Q And A On Strategy In Europe- Traitors, Muslims, And How To Wage Resistance

Q And A On Strategy In Europe- Traitors, Muslims, And How To Wage Resistance
July 26, 2016 Admin


This post is a first-time occurrence, in that I will be answering some questions posed by a reader of the site in Germany- Kadphises. I like the idea of this, and I would encourage any other reader of the site to submit questions as well. I think it serves as a great catalyst to discussion and debate. Questions could be on any topic, even beyond the world of European civil conflict.

Here is Kadphises original comment:

Thanks a lot for putting up this great website! As a German who cares about the future of his country and the whole of Europe, I am happy to see that there are also young white Americans who care about the struggle of their ancestral homelands and are even willing to fight for the future of our continent!

I read your ideas with great interest, and would like to know your opinion on the following topics:

1. How important is it that the majority of the population backs our goals for the time after a European civil war or at least sees us as the lesser evil compared to Islamists and the traitors at the time when the war breaks out?

This is a surprisingly complex question. On the most basic level once anarchy and violence break out human beings will (I believe) do as they have always done and fragment into tribal units. As Jack Donovan writes, “men forming themselves into gangs is the most natural thing in the world”. Therefore to answer the latter part of your question, I think that the average “normie”, or, “moderately brainwashed White ethnic German”, will side with nationalist/Preservationist elements purely out of common sense and tribal affiliation, even if that seems to go against their politics.

If we look at scenarios in which anarchy has suddenly cropped up within Western democracies over the last few decades (for instance during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans), “multiculturalism” and “multiracialism” have immediately gone out the window, as men form themselves into gangs delineated by ethnicity and other “instinctive” forms of identity.

Therefore what I would argue is that all White ethnic Germans intrinsically know (deep, deep, deep down at least) that we are the lesser evil. Once anarchy breaks out they will immediately join with us. They have no alternative, as the Muslims certainly have sympathy for them. They would slaughter and enslave them just as they would any of us.

2. How to avoid that young white idealistic men sacrifice their lives in a war against Islamism, but in the end the traitor elites will be successful in their destruction of Europe and the extermination of the last remainders of a healthy white gene pool? I see this as a huge danger, especially when young guys become angry and radicalized without being completely red-pilled (not understanding the role the traitorous elites have played in flooding Europe with Muslim immigrants while bombing and destabilizing their home countries)

I think this question of yours belies great wisdom, for surely we have seen this already within the West over the last two decades. Many thousands of American and British men died fighting Muslims in the Middle-East and Afghanistan, while simultaneously their native lands were flooded with invaders from these same places.

This happened because many young men at that time still invested their loyalties in their native nations. That is increasingly not the case, especially vis a vis the armed forces. As the military in countries like the US and Germany increasingly becomes a social justice experiment/arena for the nutjob-elites to “garden”, and they fill it with women and homosexuals and transgenders, it will (obviously) lose the attractiveness it holds for men, since it will cease to offer them that which military service historically has: brotherhood, danger, sacrality, glory, and healthy outlets for masculinity and aggression (whether they could articulate this themselves or not). As this becomes the case, young men will instead invest their loyalties into different, non-state, 4th Generation identity groups. We can actually see this- not among Whites but among Blacks- in the recent police shootings in the US, in which African-American former US soldiers quit the armed forces after growing disillusioned with them, and then placed their loyalties within Black Nationalist paradigms.

3. How to balance the tasks of building up a family (we definitely need patriotic and intelligent white guys to build families and have children) and preparing for a civil war simultaneously? (concerning genetically healthy, heterosexual white men)

This is another great question. I agree these are both important needs and goals, and ones which can (to some extent) compete with each other.

I think each man just needs to find his own way, and keep both prerogatives firmly in mind. I certainly would not encourage any man to forego procreation for the sake of preparing for civil war, and I would also not encourage the opposite. I believe every man should attempt to lead an “ideal life”. For me personally, I believe this includes both having children AND participating in the upcoming civil war, and that is the (admittedly difficult) balance I will try to walk.

4. What do you think about bacon attacks (and maybe Muhammad posters and graffiti) on Salafist mosques and madrassas as well as Saudi and Turkish institutions (embassies, consulates, schools etc.)? Aren’t they a good way to draw attention to our cause and to show Muslim extremists that they are not welcome, while maintaining ethical integrity (the damage done is nearly exclusively symbolic/imaginary)? Every sane European citizen will see them as harmless pranks (more like a real-life Alt-Right style trolling), while the Islamists will demand harsh punishments for these ‘crimes’ and if their demands are not met are likely to overreact with violent protests.

This is an interesting question. I would define my thoughts in the following way.

-I absolutely DO agree that ethical integrity is important, and all 4GW “actions” should be thought out through this angle (which I often refer to as “congruency” vs “incongruency” with our people’s historical honor codes). I applaud you for keeping this in mind rather than jumping straight to a “kill them all” type mentality.

