Real Life Hobbit Holes And The Quest For Sacrality

Real Life Hobbit Holes And The Quest For Sacrality
February 1, 2016 Admin

Hobbit Hole Simon Dale 5

An important theme of this website is the idea that Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is more than just a famous and entertaining story. On the contrary, Tolkien’s writings appeal to European and American audiences in a way that is far deeper than that of other books and films that some might label as similar.

This significance is not accidental, nor merely a by-product of the trilogy’s great popularity. On the contrary it stems from Tolkien’s purposeful inclusion of many of the oldest tales and legends from Northern Europe. As one of the foremost philologists in the world, and as a devotee and chronicler of Viking Sagas and early fairie stories, Tolkien’s creation was, from the beginning, a reflection of our shared memories and cultural beginnings, as well as our overlapping languages that stretch back thousands of years through European pre-history.

As the subtitle of the “Tolkienism” subsection on this site states, “Tolkienism”, as used here, is about trying to live a life of sacrality in the profane world we have been born into. Tolkien foresaw the tragic effects mass industrialization and globalization would have upon society, and upon his beloved Britain. We today are smack dab in the middle of this period of mass industrialization and corporatist-capitalism, and their concomitant ingredients of mass immigration, deracination, and de-culturization.

Hobbit Hole Simon Dale 2

It is therefore worthwhile to spotlight those examples of men and women attempting fight back against our artificial and mass-produced modern lives. The homes in this article are each examples of such actions. For what could be a more evocative rejection of modern society, as well as an example of Tolkienism, than to live in a modern day Hobbit Hole? Instead of a massive home in suburbia, identical to all the homes around it, a short drive away from the nearest mall- apart from the natural world our ancestors inhabited, these homes are organic, visceral reflections of the power of living within that world.

As we see in the profile below:

“The less Dan Price has, the more he ‘appreciates all the little gifts in life.’ He’s thrived on living by the ‘less is more’ adage, and now that he’s attuned himself to the hobbit life, he says he has no desire to return to his old ways:

‘I couldn’t live in a regular house ever again; it’s too much space, and too extravagant. I like tiny spaces. There’s just this wonderful feeling of coziness… almost a womb-like feeling.’

Earlier on, whenever he had the urge to downsize or rid himself of a luxury, Dan’s first reaction was that he couldn’t do it. But once he learned to ‘take the plunge,’ he found that he was rewarded with more clarity and happiness.

Hobbit Holes Dan Price 2

‘I started dragging less and less baggage around behind me. Imagine having only a few bills that are on autopay and that don’t get your heart to racing when you think about them. Imagine having no debt. No one owns me or my time. So I can go do as I please and try to help others whenever I can.’”

Hobbit Holes Dan Price 3

Hobbit Holes Dan Price 4

Hobbit Holes Dan Price

In Europe too, the phenomenon of modern-day Hobbit Holes is on display:

“Simon Dale, with the help of his father in-law, has single-handedly built this low impact Hobbit house in the woodlands of West Wales. The eco-house, which rose from a muddy hole in the ground and took three months to complete, came in at under US$5,000 (GBP3,000) – demonstrating that you don’t need to be architectural school graduate to come up with the goods. There’s no need to be envious, however, because Dale will give you the plans and know-how to build your very own.”

Hobbit Hole Simon Dale 6

Hobbit Hole Simon Dale 5

Hobbit Hole Simon Dale 3

If you are not up for building your own Hobbit Hole, there are also now companies that offer pre-fabricated versions that can be shipped to you and assembled. As we see in this article:

“Green Magic Homes creates prefabricated modular micro-houses, which are designed to exist as part of the landscape — just like the homes from the mythical Shire in “Lord of the Rings.”

The Green Magic Homes are made with fiber-reinforced polymer and layered under grass and soil, which allows homeowners to grow their own fruits and vegetables on the roofs of the tiny houses.”

The articles goes on to quote their prices, which come out to 34.74$ per square feet. Everything from three bedroom homes with swimming pools to a 400 sq ft one bedroom homes that would cost around 15,000$.

As the accompanying photos attest, these are beautiful homes that make the world just a little more similar to the sacred vistas of Middle-Earth, and bring a little bit more sacrality into our modern world.

Hobbit Holes Green Magic Homes

Hobit Holes Green Magic Homes 3

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Greetings. New reader here. Your interesting website echoes many of the same concerns about Europe’s future I’ve had since at least the ’90s. I fully expect civil war (or race war) to break out in Europe within my lifetime and have made certain personal and financial decisions in preparation for the event. What advice, if any, would you offer to Europeans abroad who wish to volunteer for the patriotic Nationalist forces? Thanks.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thank you so much for the comment! I think your’s is an excellent question and one which many of us are increasingly asking. I know it is a question that I ask myself daily, and was the impetus for creating this site and writing Fistfights.

