‘Refugee Attack’ In Dresden Brings Us Full Circle

‘Refugee Attack’ In Dresden Brings Us Full Circle
August 28, 2016 Admin

In the early days of this website- last January to be precise- there was a huge story out of Sweden, which readers will surely remember, that claimed that Swedish men had rampaged through the Stockholm train station, attacking all the migrant teenagers and twenty-somethings that had been stealing purses, assaulting elderly Swedes, and sexually-assaulting Swedish women.

We met that news with great excitement, and joy that a group of Swedish men had finally risen up, and defended their fellow citizens in a grand and symbolic act of defiance and aggression.

This was the image from Stockholm paraded across world newspapers.

This was the image from Stockholm paraded across world newspapers.

It turned out that story was false however. It never happened.

With that in mind, today’s story from Dresden should be greeted with a grain of salt.

From the Daily Express:

NEO-Nazi thugs seriously injured three asylum seekers who had fled war and terror in Iraq to be beaten senseless on the banks of the Elbe River in Dresden

Ali H., 43, Faisal M., 25, and Sarhan S., 19, were brutally attacked early on Sunday morning after attending the city’s annual festival.

A fourth man, Birhat K., 23, was slightly wounded.

Their attackers yelled the Nazi greeting “Sieg Heil!” and told the men to “f*** off back where you came from.”

Birhat said he was taking photos of the brightly lit walkway by the river in the old baroque city when a group of neo-Nazis wearing Dynamo Dresden football club clothing set upon them

He said; “We were jumped from behind and fists rained down on us. One of my friends is still in hospital. I don’t trust coming out at night any more and I want to get as far away from Dresden as I can.”

The men are from the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq which was overrun at a great cost in life by Isis in March 2015.

Birhat K. added; “I came here to find peace and was attacked by Nazis instead.”

Police have handed the case on to a special hate crimes unit.Police spokesman Kathleen Doetsch said the suspects are being sought on charges of causing grievous bodily harm.

Dresden is indeed the most awakened, and ‘far-right’ area of Germany, so if Muslim immigrants were to be attacked I would say it would probably, on average, be more likely to happen here.

On the other hand, the football hooligan, ‘Sieg Heil’ yelling description of them is a little too perfect.

As a result, just like in Stockholm, it is basically impossible to know what the truth is. Indeed in the Stockholm situation it was doubly difficult because of the documented presence of this pamphlet, which was apparently being handed out by Swedish Nationalists at the scene. I find it hard to believe that the pamphlet was a concoction by Left-Wing propagandists. Yet it is clear the story was at least mostly made up.

Swedish Media Central Station Racist Pamphlet Violence Muslims Immigrants

Either way, however, I think such stories help propel events in the direction we wish them to go. As we have talked about before, ‘Modeling’ is a hugely important element in the run up to war. These stories model the idea (even if they are lying when they do so) of immigrants and native Europeans fighting each other. Since most of us believe such an eventuality (on a larger scale) is the only path or development that can save the lands of Western Europe from Muslim domination, this is a good thing.

I certainly would never advocate attacks like the one portrayed in this story. This incident (whether true or made up) is different from Stockholm because in Stockholm the immigrants being attacked were clearly deserving of it (as they were robbing people, sexually assaulting women, etc). Indeed, a careful read shows that these are not even Muslims but instead Yazidis- the prime victims of the Islamic State. HOWEVER, since the Left-Wing Lugunspresse is going to make up stories such as this one anyway, we might as well take comfort in the fact that in doing so they will at least be catalyzing those same developments we hope for: a pillarization of society between immigrants+traitors vs regular native Europeans, and the narrative that diversity + proximity=violence.

With enough made up stories of European violence and vigilantism, they might actually inspire some resistance.

We’ll end this post with a re-pasting of the words from that mysterious pamphlet in Stockholm, as true or false, they are certainly inspiring.

Enough is enough

That Sweden is not as it once was, no one can have missed by now, and basically every day, we wake up to new murders, robberies, rapes, and other abuses. We have been forced to endure countless crimes of this type where perpetrators often escape punishment by claiming that they are under 15.

Around the country, reports are flooding in about how the police no longer have the stamina to prevent and investigate the crimes that affect the Swedish people. In some cases, such as the recent murder of a woman, an employee of a home [refugee center] for so-called “unaccompanied refugee children” in Mölndal, it goes so far that our National Chief of Police chooses to show greater sympathy for the perpetrator than for the victim.

This type of disrespectful behavior is now so deeply ingrained in our spineless politicians, our weak judicial system, and our lying media that nothing surprises us anymore. But we refuse to accept the repeated attacks on and harassment of Swedish women. We refuse to accept the destruction of our once safe society.