-I DO believe that violence perpetrated against immigrants often runs the risk of turning the native European perpetrators into a “Goliath” in the court of 4Gw perception, which is anathema to 4GW success.

-I also DO like the idea of executing our own actions in such a way that they instigate our opponents to act in ways that are deleterious to their own 4GW success.

-HOWEVER, I also think that it is very important our side’s actions match (in tone, significance, etc) the severity of the situation. In that regard I think that things such as hurling bacon at Mosques/Muslims, etc is actually bad idea, because it risks (in the court of 4GW perception) coming off as equating the seriousness of mass-Muslim immigration with the juvenile or silly. Because mass-Muslim immigration is (as you well know living in Germany) leading to untold thousands of deaths of our people each year, the mass-rape of our women and children, horrific acts of violence, and the likely eventual enslavement of our people, I think any retaliation must be of a tenor equal to such significance. As a result, I sympathize with violence against invading Muslims, and against the traitorous governments importing them. I do not encourage it, as that would be illegal, but I will declare that for European-Preservationists to triumph, their actions must mirror the life and death seriousness of the situation that confronts them.

5. Equivalently, shouldn’t we keep attacks on traitors symbolic as far as possible? It will be humiliating and newsworthy if a traitor is covered with urine and feces by a European preservationist, but there will be little reason to celebrate the traitor as a martyr/saint/hero afterwards, as has happened with Jo Cox, for example.

These is also a difficult one, and for many of the same reasons. Again I stress my agreement on the fundamental goal of acting ethically, and in being mindful of how actions and events will impact the broader struggle for the preservation of Europe.

As a result the murder of Jo Cox (as a stand-in for violence against traitors generally) must be looked at by itself, as well as in relation to its impact on the broader civil war.

Regarding the former, some might criticize me for being too dark or severe, but I do feel very strongly that Jo Cox did deserve to die. She abetted the mass-rape of thousands of 11-16 year old native British girls by adult Muslim gangs. These girls were enslaved, doused in petrol, urinated on, tortured, raped by 7+ men at a time, told their siblings would be raped if they didn’t comply, told their parents would be tortured and killed, and subjected to horrors more unspeakable than we can imagine. Jo Cox was absolutely complicit in this in multiple ways (as were countless other Labour Party members, policeman, social workers, etc who either were so brainwashed by Cultural-Marxism they didn’t care, or were so afraid of being labelled ‘racist’ by people like Jo Cox they were afraid to act out).

At the same time, while I think she deserved to die, I do not think Thomas Mair made the right decision by killing her, because killing women is not congruent with Northern European honor codes. As a result I think it would have been more appropriate had Thomas Mair selected a male Labour Party member of equal complicity in her place. I am choosing my words very carefully here, but they all lean towards the same sentiment as the previous answer, which is that Preservationst actions must be of a seriousness mirroring that of the existential threat Western Europeans face.

I would also delineate between my sympathies for such violence against traitors now, vs the same violence in a post-war situation. This is because I am actually opposed to the death penalty as punishment. As Gandalf says to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, “Many who die deserve life, and many who live deserve death, but can you give it to them Frodo? Do not be too hasty to deal out death in judgement, for even the wise cannot see all ends”.

Someday, after the war, we will gain possession of European territories and have to decide what to do with those traitors who abetted the destruction of Western Europe. At that time I will oppose killing them in judgement. However, today, as thousands of women and children are raped every day, and millions more enemy invaders enter our lands each year, I sympathize with all measures aimed at fighting back against those perpetrating the suicide/genocide, and consider such actions to be self-defense, rather than punishment (although I grant that some will not see the distinction).

Regarding the latter side of the equation, and the impact such events have on the broader narrative and broader war, we also must act deliberately. I believe that as long as targets of violence against traitors are selected in a manner congruent with Northern European honor codes, any “martyr-ization” of those targets will be more than counter-balanced, in the court of 4GW perception, by the tactical benefits of said action. So, while the media may use the death of such figures as a means to demonize the “far-right” (Preservationist) cause, any negatives resulting from this pale in significance to the benefit, which is that it shows regular “normies” that there are other native Europeans out there who feel these issues are worth dying for. This will cause those normies to question their own assumptions. As a result, just as Islamic terror attacks cause other Muslims to stop and think, “Is our religion worth dying and killing for?”, Preservationist attacks on traitors will cause ordinary Europeans to stop and ask themselves “Is preserving Europe and avoiding Islamization worth dying and killing for?”, which I believe most will (eventually) answer in the affirmative.


Much thanks again to Kadphises for the excellent questions! I have the feeling you (Kadphises) and I would agree on 99% of things were we to really hash them out, and I consider you a brother and fellow warrior in arms, as I do all who read this site and long to free our people. I am still far from Europe’s shores and as a result will be the first to acknowledge my lack of expertise/first hand on the ground involvement with these issues. Like all of us though I am striving to set myself up to be on the front lines when the battle comes, and the more of us who are successful with such goals, the greater Europe’s chances of survival are. In closing…

A Sword Day, A Red Day, Ere The Sun Rises.

