Range Of Responses Against European-Suicide Growing – Reader Feedback Desired

Range Of Responses Against European-Suicide Growing – Reader Feedback Desired
April 26, 2016 Admin

We have seen a variety of news reports today and in recent weeks suggesting that resistance to state-sponsored cultural suicide is increasing in Europe.

This makes sense, as we also see every day that things are getting worse on the ground.

Most visibly, the sickening example of mass ethnically-driven rape continues. We published a story last week about the 11 year old girl in Sweden who was violently raped by a Somalian immigrant. The immigrant was subsequently let off without a prison sentence, while the girl is forced(literally) to attend public school with his younger siblings, who beat her up and harass her daily.

We also published a video from the trial of an African immigrant in France who raped over ten native French women at knifepoint in public parks because he “hated white people”.

Today there is a story out of Austria today of a 21 year old native Austrian girl who had to stop to use a public bathroom at the Vienna train station, when a group of three Afghanis followed her in, bashed her head against the wall, and then held her mouth shut while they gang-raped her.

The governments of these countries facilitate and excuse this epidemic of mass-rape, and bring in thousands upon thousands additional migrants in every day.

Also, as we often point out, almost every country in Western Europe (excepting Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Iceland) is within 5 years time of having more 18-30 year old Muslims than native European ones.

And on top of all of this looms, in two months time, the executioners blade of Turkish accession to the Schengen Free-Movement Zone, when 80 million more Muslim invaders will have full and complete access to travel and re-settle anywhere in the EU they like.

With all this being the case, it is encouraging to hear of more and more popular resistance.

Such items include the following:

1. That another Invader Center was burned in Sweden on Sunday night. This one was located in Härnösand, and was planned as a home for “Unaccompanied Minor Children”. Of course it is always unclear if this was the act of native-Swedes bent on preventing its opening, or migrants/leftists doing it pretending to be ‘racists’, as has been documented on numerous occasions. Either way, it seems clear that at least some of these arson attacks are being done by European natives in order to prevent the rape and disorder that will accompany the centers’ presence in local communities, and in acts of opposition against the suicidal/genocidal national governments.

2. Seven white men were arrested in Calais for a supposed attack on migrants with iron bars. The media is referring to it as a crime of racial hatred carried out by native-French ‘militia’. The seven Frenchman deny it though so it is again hard to know what to think.

3. In Germany groups of European-Preservationists from the ‘Ein Prozent’ movement handed out flyers to passers-by in 40 different cities over the weekend. The flyers apparently argued against mass-immigration and national suicide and urged resistance against Merkel’s migrant invasion. The choice of utilizing small groups instead of staging large protests was strategic in nature, and designed to avoid opposition from Antifa and the government, etc.

4. Generation Identitiaire continues to engage in direction action protests raising awareness about cultural suicide, Islamization, and Identitarianism.

5. Groups like The Sons of Odin are popping up in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, forming citizen defense patrols/militias.

I am sure there are some other ones I am missing, but the above list encapsulates a variety of responses to what is going on.

We also had Nxx bring up a great point about the necessity of C4ISR structures in our ability to resist and survive the coming war.

I am pasting his comment below:


The American Revolution was led by freemasons not because of their freemasonic hocus pocus beliefs but because freemasonry is a C4ISR structure.

When the winds of anti loyalist secession started blowing there were untold thousands of Americans with better leadership qualities than George Washington. What did they do?

Some went out to the local pub to start recruiting revolutionaries. They got arrested.

Other started creating their own revolutionary cells. By the time they developed their own…
a) pre-defined hierarchical structure (command)
b) pre-defined hierarchical relations (control)
c) secret sign communication system (communications)
d) dossier archive of enemy agents (computers)
e) internal traitor discovery systems (intel)
f) agents assigned to monitor enemy (surveillance)
g) entryists into judiciary, police, port authority, etc (recon)
… the war was already over.

