Profiles In Heroism: Marcus Follin ‘The Golden One’

Profiles In Heroism: Marcus Follin ‘The Golden One’
October 12, 2016 Admin

Marcus Follin, also known as ‘The Golden One’, is a Swedish Identitarian who is becoming increasingly well-known and influential as a result of his Youtube channel.

I remember seeing links to his videos on the site for the last several years- usually with an image of him shirtless holding a book or something- and never putting the pieces together regarding what the videos were about. When I finally watched one I immediately realized what a huge contribution he was making to our struggle.

At this point I have watched about 40 of his Youtube videos, and while that is a lot it is still only a fraction of the 519 total he has posted. As a result I would not be surprised if some regular readers of this site may know more about his work than I do, but I wanted to do this post because I believe the messages he is relaying are of crucial importance for our people, and that anyone who has not checked them out should do so.

Rather than essay form, I am going to break things down in bullet point style. Below is information you should know about his work, things that particularly strike me about his videos, and other observations and thoughts.

Viking Warriorhood

Follin is a bodybuilder- as is immediately apparent- and weightlifting/hypertrophy/strength training is the focus of many of his videos. As an avid weightlifting myself those videos are some of the most interesting to me. The guy is absolutely massive, and calls to mind the classical image of Viking Warriors from history and legend- tree trunk arms, barrel chests, and forearms chiseled from the hefting of great swords and battle-axes.

Agreeing with the idea that all men should be strong, I feel Follin’s videos on weightlifting are of great value. By the looks of it he also offers online personal training/coaching in that area as well. In our decadent and degenerate modern age, I believe weightlifting is a crucial foundational activity that is required in order feel fulfilled as a man. We as men evolved to use our strength, and if we do not push or pull heavy things on a daily basis, the resulting dysphoria and angst should be expected. Below are two videos on these subjects.


As previously mentioned, Follin has 519 Youtube videos online. That is a massive output. Some bloggers claim to prefer videos because they are easier and less time-consuming than long blog posts, however in the case of The Golden One the videos are of an especially high quality, with multiple cuts spliced over each other to allow for optimum flow, and there is obviously a lot of thought that goes into their formulation. They are intellectually heavy yet easy to digest, and it is clear the process of creating them takes a lot of work.

As someone who has written extensively on creation vs consumption, as well as the importance of creating content to aid in ‘Red-Pilling’ the unawakened, I find the large output represented by The Golden One’s Youtube channel quite inspiring. ALSO, I am a huge believer that the more of us who can create passive income for ourselves the better. While Follin’s videos are obviously built upon higher ideals than just making money (saving European civilization, as an example), it is clear he is generating income from ad revenue, sponsorships, coaching, etc. This is HIGHLY commendable, as it will allow him to contribute that much more to our cause, so that Sweden and the rest of Europe might be saved.


Follin also represents something which to liberals and leftists and the uninitiated often looks like a dichotomy. He is extremely strong, very muscular, purposefully masculine, and trains in mixed martial arts, yet he is obviously a very kind, soft-spoken, decent person. The idiot nutjob brainwashed Progressives – or, ‘beta leftists’ as Follin calls them- always try to link such qualities with ‘toxic masculinity’, ‘hatred’, ‘disrespect’, and ‘predation’, but this is not the case. Indeed it is usually those guys who try to put on a leftist, Beta face who are the most maladapted and predatory. On the contrary, men like Follin who are strong, physically capable, and adept at fighting are often the calmest, most decent ones. Pat Tillman was a classic example of this as well. I have written about Tillman several times on this site and I also wrote about this idea in an essay called “Mormons And Jihadis: Parallel Revolts Against The Modern World”.

Putting Oneself Out There
I have written on this site about ‘Vanguardists’ and ‘Hindterlandists’- those who can publicly support our cause and those who must do so privately. As a public Identitarian living in the belly of the beast in modern Sweden, Follin is about as foremost an example of a Vanguardist as I can think of. Some of his best videos stem from this. I am pasting two of these below.

The first is about the new EU laws that have been established to allow for the silencing of dissent, and the censorship of individuals such as Follin who question mass immigration and cultural suicide. In the video Follin talks about the threat of his channel being shut down (similar ones already have been), and urges people to subscribe to his backup channel.