Hail Victory.


Editors Note: Question to readers- what do you think? What would be your answers to the above questions? Please chime in!

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Comments (31)

  1. Dashui 12 months ago

    J, so you would have let Rosa Luxemburg live?

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey Dashui! Didn’t know who she was until I just looked it up 🙂 Seems we are still dealing with her forebears today aren’t we? I am actually not that opposed to the death penalty. If someone hurt my wife and kid I would I could easily rip them limb from limb… I am thinking more like in a country like the current USA or one of these European countries, where the governments are so imperfect, the death penalty just becomes something difficult. And then I do certainly like the thoughts on it from LOTR, and in general follow them.

  2. Michael 12 months ago

    Just a comment on perception in this rapidly changing world. Two British men who fixed straps of bacon to a Mosque door were both sentenced to prison for that act on the basis of a hate crime. So certainly British authorities view this action worth of a prison sentence of months rather than weeks.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Interesting. Thanks for chiming in Michael! Hadn’t heard from you in awhile 🙂

      I have no quarrel with anyone affixing bacon to Mosques 🙂 Just feel that ideally there should be more *strenuous* direct action as well 🙂

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      That is very interesting. I certainly see what they mean by the three ‘waves’, as those epochs do seem pretty distinct.

      It makes me wonder what the fourth wave will be? With the third wave seeming to be that which is most directly “civil war like” (as opposed to 9/11 which was more theatric I guess you could say) perhaps that suggests the fourth wave will just be the actual war. Very interesting stuff. Appreciate the link Dashui!

  3. Kadphises 12 months ago

    Thanks a lot for your thoughts on these questions! I agree with most of your points, especially with regards to #5, how to treat traitors.
    As I want us to be successful in this struggle and wish that a stronger Europe will arise from it, I think it is important that preservationist elements find the right approach, especially in the early phases of resistance.
    So, some additional thoughts on points 1 and 4 here:
    1. Are you familiar with Kevin MacDonald’s hypothesis that Northern Europeans form moral ‘in-groups’ rather than kin-based ones? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWWfPWdbPC8) I am not sure whether this is really rooted in our Paleolithic European hunter-gather ancestry or rather in the centuries after the Christianization of Europe. But it fits very neatly to what is observable among “liberals” in the West (as well as the religious fanatics of the past). People who don’t conform to “liberal” morality are ostracized as “racists” and “Nazis”. So, in the case of a three-party civil war (preservationists, traitorous governments and Islamists), I’m afraid that the majority would still side with the traitors if we don’t manage to win the moral high ground. That’s why I think the resistance should focus on the most obvious enemy first, which are Salafists and their allies, and be as non-violent and symbolic as possible, to draw support from groups and individuals who have some shared interests, although their ultimate goals might be different (e.g. classical liberal, conservative Christian and New Atheist anti-jihadists, Kurds, maybe even Shia Muslims and/or ordinary Jews residing in Europe)
    4. As Michael pointed out, harsh punishments are already given to bacon attacks by the traitors (several months in Britain, and maybe even life-long in the U.S.: http://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/2016/02/25/officials-bacon-attack-titusville-mosque-could-garner-life-prison/80923984/). So, this is a situation where the nativists are obviously the ‘Davids’ and the traitors and Islamists are the ‘Goliaths’. It also shows that the preservationists are willing to risk severe punishments by the state and violent reactions by the Muslims. But the questions to consider are a) whether the Muslim reactions are sincere. Whether a bacon attack represents a severe desecration of their mosque and they genuinely feel that they are not welcome and they fear worse things could happen in the future if they don’t leave. Or whether they laugh about it inside and see it just as an easy way to get rid of their enemies, and b) whether a chain of bacon attacks will get the necessary media attention to draw ‘normies’ into the resistance by showing the bias and injustice of the current system.
    Given the reaction to Muhammad cartoons or to insults like calling them a “son of a whore”, I believe that Muslims feel seriously offended and threatened by bacon attacks. But I agree that traitors won’t understand this language.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey Kadphises-

      I mean to reply more to your comment earlier but got swept away on other responsibilities/occurences.

      I have read Kevin MacDonald to some extent but not as much as I should!

      And then with bacon attacks I do see your point and I agree with your David/Goliath analysis that makes sense. I certainly have no opposition to such tactics 🙂 Indeed another component I thought of is just basic Mannerbund in-group/out-group type stuff and the idea that the bacon attack is symbolic of bigger things. It is like those historic situations you hear about in which two groups taunt each other with minor things while simultaneously there exists the larger paradigm in which there is deadly serious business between the two groups.

      Thanks again for the questions it has been fun and productive discussing them with you!