What made George Washington a successful revolutionary was that he was sitting inside a C4ISR structure BEFORE the action started. That’s it.

I’ll repeat: The key criterion for the successful revolutionary is: BE SEATED INSIDE A FUNCTIONAL C4ISR STRUCTURE

Contemporary C4ISR structures:
a) freemasonry
b) criminal syndicates
c) government intel
d) religious orders
e) ((them))

A C4ISR structure is no good unless it
a) is cellular and distributed
b) allows anonymous participation


Combining blacklist theory with C4ISR theory suggests that what is needed is a C4ISR structure that blacklists and persecutes white traitors in order to cower them into silence via chilling effect.


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  1. •BackStabbath 2 years ago

    Create a meme whereby when a politician such as Chuka Umuna says something pro immigration, pro EU or globalist, shout him down as anti british, anti english, anti indigenous, anti white or anti european. Do this to all politicians business elites when they utter a statement. As an aside i often wondered if there could be a massive list of statements and actions of these globalists to put them on trial with later.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey BackStabbath! Thanks for the comment!

      I believe Vox Day just started an ‘SJW List’ or something like that. I haven’t seen it just vaguely heard it mentioned. But I agree completely once things fall apart and certain areas come under Preservationist/Nationalist control, we need a definite war crimes tribunal for those who have facillitated the mass rape, etc.

    • Nxx 2 years ago

      The meme you speak of has already been created by the BUGS people under Bob Whittaker: #WhiteGenocide. But what you are asking for is a specific word to hurl back at anti-whites.

      I’ve heard genocidist, genocidal hater and a few others. They’re bad english and no good. The proper term to describe someone in active violation of articles 2c and 3e of the Genocide Convention of 1948 is..


      That stops them cold.

    • Nxx 2 years ago

      To continue the thought, the term “genocide criminal” inherently incorporates the prospect of trials and tribunals. Let’s look at genocide law.

      1. Racial engineering is mass immigration plus forced integration
      2. Racial engineering is a crime under the Genocide Convention of 1948
      3. Under Article 2(c) racial engineering deliberately inflicts on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
      4. Under Article 3(e) promoting, legitimising or justifying Article 2 violations is complicity in genocide


      5. Anyone who promotes, legitimises or justifies mass immigration and forced integration is a genocide criminal under Articles 2(c) and 3(e)

      The basis for the hypothetical blacklist:
      1. Targets are Genocide Criminals
      2. Defined as per Genocide Convention
      3. Intent is to make them answer before a Genocide Tribunal

      Legal advantages:
      1. No need for retroactivity; genocide criminals are violating current law
      2. There is no statute of limitations in the Genocide Convention
      3. There cannot be amnesties because international law is enforceable from any signatory jurisdiction; if one jurisdiction amnesties genocide criminals, charges can be re-filed from another.

      Political advantages
      1. Seizes moral high ground; in 4GW victory occurs at moral level
      2. Clarifies, simplifies and crystallizes the ideology; this is we, that is them
      3. Basic core ideology that is universally agreed upon by all nationalist forces
      4. Basic core ideology that is precisely synchronized to pre-1960s Christianity*

      *In Genesis God created the races and set their borders. In Revelations we are told the races will gather at His side in the end times. Racial engineering is an act of sabotage against God’s Plan and an act of defiance against God’s Will.

      A few notes on complicity in genocide:

      Complicity in genocide is determined based on effect. Effect is measured by looking at both the level of promotion, legitimisation and justification undertaken as well as the status of the person. For example:

      Person A is a gas station attendant who spends all day promoting mass immigration and forced integration to his colleague, who pretends to care. Person A is not a genocide criminal even though he demonstrably violates Articles 2(c) and 3(e) because owing to his small audience he has no effect.

      Person B inherited a radio station from his father and spends all day getting stoned on opium. He is not aware that his radio station constantly promotes mass immigration and forced integration. Person B is a genocide criminal even though he does absolutely nothing because due to his status as a negligent radio station owner he has a strong effect.