The next deals with something that most of us have witnessed in various comment sections on Identitarian sites, which is individuals engaging in what I would call ‘puritanism’ and ‘edginess contests’. Follin explains this phenomenon very well in the below video.


I am an absolute self-improvement junkie. This bleeds into much of my writing, such as my essay for Counter-Currents on Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe. It is equally or even more so on display in Follin’s videos, and I will embed a couple examples below.

The Coming War In Europe
Finally, as an Identitarian Swede Follin has more exposure than most of us to the building wave of destabilization and violence. He definitely has videos that deal with this issue, and as someone living at ground zero, and especially as someone possessing intense knowledge of personal training and self-defense, those videos are of great value.

As regularly stated and like most of us who study the situation, I believe Sweden is sliding closer and closer to the abyss of destabilization and 4th Generation War. With that being the case, European men and men abroad of European descent must not flee from such dangers, but instead do everything we can to move toward the coming battlefield. Follin touches on this in the first of the below videos and I think he is spot on. In the second he continues the discussion of Europe’s future.

When things do come to a head in Western Europe, I hope that the tactical virtues of strength, honor, and courage exemplified and discussed in these videos will guide our people’s struggle. Follin’s videos provide the framework with which to understand the coming conflict, as well as the inspiration and direction needed to prepare for it.

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Comments (14)

  1. Gallowglass 9 months ago

    Thanks for posting this article on the Golden One. I had never heard of him before. Just watched a couple of his videos and subscribed him on Youtube. I like him very much! I’ll link to him in the various forums I visit, to help broaden the resistance and Red Pill taking in the coming Civil War.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey Gallowglass thanks for the comment! Yeah link to him in some forums for sure that is awesome.

      If I am not mistaken this is your first comment on the site too so thanks for joining the conversation! Would love to know more about how you stumbled upon it, your backstory, thoughts on Europe, etc. If you are so inclined hit me back up via comment, or email if you prefer at

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thanks for the links too- very good stuff. I had heard about that ‘mentioning christmas’ story. Classic Swedism (even if in Norway).

      I definitely think there is a proliferation of good anti-invasion content on youtube right now. That is a medium I have not yet ventured into yet but I would like to eventually do so.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 9 months ago

    Thanks for this reminder that we need to check out his videos. Had no idea he was so prolific.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach, my pleasure- the guy has a massive output for sure.

      By the way, I wanted to thank you for linking to the site on vox popoli- we got a massive number of visitors as a result. Very much appreciated my friend.

  3. Vilhelmsson 9 months ago

    ‘Hero’? No, certainly not. The men who fought 1939-45 were heroes. Making little internet videos from the comfort of your own home about taboo topics does NOT constitute ‘heroism’!

    ‘Swedish patriot’? He loves Sweden so much, he lives in Ireland. As far as I am aware, he isn’t even an active member of Nordfront.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago


      Your comment is a perfect example of what Marcus talks about in the above video and what I referenced. Last time you made a negative comment I did not approve it and instead emailed you privately and politely explained why, but this time I wanted to call you out.

      What is the point of your comment? Is it going to help out anything you care about or anything else in any way? No. It is negativity purely for the sake of negativity, and a waste, not just out of our time, but of yours. I have spoken with you via email- you are an intelligent guy, and obviously passionate about the situation Europe. You should be allocating those strengths to attempting to help the situation, and fighting back against the destruction and enslavement of our lands- not making negative comments tearing down those who do.

      Also, unless I am wildly mistaken, he does live in Sweden. However if you are right and he does live in Ireland I would say his videos are even more heroic, given that its laws (as I understand them) are almost identical to the UK, where multiple men currently rot away in prison for saying things very similar to what Follin says. I guess risking time in prison pales in comparison to your own heroism? (which is?)

      Furthermore, by making these videos (which, of current count, 40,000 people are subscribed to) Follin has ruled out the possibility of EVER supporting himself via traditional employment again. If he is not able to make money via entrepreneurial activities he has zero chance of making income- any employer he applies with will google his name and immediately rule him out.

      Furthermore, given that the Swedish government actively funds various Antifa groups that have a demonstrated track record of attacking Identitarians, his videos put him at risk of physical harm. What happens if these left-wing groups publish his home address? His PARENTS home address?