      • Kadphises 12 months ago

        Yes, I absolutely agree that bacon attacks would be just one aspect of the resistance movement. Another very important one are of course the vigilantes who protect the more vulnerable, women, children and the elderly, from rape, robbery and violence by the invaders.
        It is sad to see that those who take on this important task are violently attacked by so-called “anti-fascists”. It is hard for me to imagine that any amount of brainwashing would be so successful in any other race to produce self-loathing thugs like this who feel morally justified in attacking the protectors of their own mothers and sisters…

        • Kadphises 12 months ago

          But if we fight righteously the truth and our cause will be victorious, and we will defeat our enemies, even if they appear more numerous now! They are morally weak, and artificially nurtured by people like Soros, as you point out correctly.

        • Kadphises 7 months ago

          A sad update on “bacon attacs”:
          Kevin Crehan was probably murdered in prison by Islamists. An innocent prank has effectively lead to his death sentence by the British state and made him a martyr.
          I now think it is a very bad idea for anyone in the European resistance movement to follow his example and risk his life in this way. We need our men to protect and defend our communities. We cannot let anyone become the victim of the corrupt judicial system and criminal Muslim gangs inside the prisons.

  4. Kadphises 12 months ago

    Regarding point 3: I think it will be good to outline a strategy, especially for young European guys, how to find the right woman and the right place to build up a family (a safe environment where the children can be raised in the right spirit), how to handle relationship conflicts which can result from risky political activities (women prefer to be on the safe side once they have settled for a guy, they don’t want him to die in a civil war, but be a protector and provider for the common offspring, especially if there is no one who acknowledges the fighter as a hero. Compare our fight to that of Islamist/Palestinian suicide bombers, who are revered as heros in their communities and whose families are taken care of)

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey Kadphises- Yes, there is certainly a chasm of difference between our society’s reaction to us vs that of the Palestinians to suicide bombers 🙂 As time goes by I hope that chances though..

      I agree with you on the need for knowledge about starting families. It is not something we are ‘taught’ nowadays at all, and it is difficult to find good women in the current West as well. They are out there though and I agree that this is a field of great importance.

      I do believe though that there are many women today who would be proud to have their husband fighting against mass immigration. As the quality of life becomes worse and worse in Europe I think their general sympathies to such a thing will only increase.

      Perhaps I shall write a pot on this sometime. I actually love all of this ‘real life’ stuff as it relates to our movement 🙂 VERY much appreciate you bringing it up!


  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 12 months ago

    Very good.

    Things are definitely moving in our direction.

    European Vacation!

  6. Mike 12 months ago

    Before Mohammad the Arab tribes were busy fighting each other. Mohammad unified the Arab tribes with a powerful new religion. It worked. Europeans need a new religion. Ideally this is a fusion of pre-Christian indigenous religion and an aryan Christianity plus German idealism. The basis for this has already been created by the ‘Neue Gemeinschaft von Philosophen’ under a man known as Chyren. That group has got a lot of heat from the government. They call for increasing measures of retaliation directed primarily at the indigenous traitors.
    A new religion is essential. It is the foundation of the new Europe.

    • Oz fogey 12 months ago

      what do you think this would look like?

      • Mike 12 months ago

        A return to the original Hyperborean European spiritual world view / paradigm. Realize God in all as all. As opposed to the Abrahamic faiths, which posit an entirely separate God above and away who rules through some unknowable arbitrary whim. Return to the source and see ourselves as part of All. A dynamic awakening empowering spirit opens up. A harmonic fusion of the highest and truest parts of the three main divisions of European culture; heathens/environmentalists/ecologists/nature + science/objective truth/secular humanism + a revolutionary new understanding of Jesus as a Galilean of European stock who taught the oneness and immediacy of God and man, the love and practice of Truth, of spiritual self-reliance, following conscience, awakening intuition, becoming inner directed. His teaching was so dangerous to the Pharisees that it was deliberately undermined and misdirected by Saul / Paul into the guilt-filled, world-denying, sin-focussed, salvation by external agency only by Jesus and his priests, or face eternal damnation religion; a perfect psychological conditioning program that resulted in the neutering of our primal roots, laid the groundwork for the authoritarian church rule, and ultimately communism and the NWO.

        The coming together of the three major divisions in European folk is essential in order to avoid the age-old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy of the enemy. No more brother wars. We have to unite to defeat the real enemies.

        In a nutshell, wake up and know your Self. Follow your Dharma, your Duty. This ties in with the Vedas. But instead of oriental withdrawal engage with life to the fullest. Understand yourself, know yourself to be part of ongoing creation, know your folk, and all folk, to be organic parts of the natural order. It is our duty to preserve, protect and advance our folk.

        The NGvP under Chyron has published hundreds of pages of deep thought on this, as only the Germans can. I consider this to be the culmination of the stream of German idealistic philosophy. I have started translating but it’s slow going because time is hard to come by.

      • Mike 12 months ago

        Additionally, the NGvP website has been shut down by the PTB. They set up the current site at: http://albertschweitzerkreis.lrw.ch

        Some of the publications are here: http://www.kulturkampf2.info/Index/Publikationen.html

        Their active resistance page is here: http://selin.news

        • Author
          Admin 12 months ago

          Hey Mike-

          Just wanted to chime in to thank you for sharing all of this even though I wasn’t part of the original back and forth.

