Riots Across France As Le Pen Gears Up For Last Chance Run

Riots Across France As Le Pen Gears Up For Last Chance Run
February 18, 2017 Admin

Update: All but one of the videos of immigrants rioting in France that were originally embedded in the below article have been taking down. Normally I would remove them, but I think its *interesting* enough that they are all missing that I wanted to leave it like this. Not too surprising given Youtube’s willingness to explicitly censor has gone up dramatically since the original article was published.



Unrest continues in France, as Muslim and African youths across the country riot for the seventh straight day.

Watching the below video I can actually identity with them. When I was 13/14/15/16 years old, my friends and I- full of masculine angst, anger, hatred, boredom, contempt, and the desire to prove ourselves in any way we could- would engage in all sorts of self-destructive behavior. We’d sneak out at night, knock on people’s doors at 2 am, stuff fireworks in their mailbox and blow them up, beat up trash cans with baseball bats, steal things, any horrid activity that might get the cops called on us so we could run from them.

We were awful little kids, and yet if we had been brought halfway around the world, into a foreign country where we we were provided free housing, free food, free clothes, free bus passes, and free money, and taught by our parents that the host country’s people were infidels who would burn in hell, and taught by those countries teachers that we were oppressed, we would have been a THOUSAND times worse.

That is what we see in these below videos.

The above one is actually quite tame, but as I discuss in my book, these riots in France that happen every couple years are anything but. In them French people have (literally) been hung from lamp posts (lynched), beaten to death, French women and children have been raped, along with a host of other such horrors. I saw another video online just now of a white teen and white woman being viciously beaten by Muslims at the train station, but was unable to embed it.

Yet… as one can make out in the below video, there are some non-immigrants joining in the ‘protests’ to a small extent:

This gets to one of the contradictions in these riots, which is that they are actually in part a media creation.

Their official catalyst is that some French police allegedly sodomized a young African man with a truncheon (police stick).

This story was picked up in the media- in journals such as the Guardian and others- like so many stories of police brutality often are. These media LOVE stories of police brutality, as we have seen over and over in America.

Yet while in America the resulting Black Lives Matter protests fit well into the globalist narrative, and foment ‘Maidan’ style social engineering designed to delegitimize any remotely right-wing bastions of authority, the situation is a little different in France.

There, fomenting such ‘activism’ (riots) seems to have overplayed the globalist hand. Things started out normal- there was much hand-wringing among the centrist French establishment over ‘discrimination’, and ‘police brutality’ (despite it being unclear if this event legitimately happened- see Red Ice video at bottom for more on this), and President Francios Hollande went and met with the young victim in the hospital, made apologetic public statements, and basically went into full obsequious character. But then, as might be expected, things went a little haywire.

For the massive riots we are seeing, along with frightened looking cops seeming less like representations of state authority than terrified tourists in some North African city-state, can’t but make people realize just how far gone France already is.

State authority seems tenuous indeed, which bodes well for Marine le Pen’s chances in the coming election. If the native French can be sobered enough by then- or be exposed to enough K-Selection, as one might say- she just might have a chance to turn enough votes to her side in the second round of the contest.

I would wager this is France’s last shot at solving the situation through semi-governmental means. The next election after this- in 2022- is, after all, the one from Michele Houellebecq’s novel Submission– in which a cowed French populace peacefully gives into Islamization, and allows a Muslim political party to attain control of the country (much like what has happened in London on a city level).

Brave people are fighting against this though– and everyday across the continent, more native Europeans rise up to oppose such horrific potentialities. We must each do everything we can to help (more articles coming on that subject soon). The question of whether Western Europe will survive or fall to complete Islamization is the most significant one of the last 1000 years as far as our people are concerned.

Editor’s Note: I would be highly interested in just how many of our esteemed readers think Marine le Pen can win the election, vs how many think that’s impossible, and that the votes no longer exist to allow such an outcome. I am still unsure of my thoughts on the matter.

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  1. gris bosque 11 months ago

    I have been following Marine Le Pen’s progress online for well over a year. And I lived in France as a kid for three years (Chateauroux) during the De Gual era as a US military dependent. And I know personaly that the French can be fun and decent and totaly A-holes just like the rest of us!

    I think Marine is going to take it! hands down, As the globalists have insulted deeply what they hold dear; being French!
    Godspeed Marine!

