Resistance To ‘The Church Of Facebook’

Resistance To ‘The Church Of Facebook’
June 28, 2017 Admin

I will admit to kind of liking Mark Zuckerberg’s presence on the international stage.

Despite his place amongst the pinnacles of his globalist tribe’s oligarchic hierachy, he still possesses a huge degree of boyish naivety and awkwardness. Even a sort of earnestness that would be quite likeable in anyone else.

The result is that one gets a much clearer vision into what he and his ilk would like to see take place by listening to him compared to his older and more cynical or tight-lipped contemporaries.

To wit, Breitbart today has a story perfectly encapsulating the world that Zuckerberg, et al would like to craft for us.

Mark Zuckerberg recently stated his desire to have Facebook act as a community for its users, replacing “churches” and “community support groups”.

Speaking at Facebook’s first Communities Summit in Chicago last week, Mark Zuckerberg discussed a number of topics, including Facebook’s new mission statement which was changed from “connecting the world” to a new goal, to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Following criticism that Facebook was complicit in the spread of “fake news,” Zuckerberg stated, “Our mission of connecting people, that was not supposed to be controversial. So now the question is, why is that a controversial thing, and how do you rebuild that?”

CNBC reports that later at the rally, the Facebook CEO discussed the use of Facebook as a community tool to bring it’s users closer together, “It’s so striking that for decades, membership in all kinds of groups has declined as much as one-quarter,” said Zuckerberg during the Communities Summit, “That’s a lot of people who now need to find a sense of purpose and support somewhere else.” He then seemed to liken Facebook to a church of sorts, “People who go to church are more likely to volunteer and give to charity — not just because they’re religious, but because they’re part of a community.”

Zuckerberg stated his desire to have Facebook act as a networking tool to help people connect and develop communities and the importance of community leaders and moderators, “A church doesn’t just come together.” he said, “It has a pastor who cares for the well-being of their congregation, makes sure they have food and shelter. A little league team has a coach who motivates the kids and helps them hit better. Leaders set the culture, inspire us, give us a safety net, and look out for us.”

Zuckerberg stated that after seeing how easy it was to spread fake news across the Facebook platform, the company had developed AI to help prevent the spread of misinformation and to make it easier to organize and suggest online communities to users, “We started a project to see if we could get better at suggesting groups that will be meaningful to you. We started building artificial intelligence to do this. And it works. In the first six months, we helped 50% more people join meaningful communities.”


The examples of ‘churches’ is interesting because for the last 60 years or so Americans have been consistently mocked for their devotion to church. During that time, countless comedians and sitcom writers (most of them Zuckerberg’s relatives) have used irony and cynicism to skewer the Church-going American as a low-IQ, socially awkward, naive, fast-food loving, low sex appeal oaf. Legions of young people have been taught that Church is ‘reactionary’, ‘patriarchal’, and ‘oppressive’.

Someone tell me this isn't the creepiest picture you've ever seen. I don't think they were unaware of the symbolism...

Someone tell me this isn’t the creepiest picture you’ve ever seen. I don’t think they were unaware of the symbolism…

But this new vision Zuckerberg and the rest of his ilk have replaces those old ‘houses of ignorance’ with a new kind of Church. One where every thought, every keystroke, and every glance of one’s eye is monetized. Where rapture, sacrality, and community- those things human have always needed- are brought to you by Something-Berg, Inc, where they can be turned into a constant profit stream. And where- of course- your every thought and purchase and click is accessible by the benevolent government, in a beautiful symbiotic synthesis of ‘democracy’ and ‘capitalism’.


While Zuckerberg and his fellows may seem confident, I would wager underneath they are just as terrified as ever. Because, unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few individuals not quite hip with this new paradigm.

A mass of young Identitarians grows ever stronger, their magical memetic esotericism representing an increasing threat to the Bergian globalist elite.

Zuckerberg is absolutely right that people need community, meaning, and sacredness. But that has to be real. Pornography, video games, and status updates will only enslave the modern wage-croppers for so long. And as I argued yesterday, eventually the Bergians’ own magic ends up being stolen as well.

Eventually, a new nobility arises, and casts aside the chains they were birthed among.

I’ll end with this subtle yet in my opinion very powerful video, which I actually think is one of the most effective I have seen in a long time. It combines the cleverness with hipsterism with the sincerity and earnestness of Preservation.

If the Zuckerbergs of the world’s only response to men like those in the video below is to call them ‘Nazis’ when they are anything but (just as Sweden now does with old ladies it prosecutes for complaining about migration) it suggests the Church of Facebook may be built more on fear and greed than real ‘community’.

Interestingly… that woman in Sweden was arrested when she complained (factually) about migrants defecating in the street and burning cars in a…you guessed it…. Facebook post.