      Further, since the effect can be both pro- and anti-, a genocide tribunal would look at the totality of the effect. For example, a person with a long record of pro-genocide promotion may later change mind and establish an even longer record of anti-genocide promotion. A genocide tribunal would allow the anti- activity to cancel out the pro- activity and find no resulting effect under the totality of circumstances.

      In short, when someone is promoting, justifying or legitimising mass immigration and forced integration on twitter, on blogs or in comments, there is no way to tell if they are genocide criminals a priori. It is for genocide tribunals to establish, based on traffic reports and other data, the extent of the effect. This means that for our purposes everyone who is potentially a genocide criminal should be reported to blacklists for the tribunals to later sort out.

      A few notes on international law:

      In international law a treaty adhered to by most states worldwide is applicable in non signatory states as well. For example, the Geneva Conventions have almost 100% adherence. If state A starts a war with state B and wants to legally kill prisoners of war, it can’t simply withdraw from the Geneva Conventions. The only way for state A to legally ignore the Geneva Conventions is to convince most other countries in the world to de-ratify them in order to dilute the Geneva Convention’s worldwide adherence.

      The Genocide Convention has similar near total adherence. It is therefore stronger law than the US Constitution. If, for example, 10 years from now there is a civil war in the US and the Constitution and all laws are abolished, the Genocide Convention would continue to apply on US territory regardless, as would the Geneva Convention, Biological Weapons Convention etc.

      Comparing the Genocide Convention to the US Constitution: What if there is a conflict? Isn’t promoting, legitimising and justifying genocide protected under the First Amendment? Treaty law supersedes (cuts off) the US Constitution and as such the Genocide Convention prevails.

      In short the Genocide Convention is
      1. FIXED law that is for all practical purposes unchangeable (good luck trying to get a majority of states worldwide to change it) as well as
      2. SUPERIOR law that hierarchically supersedes all other laws, save other international treaties with higher adherence (there are none in direct conflict at this time)

      A few notes on enforcement:

      The biggest flaw in the Genocide Convention is that enforcement is left to the signatory states. As such the law can both exist and not be enforced, as is the case at present. Its enforcement depends on us having power and its proper enforcement depends on our establishing specialized Genocide Tribunals with judges drawn entirely from our ranks with no exceptions. Their first order of business would be to completely sterilize the regular judiciary of all traces of genocide criminality.

      As with enforcement, the scale of punishment is also up to the signatory states but within limits. If state A punishes genocide criminals with $2 fines, state B may classify the proceedings a mistrial or a covert amnesty and allow for charges to be re-filed in state B.

      According to Bob Whittaker our objective should be to make genocide criminals BLEED GREEN. We should aim to subject genocide criminals to massive financial penalties such that they repay every benefit they obtained from their genocide criminality and then some. Liability would reach descendants up to the totality of their inheritance but no more.

      The benefits to making genocide criminals bleed green:
      1. Unleash market forces to do the enforcement as opposed to relying on government bureaucrats, most of whom would be our enemies, at least initially. The key lies in insuring that all proceeds from financial penalties go to an army of millions of private investigators who spend day after day poring over old documents and internet posts looking for evidence. Enforcement would go on for centuries.

      2. Although execution may seem an appropriate penalty for genocide criminals given the magnitude of their crimes, the fact is that the numbers we are looking at are in the order of several million. Although it’s hard to be concerned about the fate of genocide criminals, do we really want hundreds of thousands of white kids to be left over as orphans? In addition, one has to be proportionate; an Article 2(c) genocide by racial engineering is not the same as an Article 2(a) genocide by mass killing. In the latter case executions are appropriate, not so in the former.

      3. Financial penalties will allow us to completely defund enemy organizations such as corporations, media and churches. Once the Vatican is bankrupt, for example, we just buy the empty buildings and rebuild from there.

