Reflections On Norwegian National Day By Salomon Schulman And Me

Reflections On Norwegian National Day By Salomon Schulman And Me
May 19, 2017 Admin

Fresh off the wire today:

Norwegians should quit celebrating Norwegian National Day and use it to reflect upon their historic hatred and victimization of Jews.

Pure Nazism, according to Expressen.

Pure Nazism, according to the Expressen.

So argues the writer Salomon Schulman, in an article for the Expressen in Sweden.

Now, astute readers will realize that ‘Salomon Schulman’ is not a Swedish name, however his rhetoric does seem to perfectly echo the overall ideological insanity prevalent in Sweden today.

His post, from the Expressen, goes like this:

(google translation)

Salomon Schulman reminds of a national celebration Norway that has not done up with its past.

Certainly you are looking forward to seeing party-dressed Norwegians singing and flipping their flags. Hissing May is an eye-catching. Nevertheless, this excitement seems to limit the pointless. Maybe they can understand that they love their country, but the question is whether there is a joke for this pride.

The past’s mischief was haunted in Norway’s subconscious way before the slaughter of Utøya. The legacy of the German occupation has not been processed. The resistance that the home front managed to achieve was heroic, but the fate of the Jews did not belong to the highest priority. The joining of time was all the more powerful. The Norwegians joined thousands to the German Warfare and Waffen-SS. They fought for Nazi’s sake as far away as in the Caucasus. Even in the last days of war, they defended Berlin into death.

These people should be silently reflecting on having been born evil.

These people should be silently reflecting on having been born evil.


Mr. Schulman is just getting started, and soon makes it clear that the Norwegians were not just Nazi’s- they were worse than the Nazis…


Often more thorough than the German Nazis.

Those who did not go out in the war stood up as guards with the Germans in the hundreds of concentration camps that grew up in the Norwegian wilderness. The prisoners struck bloodlessly, cracked their backs or murdered them. They often performed their teeth more thoroughly than the German teachers.


And, if all of this is not enough for the Norwegians to do as they should and start hating themselves, there is also the case of Anders Behring Breivik.


Repulsive symbolic punishment

Breivik’s role models, the Norwegian collaborators, received repulsive symbolic punishment. As policeman Knut Red – he was released after the war, despite being responsible for the arrest of the Jews. While the German prosecutor, Wilhelm Wagner , required only a few years of imprisonment and then lived a good life as a banker.

There is a lot to think about before unanimously agreeing to “Yes, we love this country.” The dark legacy and indifference of the destiny of the victims already in the war today still play evil.


Sweden before Baby-Boomer's get brainwashed.

Sweden before Baby-Boomer’s get brainwashed.

Mr. Schulman obviously feels the Norwegians should do as he tells them, become more like the Swedes, and devote all national holidays to self-hatred and flaggelation.

The Swedes are following the Schulman model perfectly- they have embraced feminism and degeneracy 100%, they have imported in millions of Mulim immigrants, and they give those Muslim immigrants full legal protection to rape and murder their daughters and wives. Through this they are atoning for their sick, evil history. It is unclear a this point how many centuries of murder and rape (and eventually Muslim enslavement) they will have to go through before they can be cleansed of the guilt of their ancestors, but perhaps the great-grandchildren of Mr. Schulman will let them off the hook a couple hundred years from now.

Ironically however there is a link or advertisement on the sidebar for another article written by the Expressen, titled “Dangerous to blend Israel and Jews together”, which argues that the Jewish people should not be conflated with any crimes or misdeeds that the state of Israel commits.

Seems rather contradictory(?)

Sweden today, pre-takeover by its Millenial Identitarians.

Sweden after Baby-Boomers, but not for long.

There’s also one called ‘Israel is more free in mind than Sweden’.

My Thoughts On Norwegian National Day

In my humble opinion, as a Norwegian-American who loves my ancestral homeland, I think Norwegian National day should be highly celebratory. Norwegians have a glorious history, and it is no more full of morally questionable actions than any other group’s history on this earth.

Not only that however, I think it should be a day of awareness for the Norwegians, that they are currently endangered by existential threats far more dire than any others in their history.

The Bonnier/Schulman model for White Reparations.

The Bonnier/Schulman model for White Reparations.

True, the Norwegians have fought many wars in the past, and were ruled at various times by Denmark and Sweden. They also suffered through The Black Death/Bubonic Plague. But none of those misfortunes resulted in the wholesale destruction of Norwegian culture and heritage. None of consigned elderly Norwegians to violence and murder at the hands of young hostile foreigners, none of them resigned Norwegian women and girls to wholesale industrial rape (like in Sweden, which has the second highest per capita rape rate on earth today), none of them resulted in the country of Norway eventually becoming Islamic, and its two-thousand year history being extinguished and forgotten.

All of that is what is slowly coming to pass as the Salomen Schulman’s and Stefan Lofven’s exert increasing power over Norway. Norway’s demographics are not yet as bad as Sweden’s, where the 18-29 year old demographic will soon be majority Muslim, and the Norwegian people are not yet as brainwashed as their neighbors (they are still celebrating Norwegian National day after all). Yet soon things will be just as bad.