          I like all the thoughts as you have shared/explained them. I was going to ask though, who is “Chyron”? I tried googling some of the stuff you were talking about but could not find anything on it, other than some stuff that suggested the name Chyron is important in some various esoteric belief systems (Hinduism? Aryanism?). Would love if you could elaborate though as it seems like you are referencing him as an actual person, etc.

  7. DaShui 12 months ago


    My money is on the Corsicans and the northern Irish as the least cucked of the Western Europeans. Maybe the Corsican flag would make a good resistance symbol?

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Heck yes the Corsicans have done the best so far I believe. They seem to be some pretty serious dudes and hopefully we can all learn from them!

  8. Sun Rabbit 10 months ago

    Extremely well-thought-out points and counterpoints being made, notably by Kadphises and others. The problem I’m seeing from my perspective is a lack of unity at the grass-roots level. Forget about the politicians, we’ll deal with them once all this blows over: it’s normal people that don’t “get it” because they’re starting to attack one another.
    As I mentioned in previous posts, I live in West Germany but I’m Czech. For some people here, that’s a problem, but what they don’t understand is that there are only 2 types of Czechs living here, and both are plugging gaps in the marketplace: the better educated ones who work in high-tech or medicine, or the rich ones who come here to invest, like me. We don’t act any different, we don’t look any different, in fact a lot of us actually look more Aryan (like myself) than most Germans. However, we don’t speak German that well, we drive cars with CZ plates, and other little details.
    It is true, that most Germans are waking up to the invasion and its attendant destruction, but instead of RE-acting to it, they’re OVER-reacting to it. The’re lumping all foreigners together, and when they do that, whom do they vent their anger at the easiest? Us, the Czechs, and other Europeans who are not Germans. That serves 3 purposes for them: they get to show who’s boss around here in front of their friends, there’s little risk of retaliation, and they can never be accused of racism! It’s also a way of getting back at us for how we treated them when they invaded our countries not so long ago.
    In other words, we’re sitting ducks because the Germans pick on us constantly, and so do the invaders, for whom we’re just another brand of “infidel,” just as we’re just another brand of “foreigner” for the Germans. Every single Czech person I know tells me that the scrutiny and singling out has increased dramatically, as have hate crimes like that Polish guy they killed in England 2 weeks ago.
    When Mohammed took over the warring Arab tribes, he unified them with not only a common religion, but a common language. All these Muslim invaders speak Arabic, for the most part, and use this to plan their attacks against us. On the other hand, we are the most DIS-unified of any people anywhere, in fact language was the main reason Austria-Hungary couldn’t survive as an empire.
    The usual response is: “well, why don’t you just learn better German, or change your name, or get German plates.” That’s all easier said than done. As regards getting German plates: NO. I got business interests on both sides of the line, and I can tell you that despite the increased singling out, Czechs in Germany still get treated better than do Germans in CZ. This of course is another example of the DIS-unity we see all over Europe where basically every country hates the country right next door. We should “agree to disagree” and forget the past until such time as the immediate threats to our existence posed by the invasion are vanquished. Then we can start fighting amongst ourselves again (just kidding).
    As for me, and people like me? I have no choice but to divest myself of all avtivities on this side of the line and go back to CZ. I’m on Germany’s side in this struggle, but they see me as just another Ausslander, leaving me with no other option than to pick up the fight on the other side, and side-by-side with other Czechs. When the Russians invaded in 1968 I was one of the 10% of the population who scattered to the four winds. When Communism died in 1989, I was one of the first ones to come back, not to start a new life, but to start a new COUNTRY. When the Shenanigan Accords (I know, it’s “Schengen”) kicked in, I was also on the cutting edge.
    Nowadays, seeing it from my own perspective, I think that “Eastern” Europe will be better off in the coming 5-10 years because the governments there are on the side of their own people. Germany’s people have been betrayed by their own govenments and are taking their anger out on US, of all people. Only the better-educated and better-off people from the “east” came here, and now they’re going back.
    But nobody knows what will happen afterwards. Personally I think we should keep the Euro, but as an adjunct currency parallel to national currencies. We should keep NATO, but only after we kick the USA and Turkey out of it. Only by doing so can we be politically isolationist (i.e. neutral) while still remaining open for business. We should also get rid of the undemocratic European Commission and all the people the likes of Drunkard (oops, I meant Juncker). The EU won’t survive because it CAN’T survive. It’s a revival of 2 previous and failed attempts to unite Europe, the most recent one being the 3rd Reich, and the previous one being the Holy Roman Empire which was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire.
    As one of the other people mentioned, a unified European religion would be great- in theory, but for that to work, we’d all have to admit that Christianity (and Judaism) is just as much a Middle Eastern invader as the Muslims are today. Europe has only been a Christian continent for the last 1500 years out of the 400,000 years that people have lived here. It’s a recent thing. Problem is, that when Christianty took over as violently as it did, it also destroyed most of the records we had of the previous religions, which were transmitted orally so as to avoid corruption. When those people died, the religions died with them. I have made contact with the Rodnoverci and other groups in CZ, but these groups consist of on average 20-30 people each. That’s it. This might change because almost all Czechs are nominally (symbolically) Catholic, but in reality couldn’t care less. The whole church thing has just gotten really creepy when the current Pope kissed the Koran (!!) and proclaimed it as being the word of God like the Bible, something his 2 predecesors did as well. This is blatantly sick, and makes the situation ripe for a revival of all the old Pagan traditions we had long ago.
    Another reason for the disunity in the face of crisis, is precisely the fact that the Vysehrad 4 countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary) and Austria, and Macedonia either have or will have referendums on key issues involving this whole debacle, and are generally opposed to Germany’s strongarming us by forcing the invaders on us. The ordinary Germans are envious of this and feel frustrated. Sure, PEGIDA and the AfD are making headway but they’re not aggressive enough. They have enough money to hire a good team of lawyers to start attacking Merkel and the whole garniture using the courts, and using existing laws on the books. Litigation throughout the nation, that’s the solution right there.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey SunRabbit greetings again and thanks for the comment!