      A few notes on terminology:

      A treaty and a convention are the same thing. The difference is that a treaty is usually between two states which therefore has low adherence and is inapplicable outside the two states. A convention is usually a treaty among many states which often has high adherence and is applicable everywhere.

      This is not a fixed rule; it is possible for a treaty to grow in signatories such that it becomes applicable everywhere and it is possible for a convention to fail to get more than a handful of signatories. In this latter scenario the treaty would be more powerful than the convention. However, as a rule your average convention has far more signatories than your average treaty and therefore, in general, a convention is more powerful than a treaty because it is more likely to have worldwide applicability.

      As such, although it is technically correct to speak of a Genocide Treaty, it is better to refer to it as the Genocide Convention; the words suggest greater legal force which as it happens is indeed the case. Please do not ever speak of UN Resolution 260 which is a word for word transcription of the Genocide Convention but this time wrapped up in the weakest semantics possible; UN Resolutions are commonly thought of as laws everyone is free to ignore.

      • Author
        Admin 2 years ago

        I like it Nxx. I also am taking hope in this Target boycott. I haven’t been following it too closely but it seems at least moderately effective and thus suggests that the ‘bleeding green’ strategy may work. Once more Whites start becoming awakened to their plight I think it will be even more effective.

        I yearn for the point at which European-Preservationism and the fight against White Genocide can have the notoriety and mainstream presence that the Muslims have with jihad. One could go to any city in Europe right now and find a Mosque within about twenty minutes where there are men outside raising money for jihadis in Tajikistan, Chechnya, Syria, etc. If we could have the same thing across America and Europe at churches imagine how different things would be. That goes to a separate problem though for most American Churchgoers (and European ones) are just as bad as the liberals today though. Therefore I do think the internet and stuff like Bitcoins will be of momentous importance.

        I also agree that the focus White Genocide is good. It goes straight to the heart of the matter, and does not mince words. And it is accurate.

        I am not familiar with Bob Whittaker. I have seen your references to him and his website in your comments, and that he created the White Genocide meme, but until now I had not heard his name. And what is BUGS? I will google it but also figured I would ask you directly. What other corners of our movement, and the internet in general, do you reccomend we become familiar with?

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Visible resistance with underground, behind-the-scenes networking. I’m not into the secretive cloak-n-dagger activities myself–what do we have to be afraid of?–so maybe other readers can address it.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    One of the challenges I’ve been pondering is how to establish connection with the right European Nationalist groups once the fighting begins. Will recruiting be out in the open, or through special channels? Will the Americans pass laws prohibiting American citizens from fighting with Nationalist forces?

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      That’s a really interesting question. Two parallels we can compare it to: those from the US and Britain (for example) who traveled to fight for and against ISIS.

      Obviously the ones who left to fight for ISIS were engaging in terrorism as ISIS had by that time been classified by pretty much every nation’s intelligence services as a terrorist organization. The mujahideen who wished to fight for them just traveled to Turkey and then into Iraq and Syria though to join them. At that point they were legally unable to ‘openly’ return home of course, if their home countries could prove what they had been doing.

      As far as the white Briton’s who went to Kurdistan to fight with the Kurds against ISIS, I believe they never got in any trouble at all. However I do believe Britain eventually passed something that said that traveling to fight with either side was illegal, or maybe it was that traveling to another country to engage in any kind of warfare in any circumstance was illegal, but I don’t think those guys ever got prosecuted or anything. I should look it up actually. I believe that as the century progresses and governments begin to understand all this 4GW stuff they will probably make it highly illegal to go fight with any 4GW force outside one’s home nation, but yeah.

      So as far as Europe I think it will depend. Let’s say that Sweden scenario I wrote about came to fruition. The Swedish government, as long as it was in power, would control who could come into the country. If they actually knew your political views they would surely not allow you (even now I doubt you and I would be allowed in if (somehow) our views came to light at customs). You could certainly fly into Finland or Norway and cross the border though. There would be a million variables impacting your best chances and your likelihood of success.

