Previously Profiled 12 Year Old Swedish Rape Victim And Her Family Flee To Norway

Previously Profiled 12 Year Old Swedish Rape Victim And Her Family Flee To Norway
September 22, 2016 Admin

We profiled this young Swedish girl earlier in the year. She achieved a large degree of exposure due to the horrendous rape she underwent at the hands of a 19 year-old Somali immigrant who was subsequently let off with probation by the Swedish authorities.

The 19 year old Somali abducted the young girl- named ‘Ida’ apparently- and violently raped her while repeating ‘black dick is expensive’. It sounds like some awful horror story or snuff film, but after a trial the Somali was let off with probation, in a case which shocked many and appeared in various media outlets around the world.

After this atrocity, Ida began to be harassed and assaulted by Muslim students at her school and in the community, and was even physically attacked by the siblings and mother of her rapist. They punched her, kicked her in her stomach, and also caused dental damage by hitting her in the face. The famous picture of her bloodied mouth came after that encounter.

She was forced to continue going to school despite this abuse because Sweden has made homeschooling illegal. Now, in an update to this sickening story, it seems the family has decided to flee to Norway to escape 1) the Somalis harassing and attacking the girl, and 2) the Swedish authorities who seem more intent on punishing them than their assailants.

The following report comes from Fria Tider. It has been run through Google Translate so forgive the errors:

When Ida had just filled twelve, she was brutally raped by a Somali – and has since had to endure being beaten, threatened and harassed by the rapist friends. Because the crime notifications consistently shut down the family sees no choice but to flee to Norway.

– We have Jewish roots and become vulnerable to violence by Muslims. The authorities are doing everything to protect Somalis, says Ida’s father to free Tider digging group.

Both the Free Times and the local newspaper Sundsvall newspaper has previously written about the now 20-year-old Somali man who last summer got away with 180 hours of youth service after being tricked by himself Ida, then 12 years, to her apartment in Sundsvall and subjected her to a bloody and prolonged rape.

– Black dick is expensive! repeated the young Muslim while he brutally raped 12-year-old and fed fist across her face

After this, as previously reported, the girl was attacked by the perpetrator’s siblings and mother at a bus stop. The girl was seriously injured, and from there:

The case attracted the attention of former Sundsvall Tidning, which also published a picture of the girl’s injuries. Moreover, there was a note under his father from the hospital who described the damage. But prosecutors Jens Göransson chose to discontinue the investigation.

The Fria Tider piece continues on from there, and it is honestly somewhat hard to follow because of the translation. The girl’s father was eventually indicted by the same prosecutor for apparently physically assaulting the daughter of some local Muslim man himself, but witnesses claim that girl’s injuries were actually caused by her own Muslim father beating her. Additionally, Ida’s father claims a van full of Somali’s tried to abduct her on another occasion. Later, the Swedish social services people threaten to take Ida away from her family and place her in foster care.

It all comes off as somewhat bizarre, but if we just examine the facts of the case we can at least try to derive some kind of clarity from them.

1. 12 year old blonde-haired Swedish girl of Jewish origin is abducted by 19 year old Somali, taken to an apartment and violently raped by him.
2. He is arrested, at trial the events are confirmed to have happened.
3. He is let off with 180 hours of community service. Everything up til this point has been confirmed in numerous newspaper accounts.
4. The girl is assaulted by the family of the rapist. A local hospital at which she was treated verifies her injuries.
5. The prosecutor declines to press charges, and explains- according to Fria Tider– that it could have been a mutually agreed upon fight or that Ida could even have started it.
6. The family makes 20 more complaints to the police about continuing violence, but claim nothing is done.
7. They state that the Swedish government cares more about protecting the Somali immigrants than protecting Swedish children from rape, and that they intend to flee to Norway.

Honestly the entire story is depressing, but it is worth attempting to make conclusions from it.

1. The Swedish government really does not care about Swedish children being raped. I don’t know how you can not come to this conclusion. Cases like this have happened over and over and over again, across all of Sweden. For a breakdown of them read the chapter on Sweden in the book Hasta La Vista Europe! (of which I just submitted a review to another website). In it dozens of cases just like this one are outlined and backed up with sources and links.

2. It is the poor and working class native citizens who bear the brunt of the horrors Muslim immigration brings. In the article Ida’s parents come off as highly dysfunctional, and it notes that both of them are unemployed. This is not surprising, as many of the parents of the children raped in Rotherham were of the same background. Also, this case is extremely similar to the one in Twin Falls, Idaho, in which a 5 year old girl was gang-raped by Muslim adolescents who urinated in her mouth (among other horrors, many of which they filmed). These are the same class of White families that the globalists at the National Review Online said “should die”. While I noticed that this family claims Jewish ancestry, the issue is the same: poor native citizens being sacrificed to Muslim gang-rape by insane Progressive/Globalist elites. All native European women and children are being victimized, but it is poor and working class communities where such crimes are most prevalent.

3. The Swedish system is almost uniquely designed to facilitate such horrors. While it is true this girl’s parents are very poor and appear very dysfunctional, there are additional barriers to protecting their daughter they would have had to contend with. First, they cannot pull her out of school to teach her at home without risking jail time and without having social services take her away (literally). Sweden is HIGHLY strict about homeschooling being illegal, and indeed I read an article somewhere recently about this very issue of over-zealous Swedish social workers taking kids away from their parents left and right. Secondly, in Sweden rental homes and apartments are distributed by the state. As a result, this family would not have been able to just end their lease and pack up and begin renting another home in a different area. Because the Swedish state controls such decisions, even moving to protect your daughter from Muslim rape becomes something the state must oversee.