Therefore the Norwegians should seek on this national day to embrace nationalism, embrace the future, and work to build power with which to retake their country from the hostile multinational elites currently controlling it. At that point they should arrest and prosecute all the foreign agents destabilizing their society- their own Salomen Schulman’s for instance. They should completely end all non-European immigration. They should begin the peaceful repatriation of all immigrants, in order to prevent the onset of even worse violence. And, finally, they should strive to liberate their neighbors, the Swede’s, from their own ongoing nightmare..

Happy Norwegian National Day everyone 🙂


Norwegian National day 8



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Comments (8)

  1. Jbingo 3 months ago

    There are guilt catchers and guilt throwers, of which I am neither

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Jbingo-

      Your comment might have gone over my head. Are you implying we shouldn’t assign guilt to those like Salomon Schulman?? (or at least those among our people who listen to him?)

      I might be the opposite of you if I understand you right. I will throw and *catch* some guilt on myself, for I was a liberal (and a selfish degenerate) for many years, and if I had figured things out sooner and been a better man I could have made a much bigger impact on things (issues affecting our people) by now.

      But on the other hand I think it is very important that we DO assign guilt where it belongs. How else does one engage in self-defense even, without deciding who the guilty/aggressive parties are first?

      Or do I misunderstand the comment?

      • Jbingo 3 months ago

        I was refering to this Schulman, who is tossing a big ball of guilt that I recommend no Norwegian catch! He is a leftist writer, so of course he seeks to undermine European/American culture.

        I view inner guilt as a message to address certain behavior, and either change or not but move on. I consider external guilt nothing but pure manipulation, as in his case. Raining on the parade, literally.

        On a personal level, it’s my understanding that guilt throwers attempt to control their partner/family member with it; a catcher is the recipient who takes it to heart and attempts to amend or appease, always put on the defensive.

        This translated for me into the social aspect of society. When I realized how badly we all were walking on eggshells due to ever-inflating political correctness, that’s it, had enough. Not interested in being on the defensive, always apologizing when in fact I’m always well-meaning.

        So, when a communist tries to make me feel guilty for being a capitalist (or Norwegian, whatever) — nah, don’t think so. Same with BLM and feminists.

        Thanks for all you, your contributors and commenters do to make this such a resourceful site!

        • Author
          Admin 3 months ago

          I got ya…. yes I misunderstood 🙂

          Very good points, I am glad you elaborated.

          I think- within the topic of liberalism and what’s wrong with the modern West- there’s another side very much connected to what you are talking about based around an over-reliance on emotion too.

          I had never really thought about it before but the guys at the podcast The Pressure Project were talking about it, and pointing out how children, women (to some extent), and liberals all tend to make decisions based on emotion, and to act and react through emotional lenses, whereas men- historically, and masculine and tactical men in particular- are and should be the opposite, reacting and acting instead through thought, logic, honor, strategy, etc.

          • Jbingo 3 months ago

            Yes! And the “feminine side” has had way too much to say and held sway over the last 50 years and now it’s time for the “father figure(s)” to bring some order to the house and get the spoiled rotten kids back in line. Conservative politician throttled a leftist reporter today in Montana, will probably lose any chance of winning now, but I loved it. Maybe if we all went out and had a Throttle a Leftist Day, they’d think twice before being so snivelingly obnoxious

          • Author
            Admin 3 months ago

            Hey JBingo I am glad you mentioned that montana thing you were the first place I heard about it! I’m not sure if your on the email list for the site but I wrote about it in the email I sent off over it yesterday. Glad to see he won!

  2. DaShui 3 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Very interesting Dashui.

      My first ‘objection’ to it was going to be Ukraine but then he handled that about midway through. I think he’s right that the fighting there is pretty minimal between past civil wars.

      I don’t think we are going to see any civil strife in America- at least not in terms of all out fighting certainly.

      In Europe I don’t know if we’ll see all out fighting but eventually whether in 5 years or 35 years SOMETHING must happen, even if its just the remaining whites getting their heads chopped off or being forcibly converted.

      The interesting variables or questions that did pop into my mind reading it though are:

      -Chicago has a massive black on black murder rate currently (well, it seems massive, I don’t know the actual % rate, etc) and black people in America have had around 2.0 fertility since the early 90’s. I guess one could argue that Chicago is an outlier though and that you would have to look at the black on black murder rate countrywide (which is probably a bit lower now than in the 90’s when the last youth bulge ‘passed through the python’).

      -Brazil seems like another one, where perhaps corruption/poverty/diversity makes up for the lack of youth population bulge.

      -In Europe, while there isn’t a youth bulge overall, there is definitely still one within the Muslim population. It will be interesting see what comes of that.

      -We have never seen the entire Western world (or really any part of the world) be at sub-replacement birthrates before, so while I think its very logical that there will be less civil war and violence in those sub-replacement areas, at some point the ‘law of the jungle’ has to return in one way or another.

      Perhaps then the best conclusion we can draw is that yes, western countries with low birthrates will be very unlikely to see INTERNAL civil war or mass violence anytime soon, but eventually they will run into countries that DO have youth bulges, and then civil war (or some kind of war) WILL be on the table.

      That seems like what happened in Rome, which is the only example I can think of where low fertility/degeneracy really appeared to the extents it has now.

      Would be interested to see Turchin’s thoughts on it…

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