When our political leaders and police show greater sympathy for murderers than their victims, there is no longer any excuse to let that happen without protest. When Swedish streets are no longer safe to frequent for ordinary Swedes, it is our DUTY to fix the problems.

Therefore, today 200 Swedish gathered to stand against the North African “street children” that ravage the capital’s central train station. The police have clearly shown that they lack the means to prevent their rampage, and we now see no other alternative than dealing out ourselves the punishments they deserve.

The judicial system has given a walkover [i.e., a win by forfeit] and the social contract is thus broken – therefore, it is now every Swedish man’s duty to defend our public areas against the imported criminality.

We who gathered here today are not your politicians, or your journalists, or your police. We are your father, your brother, your husband, your colleague, your friend, and your neighbor. Swedish men and women deserve security in their everyday lives, and we therefore call on all others who see the problems to follow in our footsteps, both in Stockholm and in other places around the country. For a better future together.

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  1. DaShui 1 year ago

    The question is why did the yazidis not join one of the many anti Isis militias and fight? And where are their women?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That’s a VERY, VERY good question. If I was a Yazidi man and those animals were gang-raping my people’s daughters and sisters and wives, I might be in a neighboring country getting ready to slaughter and kill, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be in GERMANY thousands of miles away. Disgusting.

  2. rick 1 year ago

    I think once the average european male gets comfortable with confrontation and realizes that a fight isn’t the end of the world, we will see things escalate quickly. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that muslims are very aggressive when they are in a position of clear advantage. They appear to wilt quickly in the face of organized opposition. (Again this is just my impression, could be wrong)

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      No I think you make a good point Rick. I think it is classic ‘law of the jungle’ thinking. When in a position of weakness they may appear overly timid, almost like an animal in nature, but as soon as they have any opportunity, or their numbers grow, they become relentlessly aggressive. I just pray that our side does in deed wake up as you say. Some of us (like myself) are awakened but need to go get in the fight, and others (like many Europeans) are still far from being awakened. I do believe that many of the latter shift to the former every day however.

  3. rick 1 year ago

    This link provides a great contrast in attitudes, in Ukraine after an 8 year old girl is killed 300 villagers forced out 50 Roma families and have expelled them from the town https://www.rt.com/news/357488-gypsies-ukraine-village-violence/

    Contrast this with what has happened in Rotherham, where the abuse of locals continues to this day.
    Another take away is that with a couple hundred committed people yo can really initiate a lot of change.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Rick thank you for sending that! As you can see I just turned it into an article and thanked you in it for sending us the link! I was all over the net researching Europe news this morning but it must have popped up right after I got off. Please keep linking to any other relevant items you see!

  4. Kadphises 1 year ago

    While I agree that those Yezidi men ideally should be fighting against ISIS, and in principle, Europeans should give refuge only to women and children (and I mean children, not teenage males) of persecuted minorities (Yezidis, Christians, Druze etc.), I think this kind of event, if true, fosters the leftist narrative of the ‘violent nazis’ as the real threat and the ‘refugees’ as the poor victims of xenophobia, and is counterproductive at this stage. Any resistance should be targeted against radical Islamists, criminal invaders (rapists, robbers etc.) and adult male traitors. I even believe we should cooperate with young male Yezidis and Assyrians who are currently in Europe and provide military training, if their lack thereof is the reason that they are not yet fighting against ISIS in their homelands.
    This being said, I understand the rage of my compatriots which naturally can lead to violent outbursts. And I also have strong doubts whether the story has been distorted or exaggerated by the Lügenpresse. It would be possible that the Yezidi men have been attacked by Muslim asylum seekers, which frequently happens in the migrant camps once their religious background is discovered, but have been talked into blaming ‘nazis’ instead, for very common despicable reasons (because they can ‘raise awareness’ and be moved to another center without increasing ‘anti-migrant sentiment’, because by blaming local nazis they hope to avoid worse acts of revenge by the Muslims, because it fits more neatly into the worldview of the Gutmenschen who work at the migrant camps and the press reporters etc.).

  5. Lenny 1 year ago

    Quite a story but how true to the facts? By the way, it’s interesting that the “anti-neo-Nazi” British rag Daily Expresss has at the same time been strongly supportive of the UKiP, Farage and “Brexit.” Also financially. Fagare himself praised the support as vital. The rag’s owner, a leading British pornographer, is Jewish.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hi Lenny, thanks for the comment! Yes it is an interesting thing and seemingly a contradiction that a lot of these British tabloids seem to simultaneously argue against mass immigration and for Brexit/UKIP, while also jumping on anything that may or may not have been a ‘hate crime’. Perhaps they see those two kinds of stories as the most profitable… Anyway thank you for the comment and hope to hear more of your thoughts!

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