symbolically closed their borders to migrants.

Next to them comes Poland, not far behind in this regard. Indeed, since the Law and Justice Party came to power several months ago, they have become a second Hungary, steadfastly standing up for their people, and for the future of Europe.

Slovakia has done the same, as too, to a lesser extent, has the Czech Republic. These four nations make up the ‘Visegrad Group’. Currently known as the scourge of EU Functionaries and prominent European-Suicidalists, they may one day be the rulers of all that remains of Europe. Today however they are attacked by neighbors such as Germany and Sweden, who attempt to bully them into submission, and the adoption of their same disastrous immigration policies.

This resistance has so far been a rare ideal, confined mostly to Hungary and Poland, but there are hints it is spreading. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the national governments are still refusing to accept migrants, despite the fact that today the EU threatened to fine them 290,000$ for every ‘refugee’ refused.

In addition we hear the news that Slovakian police actually shot a migrant yesterday, when a group of them tried to strongarm their way through the border in a speeding car and directly put the lives of the Slovakian citizens and police in danger.

The Suicidalists were quick to react. Andrew Stroehlein, Europe Media Director for Human Right’s Watch, stated that “It is outrageous that Slovak authorities are shooting at innocent people fleeing war.”  (this despite the fact that the ‘refugees’ were attacking border troops and attempting to run over people and barriers)

It seems that Slovakia and the Czech Republic are no longer willing to listen to the Andrew Stroehlein’s of the world however, and that they have decided that the moral approval of effete Western Europeans is not worth having their children be raped, their elderly attacked, and their civilization destroyed.

More hopeful still however is the fact that this spirit seems to be seeping westward to Austria. Austria has in many ways moved in lockstep with countries such as Belgium and Sweden and Germany, but I always sensed that there was something a little different lurking underneath, and events seem to be suggesting that that is the case.

First there was the Brenner Pass, where the Austrian authorities closed down their border crossing with Italy, not allowing any more migrants to enter. This earned the condemnation of all the usual parties (Germany, Sweden), as well as large protests on the border, but still Austria held fast.

Even after large groups of feminine White European men went there to protest, and to demand that Muslims be flooded into the country to rape their women, Austria refused.

Even after large groups of feminine native European men went there to protest, and to demand that Muslims be flooded into the country, Austria refused.

Then we had the first round of the recent Austrian Presidential Election. Austria has a Chancellor of course- a position held by the Socialist (SPO) Party- so the Presidential office is, and the election was, considered rather symbolic. However that did not lessen the shock to members of the traitor class all over Europe when Norbert Hofer, the handgun-carrying candidate of the ‘far-right’ Freedom Party, came in first place by a wide margin.

This seemed appropriate, given the circumstances, as the ‘refugees’ the mainstream political parties had been importing for nigh on 40 years continued with their standard behavior.

In April, a young Austrian woman stopped at a public bathroom near the train station while with a friend. She was followed into the ladies’ room by three young Afghan ‘refugees’, who slammed her head into a wall, then held her down and raped her, as they covered her mouth to muffle her screams.

Next, a 21 year old Kenyan man with a long and storied police record, who had been awaiting deportation for seven years, took an iron bar and savagely attacked a 54 year-old Austrian lady in street, beating her to death in broad daylight. More horrifying still, the same man had been arrested once before for… attempting to beat someone on the street with an iron bar.

Our Preservationist kin held a vigil/mass/protest for the Austrian lady soon after, at which they were attacked by ‘Anti-Fascists’. Yet it seems overall that an anger has arisen in Austria which is now stronger than the nutjob Antifa and Green Party psychopaths can fight against.

Our own commenter Matt Edge recently travelled to Austria, and reported that he indeed sensed the changing mood. That stories of immigrants raping white women were common, and that patience for the invaders was quickly drying up.

And now, today, May 10th, we receive word that the traitorous Chancellor of Austria, from the Socialist SPO Party, has resigned. The BBC Headline reads ‘Shock as Austrian Chancellor Faymman quits’.

Their article attributes his resignation to the Freedom Party’s recent victory, in which the governing Socialist Party didn’t even get second place, missing the runoff election entirely. Faymann himself attributed it to a lack of support within his own party. It seems clear that his departure has been fueled by the deeply unpopular presence of refugees however, as the Austrians get tired of their children being raped and their elderly beaten to death.