      Yes I think you make great points. I agree that the AfD should be more aggressive. As always, I am hesitant to criticize since obviously they are doing far more to fight back than I currently am- but whenever I see Frauke Petry interviewed she seems way overly apologetic and back-tracking, etc.

      Agree as well on the nutjob SJW Pope, I have to say that is one of the most bizarre aspects of everything.

      It is indeed idiotic that any Germans would take out their animus against mass immigration against Czechs, and I would agree that all the European peoples must have a mindset of being united as one through heritage, race, identity, etc.

      Any other thoughts on how things are progressing? Any sense that people’s attitudes are shifting in any relevant ways?

    • Kadphises 10 months ago

      SunRabbit, I agree wholeheartedly with your key points and I see the same problems. We need a pro-European preservationist movement based on Pagan values.
      And we need a common language to unite us in our common struggle against the invaders and emphasize our common roots. Nothing against our Anglo-Saxon brothers and sisters, but I don’t think English is suitable for this purpose in the long term, as it has too much become a symbol of globalism and Hollywood culture. Personally, I think Latin would be a good option, as it has a long tradition as the language of higher education in most European countries. But maybe a revival of the original Indo-European language (Dnghu: http://dnghu.org/) would be more consistent with our ideas. As the larger Western European nations are more tempted to promote their own national languages (French, German, Spanish etc.), I think the chance for this idea to take root is also larger in the Visegrad nations or Finland. Would be glad to know your thoughts on this.
      “As one of the other people mentioned, a unified European religion would be great- in theory, but for that to work, we’d all have to admit that Christianity (and Judaism) is just as much a Middle Eastern invader as the Muslims are today.” This is true, and a few years ago I believed that Alain de Benoist’s radical rejection of Christianity (and Judaism) was the right approach. Today, I agree more with Guillaume Faye’s views on this issue. And I think that the threat of population replacement and Islamisation (driven by radical Sunni Muslims) has become too urgent to engage in too much intellectual in-fighting about religion. I think there is no other choice than fighting in the name of secularism and religious freedom, atheists, neo-pagans and (nominal) Christians side-by-side. But those Catholics and Protestants who want to remain Christians might want to try to build a new unity by building a Western Orthodoxy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Rite_Orthodoxy).

      • Sun Rabbit 10 months ago

        I completely agree that we need a common European language to unify us; and not just against the invaders, but so as to (1) present a unified face to the rest of the world in order to increase trade (and tourism), (2) to facilitate REVERSE migration from places like the USA, Canada, and Australia where 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants from here no longer speak their respective languages, and (3) to eliminate cross-border confusion and decrease bureaucracy. When you have 27+ different languages, all of which are official, you’re looking at a Tower of Babel scenario. Just look at any product in any supermarket and try to read the text on the back without a microscope.
        At this point it really doesn’t matter which language would serve as the official European language. I think either German or English would be logical. German is the native language of about 100m people (DE, AT, CH, LI, LU) here whereas English is the most common second language worldwide. As of 2006, in Europe, 13% are native speakers and 51% speak sufficient English. All the eastern European countries have mandated since the late 90s that English be taught as either a 1st or 2nd foreign language at the basic and middle school levels, supplanting Russian.
        In other words, English already serves the purpose of a global language and I can’t see all of us adopting Latin or Proto-IndoEuropean IMMEDIATELY. It’s not a bad idea, but its realisation would take a minimum of one generation, and we don’t have the luxury of time. I agree that English is an expression of American hegemony, but don’t forget that the only reason America ever came to dominate the world was because of people and their descendants who came from Europe. These were special people because when nobody had any money, and times were tough in their home countries, they managed to scrounge up enough to get to America.
        In other words, both English or German would be off-the-shelf solutions. If you want to scratch your left ear, you don’t have to reach around the back of your head with your right hand to do so. That is exactly what the EU is doing by importing all these invaders. Instead of realising that due to increasing globalisation and outsourcing we no longer need that many people working, and that our existing and ageing population can handle it as it stands, they’re implementing a 20th century solution to a 21st century problem. The key to increasing local population sizes might not be in throwing more money at the problem because that will only increase the amount of lower-IQ people having children. When people with low skillsets figure out they can make more money by collecting welfare, AND get 400 Euros per child you get that effect; and I see this with so many of my tenants. If you took away the financial incentive to have children, only the rich people (some of whom have higher IQs than average) would have children. This would actually increase birth rates because relative to other parts of the world including America, you have a lot more rich (but not super-rich) people here in Europe. If you go with a Guaranteed Income scheme like they’re experimenting with in Finland and Switzerland, you’ll have across-the-board increases in birthrates, and you don’t need a single invader to do this.
        I know that the GI scheme is a Socialist idea, but not all leftist ideas are bad. What IS bad is the whole political spectrum. Politics is the worst form of government there is, and if we could get rid of that in government in our high-tech internet based society then “sky’s the limit.” I could also write a book-length dissertation on why the GI scheme would work and be sustainable.
        Unifying Europe via a common language is easier than implementing a Europe-wide religion. Can’t be done directively, but a single language can. Communism tried that and failed. Right now, that incentive for most people is The Internet itself, where the vast majority of content exists only in English. Religion has no similar carrot vs. stick incentive anymore, but atthe same time, as more and more people come to see the origins of the major religions, the smart ones will start to turn away from them and move towards Paganism or agnosticism. The stick approach to religion is all around us! We can see first-hand what Islam looks like and nobody wants it.