4. There is no shortage of guilty parties in Sweden, just as there is no shortage of victims. The Somali rapist, the lazy?/brainwashed?/incompetent? prosecutor, and the Swedish government itself all share complicity in these events.

All of this is evidence of the vast crime and nightmare that is modern Sweden. It and the countless stories like it are that many more reasons for us to give our time, money, and everything else we can to fight back against such horrors. We have written about ways to do so before (here and here, for example) but it is our intention to explore the question further.

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  1. Ezra 1 year ago

    There needs to be a private group, small, but effective and efficient. When authorities fail to act or fail to do anything, when the trust is broken, this group would Ruthlessly dispose of the problem. And any judge or politician who so blantantly disregards their people , culture , heritage for $$$$ will share a similar fate.

    Are we there yet?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I don’t think the Swedes are there yet, unfortunately. I could see something like that happening in Eastern Europe, certainly. France and Germany and Italy, maybe within a few years. Sweden, only time will tell. Appreciate the comment Ezra.

  2. Oz fogey 1 year ago

    I think your observation that it is the poor who bear the brunt of these destructive govt policies and actions is very true. In South Africa there are pitiful camps of Boers/poor Whites at the mercy of the black govt and also beautiful gated communities of Whites bringing in tax money to prop up the country. This lack of solidarity in our own is infuriating. The wealthy insulated Whites in Sweden are happy to see their country trashed? BTW I understand the press in Sweden is almost 100% Jewish owned. The JG has to be acknowledged.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Oz Fogey thanks for the comment. I would like to educate myself more on South Africa. I have certainly heard on Counter Currents and other places about the poor camps you speak of. Quite horrendous and doubly so when the governments of countries like the UK won’t accept them as refugees.

      I guess I am aware that there are wealthy South Africans too, mostly from watching movies like Blood Diamond I guess lol. Well and like with that one dude with the half leg- Oscar Pistorius. I had never really thought about the dichotomy of it though… what do you think the rich Whites think about all that stuff? Is it an ethnic separation between Bohr and English descended or?

      • Oz fogey 1 year ago

        Yes, the Boers were poor and battling, a bit like the Aussie underclass against the Brit rulers ( similar perhaps to American scots-Irish vs English northerners). Perhaps it is a class thing and Whites really need to resolve this. perhaps a popular monarch can do this. I think you see the underclass rising in Trump.
        whites /eurpoeans/ westerners do need a unifying icon of some sort and perhaps it is the universal one of “enemy” who is sufficiently alien?

  3. ninekindsofwrong 1 year ago

    While I’m not familiar with the situation in South Africa, I’d say it’s a fair bet that the white working classes are the most seriously damaged by mass immigration and multiculturalism in all Western nations.
    In Australia, our academics and cultural elite are all bent out of shape about ‘offensive’ portrayals of non-white ethnic groups. There is much angst about section 18C of the Race Discrimination Act and how it can be applied.
    Meanwhile, working class white Australians are ruthlessly parodied and stereotyped through shows like Housos, Bogan Hunters, Struggle Street and Kath and Kim.
    The only minority that can be legally offended (repeatedly) in Oz is white Australians who are working class.
    Our wealthiest have discarded any pretence of national solidarity for a globalist vision which consigns their own families to the bottom of the pile. And far from being embarrassed, they make comedy TV programs about it.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey ninekindsofwrong, thanks for your comment! Is that your first on the site?

      I always find it quite shocking/unfortunate that Australia has gone the way of Sweden/Germany/etc. Maybe its just how we view it here in the US, but I guess we always think of Australians as these tough, ‘outback’, Paul Hogan or Ned Kelly types who would never put up with such insanity. I know that is just a cliche though and that in fact Australia and New Zealand have wildly high percentages of urban residents vs rural, but still, always unfortunate…

      Do you have any additional comments about things on the ground there? Do you think the left-wing craziness is just getting started? Or potentially after long last jumping the shark and provoking backlash like here in America? (trump, etc).

      Thanks again!


  4. ninekindsofwrong 1 year ago

    G’day – yes first comment on this site, which I only discovered recently.
    My perspective on the situation here is that the organic nation of Australia, the ‘big family tree’ if you like, has been swamped since the 1980’s with mass immigration. The numbers alone are a huge problem and the origin of the more recent migrants makes quick integration impossible. The problem is manifesting as ecological, social and economic disasters for Australia right now, so in that sense we’re not too far behind the US or Britain.
    The cultural left here are in lockstep agreement with big business and their libertard mates in the press about the benefits of open borders, but fortunately the wider population is starting to show signs of revolt. A poll taken here last week showed that 49% of all Australians favoured a total ban on Muslim immigration. This had the MSM frothing at the mouth with disbelief, but Pauline Hanson (our highest profile nationalistic pollie) reckons it’s an understatement. In my admittedly unfashionable social circle, there’s overwhelming support for a halt to all immigration for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately a lot of our donor class have serious money wrapped up in shonky real estate investments and so any interruption to the flow of new cashed up buyers from China is enough to cause apoplexy.
    We have a fight on our hands, no doubt about it.
    Thanks for the great site.

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