This brings up promising possibilities. For while I do not get too excited about electoral changes in Europe, knowing, as we all do, that Europe’s survival can only come through civil war, Austria is one nation where politics could still make the difference.

Unlike places like France, the UK, Germany, and Sweden, Austria still has low enough numbers of Muslims that they could turn things around. If they were to immediately cease accepting any additional immigrants, and to begin repatriating the ones already there, they could very well follow the path of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, and survive the horrific crisis coming to Western Europe.

Indeed that is my foremost hope- that Austria elects the FPO, and they follow the Visegrad Model to the tee, embracing their European identity, rejecting multiculturalism, and rebuking calls for the genocide of their people.

And if one looks at Austria on a map of Europe this seems natural, for there it rests, snuggled between the welcoming arms of the four Visegrad nations, the new home of European heritage on earth.

Let us hope Austria becomes (for all intents and purposes at least) their new ‘fifth’ member. And that when the war ends someday, they will rest on the side of those that rejected Islam, rejected suicide, and retained their European character (and freedom).

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  1. RichardJames 2 years ago

    I have long thought of Austria as the embryo of Europe.
    There does seem to be a rising awareness of the true nature of the EU, even here in Britain. Leaving the EU should buy us some time. Though many in Britain believe that ukip and brexit will solve all our problems. I have pointed out to them the folly of this line of thinking. That there are already enough “legal” non White immigrants in Britain to complete our demographic decline into third world conditions and all that comes with it.
    Eastern Europeans/slavic peoples are proving not to be slavish.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Richard-

      Do you think your countrymen will vote to leave? And what are your thoughts on Boris Johnson? Obviously not one of us, but an interesting character. Haven’t studied him that deeply. The UK fascinates me, hence my Telegraph obsession lol. Although I would rather eventually live (and fight) in Sweden or somewhere a little more Nordic-y.

  2. RichardJames 2 years ago

    Unfortunately there has been another rape in Austria.
    A four year old Austrian girl has been repeatedly raped by an asylum seaker that was given refuge by an Austrian family.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I couldn’t bring myself to read the article when you first posted it. Had to wait until I was about to start writing so I would be in the right mindset. It sure worked for that. These sick parents are as responsible as the Muslim that raped the kid. Utterly horrifying.

  3. Michaek 2 years ago

    Interesting and concerning is the meeting between the Polish Minister and Pope Frank due shortly. The Catholic Church has a strong hold on Polish life and politics. Will Pope Frank try to persuade the Poles to accept more invaders on Christian principles or under the threat of mortal sin and eternal damnation ? We know that Pope Frank is pro the colonisation of Europe from the Third World.

    • The Osprey 2 years ago

      I think the Polish Catholics have more sense than to allow themselves be bullied by Anti-Pope Francis into accepting the Hijra in Great Catholic Poland.

      • Author
        Admin 2 years ago

        I love that video 🙂 Makes my heart swell with pride every time. Hoping that are you correct (and think you are).

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yes that sick son of a gun is arguably worse than Merkel. I sure hope Poland doesn’t listen to him. Do you think most Poles are influencable by the Pope?

      It seems that many traditional Catholics dislike him more than anyone (actually I am basing that entirely off of Les Brigandes but I believe it to be valid).

      It is interesting though that the Pope’s stance and ethics and emotions re: third world invaderism and race are very similar to a lot of Evangelical Christians here. I want to write a book or article about it but left-wing city dwelling latte liberals and rural ‘Bible-thumping’ Republican Evangelicals are practically identical nowadays (although both still hating the other and thinking they are the cause of all the problems). If you take away global warning and gay marriage and a few other ‘cultural’ issues they are identical, especially in their racial suicidalism and fetishization of dark skin (adopting African babies, etc).

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Very cool. I will do so!

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Where to land? Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Croatia. Lots of potential bases.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Denmark would be good because you would be equidistant to Germany and Sweden, two likely places for things to start. Also semi-close to France. Also in a country that is more pro-preservationism, less insane than its neighbors. I think Norway is far more beautiful than Denmark though so it would be a tough call for me 🙂 Austria could be good too. Heck its all pretty close together compared to America.

  5. REzzz 2 years ago

    It’s great that several central and eastern European countries are putting up resistance to this insanity,

    On another level though, what can be done to push out the Social Justice Warriors? They infiltrate everywhere, corporations and especially the churches. These SJW have been doing this infiltration efforts for decades now. They will get a one or two, (usually a woman or some gay guy in) people that mainly talks the church talk and quotes the bible a lot, but their goal is to feminize the church, bring in the SJW narratives, and bring in more even stronger SJW advocates.