  9. Author
    Admin 10 months ago

    Hey Sun Rabbit-

    Couldn’t help but chime in… very thought provoking comment.

    I think I agree with you on guaranteed income. The worst problem with entitlements in the US is that they de-incentivize work, because for every dollar you earn you lose at least one if not more in benefits. ESPECIALLY with medicaid health insurance, those who get on it, especially with large families, never get off because to be able to afford insurance on their own (even from an employer who pays 50% of the premiums) you would need to jump from <1500$ income a month (the medicaid cutoff) up to >3500$ (if not more) and that just never happens.

    I think a guaranteed income set up would work, as long as it was a very, very low threshold, maybe only even being food/healthcare/a tiny bit of money/etc, and at the same time, you would have to have a thriving capitalism economy in the form of not giant corporations, but rather small scale, small town type capitalism. I am not an economics buff but it seems like this would not be that heard, especially with the way things are going with stuff like Uber, etc. Indeed, I think one of the greatest evils of ‘modernity’ has been the corporatization of employment and money making. People should have greater autonomy in wealth creation than just working as some office drone, and I think spiritually and socially and familially it is VASTLY healthier when a higher percentage of people/men/families have small businesses, or at least some kind of independent means of wealth creation (farms, side hustles, investment real estate, uber, whatever).

    As far as language I agree, English is the only one spoken widely enough to have any utility in the present moment, but if and when we have blood and soil homelands I would be down to teach kids Latin in school).

    Great discussion!