      As far as your home government here in America, I think it would depend on the specifics as well. If, let’s say, the Sons of Odin have risen in numbers and strength by then, and the Swedish government has persuaded the EU or the UN or other governments including the US to designate it as a terrorist organization, then you could get in huge trouble if you traveled there to aid them in any way.

      And then as far as recruiting, I think it would depend on the legality of each group. ISIS doesn’t recruit openly, they need to use the dark web, etc. But other very similar Muslim groups recruit openly, because they haven’t been designated terrorists yet. I think in Europe as things progress there will be a continuum of groups, from pretty mainstream self-defense groups, to full on revolutionary groups that are immediately made illegal and exist more in the shadows.

      But yeah it is all very interesting. I appreciate the comment it has given me more stuff to think on about the article!

  4. VivatEuropa 2 years ago

    We are living in historic times. As always, most who are living through it have no idea how momentous, how crucial, how historic, this time is. Europe’s survival hangs in the balance, and therefore so does that of the entire West.

    I believe we are also seeing the death throes of democracy and republicanism, and good riddance. What they lead to is on graphic display for all to see, in all its horror. A ruling cabal rules behind the veneer of democracy, “self-government.” Yeah, right. This assault on Europe is already so large-scale that it will require traditional political and military action. That’s why they will never be obsolete. This regime needs to be overthrown, and a new one must take its place and raise an army, nothing short of that. Someone with power and influence, or who can rapidly garner support. I’m thinking a member of a European royal family. Yes, I know, they’re members of the ruling cabal. No, not all of them. We need one who is on the side of his people against the oligarchy’s agenda.

    How long can moderns remain in thrall to democracy, unless they’re retarded? They chatter about the next election while the invaders continue to pour in every day. They choose among a field of candidates most of whom should be hung from the lampposts, let alone elected or re-elected. Many of them are architects and executors of the calamity unfolding in Europe. Outrageous. Pathetic. And if Americans think they won’t be next if Europe goes down under this, they’re mistaken.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

      Debates and discussions aren’t going to get us out of this predicament.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Here, here! Well said VivatEuropa! I have said before that even though they are evil psychopaths who I would gladly kill, the jihadi’s like ISIS and Al-Qaeda at least understand the evils of modernity. The term you used- ‘moderns’ – is exactly the word they use to describe those young Arab men enthralled to video games and FIFA and cell phones and clothing. Those in our movement use the parallel word ‘Normies’.

      I can get as emotional as anyone reading books about America’s founding. I have read the Federalist Papers and I appreciate their significance, beauty, utility, etc. But democracy and mass-immigration are not compatible. I do not now exactly what form of government is perfect. While it would be great to have our ideal vision and blueprint of how a post-civil war Northern European country should be governed right now, we cannot focus the time on it we would like, because we are too busy confronting the monumental wave of war and suffering approaching, whose shadow is beginning to blot out the sun. Death and glory and tragedy and horror beyond measure are about to overtake Europe. You are perfectly right that nothing in the continent’s thousands of years of history has come close. I still retain the same hope you do for our deliverance and survival. Thank you for the thoughts!

  5. Nxx 2 years ago

    There’s a post by antiDem at https://antidem.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/need-for-thede/ about structured social entities called thedes that’s very relevant:


    So what is a thede, anyway? (Neal Stephenson explored a similar idea in his novel The Diamond Age, but used the term “phyle” to describe it). The most basic definition is that a thede is a group of humans who band together under a strong shared identity.

    Another example of a thede would be the Freemasons. Wherever he may travel, if a Freemason wears his ring and does the secret handshake, other Freemasons will recognize him as one of their own even if they have never met before. Once they do recognize each other, Freemasons are expected to come to each others’ aid in whatever way they can, whenever such aid is needed. Many is a Freemason whose job interview was a mere formality, conducted with a wink and a nod by someone who was wearing the same ring that he was. Many others have received help in times of dire need as well. (When was the last time you heard of a homeless Freemason?) This aspect of mutual aid and obligation is not a feature of every thede, but is a vital part of any serious and robust one.