    Stefan Molyneux talks about the whole feminazation of males in Western Civilization, but most churches cannot be the answer as they are almost completely a part of the problem at this stage. Let’s face it, the Vatican can be said to be heavily taken over by extreme Leftists these days.

    I like Vox Day’s approaches to start taking down SJWs one at a time or in groups. First we have to realize that these various groups are the ones that threaten peoples work and lives for speaking out. Get the various money backed Leftists, Globalists, and other Virtue-Signaling morons and White knights out of the way first, and the rest will fall into place.

    Opps! I have now read: Violence And Vanguardism Part I, including Nxxx’s replies, and he is getting at exactly what I am trying to say, only he said it better with much more expansion on the problem.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey REzzz- Thanks for the comment! Yes Nxx is a very smart guy, I agree that he is dead on.

      I think we are making progress as far as defeating the SJW’s. I think they are starting to lose the narrative, so to speak, and I think they have beat white people over the head for so long that there is beginning to be blowback. I too like Vox Day’s ideas. I also think that the ‘cuck’ phenomenon has been fantastic, and highly effective.

  6. Michael 2 years ago

    Of all the Christian denominations the Romans Catholic Church still hold orthodox respect and love for their clergy. The Pope is the head of the Church on earth and has such receives and expects loyality and faithfulness from his people. The division between traditional and progressive Catholicism is a difference of views about the approach to the secular world. Fundamental doctrine can not be changed not even by a Pope. This authority stems from Scripture and Tradition. The link you make between the Pope and Evangelical Christians, is interesting because the current Pope sees the common ground between the two to be important. This is also the first non European Pope for some long time, that too needs to be placed into the equation with regard to his attitude towards the Third World.

  7. REzzz 2 years ago

    Third World Catholic Priests (Central and South America) have been semi-to-complete Marxists for decades or at least large amounts of them have been and still are Extreme Leftists. It is probably different in Poland and the Central/Eastern parts of Europe. This Pope is completely in sympathy with President Obama, who is a “Rules for Radicals” Extreme leftist that sees it as his main objective to destroy Western Civilization.

    In the USA not just the Catholic charities, but the Lutheran, and a number of other Evangelical type churches are responsible for lying to any number of medium to small communities to sneak tons of Muslims into them and infiltrate them. These “charities” and over half of them are Catholic, are paid well by our leftist government to pull off these sly “pathological altruistic” attacks on unaware innocent communities. BTW, I am half Irish and half Swede, and at this point I’m getting very upset with both of my people’s abandonment of common sense.

    I have been to several Evangelical Type churches in the last few years and without fail, most of the guys are way too effeminate for my reckoning and I doubt it would be much different in Catholic churches unless dominated by Hispanics.

    Yet I am in the Midwest and if you went to the South in the USA, then common sense would likely prevail in churches. Yet Social Justice Warriors infiltrate churches wherever and whenever they can.

    I was in a grocery store last year with my Evangelical girlfriend and an Hispanic guy tried to cut in front at the checkout line by literally throwing a couple loaves of bread in front of me onto the checkout counter. The guy was in his mid-20’s and I was in my 60’s. I picked up the bread and hurled them a ways away on the floor, then stared the guy directly in the eyes. he wanted to attack, but did not, and my Evangelical girlfriend totally freaked even though I was in the right. I look normal in clothes, but even at the age of 62 could still Bench 335 pounds six time for my birthday. It does not show as I work out using techniques that build strength without much extra size.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Lol that is absolutely awesome! Despite her reaction I am sure your lady-friend actually loved it 🙂 Wish I could have seen the hispanic guy too…

      And I will give it to you as well, I am 30 years old and lift weights twice per day and I can’t bench press 335. Haven’t tried to max out in awhile though, mostly have been lifting for hypertrophy rather than strength, but may shift back to a strength focus here soon. I need to buy an olympic bench press, I have just been using a ghetto type one that I got for cheap to save money on a gym membership. I don’t even think it would hold 335 lol.

      But yeah thanks for the story REzzz and for reading/commenting! Would love to hear any more about your story, politics, etc!