    • Sun Rabbit 8 months ago

      In reply to SteveRogers42: yes, I can see that. Article written by Jonathan Goldwarg (interesting name). I can just see the stupidity in his face. But that’s small potatoes compared to organisations like CAIR, which not only have they been charged multiple times in the USA with financing terrorism, but they belong to the OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Council), which is the largest NGO in the UN! 40% of all UN member states belong to the OIC. In other words, the conspiracy against European culture reaches to the highest levels of govermnent.
      Here in Germany, the govermnent is officially lying to us, because on my city’s homepage it states that there are 520 refugees here. Really? Then how come about 20% of the people you see on the street are obviously muslims? You can spot them from a kilometer. They’re always overdressed for the weather, always walk in groups, some have the muslim garb like the burka, and sometimes you just know it when you see guys with darker skin and an Abe Lincoln beard. So in a city of 40,000 people, that would mean there’s more like 8000 of them here. So no, I don’t believe that Germany took in 2.6 million of them since 2012. It’s more like 10x that. It’s VERY sad to see this with your own eyes.
      The situation is having a detrimental effect on MY health. Before THEY came, I would walk 3 km every day, mostly at night when the streets were quieter. It was doing wonders for my diabetes, and stroke recovery. Nowadays you don’t see anybody outside after 9pm. But even during the day it’s not safe. We had TWO instances of gang rape involving girls as young as 14! They always attack people for no reason, and always in a group. Because they’re cowards and never fight 1-on-1. Crime has gone up by 80% (or so they claim). Resulting in bizarre situations like the underground parking lots being practically empty. You can see the digital sign saying for ex.”241 free spaces out of 242.” Because old people especially were violently beaten and robbed there. We’re prisoners in our own homes, and have to drive everywhere because most stores, gas stations, etc. have cameras but the steets do not have any. Or take a taxi. It’s only 5 Euros to go anywhere in the city. And at night they’re more difficult to identify even if you have video. There’s only 5 steet cameras, and they’re only in the historical centrum.
      Another way that the authorities are lying to us is with the news reports. The vast majority of immigrant crime never gets reported. In a nearby town, they arrested a muslim who had 20 crates of fireworks that he was intending to make a bomb from. They released him, and changed the news report saying he had just 2 crates of fireworks. They arrested and released him a third time saying he had ONE single firecracker in his apartment. Oh, and a homemade ISIS flag and lots of beheading videos on his computer. If that’s not a damning indictment of the bad state of Justice and Police work I don’t know what is.
      I have been looking at houses in Czech Republic, but again, I’m going against the trend here. Prices there have skyrocketed because of all the Germans moving there. Interesting statistic: since January of 2015, 1.5 MILLION Germans have moved out of Germany to be supplanted by 2.6 million of THEM. So where are they moving to? You guesssed right: Czech Republic, Hungary (especially Lake Balaton area), and Latvia, where there’s a significant existing German minority. I never knew this myself.
      Yes, it’s not perfect because you have a Gypsy minority there. Yes, they’re all drunken parasites who commit petty street crimes like pickpocketing, stealing windeshield wipers, breaking into cars, etc. But I never, ever heard of anything like them committing gang rape or terrorism. The NEED us so they can parasite off us. They certainly do NOT want us dead! Also, the Gypsies are just as opposed to any Muslim immigration because they’re all Catholics, AND they’d be competing against them for social welfare benefits. The biggest crimes in CZ are always committed by Czechs, and always consist of high-level scams. We are THE experts in Europe at fraud and embezzlement because we’re also the third most intelligent country on earth, right after Lithuania, with Poland at no. 1.
      So to sum it up I’d say DON’T stand with your muslim neighbours. Instead keep your eagle eyes on them and immediately report aything suspicious to the Police. Like seemingly innocent things like them having lots of people over every Friday night. That’s a clandestine mosque right there. Or buying lots of fireworks at the supermarket. Or strange smells like acetone coming from their place at night. Or having red hands. Like any of these other mass kilings here in Germany they always say “oh, but he seemed like such a nice boy. Used to come around and help feed the chickens, cut the grass.” No, they’re invaders in Europe, and America. It’s Jihad through Hijra (immigration), and being outwardly nice to you is just Takkiya. Look these words up. Their “religion” forbids them to make friends with non-muslims.

      • Author
        Admin 8 months ago

        Great description Sun Rabbit. I might quote you in an article about Germany here in the next couple weeks if you don’t mind.

        By the way, you own apartments in Germany correct? What are typical rent to sales price ratios over there? For instance, where I live in the US, most multifamily apartment buildings are going to be at about a 6% capitalization rate. So, for everyone 100,000$ in US Dollars that the building costs, you can expect to receive 12,000$ in rent per year of which half (6,000$) will be left as profit after all your expenses. Is that pretty close to Germany? And how much leverage do folks use? Do they typically borrow 80% of the cost of the apartment buildings they buy? Lots of folks over here buy single family houses as rentals too. Similar ratios and cap rates.

        • Sun Rabbit 8 months ago

          Sure Admin, you can use my material no problem.
          Yes, I own several apartments here and that is my only source of income.
          Price to rent ratios here are similar and I did some calculations, Scaled to 100,000 Euros to make it easier to calculate percentages. So for an apartment purchased for 100,000 Euros you can expect to make 8,400 Euros a year. This is net profit as there is no other expense save for a negligible carry-over interest on water and garbage expenses. Tenant pays his own electricity, chimney inspection, television, internet, and gas (heat) but the landlord has to pay the tenant’s water (even if the unit has its own water meter) and garbage, which he then gets back from the tenant one month in arrears. Property taxes are NOTHING compared to the US where for a unit like this I pay about 300 Euros A YEAR. So net profit about 8000 Euros a year on a 100,000 unit in the downtown section of a mid-sized city. Most of my units are average quality units. GENERALLY you can charge more per square meter on smaller apartments than on the bigger ones. Range would be about 7 to 9 Euros/m2/month rent on average.
          On the one property I do have a mortgage on I had to put down 40% to get a mortgage rate of about 4% (can’t emember if it’s 3.75 or 4.25) but I’m making money even off that one. As for tenats, I actually prefer peole who are on a fixed income like old age pension, or welfare (ALG-2) because it’s stable money and welfare here is much higher than it is in the US.
          So an 8% ROI sure beats living off interest at 4% percent (back then). Boy was THAT stupid of me. Goes to show you that living out your childhood fantasy can sometimes be the WORST possible thing you could do!

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      WOW lol. Almost looks like a made-up story making fun of such cuckoldry. Even the author’s name. The first name is gender ambiguous the second sounds like a surname someone would make up to sound over-the-top jewish. BUT, beyond that, he is a self-confessed homosexual engaging in Islam-apology. Those Muslims would gladly slit his throat if they had the chance.

      But, obviously none of us are born wise to such issues. The tide is slowly turning. More and more people are waking up. Perhaps not fast enough though.

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