Putin Calls Out Western Europeans For Insanity, Child Rape Acceptance

Putin Calls Out Western Europeans For Insanity, Child Rape Acceptance
November 3, 2016 Admin

Vladimir Putin called out Western Europeans this week at a conference on multi-ethnic issues.

Apparently it was in response to the assertion that Russia can ‘learn’ from Europe on questions of immigration, human rights, and diversity.

Here is the video:

His comments are in response to the Austrian Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the sentence of a 20 year old Muslim immigrant who brutally raped a ten year old boy at a pool in Vienna.

That case made international headlines when the migrant claimed he anally-raped the young child because it was a ‘sexual emergency’. The story was considered an example of the insanity that had descended on Europe in the midst of the ‘migrant crisis’.

If only people had known then that Austria would ultimately overturn the man’s conviction…

The Supreme Court attributed their decision to let the man off based on his own ‘distress’ and the fact that he and the boy did not speak the same language.

In giving his brief comments, Putin gave a perfect example of why Occidental citizens across the West have begun identifying more with Russia than with their own governments.

On a local level, hopefully this insane decision has moved Austria closer to the breaking point.

Editor’s Note: This post is an appropriate lead in to a post I am writing on the idea of ‘anarcho-tyranny’ and present events in France/Germany/Sweden.

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  1. rick 1 year ago

    He has a great point.. I hate to black pill everyone, but at this stage perhaps the only purpose left to Western civilization is to serve as a warning to Eastern Europe and Asia, much like a skeleton nailed to a sign on the entrance of a forbidden zone. “All who choose this path are doomed to perish”

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      No I think that could very well be the purpose of some of these countries. Indeed it seems to be working though I think the Eastern Europeans and Russians are absolutely horrified…. Good comment.

      Laguna Beach if your reading this you left a great comment too but I can’t publish it lol. Maybe if Trump wins on Tuesday I’ll become braver but I don’t want Hillary’s special ops people breaking down my door 🙂

      • ProLepanto 1 year ago

        I once had someone very dear to me respond to a dismal remark of mine regarding the fate of the historic Occident with: “Never under-estimate Europe’s ability to be nasty to one another”…
        And after all, isn’t that why we are here on this site, to stoke and direct that potential toward the deserving? It is all too possible that the West will dissolve into micro-nations reminiscent, if not mirroring, the principalities of pre-unified Germany rather than become the new communist block or the European Caliphate.

        Do not forget that in just about all Germanic dialects to include German, English, Norwegian et cetera, “Blood”, “We”, “Brother” and “God”, remain virtually the same.
        Gott Mit Uns.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          It is a difficult question, that of the Occidental left/the ‘Suicidalists’ as I call them (I think that is who you are referring to as ‘the deserving’).

          On the one hand- as I have written about- I in many ways think they deserve more enmity than for the Islamists, since the Islamists are doing right by their own people at least, while the Progressives are basically engaging in traitorous actions and committing tribal suicide, etc.

          On the other hand though I was a Progressive myself, and I have friends and loved ones who are Progressives, so I still consider them ‘our tribe’ and, should we (the Identitarian right) one day attain power within our countries, I would have trouble finding the ruthlessness within my heart to direct retribution their way. You cannot blame people for believing that which they have been taught since birth.

          Therefore I would say hopefully our program vis a vis Progressivism is 1) to expose it and educate our people about it, 2) to effect metapolitical change that isolates Progressivism within the political framework, and thereby 3) create a black and white choice for our people between Choice A which is Progressivism and cultural death and enslavement, and Choice B which is Traditionalism, Preservationism, and the ‘struggle’ to live (basically choosing cultural and racial ‘life’ over ‘death’).

          The Occident may indeed dissolve into micro nations politically, but I would prefer it (our people) develop a shared identity based upon blood, brotherhood, belief, and culture (just as you say in your bottom paragraph) that supercedes those political divisions and unites us all together. I think that is a crucial part of our metapolitical ‘project’ as Identitarians, indeed probably the most important part.

          • ProLepanto 1 year ago

            I wholeheartedly agree, I have no taste for revenge, no vendetta to be carried beyond success. However there is the point where it is either subjugation or retaliation. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Yes. But we mustn’t sacrifice civilization for the sake of the well being of those actively trying to destroy it. Otherwise we might as well don Birkenstocks and begin explaining to our children that they ought to seek out an androgynous life centered around hedonism and misanthropy.

          • Roy Flynn 1 year ago

            Admin wrote:
            “You cannot blame people for believing that which they have been taught since birth.”

            Yes, you can.

            Many refused to believe the obvious lies that they were taught. Why didn’t all refuse to believe the obvious lies that they were taught? Why did some submit so eagerly and joyously to the onslaught of the enemy?

            Everyone has a told a lie. Everyone knows what a lie is. Everyone knows that slander and libel are crimes. So when the enemies of your people are waging war against you and committing genocide against your people by using lies, the natural, instinctive, and moral reaction is to hate the enemy, not your own people.

            However, “progressives” are devoid of natural instincts and genuine morals. “Progressives” delight in hating their own race and loving their savage, Satanic enemies. They delight in believing themselves to be infinitely morally superior to their ancestors.

            The penalty for treason is death. The penalty for treason must be death, or the race cannot survive.

            By saying that race-traitors are blameless, you are facilitating the genocide of your own race.

            A principle of the law is that “Ignorance is no excuse.” Otherwise, every criminal could avoid conviction by pleading ignorance.

            If you say that the vile “progressives” are blameless because they were “taught” to hate their own race, then you ought to say that the vile Moslem was blameless because he was taught by one of his teachers or preachers that raping little boys is no crime.

            If “progressives” have no ability to think for themselves and to decide what is good and what is evil, then they are not human. They are programmable robots.

          • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

            No mercy, no quarter, for Progressives and other traitors.

  2. Author
    Admin 1 year ago

    @Prolepanto, @Roy

    No substantial disagreement with either of your replies. My point was to echo ProLepanto that despite the understandable heaping of scorn upon ‘the deserving’, all the people’s of Europe are, historically at least, brothers.

    In your regards to your points Roy, I do not really have any major disagreement. I guess at the risk of stretching a metaphor, we should be (in classic R/K theory), like wolves that are vicious and ruthless DURING the fight- in order to defend their pack and ensure its future- but conservative with such energy and viciousness when there is no longer a threat to justify it.

    I would advocate such ruthlesness in the DEFENDING/TAKING BACK of our societies, but once that has been accomplished there is no reason to start a new Hunger Games with the Capitol’s children as participants (to use another random metaphor).

    Or, to put it another way, is a 45 year old Labor Party member who was complicit in the horrors of Rotherham deserving of justice and a particularly nasty fate? Absolutely. I am sure we could all name countless Progressives across the West in this category.

    Is a sheltered 18 year old who was fed multicult propaganda since birth and who voted for a left wing party deserving – or even AS deserving- of a similar fate? I don’t think they are. That doesn’t mean they aren’t also ‘complicit’ of course, just that there are varying shades of complicity.

    To go to your example of Muslim child rapists- is a Muslim child rapist a piece of utter filth who deserves a quick dispatch from this world? Of course. I have no trouble saying so and would have no trouble personally enacting such a fate for one. But I would not say the same for that Muslim man’s 4 year old son, just because he is part of the same culture. I certainly would want him deported back to Afghanistan on the first boat, but I would not enact the punishment his father deserves upon him, so to speak.

  3. sbobet 1 year ago

    I support Vladimir Putin.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the feedback sbobet 🙂

      Welcome your thoughts on anything else as well!

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