      Regarding Nordfront- are YOU a member of it? Are YOU a member of any similar organization in your home country? Do YOU have public videos online stating unequivocally that you are an Identitarian that believes x,y,z that every EU government and every EU employer considers heresy, if not illegal?

      As Follin says in the above video, you need to take a look in the mirror and figure out why you have such an impulse to make comments like this. What do you think some Muslim gang-rapist in Rotherham would think, stumbling upon your comment, seeing the derision you exhibit for someone actively dedicating their life to fighting back against such horrors? He would laugh, knowing that our people have such little lack of unity and brotherhood.

      • Vilhelmsson 9 months ago

        The point of my comment is to highlight what heroism IS, and what it should NOT be considered as.
        It is about establishing a USEFUL BENCHMARK.

        You are a perfect example of what is wrong with us. You pontificate from your safe comfortable AMERICAN home on EUROPEAN issues that don’t concern you. If you had some form of testicular fortitude, you would be practicing what you preach in your OWN homeland, and that would start with the Northwest Front, who try to channels American Aryans energies into the methods that you advocate (i.e. a physical redemption in response to a burgeoning civil war).

        PS You are exaggerating the situation in Eire. He’s just another Middle Class guy who wants both continued material sustenance but feels the need to pretend he’s a ‘hero’ at the same time.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago


          If in your eyes I/this site represent everything that is wrong, then go make positive contributions/comments to a website that is doing things right.

          If Northwest Front does things so well (I don’t know anything about them other than the fact that they positively reviewed my book on their radio show), then start a similar organization in the UK, or join one.

          As I said, rather than wasting your talents and energies making negative comments on sites you don’t like/agree with anyway, direct them into something positive.


          • RichardJames 9 months ago

            There is already an organization in the UK which advocates for Whites “wherever they are”. We have a very similar approach to H. Covington and NWF with regards to ethnic enclaves. However we do not stop there. Enclaves are not a retreat to little unspoilt areas of the UK for us, as has often been the criticism from certain folk within the UK Nationalist scene. We have a comprehensive plan with regards to obtaining political power in the UK.
            Following the collapse of the BNP, a group of thinkers and analysts gathered and asked, “what is impeding the progress of Nationalism”.
            It was ascertained that without the acquisition of “six pre requisites” , prior to launching a political campaign in the UK, that, that campaign was doomed from the offing and that the various Government and quasi Government/non Government sections of the British establishment would bring down the campaign in the same way that the BNP was. We all know the definition of madness.
            Who are we ? What are the “six pretty requisites” ? What is our plan for achieving political power ?
            These questions are answered on our Website and by reading these articles.


            We currently run two camps throughout the year where comrades from as far Russia, Canada, Brazil and France have attended, not to mention our fellow Brits.

            I hope that you do not mind me advertising our organization here on your site Julian only your response to Vilhelmson seemed to warrant it.

            Vilhelmson. HI, Some of us have decided to not attack other comrades in public as this can be used by our enemies to further stir up trouble between us. It’s bad form comrade.
            I get why you are saying it and I go some way in agreement with you. However I side with Julian here.
            We are not living in the 1930’s, we cannot stage pitch battles with the red fronts on our streets as could the brave men of the Volkstrum and SA. You already know this comrade.
            Personal likes and dislikes of our fellow Nationalists should be kept out of the public and petty (and it is petty in light of what is happening to us) arguments over the meaning of words should be resolved or dispensed with quickly, for the sake of the little Aryan boys and girls that are relying on us to secure their future and existence.
            Comrade this is not a reproach and I hope that you do not feel gang assaulted for me throwing in my two penneth worth. Please read the articles and join us. 14.

          • Author
            Admin 9 months ago

            Hello Richard- good to hear from you! I certainly do not mind one bit I am glad you linked to it. I have been exposed a little bit to Western Spring but did not know you were involved with it.

            Hopefully one day you and I and Vilhelmson can fight together for the freedom of our lands and people *for real*, and the merits of various meta-politics will be of joyfully little consideration. If you guys are successfully hosting camps as you mentioned that is of huge value in laying a foundation for such a future. Very commendable and inspiring.

            I would very much like to learn more- would it be possible to interview you or anyone else affiliated with Western Spring for this site?

            Please hit me back up via comment or at


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