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  1. Rick 6 months ago

    In a way I think Zuckerberg is right, Multi Culturalism has atomized people to such a degree that the only hope they have of finding like minded individuals is online. Pubs, fraternal organizations etc.. have all disappeared. Facebook however embodies all the worst aspects of church, constant policing of thought and opinions, shaking down the “flock” for money double standards etc…
    If there was a high priest of this new vacuous religion along with Zuck it would surely be Justin Trudeau who celebrated Canada day by proclaiming that immigrants and refugees are more Canadian than those who were born there. (you can’t make this stuff up)

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Yes, that gal in the green hijab on the front of the video just screams ‘attachment’ to Canada lol 🙂

      Trudeau evokes equal parts hatred and pity I think. One can almost imagine him in any other environment outside of being prime minister/drama teacher/ski instructor trying to get on life and the realities of the world just pumelling him into oblivion. He is actually almost the perfect villain like from some movie or something.

      On a serious note though I do think you are right re: the atomization of modern life. I don’t know what conclusions to draw neccesarily. I know I used to have facebook for several years in my late teens/early twenties and it gave me massive anxiety and I ended up getting rid of it. It just felt like everytime you posted something you worried what people were going to say, or if some passive aggressive person was going to write something negative or mean. Plus all the attention whoring by people who were obviously lonely in real life and seeking attention online through not very healthy means. It was horrible.

      On the flip side if we look at the internet as a whole I think we as humans (at least some of us) are starting to use it to good effect. Look at our own movement for instance, where we are seeing increasing amounts of IRL meetups and organizing that originate online. Similarly while in the 1980-2000’s it seemed like young upwardly mobile families were constantly moving all around the country chasing the next job promotion, the increasing internet-based economy is allowing extended families to stay together more and limiting immigration. Plus, I think we see more people having good jobs that still allow them to live in rural areas, as evidenced by Montana and North Carolina, both of which have good, upper middle class type economies while being relatively rural (well, Montana more than NC, but both are evidence of this in my opinion). Plus obviously online entrepreneurism, etc.

      It will be interesting to see what develops with good ol’ ‘Zuck’ though. I know I heard on the radio some folks saying they think he might run for political office. It is tempting to say he could be America’s Justin Trudeau (to bring this round full circle), however I think that would comparison would need to ignore several (or many) layers of cognizance and understanding between the two. In other words, Trudeau is the useful idiot of Zuckerberg/Soros’s ‘Men behind the curtain’.

  2. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    Julian, I have put off commenting on this post to try to get my thoughts in order. In my opinion, you are touching on a mega-issue that most people can’t even identify, and of those few who can, most dismiss it as unfounded paranoia.

    Perhaps it’s simply a function of my age, but I see this cowardly new world of electronic busy-ness as profoundly un-human in many, many ways. While I appreciate the ability to instantly look up facts and figures that would have required hours of beavering around in the public library back in 1975, and while I enjoy conversing with like-minded individuals at the touch of a keyboard, I can’t help but reflect on two things: 1) Even this comparatively primitive stage of computerization requires us to serve the machines as much as the machines serve us (thereby molding and distorting our minds and spirits), and 2) Nothing IN REAL LIFE has actually progressed since ’75. We don’t have faster-than-light spaceships or a 20-hour work week or a cure for cancer. What we have is a TV screen attached to a typewriter and a telephone/tracking device that we now HAVE to carry around with us all the time because friends, family, and employers expect us to.

    At this point these are just the meanderings of a cranky ol’ fart. But now, something called 5G is rolling straight down the track at us, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get out of its way. The “internet of things”, self-driving cars, AI, the cashless society…you name it…this stuff sounds like a horror movie to me, both because of the obvious ability of the powers-that-be to turn this all into an inescapable web of societal control, and because adapting to it will change the very nature of what it means to be human.

    And why? Who needs this? Who profits from it?

    Again, we’re not mobilizing our best-and-brightest to leap us into a techno-future so that we can repel an alien invasion or so we can live in an idyllic paradise of leisure, independence, and luxury. It’s just so bosses and politicians can have more “information” in order to make decisions, and that “information” is information about us, and the decisions are decisions about us, as well.

    As with so much else in today’s world, everything in this arena is upside-down and backwards. In WW2, the one-dimensional intellects used their nerdly skills to SERVE society (at places like Oak Ridge and Alamagordo), but they weren’t driving the train. Now, these low-T, Big-bang Theory types like Gates and Zuckerberg are forcing society to twist itself into an unrecognizable mess in order to serve THEM. And these guys, to whom actual physical real life is a frightening mystery, are launching us down uncharted paths of illusionary “progress” just because they think it’s “cool”. These are guys who think the Terminator movies are blueprints for the future, not cautionary tales. If their Aspergery dreams of robots, AI, and a cashless society come true, we’re all going to wish that an M-16-totin’ Linda Hamilton had showed up in Silicon Valley in her wifebeater t-shirt and stopped this $#!t in its tracks.

