Queen Of The Flagellants Travels To Eastern Kingdom

Queen Of The Flagellants Travels To Eastern Kingdom
August 28, 2016 Admin

During the Black Death, when the bubonic plague that arose in the steppes of Central Asia had spread across Europe, there arose in response to the horrors an order known as the Flagellants, who, believing the sickness to be inflicted by a vengeful God, traveled the countryside whipping and flogging themselves. They believed that by doing so they might successfully beseech God’s forgiveness for the sins of which the Black Death was punishment.

In present day Europe there exists a new incarnation of such madness: Western Europeans embracing a new iteration of Christianity in which radical pacifistic ‘turn the other cheek’ thinking is combined with ethnic self-hatred and cultural suicide. Rather than flogging themselves however, they import millions upon millions of immigrants from the third world, many mentally ill, violent, criminal, and fanatically Islamic. They have ceased to have children and instead spend their tax dollars supporting Muslim immigrants who believe democracy is an affront to God, and seek to establish Sharia law across their adopted lands. The effective leader of this movement, Angela Merkel, is currently in Bratislava, in the Kingdom of Visegrad, attempting to proselytize on behalf of her co-religionists and their apocalyptic visions.

From Deutsche Welle:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has arrived to Warsaw for talks on EU’s future with representatives of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The four countries openly oppose Berlin’s refugee policy.
Angela Merkel with four Visegrad leaders in Warsaw

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo welcomed Merkel on Friday, appearing at a joint press conference with Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, and Slovakia’s Robert Fico.

Ahead of the five-way talks, the EU leaders spoke about the Brexit fallout and their expectations from the upcoming Bratislava summit.

“Brexit is a deep cut in the history of EU integration, and that is why it is important to find the right answer to it,” Merkel told reporters.

The informal meet in Bratislava in September would serve as a “kick-off point” for ideas on EU reforms, according to German head of government. Among other issues, the EU needed to deal with security and migration, according to Merkel.

Merkel also said that the bloc needed to find “ways to fight against breaking the law, but also do something for those in need” on the issue of refugees.

Czech Prime Minister Sobotka and Hungarian strongman Orban also called for improved security and urged the creation of EU armed forces.

“The EU has lost its adaptability, and we have no right answer to migration and terrorism,” Orban said.

During the joint press conference, however, the five leaders appeared to gloss over the deep divide between Berlin and the other governments on ways to resolve the migration problem.

Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia form the Visegrad group, an alliance of central-European countries, which has sharply criticized Berlin’s welcoming attitude towards immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.

The Visegrad countries have also refused to take in refugees under an EU-wide quota system which Merkel has championed. During Merkel’s visit to Prague on Thursday, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka restated that his country “cannot endorse as system that calls for mandatory quotas to distribute refugees.”

Merkel, however, appeared unfazed.

“I think we will continue to discuss this issue,” she said.

‘Which side will Angela Merkel take?’

Earlier On Friday, Orban said that Budapest would reinforce the razor-wire border fence erected last year.

The authorities were developing plans to “replace the existing fence with a more serious structure,” he told state radio.

“It will be capable of stopping hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously.”

The move might prove useful if Turkey decides to send millions of refugees toward Western Europe, according to Orban.

The Hungarian strongman also slammed “bureaucrats in Brussels” for wanting to “let the refugees in” and redistribute them across the EU.

“The question is, which side will Angela Merkel take?” he asked ahead of the Warsaw trip.

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Wszczykowski also rejected the quota scheme, which he described as “forced relocation” of refugees in an interview published on Friday.

“I believe that taking in refugees and migrants should be determined by security, job market and social policy of a specific country,” he told the German dpa news agency.

Great thanks are due that the rulers of these lands have yet to give in to Merkel’s dark machinations. For tragically, Merkel’s brand of apocalyptic masochism is not serving as a response to a Black Death, but rather ushering one in. The horrors that look to arise as a result of it will catalyze demographic changes even greater than when the Black Death raged through the land, taking with it over 1/3 of Europe’s population.

We should remember though, that the horrors and demographic cataclysms of the Black Death gave birth to the Renaissance. Therefore we must never cease fighting back against the forces arrayed against us, and retain hope that when the untold horrors coming to Western Europe finally end, they will bring with it a similar chance at rebirth.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    OT: There is a new Catholic Military Order preparing to train volunteers and send them to the Middle East to kill ISIS and protect Catholics.


    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That is VERY cool Laguna Beach. Glad you found that. I am going to do some more research on it, maybe reach out to them and try to interview them. Appreciate the link!

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