    I don’t automatically support women leaders, they have to show me guts, brains, and integrity! I support Marine and seldom find issue with what she says. May France always be French! the world is better for France’s existence. let it live forever changed little. such a classical culture. And I have many happy memories from there.
    And the thought of it being over run and destroyed by unwashed barbarian fanatics is absolutely unacceptable, time for the rebirth of the Spirit of Charlemane.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Thanks for the comment Gris Bosque. I hope you are correct!

      Ditto on the female leader thing. Overall I am not super bullish on the idea but I guess Joan of Arc was French and I have read several books about her and she was one heck of a leader.

      If either Marine or Marion le Pen can channel her spirit and somehow lead France to deliverance it will be miracle of even greater glory than Joan of Arc’s- she was merely saving France from Anglo-hegemony, whereas today the very life of France’s istelf is at stake.

  2. forwardobserver 11 months ago

    The key is for her to turn the districts of western France over. FN support is very concentrated in the East of the country. Obviously the heightened anxiety of the rioting is a national issue, so this is her opening. It is reminiscent of how other prescient nationalist politicians (eg Farage and Trump) in recent election (Brexit and 2016 POUTS) concentrated on winning newly winnable areas (the blighted Northern Industrial heartlands of England and the US respectively) and ignored the punditry. I’m not French and therefore don’t have a true ground feel, but even subtle movement right now in the meta mood of the population in those western areas may well yield a titanic shift in the results.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Very interesting F.O., I did not know that about the Western Districts. What causes them to be more left-leaning do you think? What are the most conservative areas of France? I know Marion le Pen’s district is a wealthy southern one, so it makes sense they would be more right wing.

      Trump’s victory in the upper midwest/rust belt was indeed revolutionary. It caught the Democrats so badly off-guard it was beautiful. They almost lost Minnesota too! I think it was only 51.7-48% there or something like that. That would have been truly amazing, but just taking Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan was wonderful itself 🙂

      • forwardobserver 11 months ago

        Well Nord-Pas de Calais and Provence are the two strongest areas of FN support. Massive physical presence of invaders can indeed cause massive redpilling. Marseilles and Malmo in my mind are in a constant race to be the Fort Sumter of Europe.
        Apparently the south-west has often voted socialist as a protest against “centralism” from Paris. Yeah. This is where Le Pen needs to strike. These are the people waiting for her message.

  3. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    Democracy has a soft underbelly, as we all know, ripe for the knife if good Patriots are not paying attention. One of the features of the Islamic Front is the complete, mindless, zombie like obedience to vote whatever way their Imams tell them. The ‘bloc vote’ is powerful beyond mere numbers. It commands the attention of all who lust for power. It is SO easy to ‘compromise’ (nice euphemism) for fear of alienating such a growing battering ram. I’m really fascinated with Geert Wilders’ chances. He is a great spokesman, lucid, polite, eminently charismatic. Le Pen doesn’t quite pull off the same saviour image. We will see. Fascinating times.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Fascinating indeed Francis!

      I agree the Wilder’s race interests me too. I have been aware of Wilders longer than any of the others. My first exposure was to him and Pim Fortuyn. Do you remember Fortuyn? Interesting guy. Great big bald gay guy in the Netherlands. Completely anti-Muslim immigration. Very outspoken, very articulate. Not feminine like this Milo character. He likely would have been prime minister had he not been shot by some left wing (native Dutch) guy who was obsessed with PETA-type stuff (Fortuyn was an outspoken supporter of animal-product testing whatever you call it), but the killer also said it was because of Fortuyn’s ‘islamophobia’ if I remember right.

  4. Philip 11 months ago

    I was surprised by Brexit and amazed by Donald Trump’s victory but would be absolutely astounded if Marine Le Pen was to win in France. The electoral forces arrayed against her are considerable – a huge immigrant community given the right to vote, leftists, liberals, Europhiles, globalist, neo-cons, libertarians, and even the feminists will vote the other way. She will have to take almost all the remainder of vote to win, a tall order indeed. The next twelve to eighteen months will be critical for European civilisation with elections in almost all countries. more often than not against a rigged system. Should the populist movements fail to make significant inroads and a share of power then the recourse to politics to effect change is over. I see only two options from then on for identitarians and European pan-nationalists. Option 1- armed insurrection. Option 2 – retreat behind a new ‘Siegfried Line’ redoubt drawn along the borders Visegrad countries. The second option is something I have been looking at, Kotleba anyone.

    • Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

      Maybe a mix of the two. Classic Balkanization. I often think back to the old Lebanon. Christian, and a mecca for culture and Art. And then, along came… the barbarians.

      • Author
        Admin 11 months ago

        Agreed Francis. I think there will be massive flight to the Visegrad Nations over the next 10-15. Or at least very steady migration there from the West. As always my biggest worry is that that is ALL we see, and that rather than fighting back to save Sweden/France/UK the native population of those countries just migrates away, however if Europe is plunged into an economic depression (as seems likely, and I am not generally a chicken little economically) then such migration becomes easier said than done.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Phillip-

      I share your concern over the basic demographic realities of the vote. Hard to win elections when your opponents can simply bring new voters across the Medditeranean as fast as they please (or on planes through family reunification).

      If I am understanding right it seems her best shot is her and Fillon making it to the second round rather than Macron. If that happens his corruption stuff could hypothetically cause her to get enough votes to win. Certainly hard to know for sure- no one thought Trump would win either.

      It seems like Wilder’s chances are greater than le Pen’s at this point, primarily just because of the differences between Holland and France’s electoral process.

  5. Rick 11 months ago

    It would be interesting to see if there is polling data in France broken down demographically. If LePen is polling at 35% in which the Ethnic French population is probably only between 60-70% then she is pulling at least 50% of the white vote in a crowded field. This would have been unimaginable not long ago. It’s now a game of beat the clock, red pill the population before the demographic bomb detonates.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Perfectly put Rick.

      Can the right red-pill normies as fast as the left imports Muslims? We shall see 🙂

      If I remember right Hofer got over 50% of the native Austrian vote in Austria, but the immigrant vote pushed it over the edge for Bellen. If anything I would guess France has a higher percentage of non-native voters, but I’m not giving up hope yet 🙂

  6. RichardJames 11 months ago

    Are we sure that we want to be at the helm of sinking ships at the present ?
    It seems to me that a Le Pen win will be nothing short of a poisoned chalice.
    Whilst ever the EU is intact and to a certain extent roughly half the population are still kidding themselves, then what would occur would be a situation where Le Pen is being hampered from the ‘globalists’ within the EU and from within France aswell. It would be an engineered failure. Because nothing short of a near total collapse could deliver us the sovereign power to execute the plans neccessary in order to save Europe.
    Surely at this point, throwing good money after bad in elections is folly. The inevitable will make contact with us. Better that we gather what we will need for that very real eventually than tinkering around the edges of a system that does not work for us.
    Unless we have the power to completely shut our borders and begin repatriation every thing else is whistling in the wind.
    Take Brexit as an example. It hasn’t happened. The talking shop will debate this and that until the cows come home and all the while Europe/ Britain grows darker with the day. I can imagine only one thing worse than Le Pen or Farage having to converse/ appeal to and debate with the scum that have willfully brought this into our Homeland. They ought to be on trial not allowed to dictate terms.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Richard-

      Fantastic comment. These are the exact type of questions Identitarians need to be debating.

      I think what your saying makes perfect sense, although I hadn’t even been thinking of that scenario.

      I guess the way we usually look at it is:

      A. Collapse occurs- Muslims are committing open ‘jihad’ against native French (West Europeans)
      B. Preservationists/Nationalists come to power in the power vacuum
      C. Preservationists succeed in repatriating or at least ‘quarantining’ the Muslims.

      But if Marine le Pen or any of these people win, I was still picturing the same end result occurring, I just think that the order of shifts changes, and instead we see:

      B. Preservationists/Nationalists come to power
      A. Collapse occurs (possibly and/or partially as a result of B) – Muslims openly fighting native population/mass anarchy/etc
      C. Preservationists succeed in defeating/repatriating/quarantining the Muslims

      But yeah, to your point, I absolutely think one of the worst scenarios we could see would be a sort of center right//moderately rational leader come to power, and somehow do a little bit of good but simultaneously get bogged down in politics. In that scenario things don’t escalate fast enough to cause destabilization (as they will with nutjob leftists in charge), but at the same time nothing particularly good comes either (as would happen with true preservationists in charge).


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