      Rather than give a short response here, I am going to expand the answer into an entire post, and plan on publishing it by the end of the week.

      Thank you again for your interest in the site. I know at the least, our connecting with like-minded compatriots, even if over the internet only in the beginning, will be the small pebble that launches a landslide, and propels us forward into the confrontation that must occur.

      Please keep sharing any thoughts you have, and look out for my response in expanded form coming soon!


  2. Lynda 2 years ago

    This section touches on one of the great themes of Tolkien’s saga: The Return.

    There are important antecedents of exile and return in the Bible, the Odyssey – the return of Odysseus to Ithaca. In the English fairy tale, The Wind and the Willows, Grahame has entitled his chapter of ‘the return’ and scouring of Toad Hall as “the Return of Ulysses”.

    Tolkien entitled his chapter: “The Scouring of the Shire”. This is the true and correct resolution to the War of the Rings. And it was ominously absent from the Jackson trilogy. And the scene opens on the riverbank:

    “It was after nightfall when, wet and tired, the travellers came at last to the Brandywine and they found the way barred. At either end of the Bridge there was a great spiked gate: and on the further side of the river they could see that some new houses had been built: two-storied with narrow straight-sided windows, bare and dimly lit, all very gloomy and un-Shirelike”. (Chapter viii; The Return of the King)

    Like the festivities of the suitors in The Odyssey, Grahame introduces the scene of the scouring with a description of the Weasel festivities in the ancestral seat. They are toasting the enabling traitor (and now repentant) Toad who has made the Weasel victory possible: “I should like to say one word about our kind host, Mr Toad. We all know Toad’ – Great Laughter – “Good Toad, modest Toad, honest Toad! (shrieks of merriment).

    Grahame’s version is good; but Tolkien’s has the real English mettle in it and (to my mind) is the work which gets to the death grips with the invasion and Islamification of Britain.

    The Scouring of the Shire is one of the great themes that will help to organise the data and essential comment for the Counter Revolution. It taps deep into the strata of Western letters but taps the mood and essence of the modern tragedy.

    Please consider, Admin, putting up a “Scouring of the Shire” category for vids like this one:
    Kai Murros on Rotherham

    Where-ever we may be in the world – English blood will boil over Rotherham and the like attendent evils of the invasion and sack of England. This goes far beyond the Weasel banquet in Whitehall and Guildhall.

    Only Tolkien can sound to the horn of Rohan in the Shire.

    I was in England when Tolkien read his personal favourite chapter in the LOTR saga which was broadcast to the nation on the BEEB. I was on a bus in the Devon, West country. Someone on the bus had a wireless and everyone demanded it be turned up. Tolkien himself was reading live : ” The Siege of Gondor”. Out of the window, you could see one by one the cars pulling over as “the host of Rohan moved forward into the field of the Gondor, pouring in slowly but steadily , like the rising tide through breaches in a dike that men have thought secure.”

    But in the narrative read by Tolkien: “Grond crawled on. Upon its housing no fire would catch and though now and again some great beast that hauled it would go mad and spread stamping ruin among the orcs innumerable that guarded it…”

    The bus on which I was a passenger pulled over and parked at “Then the Black Captain rose in his stirrups and cried alound in a dreadful voice, speaking in some forgotten tongue words of power an terror to rend both heart an stone”. The driver turned the engine off and bent over the steering wheel.

    Nothing moved on that road. You looked out of the window and saw that everyone was intent upon the fall of the city – all errands of a busy weekday forgotten. And when the cock crowed in a courtyard of the falling city – there were tears upon every face. Tolkien, reading to England then and now, almost chanted the words: “and as if in answer there came from far away another note. Horns, horns, horns. In dark Mindolluin’s sides they dimly echoed. Great horns of the the North wildly blowing. Rohan had come at last.”

    For those who know European history, it was the evening of Sept 10 1683 and with those who defended walls of Vienna, we looked out over the sea of the Turkish army to Kahlenberg Mountain and saw the bonfires of the mass and the vigil of arms of the Holy League.

    Now we look out over the sea of the Islamic invasion of England. We see Rotherham, York and the oaks of West Riding if they are still there. We see the fall of the North…And we have to see it well.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thank you so much for sharing that story Lynda, that is extremely cool + beautiful.

      The Scouring of the Shire has always been one of my favorite parts as well 🙂

      If only it could be so simple and so without bloodshed for us. I feel instead that it will be far more horrible, and full of death and torment, than it was for the Hobbits and their opponents across the four farthings.

      The lines of the cock crowing, and ‘horns, horns, horns’ into the distance, have always been the most moving lines of the books for me. I actually love the old Rankin/Bass version of Return of the King better the best, and it renders perfectly that scene and those lines. I am intending to write a short review of those animated films sometime soon for the website. Have you seen them?

      As always thank you so much for the wonderful comments, they make make amazing additions to the website and we are lucky to have you giving your take and your wisdom:)


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