    One more example would be the Mormons. Mormons take their moral guidance from the elders of their church, not from a court full of political appointees in Washington. If the elders find that marriage is something that only exists between people of opposite sexes, then that, not the opinions of a distant panel of lawyers in Hogwarts costumes, is the law by which they live. Similarly, the ladies of yet another thede, the Amish, wear long dresses because that is one of their thede’s customs. If they’d like to remain part of that thede, then those customs are, effectively, law to them. Here, a Marxist insight is useful: Whoever exercises authority over you is your de facto government.

    If a thede is robust and resilient; if it is not just willing, but also able, to provide effective mutual defense and mutual aid to its members; if it is based on sound and enduring principles which resonate with high-quality people and attract them into the thede; if it can offer a space that encourages and rewards pro-social behavior; if it can help people to achieve the Good Life in a spiritual sense, a material sense, or both; in short, if it can be a worthy place for worthy people to direct their primary loyalty, then it will become a Master Thede.

    Just as the nation-state’s ultimate enforcement mechanisms are imprisonment or execution, the Master Thede’s ultimate enforcement mechanism will be expulsion – i.e. those who won’t abide by the thede’s policies can go back to taking their chances with a government and a set of institutions that hate them and that with each passing day become simultaneously more oppressive and incompetent.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Nxx- Still at 82% for some reason… I have been running around like crazy today for my business (non-Europe stuff), but will be back again this afternoon and will let you know what’s going on. I love the info you have provided and it has give me a bunch of thoughts I will share!

      Thanks for all the help!

      • Author
        Admin 2 years ago


        Your mention of Mormons and Amish is propitious. I grew up around large numbers of 1) Mormons, 2) Polygamous Mormons, and 3) Mennonites. Doing so influenced me in many ways that I am only still realizing. Over the last decade, like many young twenty-something men, I often felt discontent and discomfort at not being part of a ‘thede’, although I would not have articulated it then in such a manner of course . For about a four year stretch I really seriously fantasized about becoming a Mormon. This was primarily because it did offer a concrete identity, a shared honor group, entry into a group with a higher purpose than individualism, brotherhood, a focus on family, a focus on one’s tribe’s future, and all the other things we are bereft of in modernity. I of course did not believe in any of the Mormon ideas in the metaphysical sense, but it was their sociology that attracted me so greatly.

        Interestingly, it was not until a couple years ago when I stumbled upon Art of Manliness > Jack Donovan > Counter-Currents/TraditionalRight/Radix/the ‘Alt-Right’ that this started to subside, as it (to some extent at least) became a spiritual ‘home’ for me, or at least represented the possibility of a spiritual home that would be a more complete and true fit than Mormonism.

        This brings me to a question I would love to get your thoughts on, which is what kind of ‘thedes’ are needed for us to 1) cast off the yoke of apathy and indifference and individualism, and fight back and (hopefully) save parts of Europe, and 2) create the sort of societies we all long for (traditionalist, white, etc).

        For comparison, Jack Donovan talks alot about the importance of creating male honor-groups/gangs on the very local level, and eschews broader ‘societal’ permutations of this idea. I think this has merit certainly, and understand that in the fullest sense of the word, a functioning ‘tribe’ is a pretty small incarnation.

        On the opposite end (though not neccesarily contradictory), there is someone like Richard Spencer, who seems to focus a lot of thought on creating a continent-wide or global White ‘thede’, or universal White-consciousness or white ‘state’.