    This is one of the umpteen reasons that the rise of leaders like Trump, Putin, and Farage is so important: They give us other (more traditional) models of male leadership and conduct. These are all men who obviously thrive in the real world and whose unapologetic masculinity serves as a magnetic pole to pull the upcoming generation away from the Sheldon and Leonard model of sunken chests and vocal fry. On a concrete level, I hope that enough of these k-selected leaders can put together an international conference banning (or at least strictly limiting) industrial and military robotics in the way the Geneva Protocol of 1925 banned the use of lethal chemical weapons. That’s only a dream of mine, but, hey, I’ve had so many prayers answered since June 16, 2015, that I believe almost anything is possible.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Hey Steve-

      Appreciate the in-depth thoughts! I agree with everything you said.

      Two things that it caused to pop into my mind:

      1. There is that famous statement ‘the men in the Iliad three thousand years ago have more in common with Churchill and Eisenhower than do our modern men fifty years later’ (because we turned away from masculinity and honor culture to effeminacy and victimhood culture), BUT I think a similar pronouncement could be made on the technology front, in that men from 50 (even 30) years ago had (or have) more in common with men from 10,000 years ago then they do with modern men my age. This is because all those men before us knew how to hunt, fish, build, etc, whereas young men today (myself included to some extent) only know technology and don’t understand those ‘real life’ tactical skills.

      2. I listen to lots of business and entrepreneurship podcasts and on one of them recently the hosts were talking about this very issue. They were pointing out that back in the 1980’s and 90’s it was a mark of success to have a ‘cellular phone’/etc with you when you were on vacation. Rich people would be sitting by the pool and a hotel worker or servant would come bring them the phone so they could answer questions and dead with work back home. It was a mark of success and money and ostentatiousness. But today, they said, it is the opposite, where the ‘mark of success’ you want to brag about is being able to go on vacation without your cell phone. Such technology has become so ubiquitous that now you have to be truly rich to even temporarily escape it.

      Anyway its all very fascinating. I could write way more actually…

      I do think it bodes well for us though, as I wrote last night in the ‘White Pill Wednesday’ thing. If we (our movement/ideology) can create the avenues for men to actual have real lives filled with the things men need (sacrality, brotherhood, danger, aggression, tribe, belonging, etc) then we will reap unbelievable success, for there is a massive, massive vacuum of those things out there and liberalism is the very antithesis of them.

  3. SteveRogers42 5 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      I probably agree with the notion of not allowing robots to make the decision to kill humans like Musk and Hawking said… however if we could create a robot to patrol the border or the medditeranean or etc, that I would go for. Although that’s not really the problem the problem is Soros et al, so gonna need some other kind of robot I guess 🙂

        • Author
          Admin 3 months ago

          Wow… interesting.. I will admit I had not put that much time into studying AI at this point, focusing more on crypocurrency and ‘internet of things’ type stuff, but Putin seems to be just about the smartest, most connected to reality leader out there in the world today, so if he is saying its that important I am going to have to spend more time exploring it.

          I am obsessed with all that futurism stuff. Someday I might pivot and write some kind of futurism type book myself. Utterly fascinating field of study.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Great link! Good for the Unz Review taking on the little Zuckerberg dear. Quite the specimen. She’s actually kind of cute too it sickens me to say. In a lizardy way though 🙂

      Funny you referenced this actually… just working on a chapter of the new book where I reference her. Here is the quote:

      This was seen equally well in the case of Donna Zuckerburg- the sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg- writing a painfully meandering article claiming that the young men of the “Alt-Right” who supported Trump- young men making one tenth of one percent of one percent as much as she and her family were worth, young men who could not even speak openly about their political beliefs without losing their jobs and having their careers destroyed- were examples of “White supremacy” and “privilege” and “oppression”. Though it was “surprising”, she wrote, that the young men she was attacking loved “classical literature” and “ancient history”, their “myopic view of ‘Western Civilization’” must be defeated. Such was the modern left’s version of speaking truth to power.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Excellent link Steve. Are you on the email list for the site? Used it in my email last night to everyone. Much appreciated.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Yes, agreed. It is quite a mess, all this new technology stuff and how we are adapting to it.

      I have been trying to study all of it more to help understand where things are going better. Especially AI after that Putin comment.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Lol very good.

      I just read today that the average American now spends more time on Facebook than they do watching television…. I think we can say the ‘lizard people’ have changed our leash 😉

  4. SteveRogers42 3 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Lol that’s excellent.

      I liked the gif like 13-14 responses down too with the guy on the table at the *specific* function lol.

  5. SteveRogers42 3 months ago

    A great statesman looks into the future and doesn’t like what he sees:

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Putin and the Russians with world-leading AI- there’s a future to scare the Neocons!

      Better Putin than Merkel, that’s all I can say 🙂

  6. SteveRogers42 3 weeks ago
    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago


  7. SteveRogers42 2 weeks ago

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