  8. REzzz 2 years ago

    I’m very individualist in my life, as my approach toward everything has many apparent contradictions, yet to me, they are just part of the way I grew up and my path to “spiritual growth.” I came up in a blue-collar Liberal family, but I knew early on that I enjoyed some fascist directions. Yet I was a multiculturist in some sense, but not Romantic about it as I liked what many tribal cultures had to say, but at the same time understood how brutal most tribal societies could be. What I felt intuitively was there was something lost, and something gained in going from a “story telling” oral society to a literate society.

    My sister mentored me very early into the literate world, and started teaching me to read at age three, and this caught fire with me and I could read full science fiction type novels by the age of six and was reading full blown classic literature by the age of eight. At the same time I had a separate life of hanging out with boyhood friends, playing baseball, football, and having adventures where I never thought of talking about reading or books…. this was my natural oral world, and I kept it totally separate.

    I did not like school though and remembered skipping school, and once going to the downtown library to read a book about the Fox Indians and their tribe being organized around their story telling and getting the right stories to children at the right time as they grew up, and about this same time I found a wonderful book on the French School of Sociology and their scholarly views of tribal magic using anthropology. Shortly thereafter, may of these French School explorations became available in good English translations as I was going through my teen years, and I would read these, along with books that actually looked at tribal viewpoints from the tribal perspective.

    Anyway, I started having a bit of a monkish side in my teen years, using all sorts of meditation, martial arts, Yoga, Taoists, Buddhist, etc., yet I saw it all as extensions of Shamanism in tribalism or Alchemy in the European or Taoist worlds that go beyond the paleo small tribe world to the more modern worlds of neolithic Metal cultures.

  9. REzzz 2 years ago

    My point to all this is Shamanism, as one of it’s main functions of the Shaman to Paleo tribes was to inspire people in the tribe to get up heroically and ACT or do ACTIONS to save the tribe.

    To me, YOU ARE A WHITE SHAMAN, and these roles will become a necessity as Whites become more Idenitarian or Tribal.

  10. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    REzz- thanks for the in depth comment! It touches on a bunch of stuff that is close to my heart. I love reading and literature more than I could put into words, but I feel that deep longing for the oral storyteller culture. I love reading about the Native American tribes and the stories they would tell that connected them to their ancestors. Even in Tamim Ansari’s book West of Kabul, East of New York talks about that, in how his childhood in Afghanistan was so based in stories about his ancestors/tribe/people, and how that was their version of television and books and etc.

    That connection to our ancestors, to the sacred storyline that binds us to them, is SO terribly lost today among our people. And I agree, if our movement can fill that void and wake people up and catalyze in them a desire to save the tribe, then no matter how of Europe we can save initially, we will have a future.

    Thank you again for the comment it has definitely inspired me as I sit down to write today.

  11. REzzz 2 years ago


    Some great takes on Stefan and Vox Day.
    Stefan is great with people who are literate and have a factual or logical approach ……..dialectics in other words.
    Yet he uses videos:
    Stefan Molyneux on YouTube

    “The Truth About The Crusades”
    “The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future”

    These are super and must watches to get profound insight into real history
    But quite often such solid intellectual approaches simply will not be heard,especially by SJWs themselves

    So there is then rhetoric
    Go to: Vox Day on his Vox Popoli web site
    “Why #whitegenocide doesn’t work” blogged on 5/10/16
    Excellent yet quick info on the use of rhetoric vs dialectic or why you should use just rhetoric devices on SJWs an other pure “touchie-feelie” people

    In Vox Day’s book “SJWs Always Lie”
    He has a full chapter or “How to Talk to SJWs” Chapter 10, which is all about using Rhetoric to stop SJWs dead in their tracts
    You can get much of this info though from just reading Vox Day’s blog especially the above mentioned post.

    In a sense this is similar to what I talked about before as you need to deal with people on two levels, you must know and understand real literate history, as this gives you depth and something that could be called density (which leads to an intensity behind what you say). Often though you will need to use simple the simple “pre-literate” rhetoric devices as an answer to SJWs or even “pathological altruistic” people not capable or unwilling to engage in facts or logic.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yeah I need to dive into Vox Day’s stuff for sure. Pulling up the article on #WhiteGenocide right now.

  12. REzzz 2 years ago

    Ok that’s “dead in their tracks” not tracts, but tracts somewhat works too!

    Vox Day also discusses why some memes work and some don’t …….. good stuff.

  13. REzzz 2 years ago

    The other obvious thing is that rhetoric often comes down to “Shitlording” when dealing with full SJWs, and we just make fun of their stupid, non-creative, repetitive, BS narratives.

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