        What do you think of those two corrolaries or example of ‘thede-ism’? It seems to me that both are valid, but that a number of overlapping, more middle of the road identities might develop, within the range of ‘pro-white/traditionalist’ identity. For instance I could see a ‘thede’ of White traditionalist Catholics develop in Poland and France and Germany, which represented an important part of the struggle to retake and preserve Europe. I could also see pagan ‘thedes’ arise in Northern Europe. I think that a variety is likely, and that they will in many ways replace the ‘thede’ of state, or state-specific nationalism, in our current 4GW decentralized world. It is all very difficult to fathom though.

        And then I am going to go leave a comment back on the original thread (Violence and Vanguardism) regarding the Bitcoin progress.


  6. DaShui 2 years ago

    It says on my passport that if I join a foreign army I can lose my citizenship, however the gov ignores it because so many <<<>>> join the IDF.

  7. Ste-G 2 years ago

    Referring to those perpetrating white genocide, I use the word “coward”. From government, to ministers, through to liberal leftie enablers. Too chickensh*t to say “no”. Too weak to resist. Bending over forwards to show how diverse they are.
    As for train station attacks in Europe, good football style “spotters”, in ones or two’s, checking environment, in order to call on group assistance when needed. Useful for the times when Soldiers of Odin, etc, are elsewhere. Flash demos also much more effective than large scale demos, using element of surprise.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Ste-G! I agree that many are cowardly, but I think many others are quite purposeful in what they are doing. I quite seriously believe many White Labor Party members in the UK believe that in a macro-sense, little White girls in Rotherham and Oxford ‘deserve’ to be gang-raped and tortured by Muslims. Now of course on an individual level I don’t think they would wish that upon any individual girls, but I think on a societal level they think it is proper ‘come-uppance’ for White people in general.

      I would love to get your take on Tony Blair and David Cameron and which side of the continuum they are on. I don’t know alot about Blair, but he seems like he could certainly be on the ‘White people deserve to suffer’ side, while David Cameron seems more of a classic coward and airhead to me. Which there is no excuse for. I strongly feel that David Cameron deserves death, and if Nationalists in Britain ever get the upper hand once the war comes, I would support his execution for facilitation of the mass-rape crisis and the purposeful destruction of White British society. There is no way he does not understand what is going on. The amount of un-utterable suffering, the number of horrors that thousands, tens of thousands of young British children have endured, because of Cameron and his ilk, is almost too much to think about. Cameron could have prevented more horror and more suffering than one can imagine, and yet he gave in to cowardice and indifference in a manner too tragic to even comprehend.

      But yeah would love to hear your thoughts.

  8. DaShui 2 years ago

    In the Soviet Union any organization outside the state was banned, however sports clubs were tolerated because winner athletes gave prestige to the state. With the fall of the Soviet system sports clubs, especially karate, boxing, wrestlers, stepped in the void of the state that’s why gangsters wore those ridiculous track suits at that time. Also veteran associations from the Afghanistan and Chechnyan wars used their skills and connections in the struggle against ethnic mafias.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Lol those track suits were so classic. God those were awful. In the Omar Nasiri book Inside The Jihad I believe the drug dealer he got his gun connection from was wearing one too. The Arabs in Europe seemed to really copy the Russians on that. Even the blacks in America kind of had it going at one time though. The Russians just rocked it so much later than everyone else. I never realized that was the origin though that is fascinating. I always thought baggy pants among blacks was somewhat akin, in that it started in the 1970’s with poor black kids wearing the too-large hand-me-downs of thier older siblings, and by the 1990’s evolved into a ridiculous fasion fad.

      What are your thoughts on Eastern Promises Dashui? I liked it. Watched the documentary that inspired it too, on Russian prison tattoos, it was extremely good.

      • DaShui 2 years ago

        A point I’m trying to ,not to well, make is that while Moslems marry inside the family creating tight clans. Northern euro Whites prefer to associate with non family members, at least since the guild system of the Middle Ages. That’s what nationalism is, and why Arab countries aren’t good at it. White resistance groups will have to be centered around a moral cause.

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