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About the author

Julian Langness writes about European politics, 4th Generation Warfare, identity, masculinity, and society. He regularly contributes articles to a range of websites including Traditional Right and Counter-Currents.

Julian Langness

Julian Langness

About the book

Part travelogue, part Fight Club, part sociological study, Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity catalogues the author’s travels in Europe over a five-year span in the 2000’s, and how they impacted his personal and political journey. Two random fistfights with Muslim immigrants gave way to a purposeful drive toward more such encounters, and the results would bring the author both a more nuanced view of Islam and Middle-Eastern culture, as well as startling insights into the place of men in the modern world. These experiences, combined with troubling observations of contemporary European behavior, lead to a terrifying glimpse into the future of modern Europe.

The book combines first-person narrative, especially early on, with a provocative mix of exposition and historical background information. Drawing into the discussion the works of authors such as Jack Donovan, William S. Lind, Omar Nasiri, Tamim Ansari, and others, the author creates both an exciting tale of trial and growth, as well as a detailed examination of the peril that modern Europe finds itself in.


Counter-Currents calls Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity “…a coming-of-age tale crossed with profound and highly relevant social commentary,”… “highly enjoyable”… “I found myself hooked.”

Others reviewers say:

“It may be the most readable red pill book out there”

“What makes it so enthralling is that it’s actually an adventure story first and foremost.”

“Langness… illustrates the poor state of masculinity of the western European man.”

“Amazing… I highly recommend this book.”

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